Thursday, July 19, 2012

Are you logical or emotional?

Just came back from a talk ... two of my tratles joined me. I was late ... but managed to listen to half of the talk. There were about 50+ of them, I guess ... for the market-talk. But, as many leave after the talk ... for the preview, we decided to give it a skip too. We went for teh-tarik and talk about stocks!!

I always believe market is for logical people, who want to grow their money ... investing well and making it a passive income. I thought that is what majority went into market for ... that was about 7 years ago. My views have totally changed after 4.5 years in markets and after few thousands trades ... with average of 4 hours perday reading, learning about markets ... that is roughly spending about 6000 hours of my lives LEARNING about markets ... and still needs another 5 years to go. Imagine my stupidty ...

Then, I came to know that ... more than 80% of those in markets actually LOST(some QUIT)and STILL losing money ... with more newbies sucked into KLSE holes as ... well, market is at NEW high. See the headlines? KLCI breaking NEW HIGH ... move in, newbies. BUY BUY ... and they continue to lose ...trades after trades. Ever wonder why?

As I pointed out in my first sharing with my tratles ... if you are going to think I will teach you to get-rich by trading, you will be very disappointed. I am a defensive and logical person. How about I teach you NOT to lose in your trades? If being the TOP 10% in markets is not what you want, but wanting to be rich(if possible in quick manner ... easy way out too), then ... I will be very blunt.  You won't like me!! I will be real with you ... point out mistakes, analyse together ... opening wounds ... bluntly rub some salt into that ... OUCH ... then, I will splash some cold water .... wake up!!

Are you awake? Are you logical and back to real world now?

I argued with a tratle of mine, SP(of cohort-1) when he insisted that I analyse HWGB(it is NOT related to Genting, ok?) ... he lost money using a software-system before came to me. Then, he was cursing how bad the system was ... I listened and could see the problem lies not only the vehicle, but the driver too. Since then, I placed my rule to all others clearly ... DO NOT talk to me about bad-stocks. I don't care if Harvest will go back to RM2 again ... or what RC going to goreng. I do not even have time to read ... or write about Cybert? What is that? Another interesting goreng stocks ... sucking more ignorant gamblers/punters?

TELL ME : Give me 10 reasons WHY 80% losing money. If you could not tell me that, you are NOT ready to be in markets and WILL continue to lose money!! That is how serious and cruel market could be. TAKE IT.

Why that question is very important? So that we do not do the similar mistakes and could learn to protect ourselves!! If such basic ideas about trading/investing also could not understand, HOW are we going to profit, right?


In short, I am a person who believe in RISK. I believe that if I could manage the risk well, I won't lose money ... and I will be the top 20% trading in market. Logical?

It is 12 midnight ... i need to rest. I still have full-time job, ok?


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