Monday, July 02, 2012

Bad Day

KLCI staying a little above 1600 ... today is not a good day for me. First day back to office for full-time work and stressed with tonnes of paper-work. The stress is tremendous ... and I was thinking of 'quitting'. I simply dislike paper-work!! I have to write testimonials to students, stating how good they behaved blah blah ... and I am not good in writing, I mean ... polished 'reports'. Then, there will be 'inspectors' to check on our paperworks(attendence, marks, reports, test papers, compilations of notes ... etc etc) which I seldom 'touch' on them. But ... all these are part of teaching ... I only like to teach, I want to teach well so that my students do well ... but, somehow ... colleges are running as business-entity and they need to keep up with status. Guess ... I am cornered and the only way 'out' is to quit as I did not do these recordings/paperworks well. Heck ... with the latest inclusion of ipad-teaching, technology-freaking way of teaching .... old-illiterate lecturer like me(in comfort zone) have to keep up with the latest trend or becoming obsolete.

The bad-moments continue ... i was late for staff-meeting(I thought it was 2pm, but it was supposed to be 1pm ... ouch!) ... and then was called up to boss-office ... telling me that a student's parent complained about the exam paper!!

In trading, in the my very busy moments ... I bought BIMB-cc at 0.34 and placed in my stock-watch(only 5k units done as my lower queues not done) ... the moment I was back to my table, it was trading at 0.36. So, I queued to sell 5k units at 0.365 ... done ... it went to 0.38. Just enough for tonight's dinner.
That was my 13th good trades on BIMB-cc but the smallest profit due to my busy morning!! Arghh ...

Also, I sold my Hibiscus-wa at 1.05(half) as I was collected(my tratle KA and TTS bought together with me. It was risky) ... we collected around RM1 level last week. Another dinner for me.

Also, I sold my Gamuda-wd at 1.06(bought 1.02-1.03) for small profits too .... shown and shared with my stock-watch last week. Gamuda mommy reaching 3.60 resistance again. I will be back!

Three free dinners for this week ... but ...

Arrghh ...  it is a bad day ...

SELL SELL ... I queued to sell today as I thought KLCI will run-up ... or such. KLCI is one of the best index around, ok?

Seeing it positively, I went to view a shop-lot for rent. Yes, finding a place for my tratle's nest!! It is time ... by next year, we should have our own comfortable place for lepaking, meetings, stock-analysing ... with resources(books, magz ... papers ...) to share. Once these are established, I do hope to get away from my full-time teaching job. I still love my teaching ... minus the paperworks, please.

Yes ... yes ... I must move on, out of my comfort zone, after 22 years of teaching Maths. I will still teach Math as tuition while putting more efforts in getting our tratles group to analyse and trade together!

Time for a nap.

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