Sunday, July 08, 2012

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It is Sunday ... I m resting ... after a very long day yesterday and this morning, I brought my wife to do some weekly marketing. We have nice tim-sam(my wife and kids like) and then, I have to go for a tuition class.

e-learning :. I need to nap before continue with my e-learning posts. I will be posting something for my e-tratles to learn ... it is structured in a way so that newbies/novices could learn. And with the facebook, they could access to me to ask questions and such. So, it is still worth the RM300 for a half year e-course, right?

The contents for this month : Basic of stock markets, type of charts, price-volumes ... and will introduce RSI(14).

For next month, I will touch on Support-Resistance and how we could draw those lines, using MA to trade and simple strategies ...

It is all mainly for newbies/novices and to access to me for learning purposes. It is NOT a stock-pick or stock-watch. I do have a separate page for that.

I do have 5 modules spread for roughly 5 months e-learning. Then, the last one month is meant for Q&A, and some simple analysis to be done.

Those who are still interested to join my e-learning, please e-mail me at . Thanks

Tratles meetings : I have to divide my tratles into two main group, namely elementary and intermediate. As I have 70+ of them in my tratles group now(with cohort-7 starting end of July), I have space constraints. So, I do not tag many there but it is first-come-first serve basis. Because I am more interested in EDUCATION, those coming for the meetings and discussions will certainly learning more to improve in REAL trading.

Yesterday, we have our first intermediate tratles meeting!! It is VERY interesting and .. yeah ... it is my dream coming true!! I have always dreamt of a team of good traders in a meeting room, discussing about trading and stock-analysis. Stocks that we analyse are those hot-stocks(in bullish market ma) such as JCY, MBSB and such. What I do treasure is the respect and relationships I am having with my tratles now ... and slowly, they get to know each other!! They do chat in facebook 'live' when the trade!! haha ...

Yes ... I do have a dream ... a dream of getting those newbies to LEARN, those experienced ones to help novices in their few beginning years and ... navigate the roughness of markets. If you are newbies, you should join a trader's club or group too. If you are reading my blog(and like it!! haha) ... you may join my group too, ok?

Stock-watch : Another group of mine where I posted some charts when I analysed to trade next week or this month!!

Cohort-8 : As my cohort-7 is almost close(another 1 or 2 space left), I will need to plan for my cohort-8 soon. Cohort-8 will be slightly 'different' ... with notes given too. At the moment, I do not give notes to any of my tratles ... and they need to copy whatever I shared with them during classes. I will slowly going to create video-clips for my tratles meetings too. The clips will be for my e-tratles too. I am excited ... and getting myself very busy now.

Public-talk : I am getting some request from readers who said they can't attend my trading courses due to their personal commitments and wonder if I could organise a pubic market talk on Sunday afternoons!! Perhaps ... may be that is possible, but once in a month? Some suggested that I have my classes on Sunday or weekday(at night). Again ... I will only consider if the demand is there. Currently the Sat noon time is OK with many.

Warrants trading : Some in my tratles group asking me to conduct a talk/workshop on these ... how to trade warrants ... and call-warrants. Personally, I do feel it is RISKY. But, if the demand is there ... on Sunday noon, perhaps ... I could find a time for that. I repeat, it is RISKY. So, learning for educational purposes and trade at your own risk.

With the limitation of my space, I could not cater many ... so, it is still first-come-first-serve basis la. Just e-mail me to see which one you are interested, get in touch with me ... add me in facebook and I shall put those intrested in my KIV list.

Thanks ... I hope I will find the time to share one of the stocks we analysed yesterday. This is for educational purposes, not a call to buy-sell. Then, u will understand that I am a real trader and a real teacher in heart, indeed.

Hope I have promoted myself enough in my own blog ... I am not good in such. Perhaps my tratles will help me to spread the news? I need to get some testimonials too. I am talking about REAL testimonials, not those advertisements who used 'fake' names or paid them to say good words. I m defeated in marketing strategies. I could not tell lies ... such as we catch this stock and gain RM20in less than 1 week! Or you can be rich ... trade with us, our software will give you exactly what to buy, when to buy ... for 20% profits in a week!! ONLY for today... we are selling the software worth RM9k for RM499 ... and with that we add in a box of tissue papers ... in case you need to cry after using our un-believable trading softwares. COME COME to our trading course ... which worth RM4k, cheap than those others ... yet, we generate 5-figures profits from markets money!!

Retired young ... be financially free ... come to learn the SECRET of trading without indicators. COME COME ... our beautiful ladies will be distributing the registration forms and we hope you will get rich with us.

Yeah right ... sigh.

Anyway, be realistic ... if you are logical human(without greed) who want to learn REAL stock-market, then only you look for me. I do NOT and will NOT guarantee you to get rich. I do know I am generating income from trading, and not really from teaching trading!! By the way, I am still the cheapest ah-pek trying to share experiences, ok? Haha ... I need to invest in my image. Need to upgrade that ... no more wearing RM15 slippers, a bermuda-short and a t-shirt. Perhaps, I should wear coat, upgrade my car to Honda(preferably Accord) ... hmm ...

Think about education.

Nice Sunday ahead.


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