Tuesday, July 03, 2012

e-mails and my groups

For those who have e-mailed me, thanks a lot ... I have tried to personally replied to each and every e-mail(but ignored the irrelevent ones such as asking me about my views on their stocks).

But, if I fail to reply to any of you, I might have'overlook' as my e-mail is overload(with 4k+ e-mail unread ... loads of junk there). I do know that I need to create a new e-mail soon.

e-learning : Please e-mail to me directly to and do not place you e-mail in comments(here, i3-investor or anywhere). I have not started just yet, but thinking of re-vamp my whole e-tratles blogpage this Friday night. So, those who are interested, please let me know.

stock-watch : I do have few new ones added in but I hv replied to many. Those who do not replied, I m assuming that you are not interested but just ask-ask for fun. Do let me know. Thanks.

tratles : I have 8 added into my tratle-group now and the class will start at 28th July for my cohort-7. I do still need two more to and hopefully some those have e-mailed me will be added soon. Then, I could close the registrations. This cohort would end the 5-modules in Sept. Yes, Sept marking my first year our tratle group formed!! I had my cohort-1 last Sept. I will start cohort-8 in Nov, taking a month break(Oct) from teaching trading. Slowly, my trading classes will not be cheap, tho it is still a small fraction for the education needed and as the group grows larger.

Thanks again for such good supports. I will try myself to deliver what I am supposed to do. Thanks for being patient with me. I am doing all these by myself, and it is certainly not easy to juggle between my full-time teaching job(which I will move away soon), part-time tuition classes(I will take in a few more classes soon), my tratle-group where I am there for them in daily basis ... my stock-watch group where I hv added some educational values, my 'neglected' e-learning group which I will get back to them this Friday(new ones, please join) ... my blog which I could not write much anymore tho I wanted to ... my family ... and my health.

Thanks, everyone .... I appreciate and touched by such good supports.

God bless.


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