Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Previews and Talks

Previews : I do attend many previews ... those who are trying to promote their trading courses and/or selling their trading systems. There are many out there for us to choose from and we need to be 'careful'. I do encourage newbies to join one of those professionally run trading courses. Yes, get yourself educated ... don't worry about a few thousands as the knowledge gained will always be yours and 'save' us from the KLSE's hole. No one should go into markets without knowledge and experiences.

I am not a promoter of any of those courses. It is not the course or trainer ... it is personal-selves that we need to check on. We could not keep blaming on the systems or our dealers/remisiers or  broker's reports each time we lose money, right? So, get educated.

I am independent ... I may want to 'protect' many ignorants from being mis-lead by those get-rich advertisement. So, I do feel awareness of such 'schemes' is important, to safe-guard ourselves of losing a few more thousands buying into their schemes.

I do not write bad about any previews, just my cynical views(for example, the most recent forex-preview was ... way too good for me to stomach. RM49k course/data ... selling for RM4999 ... only for tonight?) ... I can't help it. I am logical human. I have the heart to help ... and I was a newbie, an ignorant. Coming from the similar know-nothing background, I could understand how newbies being 'lost' ... searching for some truths in trading markets, only to know it is not there!! Perhaps ... there is a sure-win system out there which I have not discovered? I don't know ...

I will be attending a preview tmr and I will thank the trainer for inviting. It is nice of him ... and I should go with open-mind. Hope I could hear something sensible, rather than those direct-selling-like kinda talk. I do remember I attended an internet-marketing preview showing how he profitted RM20k in A DAY ... and the young fella so 'kind' to donate their 'earnings' to charity!! Wah-lau eh ... real?

So, you see ... I am skeptical. As we all logical human should.

Talks : I will continue to attend talks ... organised by broker houses such as RHB, CIMB, Jupiter, Allianz, Affin ... etc etc ... I will ... as I find those talks very informative and useful.

We all should spend some time to attend these market-talks. It is FREE ... and as clients(we trade ... win or lose, they win).

So, before you registered for a trading course ... go for few previews(remember ... they are marketing people, they will be good in making it REAL for you to be convinced) and compare them. Check which one suit you most.

And do go for public market-talk ... they are free. Just spend your hours if you are free.

Time to get back to work.


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