Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stock Watch : Gamuda-wd

Gamuda-wd : I have bought at 0.97 - 0.99, together with some in my stock-watch group who took positions with me. It shot up and I sold mine in two portions 1.05 and 1.10. It went to closed at 1.12.

Can you see the two long white candle-sticks? That is a SELL to me. Do you notice the huge buying volumes coming in? That is a SELL to me.

SELL : One or two days fast-furious surge with high volumes. HIGH volumes in such warrant attracts many punters in KLSE, and when they move in, we better SELL to them. After all, 80% lose money, right? Yes, they chase stocks.

So, I was waiting for her to retrace back to RM1 ... but it I could not get it for RM1. I grabbed at RM1.03, placed that in my stock-watch ... and some bought too. A person told me he grabbed at RM1.01-1.02(they always get better price than me as they knew my entry prices!! It is so unfair!!) ... yesterday, it shown some activities ... touched RM1.08.

Someone used my previous Gamuda-wd post to 'promote' himself there. Sigh. That post generated nearing to 100 comments ... nah, not productive comments, many just placing their e-mails!! I hope my posts will not be used anymore for his own agenda.

IF there is a system that generate consistent good profits, we have nothing to lose ... but to learn. But, I have grown to understand how these trading courses which cost thousands of dollars, selling their sure-win softwares which costing another few thousands ...

THINK logical ... if there is such a system, the big banks will pay MILLIONS to buy the system and won't be employing analysts, traders etc etc ... THINK.

There is NO secret when I bought Gamuda-wd(or any of my stocks to trade). It is purely experiences in trading the similar stocks, plus ... planning and waiting patiently. Using some simple technical-charts to help me ... and even that it just give me slight edge. I am more concern what if the trade goes against me, where should I place a stop? I do know buying Gamuda-wd nearing RM1 will not lose me money much at current situation(expiry 2015, premium is less than 5% ... so, the risk is LOW) ... and I scan stocks using my EYES. Not softwares ... not pure luck, either. Lots of donkey-works behind my trades!!

Anyway ... market consists of 80% losers ... and still losing. These people could never understand that there is NO SUCH THING as secrets in trading ... no such thing as sure-win system. If there is, let me know ... I think our whole group could come out with RM100k to buy the system. And as it is sure-win, we will sai-lang(put all the money into it) ... and stop working tmr.

THINK ... I know it is difficult to use brain. It is difficult to use LOGIC as market is such a noisy place. But I will still want to urge many ... to think logic. It is needed ... as market is getting higher, many will be sucked in.

Hope I could pour some cold water again to those chasing the stocks.

Pointers( how not to lose money) : DO NOT read forums. It is noisy, it will affect your emotions(fear and greed and hope). DO NOT idolise a 'sifu' or 'guru'. Be your own 'sifu' for yourself as NO ONE could understand you better than yourself.

With that, I hope I could wake a few from their illusions.


p/s : I will try to search a Dali's post last year ...pointing out bluntly that there is no such sure-win system in markets.

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