Saturday, July 28, 2012

First trade done : FKLI

KLCI : This is our index now ... going below overbought region and the correction is needed. Went below 20MA now, with DOW up another 200 points, will we be seeing rebound?

This week, we took a short position at 1635 and glad to escape and covered at 1623. It is very volatile and lack of liquidity. We are swimming dangerously with sharks.

Next week, we may see short rebound ... and we should be going long. Will 1620 will be good to sell at 1635? We shall see ...

cohort-7 : Today I will have a new batch of tratles coming in ... and I will be excited to know them.


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Rizal Ariffin said...

Hi Teh, I have been following your blog for quite sometime. I enjoy your writing style very much. I am new to trading in share market and just bought my first share last two weeks. I bought 800 shares of DAYANG for 1.97 and it stands at 2.02. What came to my mind now, with very minimal capital, it is a bit hard to make some profit and it is hard to choose good stock at reasonable price. Do you think with a capital of 10K is enough to trade in the market?How many counters in your opinion reasonable should i hold?what range of stock price should i be looking for?looking forward for your reply.