Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some random thoughts

As I was riding my bike to office, my mind was very active ... and wanting to blog!! It is not idea ... but random thoughts.

i3-forum : Lets begin with i3-forum which I have left(temporary until I m needed, one fine day). Someone from there asked me about the recent preview I attended. Well, can I tell truth here? I can't? Why not? Should I write a review about what I heard and interpret what it is in REAL form? Am I supposed to? Who am I, anyway? To me, I just walked away ... and yes, no comment is still the best comment. I have many things to do, honestly. If I am to write, I want to write some truth(if possible nothing but the truth) but I am too blunt, ok? Nothing disclosed, anyway.

Then ... last night, someone wanting to join our tratle group but hesitated. Well, he has his own reasons, I believe. Some of my tratles trying to point it to him that he should join us. Being a tour-guide of the group, I could only guide. If a person could not commit, I do think it is no point for us to put him/her on the spot. Let him digest ... and decide.

My quote : Commitment came from willingness to accept challenges.

TEH : You do not learn technical in days. You certainly could not understand fundamentals in days. No way. I m still learning to improve my TA and FA. What is more important is to understand how markets and stocks work. That is most expensive part of trading. Without knowledge and experiences, there is no way a person could trade well. Many experienced traders in and out market here. I m in the thick of market movements in daily basis. That only show how difficult to understand, right?

CMSB : Someone asked me about this counter last night. Then, my wife saw the post in my facebook ... and wonder, what stock is that? I just said ... Cahaya Mata. She was amazed and said "You mean you know about what CMSB stands for?". I smiled and said ... actually, I knew much more that the stock name ... I know it businesses, ownership(who else from Sarawak?), fundamentals ... and much more!!

"That is impressive! You mean, they simply put a stock name and you know all the stocks?" ... err ... err ... not all, of coz. Many ... but not all. About 200-300 stocks in my list, I do read about them, their fundamentals and such ... so that I could safely trade them!! She just smiled ...

Do you remember Sarawak state-election rally? Do you know what that means? That was the time we read a lot about those Sarawak stocks ... and more. CMSB is one of the main stock in play at that moment. We do not expect the white-hair to be kicked out, do you? Anyway, these stocks no longer in my current trading list ... Scable too. I think I only have Naim in my list.

Orient : This morning ... I was doing a recording for my e-learning ... using Orient. Then, I noticed that I did not do recording for some time now!! I want to do at least one clip a week so that those in the group could learn to see what I am seeing. We could see consolidation with low-volume. One may check BB as it would be squeezing before breakout. Then, I shown them weakness as the stock moving higher, with RSI nearing 90 level, yesterday it shown first red-MACD histogram, that is early signal of reversal. So, correction is expected at the moment.

Note : I have written(my tratle group knew when I bought at RM6.20 when RSI reaching 30) that I sold ... wanting to sell at RM6.20 but it still went up to sell at RM6.40, it reached above RM6.60, actually.

My mind full with thoughts ... things to be done!! In office, I am so stressed out with more paperworks and I have to stayback to do some work!!

This blog is still a place I cleared junk of my thoughts ... out out ... arrggg ... DOW downed another 100 points and welcome IHH.


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