Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stock Watch : SKPetrol

SKPetrol : At 2.45 level today, yes ... reaching the ripe level for me to sell. I have collected hugely to have average at RM2.20(written a few times here, posted everywhere in my whole stock-watch and tratles group). Today is a SELL for me ... tmr is a SELL SELL for me.

SKPetrol-cb : I have mentioned much earlier that I am collecting Sk-cw ... and it is SKPetrol-cb. Again, many risk takers followed me to collect at 0.17-0.19 ... and been holding for almost a month now. Yesterday, I managed to sell some at 0.205 ... today, sold more ar 0.20 and 0.22 done. It shot up very fast and I managed to grab back some at 0.215 ... holding now. When things moving high, I will buy 'smaller' positions ...

SKPetrol was my largest portion in my portfolio for a month now(with SK-cb too). I sold YTLPower(and wb) for her ... that is how I shifted my funds when I see more upside(weeks before, ok? I have whole group watching my trades!!) ... in SKPetrol. I do see GasM well too above RM2.60.

Today, I have relieved my huge portions in SK-cb ... and holding only small amounts at 0.125, but will hold mommy for a while and will sell too.


Disclaimer : Do read my disclaimer and any stocks mentioned here is only for my personal viewings. Please consult your autorised dealers and trade at your own risk.


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Steve Ngai said...

Nice trade and good profit taking :)