Friday, July 20, 2012

Motivation factors

My family is my main motivator ... for me to wake up early in the morning, to work harder than most teachers ... as I am currently teaching two subjects!! I hope I could hold to both ... but jugglling the two tasks is taking a toll ... on me. I do not have much time to play with my kids, seeing them growing ...

My son, Jonathan

Today, my son was proud that he got no4 in 'story telling'. Yes, out of 20 kids, the school selected 3 kids to represent the school in 'story telling'. It is sort of competition amongst those schools(I don't even know the details). Anyway, he was anxious during the selection and was so glad he was the chosen three, to represnt his school/kinder.

He is 'lazy'(daddy's gene) to practice at home ... and yesterday, last minute my wife asked him to re-cite again and again ... and making sure his pronounciations are correct. Well, he was the top in his English last year!! When on the way to school(I fetch him using my Honda kap-cai) today, I taught him another word ... ENORMOUS. Yes, I m not worry about his 'competition' but .. treat it as a normal day ... teaching him few words to increase his vocabulary.

"Daddy ... 'huge' means 'very big', right? Got infinity big or not?" He started his 'infinity' stories again ... to him, infinity means very big ... 'large' is another word he will use ... so, i taught him ENORMOUS.

He is six.

I never remember that I knew any of those words 'huge, large ... certainly not enormous!!' when I was six. I don't think so I knew these words till I was in lower secondary!! Today, kids ... using ipad, he knew how to search using google ... and that day, he was asking about largest truck ... and search youtube to watch a clip on largest trucks!!

Anyway .. where am I? My wife just called ... he got no 4 ... and a book as a prize!! Yes, I am always proud of him ... a smart boy and everyone around me saying that too ... he knew shapes when he was 2 years old ... not the usual triangle ... but asking me about hexagon, pentagon ... octagon!! I was impressed. He may not be born genious ... but seeing him being independent, curious and using his brain ... that is the start. I will definitely want to see further positive development in his learning ...

He is quite good in his Maths too ... so, I am sending him to 'Enopi'(rather than Kumon). I have started to teach him a basic of technical-analysis of charts.

DOWN .... buy. UP ... sell. Haha. He can tell you that, you see.

Yes, slowly I will be teaching him practical chart-analysis ... and I do bellieve he could catch very fast too. I am introducing MA to him now ... designing TA learning for kids? That is cool ...

Financial Improvements

When we have our son, when he was born ... we are staying in a room(mom-in-law) while daddy went to college to teach, and started keropok-business. We struggled to meet ends ... and he is really a Sustagen boy, and it is not cheap!! We don't eat 'outside',  paying for my Kancil has not been easy either!! But it is a neccesity.

From there, looking at my baby boy ... I promised myself to pull myself up and changed my whole mindset. Yes ... merely 6 years ago, I was just one of those normal teachers without financial brain ... wasting time, wasting money ... and do not even have control of our own emotions.

I read financial books, I read and listen to anything related to business, finances, economic-news, investments, trading ... anything I could, to learn ... and FORCE my brains to accept the terms and ... believe me, it is crazy ... insane and stupid. Haha

But ... for the sake of my bright boy, for the betterment of my family, I cannot afford to waste time or money anymore. I planned ... and working towards my goals. As my wife always tell me ... "Not many have your never-giveup attitudes" ... which I think is true ... hmm ... it is just in me. If I want to learn, why don't learn it well?

Anyway ... I came back to KL in 2010(Jan) ... and it is written all in this dairy-blog of mine. I have to borrow some money from my aunties and even sold my Qinfa to them to raise funds!! (Qinfa went up 30% profits and sold off for them). I struggled with credit-cards ... moving to KL and padi RM4k+ for a trading course(with prior knowledge, ok?) which to enhance my own learning. Believe me, NOT MANY could grasps trading concepts in days ... NOT MANY could last learning for years in daily basis, especially something so difficult .. believe me, you are paying thousands but it will be a waste if you do not follow-through and gain as much.

Trading has been my second-job. Hours of reading reports, analysing charts ... and seeing my profits increase ... it is really motivating. Seeing that I could understand many things about markets which I could not merely 3-4 years ago ... seeing the improvements in my personal finances ... encourages me to learn further ... and teaching others to trade well.

Now, everyone can trade ...

I will tell everyone oneday ... when I 'make' it ... my goals, it is because of my family. It is due to 'financial' stress that pushed me into stock-markets. It is inner motivation that seeing me working 'non-stop' ... and I still could not see the stairs yet, just taking the steps ... one day, I will find my goals.

I do know some 'old' readers following my developments for 2-3 years now ... and it is amazing that I could STILL have the energy(and time) to write this blog ...?

That is motivation.

It is Friday ... take a break.


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