Monday, July 09, 2012

Momentum Play : Breakout

MPHB : Ever since it was activated, due to the news that they are disposing the non-core businesses and focusing in gaming(Magnum) with potential of a good dividend player, MPHB is very much tradable. And when it broken RM3 level, I started to alert MPHB(given in my stock watch) to my group, and knowing the trend will continue, I grabbed into MPHB-ch.

Today, MPHB breakout. When market is bullish, do BUY into those in momentum, rather than those lagging. Buy into the sector that is moving.

This is the main topic we discussed during our Saturday's meeting, explaining why I will not look into Genting or even AnnJoo. Well, perhaps double bottom will be formed, technical rebound in play ... but I will rather go for breakout. Well, KLCI at NEW historical high on Friday. Many are speculating to the over-valued, over-subscribed(60 times, man) IHH ... and election on the way.

Opportunity costs : If one is stucked with some stocks, and lack of bullets to ride on some strong uptrending stocks, that is called opportunity costs. Yes, I m moving out of lagging stocks and sold many 2 months ago, and to move into momentum trading. It is risky ... but with experiences, and a group ... we do alert each other.

So, a change in strategies ... a change in those stocks we are looking into and what technical indicators we should be looking into. With a senior and very experienced trader in our group, together with my knowledge and experiences too ... we will want our tratles group to benefit and profit. Yes, we are aiming to make our group one of the few very successful group of traders. Each time we go yam-char, we will be glad to treat each other. That is my goal too ... let's profit together.

It comes with loads of knowledge ... hard-work and experiences. Yes, I will want those LOGICAL novices/newbies to join our tratles group. Many in the group are very glad with my trading classes and I appreciate their gratitudes.

Do change the way you THINK as mindset is very important in trading. It takes time to change but if you are with a group with good right trading mindset, you will slowly change to ... into a better trader/investor.

note : Many of our tratles learning to look into charts after learning from the trading classes and now, we could share much better, understand better how stocks move ... and strategies to apply.


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