Monday, July 30, 2012

More upside or downside?

Morning ... it is Monday. I m kinda sleepy and failed to wake up 5am to do my recordings as planned. Olympic started ... well, only managed to catch a game during dinner, watching Koo-Tan beat the Japanese easily. No time to watch any those I subscribed the sport channel to watch the Olympics!! Arrgh ...

It is noon now ... I am still sleepy. Trying to get alert after a very long days last week. The nice gatherings for our group on Friday night, dinner and yam-char togther was NICE. I was very tired but staying up till 1am for yam-char ... then, Sat morning with classes with cohort-7 started Sat noon.

Sunday was good too ... as I had lunch with bro/sis with our aunties. That was nice ... and covered my tiredness!!

Nothing to blog about as I am still in selling mode.

Sold SKPetrol(bought 2.33 to 2.39 last week) just now as it came all the way down and I am cuaght with large positions. I still dislike KLCI hanging at 1625-1635 levels. I will rather short the FKLI.

Sold Presbhd at 1.31 but still keep some for another surge and will sell all.

zzzzz... need to do lots of things further but I do need a rest.


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