Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stock Watch : Oriental (code : 4006)

Orient : I did not use much of technical indicators when I chose to buy Orient at RM6.20. At the same moment, I was thinking of HapSeng too. But, I opted for Oriental ... well, I shared this trade openly with my tratles ... today, I am thinking of selling. It reached RM7.20 now, RSI very high ... yesterday shown not good candle-stick. What do you think?

You may check my previous post ... when I grabbed at RM6.20. Bear in mind, I have a group watching me buy-sell. But, I never ask anyone to buy-sell anything. They trade at the own risk. Those following my trade in Oriental, I am asking them to sell now.

Note : Today is a SELL for me ... please don't chase, ok?


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