Sunday, July 22, 2012

She is 4

Sunday morning ... what to write this morning?

Yes ... more on my 'motivator', my girl-girl ... Sherlyn. Today she is 4.

Happy Birthday, my lovely girl. You are 4 today, 22/7 = pi ... it is a pi-day!!

The picture was taken about 2 years ago ... unlike her brother, who is fast-n-bright, my girl is a little ''slower' than average kids her age. We have to put her in year-3 kinder as she still could not talk(baby talk, yes). She is kinda opposite her brother when comes to learning ... she does not like Math. She prefer to draw, dance and sing!! Yeah ... another side of daddy's brain.

Perhaps I am very protective ... I do not allow anyone saying that "hey, how come your girl so slow one ... unlike her brother?" ... I really dislike people who like to compare ... somehow, those who judge others will be proven wrong.

I do wish I could find a little more time to play with her, teach her to speak ... and seeing her to develop some skills.

Why my "Trading Adventure" which supposed to write about trading-investing ... but instead write about my boy and my girl?

Because they are my motivators!! Without them, I will never realise how important it is to learn about personal finances and ... able to push myself this far ... without them, honestly ... I am still those LOST person who is watching movies, playing bowling ... and using credit-cards to finance my personal 'entertainments'. Without them ... there will be no 'Trading Adventure' as I wont be venturing into share-markets or businesses.

So, do you see the importance of having motivators? We all have our own motivators ... to me, it is my family ... especially my two babies.

Be happy always, girl.


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