Friday, July 06, 2012

Bullish Market : Momentum Play

Call Warrants : Should we ride on them?

I have been actively trading call-warrants for post one month, and today another good day.

MBSB-cd : I bought 30k of MBSB-cd half hour before market closed on Wednesday, average at 0.255 and sold at 0.285 today.

Affin-cf : Chosen cf instead of cg to trade.

Maybulk-cc :

GasM-ch :  Bought 0.17 and sold at 0.185

I have a list of call-warrants in my full list to trade. Yes,short punts, make it short. Take profit and get away. Take kit-kat ... and come again.

I bought another one today ... it is up 12% from my cost price at the moment. I was late as I was very busy in the morning!

All the above were written 'live' in my stock watch group or in my chat-box(stock-watch and tratles)

Will get into the details and post the charts tonight.


p/s : Those in i3-investor need to click the link to my blog for update.

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