Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stock Watch : Gamuda

Gamuda : Let me share with newbies ... highlighted is called 'hammer'. When the MACD giving a good entry level, buying (with a cut-loss in place) at that level is lower risk trade.

Currently, I am still asking my group to check breaking of RM3.60 level as it will be testing RM3.60 again. Recently, some in my groups sold Gamuda at RM3.60 while I sold my Gamuda-wd(collected below RM1)

Gamuda-wd : Well, while buying Gamuda at 3.40 and selling at 3.60 will give me profits, I opted for Gamuda-wd, accumulated at 0.97-0.99 levels. I posted in my stock-watch and many followed too. While selling at RM1.10 is a good 10%, the risk is higher trading warrants, comparing to the mommy, Gamuda.

Question : What do you see the differences in the charts above? If you could see anything much? If you could, you will take the trade.

For newbies, it is advisable NOT to trade warrants. Never try call-warrants for huge profits, please. USE LOGIC ... not emotions. If you can't trade a simple Gamuda well, forget about the warrant Gamuda-wd. Certainly forget about cu, cv, cw, cx, cy or cz. I don't even looking at Gamuda's call warrants!! If you don't know why .. HOW are you going to trade these? Then, you are a gambler without knowledge. That is BLUNT ... but it is needed. One will get badly burnt ...

Take it ... try Gamuda, breakout at RM3.60 level. If you don't even know what to see for breakout and manage the RISK of break-out failures, then you do have a serious problem in trading. Learning takes time ... and lots of efforts.

Think of the above.

Then ... plan your trades.

Good Luck.


p/s : Will review Gamuda, just one of the many trades I am taking.

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