Friday, July 27, 2012

Stock Watch : SKPetrol

SKPetrol : Buying below RM2.40 for rebound with cut-loss at 2.28, or buy when breaking new high above RM2.50, using trailing stop.

Comment placed in i3(I do not read those forum posts much these days but SKPetrol caught my eyes, checking the target price(average) at RM2.70.

Yes, depending on your time frame. Bought and held for a month at below 2.20 before i have sold my positions at 2.40+ levels, I bought back yesterday below 2.40.

I have no target price. I do not know if O&G will be in play and help SK to move higher. I do not believe anyone could tell you that openly. We need to check OUR own time frame. I do not check on those analysts Target Prices or Fair Values. Those are unrealiable prices to base on.

What I do know ... buying below Rm2.40, cut if my rm2.29 broken. Again, I m writing here 'live' as that is what I do. Not after the trades work in my direction. Management risk means ... preparing for downside risk when trades going against us. Easier said than done, believe me.

If I know SK will go to target price of RM2.70, should I be putting ALL my money into her, knowing that RM2.40 to RM2.70 will give me much more than the banks/bonds/UT will give me? I will even put it to my whole group to buy hugely, right?

It is unreasonable, as I said.

As traders, just manage your risk ... and learn a good money management, we should be doing OK if our stocks going up or down.

I don't have much emotion on stocks. No love-hate. No one to blame. Just plan your trades and trade what you have planned.


Many postings in forums are for those 'runners' to spread rumours ... luring un-informed greedy and ignorant novices into THEIR game. Yes, it is a war of mind, emotion out there ... we stand no chance if we are not independent. We have to protect ourselves and not falling into their 'traps'. Mind you, our so-called broker houses are largest SHARKs ... working with 'runners' who earn huge commissions for spreading rumours etc etc.

Just be warned and informed. They know our 'positions'.


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