Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sunday's blah blah

Good morning to Sunday ... welcoming the 'bull' in July. We are in the game again ... after the difficult months from Feb till May. Or are we?

DOW up almost 280 points ... wow ... feel great to have bought anything last week in markets? We shall see ... well, KLSE is too small to move ... but HSI will be shooting high next week. Thanks to Spain ... but Italy is here to haunt the market again. Which team are you taking ... Spain or Italy?

My groups : will you join us?

cohort-6 : I was sharing about RRR and Trading Plan yesterday ... and I ended my talk by saying that, majority will STILL not write a trading plan/journal to plan and record their trades. It is simply too tedious. But it is NEEDED. Only a few in my tratle-group done their trading plan, even tho I encourage them and share with them regarding its importance. I shall see if my cohort-6 will be slightly different? Yes, trade with a plan ... so, I shared with them the elements/components in a trading plan and my trading jounal's model.

cohort-7 : This will commence in the end of the month(28th July). Those last-minute, please e-mail me and add me in the facebook so that I could add you directly to our tratle-group.

While our tratle-group exceeding 70 members now, I will want it to be organised and waking up those sleeping partners!! I do mean ... zzzz .... and those I did not hear for so long(months) now. So, I am going to activate my tratle-meeting again ... and tag-email-sms all of them!!

e-tratle : I will be reviving my e-learning platform and group!! So far there are only a few enquiry about it. Hope to get a few more coming in and I m kicking starting tmr!! Yeah!!

Stock Analysis Meetings : Breaking my meeting into two group --- elementary and intermediate. That will be easier for me to know at what level I should be teaching.

Those elementary will go through more basic terms and further explainations on set-up, strategies, candle-sticks-volumes ... and adding to help to draw out a trading plan, in practical manner. Seriously, I am going to make it a workshop like, hands-on ... and I was busy structuring the learning-syllabus.

As for few more who are much more advance, I will place them in intermediate group ... as we could share a more advance strategies, set-up .. and straight to stock-analysis, in a view to take real trades together. That is great!!

Stock-watch : This is July ... those wish to join my group, please e-mail( and add me. Thanks to those supportive ones and welcome those few new ones.

HKSE : There is a suggestion that I share what I m analysing in my stock-watch group, but I think many are not in HKSE. But, I will think of getting a group who are interested with HKSE. That is still in KIV as I have too many things to handle at the moment and the response is not as good yet. Personally, I m moving out of KLSE as it is at resistance, with election-risk is there. HSI is rebounding now, for your info. MY HKSE's stocks should be doing well ... that is how we should be moving our funds. In KLSE, making sure my trades will be short-term(going into warrants and CWs) while holding to my HKSE's stocks ...

Today is JULY ...I will be busy tonight starting my e-learning(July to Dec), my July's stock-watch ... and analysing some charts, to prepare for the bull-run. Are we going to hit 1620 soon?

Have a nice Sunday ... as we shall see more greeeeen ... and stay greeenn. Hehe


p/s : This will be one of my last promotional-ads about my groups and I want to move on.

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