Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Liquidity : An important point

Book : Getting organized at work

1.Organize for success

2. Take control of your day

3. Set goals

4. Think realistically

5. Plan your work

I am very busy these weeks due to tratles' meeting, new nest, new cohort ... and office work. I do need to get myself organised(my weak point) in order to utilise my TIME effectively.

This morning, I done a recording to share with my e-tratles price-volume analysis. It is a VSA(Volume spread analysis) which I learnt by myself some time ago. It is important for newbies to understand some conditions before we trade, especially in KLSE where we do have liquidity issues. Well, many candle-sticks are planted in the last 15 minutes, anyway.

Check PetGas candle-stick. Nice white candle jotting higher, right? It was planted in last of minutes, pulling the whole KLCI up by 7 points yesterday. Yeah right ... if one use MERELY and PURELY technical on such charts, it fails us. Understanding such BASICS of charting is important.

Learning Corner : Liquidity

Liquidity ... volumes traded and turnover is very important and I shared that in my first module that day with my new batch, cohort-7. No one could trade without volumes. In fact, a low volume is good ... for investors and to check accumulations. When volume increases, it shown that interests coming in to push up the stocks, perhaps by spreading rumours in forums, news in media, reports by brokers ... etc etc. Just remind ourselves that those writing in forums, media and reports could have their OWN agenda, not ours. They are meant to be used to MANIPULATE the movements, creating FEAR and GREED in novices or retailers ... and trapping many in.

Liquidity is like a fuel, as i read. Once rumours spreading and news out ... as syndicates(sharks or whatever u want to call them) accumulated enough, they will push the stocks up to make us believe in those rumours/news ... the "I TOLD YOU SO" being played. Yet, so many novices or those reading forums/broker reports ... those newspaper/magz BELIEVE in such thing. It is NATURAL for human(lazy, busy, greedy, ignorant, impatient, etc) to re-act to such movements ... and not wanting to miss the boat(an e-tratle of mine use the word beca = trishaw. haha), we CHASE the stock up, only to realise that those syndicates were happily distributing ... and take us, ikan bilis as their snacks.

So, basically ... we need to take TIME to understand WHAT IS BEHIND the movements of the stocks. How do we see whether the stocks are specualtive? It is a good question being asked by my new tratle. And many of times, we heard ...specualtive stocks. To me, it is simple ... top 10-20 most actively traded volumes without any financial background or fundamentals to support the movements. Now we have RC being popularised of goreng penny empty shell stocks. Yes, that is VERY speculative stocks.

How about JCY, Oldtown or Hibiscus? Are the sepculative too? Yes ... they are!! But, to lesser extend comparing to Cybert, Harvest, DVM, Focus and those lousiest stocks in market(especially ACE).

Even Supermax and Padini could be seen as specualtive, right? Playing with news of strenthening of USD, lowering of latex prices .. etc etc ... these news are there for some REASONS right? It is giving us excuses to buy, and the price being pushed up. Check out UOADev ... abandoned at 1.30 level, then proposed 10cents dividends ... shot all the way and sharp profit-taking yesterday!! I was explaining to few tratles of mine to check on her ... funds or not, stocks are bound to be speculated. Accept is as a rule of the game!! Knowing the rules are important ... and do play by the rules.

How about GenM or MMC which retracing to be a sharp knives now? Will you buy into the stories why they are retracing blah blah ... or are a contrarian to like those abandoned and un-like counters? THINK.

If one could not THINK logically, also do not track stocks for years, following the latest developments ... checking new rules of the game, we could be 'lost'.

I wish I all the time to explain charts by charts ... and giving examples to explain simple(yet unknown to many) concepts of seeing price-volume, using news related to check how stocks being ... err ... manipulated.

Just trade cautiously. Try not to listen to noises(forums, news, broker reports) and read these media with open-mind, filtering what is GOOD and LOGICAL to you. Make sure you are reading with your thinking cap on ... as they are GOOD in playing with your emotions.

Like my 'learning corner' posts? Yes, it is for educational purposes.


Monday, July 30, 2012

More upside or downside?

Morning ... it is Monday. I m kinda sleepy and failed to wake up 5am to do my recordings as planned. Olympic started ... well, only managed to catch a game during dinner, watching Koo-Tan beat the Japanese easily. No time to watch any those I subscribed the sport channel to watch the Olympics!! Arrgh ...

It is noon now ... I am still sleepy. Trying to get alert after a very long days last week. The nice gatherings for our group on Friday night, dinner and yam-char togther was NICE. I was very tired but staying up till 1am for yam-char ... then, Sat morning with classes with cohort-7 started Sat noon.

Sunday was good too ... as I had lunch with bro/sis with our aunties. That was nice ... and covered my tiredness!!

Nothing to blog about as I am still in selling mode.

Sold SKPetrol(bought 2.33 to 2.39 last week) just now as it came all the way down and I am cuaght with large positions. I still dislike KLCI hanging at 1625-1635 levels. I will rather short the FKLI.

Sold Presbhd at 1.31 but still keep some for another surge and will sell all.

zzzzz... need to do lots of things further but I do need a rest.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

First trade done : FKLI

KLCI : This is our index now ... going below overbought region and the correction is needed. Went below 20MA now, with DOW up another 200 points, will we be seeing rebound?

This week, we took a short position at 1635 and glad to escape and covered at 1623. It is very volatile and lack of liquidity. We are swimming dangerously with sharks.

Next week, we may see short rebound ... and we should be going long. Will 1620 will be good to sell at 1635? We shall see ...

cohort-7 : Today I will have a new batch of tratles coming in ... and I will be excited to know them.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Stock Watch : SKPetrol

SKPetrol : Buying below RM2.40 for rebound with cut-loss at 2.28, or buy when breaking new high above RM2.50, using trailing stop.

Comment placed in i3(I do not read those forum posts much these days but SKPetrol caught my eyes, checking the target price(average) at RM2.70.

Yes, depending on your time frame. Bought and held for a month at below 2.20 before i have sold my positions at 2.40+ levels, I bought back yesterday below 2.40.

I have no target price. I do not know if O&G will be in play and help SK to move higher. I do not believe anyone could tell you that openly. We need to check OUR own time frame. I do not check on those analysts Target Prices or Fair Values. Those are unrealiable prices to base on.

What I do know ... buying below Rm2.40, cut if my rm2.29 broken. Again, I m writing here 'live' as that is what I do. Not after the trades work in my direction. Management risk means ... preparing for downside risk when trades going against us. Easier said than done, believe me.

If I know SK will go to target price of RM2.70, should I be putting ALL my money into her, knowing that RM2.40 to RM2.70 will give me much more than the banks/bonds/UT will give me? I will even put it to my whole group to buy hugely, right?

It is unreasonable, as I said.

As traders, just manage your risk ... and learn a good money management, we should be doing OK if our stocks going up or down.

I don't have much emotion on stocks. No love-hate. No one to blame. Just plan your trades and trade what you have planned.


Many postings in forums are for those 'runners' to spread rumours ... luring un-informed greedy and ignorant novices into THEIR game. Yes, it is a war of mind, emotion out there ... we stand no chance if we are not independent. We have to protect ourselves and not falling into their 'traps'. Mind you, our so-called broker houses are largest SHARKs ... working with 'runners' who earn huge commissions for spreading rumours etc etc.

Just be warned and informed. They know our 'positions'.


Stock Watch : GenM and GenS

GenM : Closed at RM3.30, huge selling at this price. Watching closely for rebound.

GenS : Broken support of SGD1.28, checking SGD1.15 next. Checking rebound too.

What is going on with Genting group? LVS at new 52-week low too.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Can traders be trained?

Million Dollar Traders

Do you think traders could be trained?

Opinion, please.


How not to lose money

Learning Corner

Fajar : Trading below 0.85 now ... take a look at the huge spike from 0.85 to 1.15 levels in THREE days. If you have chased her and did not take profit or cut-loss, today the losses will be huge.

So, I m adding another pointer in my system .... never to chase up a stock that spike up(unless you have intention to go for short contra trade, assuming you are an experienced trader).

I am not sure if it is Fajar or Senja now ... just do not buy and hope it will spike up again ...

Cybert : I am not sure about the stories ... I simply glanced through its fundamentals when someone asked me and told me about this stock continues to move high ... I think it was at 1.20 level, then I checked the noises ... everyone is making money, happily with this goreng stock. Increbible as it really moved above RM2 level before the plunge!! OUCH ...

Yes, another pointer not to lose money in my system is ... look into some fundamentals before you jumped into a stock. Remember, if a stock is 'suddenly' in focus, discussed in forums ... or some blogs(to lure you in) ... check the fundamentals. DO some homework and decide on your trading plan.

Whether it spike up hugely in days or moving higher and higher into unrealisitic levels, I will no ttrade such counters. Yes, I am defensive and conservative. I do not like to be caught in such situations and NOT LOSING money to these stocks overweight the profits.

I could still 'safely' stocks like GenM or MPHB ... it is easier to use simple basic technical charts. Yes, I use very basic charting ... as I believe in keeping my trading plan as simple. More importantly, we trade with RULES and SYSTEMS we generated base on experiences ... and lots of knowledge about the fundamentals(of counters and markets).

Keep these two simple pointers with you, newbies and novices. Then you will not be in such situations of hope-n-pray. If you have to ... cut-loss even it is huge losses ... and LEARN from the pain. Get away for a while from market, to recover ... and start learning the RIGHT way. Just do not blame whoever asked or lured you into buying Fajar or Cybert ... only you know why you are sucked into them.

Learning takes time ... painfully yet ... making us stronger, if we are diligent enough.

p/s : Will you listen to these simple rules or still thinking there is someone out there will help you to gain lots of money? Get you logic right.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Trading Scam : Ken Robert

Ken Roberts Review

Ken Roberts, in my opinion, is just another famous vendor of hype.

A college drop-out and former life insurance salesman, Ken Roberts persuades investors that with an initial capital of only $1000, they can become victorious traders.

Roberts published a mail-order book in 1983 called "The World's Most Powerful Money Manual & Course". It contains tips and policies about futures and about getting anything you want, be it mentally, physically or spiritually out of life.

He claims to have sold over 300,000 copies at $195 each, which works out to nearly $60 million. Roberts charges $2,695 for his advanced trading seminar, and states that futures trading is one of the world's greatest businesses.

He hawks trading charts, a newsletter, a course on options and his novel, The Rich Man's Secret.

Ken Robert's course does not give any extraordinary information at all. It is cheaper and simply easier to collect information from any local library or book store.

The facts mentioned in the course is available in other free manuals and books, hence it is not worth wasting money on this course.

He has made good money from high commissions of his brokerage firm, but not from commodity marketing.

People who are buying Robert's program on commodity business are not very successful.

Even Ken Robert admits that 95% of the commodity marketers fail to gain money, but still he tries to sell his program by spreading the idea that commodity business is a very simple way to earn money.

I believe that it is very apparent that Ken Roberts is more keen on selling and promoting his course than implementing them in the actually commodity market.

Ken also owns a California brokerage firm called Main Street Trading. Many small active traders are losing money, because of the high commission charges ($95 a trade).

This hype has definitely earned Ken Roberts millions of dollars, and an Oregon mansion with a cigar room, but customer's mansions are no where to be seen.


Trading systems and strategies are out there for sales. If we believe in such, then the choice is ours. The reason why many falling into such 'too good to be true' stories is due to GREED.

It is true that newbies and novices should LEARN before they move into markets ... so, it is 'easy' for them to be lured into rumours ... using forums, e-mail, sms ... any form to prick that GREED in those ignorant punters, especially those losers. Yes ... losing money and losing more to the trainers or systems they are selling.

Until traders using their OWN LOGIC ... to learn and increase their own knowledge, stay smart ... and gain experiences(of winning and losing), no one could help them to be logical.

By the way, Ken Roberts being mentioned by Russells Sands as a scam.


Turtle Trading

Discipline, common sense, hardwork and average intelligence.

Egoistic, stubborn and money management will destroy us.

Listen and it is difficult to trade.


Some random thoughts

As I was riding my bike to office, my mind was very active ... and wanting to blog!! It is not idea ... but random thoughts.

i3-forum : Lets begin with i3-forum which I have left(temporary until I m needed, one fine day). Someone from there asked me about the recent preview I attended. Well, can I tell truth here? I can't? Why not? Should I write a review about what I heard and interpret what it is in REAL form? Am I supposed to? Who am I, anyway? To me, I just walked away ... and yes, no comment is still the best comment. I have many things to do, honestly. If I am to write, I want to write some truth(if possible nothing but the truth) but I am too blunt, ok? Nothing disclosed, anyway.

Then ... last night, someone wanting to join our tratle group but hesitated. Well, he has his own reasons, I believe. Some of my tratles trying to point it to him that he should join us. Being a tour-guide of the group, I could only guide. If a person could not commit, I do think it is no point for us to put him/her on the spot. Let him digest ... and decide.

My quote : Commitment came from willingness to accept challenges.

TEH : You do not learn technical in days. You certainly could not understand fundamentals in days. No way. I m still learning to improve my TA and FA. What is more important is to understand how markets and stocks work. That is most expensive part of trading. Without knowledge and experiences, there is no way a person could trade well. Many experienced traders in and out market here. I m in the thick of market movements in daily basis. That only show how difficult to understand, right?

CMSB : Someone asked me about this counter last night. Then, my wife saw the post in my facebook ... and wonder, what stock is that? I just said ... Cahaya Mata. She was amazed and said "You mean you know about what CMSB stands for?". I smiled and said ... actually, I knew much more that the stock name ... I know it businesses, ownership(who else from Sarawak?), fundamentals ... and much more!!

"That is impressive! You mean, they simply put a stock name and you know all the stocks?" ... err ... err ... not all, of coz. Many ... but not all. About 200-300 stocks in my list, I do read about them, their fundamentals and such ... so that I could safely trade them!! She just smiled ...

Do you remember Sarawak state-election rally? Do you know what that means? That was the time we read a lot about those Sarawak stocks ... and more. CMSB is one of the main stock in play at that moment. We do not expect the white-hair to be kicked out, do you? Anyway, these stocks no longer in my current trading list ... Scable too. I think I only have Naim in my list.

Orient : This morning ... I was doing a recording for my e-learning ... using Orient. Then, I noticed that I did not do recording for some time now!! I want to do at least one clip a week so that those in the group could learn to see what I am seeing. We could see consolidation with low-volume. One may check BB as it would be squeezing before breakout. Then, I shown them weakness as the stock moving higher, with RSI nearing 90 level, yesterday it shown first red-MACD histogram, that is early signal of reversal. So, correction is expected at the moment.

Note : I have written(my tratle group knew when I bought at RM6.20 when RSI reaching 30) that I sold ... wanting to sell at RM6.20 but it still went up to sell at RM6.40, it reached above RM6.60, actually.

My mind full with thoughts ... things to be done!! In office, I am so stressed out with more paperworks and I have to stayback to do some work!!

This blog is still a place I cleared junk of my thoughts ... out out ... arrggg ... DOW downed another 100 points and welcome IHH.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Increase your knowledge

When learning, assume that we are a 'dummy' or an 'idiot', rather than placing our ego high-up. Learning from ground level is good ... as we gather more solid foundations.

Listen and buy some good investing book.

I am still learning ... and long way to go ...


Bearish sentiment : Too late to run?

DOW down another 100points ... time for correction as expected and written last week. That explains why I am selling many last week and sold my SKPetrol yesterday, cut-loss Presbhd too. Keeping cash and staying sideway ... to go shopping again. Do not go against the tide ... we will be drown.

So, what to buy? Nothing much except shorting FKLI ... wanted to short at 1645 yesterday not done. Have to be glad with 1640 later?

Spain banning short-selling .. ouch ... markets are diving now ... with HSI down almost 600 points. Shall we short HSI too?

Taken from biz-times : STOCKS suffered their worst day in more than two months yesterday, led by a slump in Europe's largest bank HSBC Holdings, on growing worries about Spain's ability to stave off a sovereign bailout.

The benchmark Hang Seng Index tumbled 2.99 per cent, or 587.33 points, to end at 19,053.47. It was the index's worst performance since May 16, when it lost 3.2 percent.

Blue-chip heavyweight HSBC dived 5.7 per cent to HK$63.10 due to concerns about its banking operations in Europe. Its fall alone accounted for 174 points of the drop in the Hang Seng index.


It is a SELL ... with IHH in play this week.

Selamat Berpuasa ... stay safe.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Trainer or Promoter?

It is Monday morning ... I might be too busy to trade or write this whole week. IHH will be listed ... yet another huge IPO ... over-valued yet supported by funds. Personally, I will not trade her but rather seeing her in weeks to come.

As I will be too busy with my own works, I will take a pause in writing this blog this week. I could not check e-mail or comment(I left i3-forum anyway... don't know what is going on there. Let it be) and could not chat in facebook. I will take at least 3-4days 'leave' from trading ground as I have sold many of my stocks. So, I won't be buying into anything this week, except for preparing to learn to short-FKLI.

By Remnant888


Don't waste your TIME on loads of shit they spew from their mouth..These are marketeers not traders..

They shudder when they see real hardcore traders walk in, smacking their heads and spilling their guts ...

You'll do much much better learning the trade from a real trader Teh...

The only advantage in forex is the leverage 1:100 ie. using USD1,000 to buy a USD100,000 deal/contract/trade ...

If you can do share margin financing, then you are on level field with forex ...

Trade smartly, my friends ..


Hey Remnant ... nice to hear from you and surprised that you still read my blog? Haha ... thanks for being supportive, as always. I do still read your postings ... tho you seldom write, bro.

Yes, I recently attended another preview ... he claimed he profitted few millions in Gamuda-wd and I do wish to learn the 'secrets' too. I do not see that as a waste of time as I went with two of my tratles(experienced REAL traders, ok? haha). We did not stay up for the preview of the software as we do not believe that a software-system would in any help to our tradings.

I won't say all previews are scams ... tho they do exagerate about their profits/gains ... especially those forex-previews. I recently attended one at Armada Hotel, a young 'trainer' who earn millions flew all the way from Spore to promote his trading courses. The RM49k values being sold for RM5k only for that special night. Unbelievable .... I am not sure if any gullible traders fall into their tricks.

What I could not accept is that these people have the balls(pardon my language) to claim such trades ... as if they really earn millions. It strucked me about INTEGRITY or perhaps ... HONESTY. How about seeing many traders attended their 3-4 days trading courses(paying thousands) yet losing more money in their trading?

You won't believe ... many REALLY signed up, attended these trading courses!! Advertisement ... sales gimmicks ... many more luring-factors such as easy-money, no-brainer system ... emm ... just playing on human's weaknesses.

I am saddened by these ... as I was a newbie or novice too. I want to learn and I have been learning in daily basis. If we are a newbie/novice and without strong logical brain, we could be easily believed and lured into their schemes ... you know what I mean.

So, that pushed me to share and teach others about REAL trading. At times, I do wonder how stupid I could go ... talking logics to those majority in trading markets. It is meant to be irrational, illogical ... that is how market works, anyway. It is about demand-supply theory.

No one will question the 'guru' if he could show you one or two good trades. Personally, I have so many good trades yet I do have many trades going against me. It is about RISK management, MONEY management ... and a few technical indicators. With trading-plan in place ... most of those in my group, do not lose money anymore.

Placing strict rule ... saying no to greed, no to speculative stocks ... no to many more things, they are much more informed. Taking real trades, they will gain more experiences and that will help them to wade through the storms.

That is my hope ... my goal ... my dream. A goal of seeing many waking up ... and start to get real. I could only help those who are logical and who wish to be helped, right?

Having you checking on my doings(including wrong doings, do tick me off) will be good.



p/s : I will never go into forex until I know how to manage the risk.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Motivational Clip

I would like to share this simple yet powerful clip. I hope it will inspire many readers here as I am a living proof ... in trading markets.

Many thanks to my devoted readers, many of those came into my trading adventure ... thanks for supports and sharing.

May God bless everyone of us.

Be kind. Be honest. Be sincere.

Note : I will be playing this clip in our coming tratles meeting on Friday 27th July. It is an important meeting, signifying another leap for us, being tratles as a group. Thanks, guys ... you all are great.


She is 4

Sunday morning ... what to write this morning?

Yes ... more on my 'motivator', my girl-girl ... Sherlyn. Today she is 4.

Happy Birthday, my lovely girl. You are 4 today, 22/7 = pi ... it is a pi-day!!

The picture was taken about 2 years ago ... unlike her brother, who is fast-n-bright, my girl is a little ''slower' than average kids her age. We have to put her in year-3 kinder as she still could not talk(baby talk, yes). She is kinda opposite her brother when comes to learning ... she does not like Math. She prefer to draw, dance and sing!! Yeah ... another side of daddy's brain.

Perhaps I am very protective ... I do not allow anyone saying that "hey, how come your girl so slow one ... unlike her brother?" ... I really dislike people who like to compare ... somehow, those who judge others will be proven wrong.

I do wish I could find a little more time to play with her, teach her to speak ... and seeing her to develop some skills.

Why my "Trading Adventure" which supposed to write about trading-investing ... but instead write about my boy and my girl?

Because they are my motivators!! Without them, I will never realise how important it is to learn about personal finances and ... able to push myself this far ... without them, honestly ... I am still those LOST person who is watching movies, playing bowling ... and using credit-cards to finance my personal 'entertainments'. Without them ... there will be no 'Trading Adventure' as I wont be venturing into share-markets or businesses.

So, do you see the importance of having motivators? We all have our own motivators ... to me, it is my family ... especially my two babies.

Be happy always, girl.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Think and Grow Rich

Saturday morning ... after a long Friday ... another long day for me. Just came back from tuition classes. There are requests if I could have trading-classes conducted in Sat morning ... currently, it is a 'not available' as I have existing class which will continue till mid of next year. So, my trading classes will still will be on Sat noon.

Yesterday night, 6 of us have a night-out gathering at Starbuck(very noisy) ... to talk about stock-markets. We discussed a little about construction(EverSendai and KimLun) where expected to have some 'rally' in coming months due to the MRT projects(on-going) news ... and I have mentioned about 6 months ago that construction is what I like most (being a contrarian, it is downtrending, many do not like).  So, we shall see if construction will recover well from the current point ... check out IJM, WCT and Gamuda.

Gamuda-wd : I have written everywhere that I have bought Gamuda-wd below RM1 and sold at 1.05 and 1.10. Then when it retraced, I grabbed back at RM1.03. Yesterday, it shot to RM1.10 level again ... will check if I am selling at RM1.15?

If you are selling Maths software to me, you better make sure you know Maths. If you are selling trading software/system to me, you better know in-out of the markets too. I am a logical person with Mathematical brain ... afterall, I am a Math teacher, u see.

If those softwares could help anyone to trade well(without experiences too) ... then it is too good to be true. If u are newbie and reading my posts or many other blogs, I think you will find it hard to grasp. It sounds complicated and taking time to digest. IT IS. So, no short-cuts on that ... LEARN and LEARN.

YTLLand : Bought at RM1.03, sold all at RM1.08 but it closed higher. Will check if I need to buyback.

Anyway ... here is something as reminder.

Laws of success by Napolean Hill

The above clip is only for those REAL and LOGICAL human who work hard and smart towards their goals without negotiating their integrity, honesty and human values.

THINKING needed ... to grow rich.

Selamat Berpuasa to my Muslim readers.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Motivation factors

My family is my main motivator ... for me to wake up early in the morning, to work harder than most teachers ... as I am currently teaching two subjects!! I hope I could hold to both ... but jugglling the two tasks is taking a toll ... on me. I do not have much time to play with my kids, seeing them growing ...

My son, Jonathan

Today, my son was proud that he got no4 in 'story telling'. Yes, out of 20 kids, the school selected 3 kids to represent the school in 'story telling'. It is sort of competition amongst those schools(I don't even know the details). Anyway, he was anxious during the selection and was so glad he was the chosen three, to represnt his school/kinder.

He is 'lazy'(daddy's gene) to practice at home ... and yesterday, last minute my wife asked him to re-cite again and again ... and making sure his pronounciations are correct. Well, he was the top in his English last year!! When on the way to school(I fetch him using my Honda kap-cai) today, I taught him another word ... ENORMOUS. Yes, I m not worry about his 'competition' but .. treat it as a normal day ... teaching him few words to increase his vocabulary.

"Daddy ... 'huge' means 'very big', right? Got infinity big or not?" He started his 'infinity' stories again ... to him, infinity means very big ... 'large' is another word he will use ... so, i taught him ENORMOUS.

He is six.

I never remember that I knew any of those words 'huge, large ... certainly not enormous!!' when I was six. I don't think so I knew these words till I was in lower secondary!! Today, kids ... using ipad, he knew how to search using google ... and that day, he was asking about largest truck ... and search youtube to watch a clip on largest trucks!!

Anyway .. where am I? My wife just called ... he got no 4 ... and a book as a prize!! Yes, I am always proud of him ... a smart boy and everyone around me saying that too ... he knew shapes when he was 2 years old ... not the usual triangle ... but asking me about hexagon, pentagon ... octagon!! I was impressed. He may not be born genious ... but seeing him being independent, curious and using his brain ... that is the start. I will definitely want to see further positive development in his learning ...

He is quite good in his Maths too ... so, I am sending him to 'Enopi'(rather than Kumon). I have started to teach him a basic of technical-analysis of charts.

DOWN .... buy. UP ... sell. Haha. He can tell you that, you see.

Yes, slowly I will be teaching him practical chart-analysis ... and I do bellieve he could catch very fast too. I am introducing MA to him now ... designing TA learning for kids? That is cool ...

Financial Improvements

When we have our son, when he was born ... we are staying in a room(mom-in-law) while daddy went to college to teach, and started keropok-business. We struggled to meet ends ... and he is really a Sustagen boy, and it is not cheap!! We don't eat 'outside',  paying for my Kancil has not been easy either!! But it is a neccesity.

From there, looking at my baby boy ... I promised myself to pull myself up and changed my whole mindset. Yes ... merely 6 years ago, I was just one of those normal teachers without financial brain ... wasting time, wasting money ... and do not even have control of our own emotions.

I read financial books, I read and listen to anything related to business, finances, economic-news, investments, trading ... anything I could, to learn ... and FORCE my brains to accept the terms and ... believe me, it is crazy ... insane and stupid. Haha

But ... for the sake of my bright boy, for the betterment of my family, I cannot afford to waste time or money anymore. I planned ... and working towards my goals. As my wife always tell me ... "Not many have your never-giveup attitudes" ... which I think is true ... hmm ... it is just in me. If I want to learn, why don't learn it well?

Anyway ... I came back to KL in 2010(Jan) ... and it is written all in this dairy-blog of mine. I have to borrow some money from my aunties and even sold my Qinfa to them to raise funds!! (Qinfa went up 30% profits and sold off for them). I struggled with credit-cards ... moving to KL and padi RM4k+ for a trading course(with prior knowledge, ok?) which to enhance my own learning. Believe me, NOT MANY could grasps trading concepts in days ... NOT MANY could last learning for years in daily basis, especially something so difficult .. believe me, you are paying thousands but it will be a waste if you do not follow-through and gain as much.

Trading has been my second-job. Hours of reading reports, analysing charts ... and seeing my profits increase ... it is really motivating. Seeing that I could understand many things about markets which I could not merely 3-4 years ago ... seeing the improvements in my personal finances ... encourages me to learn further ... and teaching others to trade well.

Now, everyone can trade ...

I will tell everyone oneday ... when I 'make' it ... my goals, it is because of my family. It is due to 'financial' stress that pushed me into stock-markets. It is inner motivation that seeing me working 'non-stop' ... and I still could not see the stairs yet, just taking the steps ... one day, I will find my goals.

I do know some 'old' readers following my developments for 2-3 years now ... and it is amazing that I could STILL have the energy(and time) to write this blog ...?

That is motivation.

It is Friday ... take a break.


Tratle's trades : GTronic

Gtronic : This is discussed during our meeting on the 7thJuly. We were focusing on breakout play and this one done well too. It is a bull-market, we do not look for downtrending or laggards.

GTronic : This is placed by HYL in our facebook before it flew off and breakout. Can you see what he is pointing out? I do like real traders, taking real trades!!

This is a comment placed by HYL, who is monitoring this counter. We assigned each one to monitor a few stocks and alert each other. Well, we do not have softwares or fancy indicators, ok? Tratles using basically some of ways I shared with them. And we monitor(homework done) ... 'turtle trading' means following certain set of rules ... practice and more practice. FOCUS ... and trade according to plan.

HYL : Don’t know how many in the group took the trade. I bought at 1.34 & 1.35 toward the last hour of yesterday trading. Even with the Trading Plan I did hesitate to take the trade. “Will you take the trade?” CP  frequently put this question... to us after each stock analysis. I literary have to force myself to take this trade. It is not easy to be a good trader. Sharing a quote “An idea (Trading Plan) that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea (Trading Plan) that exists only as an idea (Trading Plan), also read somewhere in CP’s blog “ Theory without practice is empty”.

This is a message he wrote to share with others in our group. Indeed, I am glad. Thanks, HYL.

HYL : He is an engineer with a large cooperation. He has been in markets for years ... and he joked to me that he was still in the 80% group in KLSE when I will always remind the whole group that 80% of people out there STILL losing money. I remembered he successfully traded MKH. Indeed ... he is such a good trader, yet humble. Slowly I will get to know him personally as he attended our gatherings frequently.

His testimonial : Stock Market is a very vicious place, always trying to put you on the wrong side of the trade but with Mr. CP Teh putting his technical wisdom about the market into the course, I have learned how to profit from it. With ...his continued guidance to the Group after completion of the course, I am able to do it consistently. Thanks Mr. CP Teh for being a great teacher and we will always be with you in your Trading Adventure

Ghee ... I did not ask him to give me a testimonial, but that is a pleasant surprise. Thanks a lot. I am touched, indeed.

Now, do you know why I am in teaching lines for 20+ years ... ? Do you think my money could give me such satisfactions? When people appreciate you, you feel great ... and motivated to help or teach more ... that is how I could keep going ... doing things I am doing, and enjoy doing it. That is called "RICH" ... I always consider myself as a rich person, tho I may not be financially rich.

When those advertisements trying to attract attentions, they will use the word "Do you want to be RICH?" ... playing on human's greed. You need passion to teach ... you need to appreciate and love education to continue to learn ... otherwise, nothing will be done.



Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stock Watch : SKPetrol

SKPetrol : At 2.45 level today, yes ... reaching the ripe level for me to sell. I have collected hugely to have average at RM2.20(written a few times here, posted everywhere in my whole stock-watch and tratles group). Today is a SELL for me ... tmr is a SELL SELL for me.

SKPetrol-cb : I have mentioned much earlier that I am collecting Sk-cw ... and it is SKPetrol-cb. Again, many risk takers followed me to collect at 0.17-0.19 ... and been holding for almost a month now. Yesterday, I managed to sell some at 0.205 ... today, sold more ar 0.20 and 0.22 done. It shot up very fast and I managed to grab back some at 0.215 ... holding now. When things moving high, I will buy 'smaller' positions ...

SKPetrol was my largest portion in my portfolio for a month now(with SK-cb too). I sold YTLPower(and wb) for her ... that is how I shifted my funds when I see more upside(weeks before, ok? I have whole group watching my trades!!) ... in SKPetrol. I do see GasM well too above RM2.60.

Today, I have relieved my huge portions in SK-cb ... and holding only small amounts at 0.125, but will hold mommy for a while and will sell too.


Disclaimer : Do read my disclaimer and any stocks mentioned here is only for my personal viewings. Please consult your autorised dealers and trade at your own risk.


Rule : Avoiding forums

One of my criteria 'not to lose money' is to avoid forums. This is one of my rules I placed for MYSELF when I first started moving to markets.


Knowing that 80% losing money, I was 'wise' ... and told myself to be contrarian. Majority of those in markets somehow or rather will get links to some forums ... wanting tips or easy-money. They REALLY thought there will be some insider-tips they could follow(to buy) and profits hugely from there.

Be contrarian.

It is easier said than done. We could easily be driven into the forum-holes. Forums are the platforms for some syndicates to send some runners .. spreading rumours and so-called insider-news. You could never know how sincere or genuine those postings. It is difficult to understand why so many 'sucked' into forums ... but I guess it is just human ... they want it easy. They have greed(as many why they go into markets, they will tell you they want to profit and get rich?!) ...

So, in my initial years(3 years) I avoid forums ... until I opened RHB a/c and do place some footprints there with few posts, sharing ideas while learning from some posts there. I repeat, I use some posts to LEARN. I filter good ones ... and RHB-forums is 'good'. After few months, I stopped RHB-forums when it becoming noisier ... crowded ... I dislike crowds, actually.

I have also registered with ChartNexus-forums ... and I do remember I have few posts there too. I have no longer check the forums for years now, I guess. There are many 'sifus' there ... and while I do learn from a few 'seniors', it is far too noisy for me too ...

I have not been active in forums .. definitely do not have the time to read from those comments. I am more focus in my own learning ... there is no free-lunch there, I am sure.

Some using forums to sell ... their products. Some unit-trust agents using them to pormote their products, we have insurance agents promoting themselves there too. Trading schools will send their employees(paid to do the job) to promote their trading courses ... bloggers promoting themselves there too? Softwares dealers ... selling anything they could ... that is forum. Noisy.

I joined i3-investor last year(cant remember the year) ... and I really thought I hv found a good platform, a 'mature' forum ... to discuss trading ideas, helping each other in our trades. For example, we could share about factors that affecting glove-stocks ... latex-prices, USD blah blah ... and those newbies can learn from it. Yes, I m so willing to spend some of my time checking on some GOOD posts(I do still filter) and if I could reply(to help) ... and share my knowledge, why not?

Market is at new high ... making it very noisy now. So, it is attracting more selling agents there. When market rocketing, many stocks are gaining too. Do you know why?

To ask majority to THINK logical is not easy ... in fact, in bull-markets ... so many sifus out there!! Profits are in their fore-heads. No one talk about their losses ... no one want to THINK ... about risk. No longer we speak about learning ... or we do not care about our strategies/plans.

It is noisy ... very noisy. So, time for me to move away ... and yes, sell most of my stocks. I will be moving to short FKLI soon.

Recently I spent some of my time answering some comments in i3-forum. I realised that I was 'sucked' into replying ... it is like an obligation to reply. I am very busy ... and TIME is a commodity to me. IF I have earned millions from markets, for sure you won't see me forums anymore. I will be busy teaching trading for charity purposes!! That is just my personal goal.

To realise my goals, I believe I need logical traders around me. So, I filter ... and get to know some REAL traders who talk logical senses ... while continue to learn from each other. Trading is a journey ... learning certainly takes lots of time.

Well ... I am going to 'quit' i3-forums for the time being. I have never wanted to be sucked into some un-neccesary conversations. So ... count me out, I have to focus in my own trades and I have much more to learn.

I never have a post lowyat's forum or read posts there until someone sent a link to i3 yesterday. I checked on the link and found forums could be interesting ... but ... as forums would be ... NOISY.

We could get opinions of others in forums ... but always remember, a promoter could get into a few nicks and ABUSE the platforms for their personal agenda. Just be careful if you really need to be in forums(which I cant understand why).

My advice to newbies ... AVOID forums. It is too emotional and you will be distracted more than you think.


If we know how tyo filter, it shows we have the maturity and we in control of our trades. Otherwise, avoid.

I am getting out of third forums ... after RHB-forums, CNX-forums ... now I moving away from i3-forums.

I will only come back again ... when market collapses and many needs advices and 'help'.

Yes, I always write what I feel ... and I do feel I still have so much to learn. I m still very humble to say that I am still in novice level. I do listen to good comments and logical pointers.

Thanks to many who supported me(in i3-forums).

Thanks to some who have gave me good pointers where I do learn a lot more about markets.

Thanks for listening.



Are you logical or emotional?

Just came back from a talk ... two of my tratles joined me. I was late ... but managed to listen to half of the talk. There were about 50+ of them, I guess ... for the market-talk. But, as many leave after the talk ... for the preview, we decided to give it a skip too. We went for teh-tarik and talk about stocks!!

I always believe market is for logical people, who want to grow their money ... investing well and making it a passive income. I thought that is what majority went into market for ... that was about 7 years ago. My views have totally changed after 4.5 years in markets and after few thousands trades ... with average of 4 hours perday reading, learning about markets ... that is roughly spending about 6000 hours of my lives LEARNING about markets ... and still needs another 5 years to go. Imagine my stupidty ...

Then, I came to know that ... more than 80% of those in markets actually LOST(some QUIT)and STILL losing money ... with more newbies sucked into KLSE holes as ... well, market is at NEW high. See the headlines? KLCI breaking NEW HIGH ... move in, newbies. BUY BUY ... and they continue to lose ...trades after trades. Ever wonder why?

As I pointed out in my first sharing with my tratles ... if you are going to think I will teach you to get-rich by trading, you will be very disappointed. I am a defensive and logical person. How about I teach you NOT to lose in your trades? If being the TOP 10% in markets is not what you want, but wanting to be rich(if possible in quick manner ... easy way out too), then ... I will be very blunt.  You won't like me!! I will be real with you ... point out mistakes, analyse together ... opening wounds ... bluntly rub some salt into that ... OUCH ... then, I will splash some cold water .... wake up!!

Are you awake? Are you logical and back to real world now?

I argued with a tratle of mine, SP(of cohort-1) when he insisted that I analyse HWGB(it is NOT related to Genting, ok?) ... he lost money using a software-system before came to me. Then, he was cursing how bad the system was ... I listened and could see the problem lies not only the vehicle, but the driver too. Since then, I placed my rule to all others clearly ... DO NOT talk to me about bad-stocks. I don't care if Harvest will go back to RM2 again ... or what RC going to goreng. I do not even have time to read ... or write about Cybert? What is that? Another interesting goreng stocks ... sucking more ignorant gamblers/punters?

TELL ME : Give me 10 reasons WHY 80% losing money. If you could not tell me that, you are NOT ready to be in markets and WILL continue to lose money!! That is how serious and cruel market could be. TAKE IT.

Why that question is very important? So that we do not do the similar mistakes and could learn to protect ourselves!! If such basic ideas about trading/investing also could not understand, HOW are we going to profit, right?


In short, I am a person who believe in RISK. I believe that if I could manage the risk well, I won't lose money ... and I will be the top 20% trading in market. Logical?

It is 12 midnight ... i need to rest. I still have full-time job, ok?


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Learning takes time : Be educated

Presbhd : Breaking new high ... ride on her.

I shared with my 'intermediate' group about the special candlestick seen, a week BEFORE it broken the new high. Let me try to share it here ... can u see that the candle-stick preaching to NEW high at 1.32 at that day? It means ... someone willing to pay RM1.32 for her, right? Then it came down(we used the term ... testing resistance). Can you notice the volumes? You need to learn to read candle-sticks and volumes ... as that is where the actions are. Can you see the current two gree volumes increasing? It means that there are STILL rooms for it to move high.

Due to THAT early signals, I asked my group to take positions on two situations.

Case 1 : We bought at 1.25-1.29, anticipating breakout with cut loss at 1.23.

Case 2 : Those who did not, we plan it to buy above 1.3 and ride on her(only to sell when bearish signals shown).

It is almost 5am ... DOW up 60+ points. KLCI reaching new high and time to trim more of the stocks which I collected for past weeks. Many stocks that I anticipated breakout, it was successful ... thanks to the bullish sentiments.

Affin : I have finally sold my Affin-cg and asked my group to sell Affin too. I don't feel comfortable at the current moment.
Oriental : Bought at RM6.20 when RSI nearing 30 ... today RSI at 84, so it is SELL at RM7.20.

SKPetrol : Bought at RM2.20, at RM2.30 now ... one of my larger positions. I do have a call-warrant attached to her too. Will it break 2.30 soon?

I posted a 'long' comment to i3-investor forum

For sharing purposes, I do have many common stocks in my list too such as BIMB, MBSB, MPHB, Supermax ... etc etc ... do we buy them all? How to select from the list?

It is just a list of uptrending stocks. When do you actually BUY? Waiting for buy signals, right? So, the prices listed here is not the entry prices.

When do we sell? Can I know the time-frame used here please?

I believe in education. I believe that everyone of us should learn. We learn by asking good questions.

Risk appetite : Another important thing to discusse as we are all 'different'.

While I mentioned MPHB at RM3 to buy, personally I traded MPHB-ch few times. Know the difference? Yes, the RISK-REWARD. Know why MPHB, right? The 'selling of non-core assets' and the Magnum-news hanging. Ride on her, right?

While I do buy hugely into YTLPower(sold all at 1.79) and YTLPower-wb(still keeping some), I won't go for YTLPower-CW. Do you understand the risk as YTLPower WAS downtrending. I dont see it as 'luckily' it rebounded as many in our group buying into her. It is NOT hope-analysis.

Currently I do have SKPetrol at RM2.20 and its call-warrant. I dont mind sharing with all but do you know the risk of not knowing when to sell? What-if the trades go against us and market collapses, are we prepared for that?

Today, KLCI at historical high ... are you in GREED(I can feel that here) or should we be in fear? Don't we read enough that we should be a contrarian?

With more than 80% losing money out there(simple stats ... 100 readers here, 80 lost or still losing money) ... why are we following the herds and doing what they are doing? Are'nt we all logical human? Do we trade with "knowledge&experiences" ... or do we blindly follow others? How many of us losing money following the broker-reports, remisier, dealers, bloggers, friends, forums ... to buy into stocks? Have we forgotten all our losses and learnt from mistakes?


I do have few losing trades but I do make sure the losses is 'small'. Yes, very few in my whole 2012. The small losses were during Mac-May.

Learning Corner : Keep your losses small, change your strategies and let the profit runs.

I will continue to contribute to the forum whenever I could.

Please accept my apology if I offended anyone.

Learn to trade well. Do not rely on others as 'sifu'. Be your own 'sifu'.

Thanks for listening. I just want to share.


I don't know ... I do know that we be defensive when market is turning down, and riding the trend when market is shooting high. When market is down ... you will see I am buying 'boring' MayBank, Axiata ... or GenM and such ... but in bullish market, some penny stocks, RM1 or RM2 stocks with breakout ... and trading many call-warrants in short term basis.

Yet, majority around will ... run around ... asking what to buy or what they should be doing with their stocks.

I want to promote 'education' in trading markets .... SC should do this too. Majority of us 'falling' into those buying due to hear-say category ... and losing money. Yes, we might buy a good stock ... yes we might be profitting in such bullish market ... but we dont know when to take profits. We regret ... we agonised ... we get emotional.

I always feel market is there to TEACH us lessons, yet WHY most of us never learn? WHY?

Because it is GREED driven. Yes, it is irrationale ... illogical. It doesnt matter to many that they lost many trades ... they wont pause to THINK and ask WHY. It is too painful to answer themselves ... we might slap ourselves ... yet, repeating the smilar mistakes!! See the pattern ... of many losers in markets?

We do try to advise them ... if we know-how. But ... honestly, market is too noisy. Forums, especially ... such a good place to create GREED ... some will sell their trading courses ... selling sofwares, selling systems ...

And to create FEAR ... some will sell Unit-trust in forums. Dont go into risky markets, our UT will give you consistent returns ... blah blah ... there goes the salesman.

Let me tell you how I feel ... and what I will do. If I have earned millions(I know I m progressing well but I rather be logical and take a step at a time) ... I will teach trading for EDUCTION purposes. I will make it cheap ... and DONATE all the proceeds to charity!!

What charity? I will open a trading school so that 'Now, everyone can trade well'.

That will be my contributions to the trading community before I leave trading. I have in-directly helping to educate public through my ah-pek blog here ... but the most effective way so far is having my own tratles-group. I am reaching out for more. Somehow, I feel great ... with just words "THANK YOU" from many in my group.

We discussed and talked about stocks or businesses ... having drinks and gathering. It touched me so much recently when some of them wrote sincere thankful testimonials for me(will post some over the weekend).

Yes ... my trading adventure continues ... in my quest to be more educated in trading. I am still a novice(bear with me, please) and learning ...

I am still a logical person.

Good morning ...


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stock Watch : Affin

Affin : When Affin broken RM3.10 level ... with news-attached, I asked for a BUY. Then, it broken RM3.30, another buy call ... as I went for call-warrants

Affin-cf : When it broken 0.09, I was watching her ... and started traded her when broken 0.14 levels. Sold at 0.18 levels as I m moving to Affin-cg ... instead.

Affin-cg : See no volumes before the activites ... if u know how to see the volumes, the movements ... the knowledge about trading call-warrants, today I sold my Affin-cg at 0.22(collected 0.17-0.18). Yes, I placed these in my stock-watch ... as stock-watch is just a page tracking my trades. BUYING is risky ... and at your own risk. At least the whole group checking me for months now ... and I do not lose many trades, ok? Due to bullish markets, the rate is about 85% now ...

Can you the the beautiful uptrending chart in Affin? Do you know the news-related to Affin, right? How about the trend in call-warrants? Feel like punting ... let me tell you honestly about the RISK.

Think of safety ... KLCI in NEW high ... 1650 today. I feel like selling so many stocks I accumulated for past 1-2 months.

SKY is the limit ... yeah ... yeah ... buy buy buy? I asked my group to SELL.



Stock Watch : Oriental (code : 4006)

Orient : I did not use much of technical indicators when I chose to buy Orient at RM6.20. At the same moment, I was thinking of HapSeng too. But, I opted for Oriental ... well, I shared this trade openly with my tratles ... today, I am thinking of selling. It reached RM7.20 now, RSI very high ... yesterday shown not good candle-stick. What do you think?

You may check my previous post ... when I grabbed at RM6.20. Bear in mind, I have a group watching me buy-sell. But, I never ask anyone to buy-sell anything. They trade at the own risk. Those following my trade in Oriental, I am asking them to sell now.

Note : Today is a SELL for me ... please don't chase, ok?


Previews and Talks

Previews : I do attend many previews ... those who are trying to promote their trading courses and/or selling their trading systems. There are many out there for us to choose from and we need to be 'careful'. I do encourage newbies to join one of those professionally run trading courses. Yes, get yourself educated ... don't worry about a few thousands as the knowledge gained will always be yours and 'save' us from the KLSE's hole. No one should go into markets without knowledge and experiences.

I am not a promoter of any of those courses. It is not the course or trainer ... it is personal-selves that we need to check on. We could not keep blaming on the systems or our dealers/remisiers or  broker's reports each time we lose money, right? So, get educated.

I am independent ... I may want to 'protect' many ignorants from being mis-lead by those get-rich advertisement. So, I do feel awareness of such 'schemes' is important, to safe-guard ourselves of losing a few more thousands buying into their schemes.

I do not write bad about any previews, just my cynical views(for example, the most recent forex-preview was ... way too good for me to stomach. RM49k course/data ... selling for RM4999 ... only for tonight?) ... I can't help it. I am logical human. I have the heart to help ... and I was a newbie, an ignorant. Coming from the similar know-nothing background, I could understand how newbies being 'lost' ... searching for some truths in trading markets, only to know it is not there!! Perhaps ... there is a sure-win system out there which I have not discovered? I don't know ...

I will be attending a preview tmr and I will thank the trainer for inviting. It is nice of him ... and I should go with open-mind. Hope I could hear something sensible, rather than those direct-selling-like kinda talk. I do remember I attended an internet-marketing preview showing how he profitted RM20k in A DAY ... and the young fella so 'kind' to donate their 'earnings' to charity!! Wah-lau eh ... real?

So, you see ... I am skeptical. As we all logical human should.

Talks : I will continue to attend talks ... organised by broker houses such as RHB, CIMB, Jupiter, Allianz, Affin ... etc etc ... I will ... as I find those talks very informative and useful.

We all should spend some time to attend these market-talks. It is FREE ... and as clients(we trade ... win or lose, they win).

So, before you registered for a trading course ... go for few previews(remember ... they are marketing people, they will be good in making it REAL for you to be convinced) and compare them. Check which one suit you most.

And do go for public market-talk ... they are free. Just spend your hours if you are free.

Time to get back to work.


Stock Watch : Gamuda-wd

Gamuda-wd : I have bought at 0.97 - 0.99, together with some in my stock-watch group who took positions with me. It shot up and I sold mine in two portions 1.05 and 1.10. It went to closed at 1.12.

Can you see the two long white candle-sticks? That is a SELL to me. Do you notice the huge buying volumes coming in? That is a SELL to me.

SELL : One or two days fast-furious surge with high volumes. HIGH volumes in such warrant attracts many punters in KLSE, and when they move in, we better SELL to them. After all, 80% lose money, right? Yes, they chase stocks.

So, I was waiting for her to retrace back to RM1 ... but it I could not get it for RM1. I grabbed at RM1.03, placed that in my stock-watch ... and some bought too. A person told me he grabbed at RM1.01-1.02(they always get better price than me as they knew my entry prices!! It is so unfair!!) ... yesterday, it shown some activities ... touched RM1.08.

Someone used my previous Gamuda-wd post to 'promote' himself there. Sigh. That post generated nearing to 100 comments ... nah, not productive comments, many just placing their e-mails!! I hope my posts will not be used anymore for his own agenda.

IF there is a system that generate consistent good profits, we have nothing to lose ... but to learn. But, I have grown to understand how these trading courses which cost thousands of dollars, selling their sure-win softwares which costing another few thousands ...

THINK logical ... if there is such a system, the big banks will pay MILLIONS to buy the system and won't be employing analysts, traders etc etc ... THINK.

There is NO secret when I bought Gamuda-wd(or any of my stocks to trade). It is purely experiences in trading the similar stocks, plus ... planning and waiting patiently. Using some simple technical-charts to help me ... and even that it just give me slight edge. I am more concern what if the trade goes against me, where should I place a stop? I do know buying Gamuda-wd nearing RM1 will not lose me money much at current situation(expiry 2015, premium is less than 5% ... so, the risk is LOW) ... and I scan stocks using my EYES. Not softwares ... not pure luck, either. Lots of donkey-works behind my trades!!

Anyway ... market consists of 80% losers ... and still losing. These people could never understand that there is NO SUCH THING as secrets in trading ... no such thing as sure-win system. If there is, let me know ... I think our whole group could come out with RM100k to buy the system. And as it is sure-win, we will sai-lang(put all the money into it) ... and stop working tmr.

THINK ... I know it is difficult to use brain. It is difficult to use LOGIC as market is such a noisy place. But I will still want to urge many ... to think logic. It is needed ... as market is getting higher, many will be sucked in.

Hope I could pour some cold water again to those chasing the stocks.

Pointers( how not to lose money) : DO NOT read forums. It is noisy, it will affect your emotions(fear and greed and hope). DO NOT idolise a 'sifu' or 'guru'. Be your own 'sifu' for yourself as NO ONE could understand you better than yourself.

With that, I hope I could wake a few from their illusions.


p/s : I will try to search a Dali's post last year ...pointing out bluntly that there is no such sure-win system in markets.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Stock Watch : Presbhd

Presbhd : Breakout of 1.30 consolidation level. BUY signals triggered and this is being discussed in our tratles group, with trading plan in place, many of us taken positions. Watch.

Yes, going for breakout ... with 'sky is the limit' ... ride on the trend. That is our strategy at the moment.

Personally, I have traded Presbhd successfully for three times ... this is my fourth.

10.30 am : Presbhd at 1.33, buy nearing to 1.30, ok?

Trade at your own risk.

Wanna join us? Contact me!!

e-mail :


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday's blah blah

It is Sunday ... I had a long day on Friday and yesterday. But, it is a habit for me to wake up around 5am, to read some biz-financial news related, even it is a Sunday ...

cohort-6 : I had my 'last' module with my cohort-6 yesterday, the youngest batch of all my tratles. With 2 seniors(those older than me, 45 is considered as senior citizen), I have half of the batch less than 35(my range of age to be considered 'young') ... and with that, learning to trade could be a challenge.

Starting young is 'good' ... but younger ones have their own priorities. Learning to trade would be 'difficult' for them ... unless they could see profits, making consistent profittable trades. We are going to make sure these young ones continue to learn, not fading away after 5 basic modules. I said 'we' as we have many experienced traders willing to help those in our own groups. Yes, only our own members ... we shall 'protect' them from the 'fire' and 'wind' ... moving into the markets.

cohort-7 : As they will be my first batch to use the new place, our tratles-nest(will put a name to it).

Jupiter's talk : Attended the Friday's talk by Benny(he talked about opportunity in trading a hammer) and Jupiter is actually promoting their latest product "stock pick for the month". You need RM100k plus, and the changers per trade is 0.45%(ouch). They called it ''Elite Traders" for those joining. If I did not heard it wrongly, only for that preview night, one could do with only RM50k. Well ... most of us do not have RM50k in our trading account, ok? So, I do not register.

By the way, MAJORITY of those attended the talk are ... well ... senior citizens. I have 4 of our senior tratles attended the talk with me. I am 'protected' ... like having body-guards around me. haha.

Quote : Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them. By Dalai Lama
5.50 pm : The above was written in the morning ... back to my workspace(at home).

KLCI outlook : As we are reaching to the new high, Benny mentioned 1650 level to watch. Another 20+ points, we will be there ... and time to get out? Perhaps, we should wait for IHH to be listed(25th July). Overall, it is not good ... we should be in fear when greed is around, yet I do see another 1-2 weeks to be in-play. We are the best index around, and the strong rebound in DOW(up 200+ points) will give another push to KLCI ... to break 1634 this week? We shall see ...

Stocks : As I am into breakout-play ... many is in the making. Affin, GasM, MPHB ... anticipating breakouts ... MudaJaya, SKPetrol ... many more in my list. I have taken positions in all mentioned except MudaJaya where I am still waiting for it to break RM2.80 level. BIMB and MBSB are still very much in the list. Watch.

Two weeks ago, I do ask my group to go for breakout play rather than technical rebound(such as Genting at RM9.40 or AnnJoo) ... I even shared with them why I wont go for Genting at RM9.40 suupport level(it went up to RM9.80, actually but down again when it hits resistance). Yes, change of strategies to fit the trend ... move with the trend.

Yinson : Supported at RM2.15. Few in my groups taken position on her. The breakout saw it touched RM2.29, bullish crossover seen and more upside. Yes, sky is the limit here.

Yes, I do chat with my tratles 'live' whenever I could find the time. I do want to know if they take REAL trades and work as they plan. I could not check on many due to time constraints ... but I will try to put my foot-prints and thoughts whenever I could.

Time : I am trying my very best to cope ... it is not easy as many things to handle. I have more than I could chew ... I need to prioritise and stay focus. I need to work over-time. Even writing a 'free' blog during my 'free' time is difficult ... or invited for 'free' lunches or 'free' drinks ... I am not really 'free'. Attending 'free' talk is never free for me as I am using my TIME ... time is an expensive commodity to me. TIME ... I only have 24-hours, I sleep about 4-5 hours. I work-work most of my time!! But I do wish to find some time to be with my family ... and read some books ...

e-mail by TK : .... I really appreciate the effort you put in to shorten our learning curve so that our pocket won't get blasted to kingdom come by the market. You're passionate and sincere and I salute you for that. And I am amazed at how you can juggle your time with so much on the table. Do take care and God bless you and your family.

Taking this simple e-mail I just read moments ago ... I do not even have time to reply e-mail. For those enquiries(stock watch and e-learning), I have to make it short!! And I could not have the time to track who e-mail, who joined me ... who did not reply ... etc etc ... I am an individual.

I will personally reply e-mail ... one by one ... and now, I hv too many things to handle that I feel sorry that I could not reply to so many good people who supported(and appreciated) me. I could only say

from the bottom of my heart. I am touched by some of them who actually taken an extra step to support me(I have a few who subscribed to my stock-watch or e-learning just to show support ... but they don't trade, actually!!) ... indeed, I am lucky. I have got to know so many of nice people in my tratles group. They have many more years of experiences than I do, yet .. they humbly joined my trading-classes and giving me strong support.

THANKS, tratles ... you all are great. You make me feel motivated!! Yeah ... let us make ourselves the most profittable group!!

Anyway ... writing this blog is still my pleasure. One needs to read my previous posts(from Aug 2011) to check on how my trading groups formed and grow ... it grows from my sincerity to help others. And I am lucky to have many good people around to help me to ease my 'stress' as a leader. I am not good in promoting myself, certainly wont blow my own horns(some of them ask me to. haha). I don't even place 'testimonials' yet ... those idea is good(most ideas came from my group, not me!!). I want REAL testimonials, unlike many fake ones being advertised.

Yes ... I want real trades, real human ... and really helping others. Without so many supports, I do not think so I could push myself 'harder' than I thought I could.

Quote : Winners never quit ... quitters never win.



Friday, July 13, 2012

Updates and attending talks

I m very busy for past 2 weeks ... with classes started and more tuition classes coming in, I am very occupied. Also, more enquiries about my e-learning and I m taking a pause from my last week post, to accomodate the new e-tratles. I am even too busy to answer enquiries.

e-mail : Please let me know if you did not get my reply. I might have overlook. Sorry. By the way, DO NOT press 'forward' as your e-mail will be sent to Yes, time to change my e-mail as it was hacked previously. Please TYPE ... to each time you are sending me e-mail. Thanks

new e-mail :

new facebook : cp.tratles --- add me!! (funny, I have 3 friends request already eventhough I did not tell anyone I have created a new one! haha)

new blog-page(pending and under-constructions) :

I have recently created this new e-mail for communication purposes and the new facebook account too. Yes, anything related to investing-trading ... markets, financial ... whatever will be discussed there. Please add me, ok?

The new-blog will my new platform(blog), and moving away from blogspot. I am still thinking to make it 'private' ... for those who like reading my blog and will subscribe to it(starting Jan 2013). Yes, I am a blogger ... paying me or not, I will still blog anyway. But, I want to make it more 'professionally' and reach out to only those readers

tratles-nest : Finally, I am getting a nest for our meetings and also a place where we could rest-relax while sharing more about trading. Yes, I am excited. Having my own trading group is good ... and I do enjoy the friendships!! I never treat my tratles as clients/customers. So, they don't get those artificial smiles. Haha ... I am still who I am, a simple ah-pek who love teaching. Yeah ... my sincerity shown naturally as I am still very much a teacher in heart. Hope we could get together more often ... with our own place, I will organise a PUBLIC TALK ... hehe.

With few new updates in my adventure, the trading adventure continues ... with attending to more market-talks.

Tonight I will be going to Jupiter(Subang Jaya) for a talk. It will be by Benny, who has jumped from NextView(pstt ... NextView got vacy for me or not?). Yes, I do go to talks organised by Jupiter(SJ) as I am working nearby and staying in USJ.

Then, tonight  ... we some yam-char tratles kaki(haha ... must come out with a name for these guys) will meet to talk and share.

On Tuesday, there is another talk by Jupiter(KL) ... but I won't be attending as it is not free. It is costing RM100, and besides it is in KL ... jam-jam ...

But, I might be attending a talk next Wednesday. It is just a preview of their trading course ... costing RM3800. Anyone without fundamental or technical knowledge could attend as they have a 'system' that give us signals to buy or sell. Well, if I am going to make a review for their courses, and if I am going to be honest ... it will be very difficult, right? I am independent, I am vocal ... and I want 'honesty'. That is difficult ... as many out there are doing business. Err ... do business must paint good pictures, to lure those few greedy ones into paying more thousands for their trading courses and if possible, buy their SURE-WIN software for another thousands.

Remember the last forex talk I attended at Armada Hotel(a buy signal for Armada? haha) ... when ONLY for tonight, the package of 2-days trading course, plus the statistic data, plus monthly alert ... costing RM49k plus plus ... only for tonight, they are SELLING for RM4900? If get a partner to sign up, they reduce another RM1k? Heck ... get three to sign-up, you will be paying peanuts!! Peanuts will attract more monkeys, right? Haha

Question : Why are they charging RM4k to RM6k for their trading courses?! Why la so expensive? I want to learn but cannot afford, then how? Got any secrets meh?

Yes, my trading classes is still very cheap, it is peanuts ... you gain back by one good trade!! But but ... cheap is not good, right? Yeah right ... I should charge RM4k next time instead of charging 10% of that. Anyway, many of my tratles appreciate me ... and giving me free lunches and drinks. Tonight's drink will be on YL(cpohort-6) who just joined my group two months ago and done some good trades!! Yeah ... yam-sing ...

Got to go to work now ...


Pullback time for KLCI

KLCI : While KLCI reaching for the new high, yesterday is an earlier sign that our strong uptrend index will pullback from the overbought situation. KLCI is currently the best index around ... bravo, the Malaysia Boleh spirit.

Election : Much being said about the coming election, speculations are running in every media, if we need to read ... some told us it should be Apr-May ... but did not materialised. Now, strong rumours saying it should be after Hari Raya. With FGV(Felda) listed ... and the last huge one in place, the IHH in two weeks time ... we may see some 'window dressing' after the pull-back.

If one is to believe that we will be seeing a pullback and then surge again, then ... the short correction could be a good change to accumulate again. It is very difficult to predict exactly how many points it could be down ... but the correction is healthy. Taking 1607 as a support, we could only hope this support will not break.

Yes, KLCI is supported by local funds ... and some indications that foreign funds are buying into our 'cheap' counters too.

HSI : Yesterday, HSI closed almost 400 points lower and broken an important 20MA.

With DOW down again, as I have mentioned, I prefer to be in HKSE. Will continue to sell more of my KLSE as KLCI reaching new high ... with election-rally going on. Ride on the current trends in KLCI. Buy uptrending with high momentum stocks. SELL if it is lagging ... and make the trades short.

KLCI breached my 'predicted' 1620 too soon ... I saw it reached 1633 levels ... and many screaming 1650 to 1680 levels now. As KLCI shooting so high, have you profitted from it? Some of our stocks which sleeping for very looong may have not woke-up ... time to sell more?

Take precaution ... it is a pullback time again.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rich Man : Donald Trump


Melania Trump : Every successful man does not need a lot of sleep.

Quote : If you want to achieve anything, you need to take ACTIONS.

Education : If you have education, you will have the edge. So, if you are going to be in markets, to invest and trade well, you do need education.

Mentor : Learning from a mentor. Donald Trump is one of my 'mentor'. Besides, Robert Kiyosaki, Adam Khoo, Milan Doshi, Anthony Robbins ... these are my mentors!!

In trading, Jesse Livermore is a good inspiring 'mentor'. We will try to emulate those successful people, respect their strength. Amazing ...


NEVER EVER QUIT. IF YOU WANT TO QUIT, QUIT NOW. You will never make it, anyway.

THINK positive ... THINK like a BILLIONAIRE.

Self-discipline is VERY IMPORTANT to be successful and it comes from loving what you are doing. If you want something VERY much, you will take actions to achieve it. And you will be self-discipline to do what you wanted to do.

TEH : Amazing words.

 Salemanship : You just get someone to sell for you, if you are lucky to get someone could do that for you. They are 'born' with it ... they are natural. But you can learn.

KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE .... very important FIRST RULE I shared with ALL my tratles in first class.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stock Watch : Gamuda

Gamuda : Let me share with newbies ... highlighted is called 'hammer'. When the MACD giving a good entry level, buying (with a cut-loss in place) at that level is lower risk trade.

Currently, I am still asking my group to check breaking of RM3.60 level as it will be testing RM3.60 again. Recently, some in my groups sold Gamuda at RM3.60 while I sold my Gamuda-wd(collected below RM1)

Gamuda-wd : Well, while buying Gamuda at 3.40 and selling at 3.60 will give me profits, I opted for Gamuda-wd, accumulated at 0.97-0.99 levels. I posted in my stock-watch and many followed too. While selling at RM1.10 is a good 10%, the risk is higher trading warrants, comparing to the mommy, Gamuda.

Question : What do you see the differences in the charts above? If you could see anything much? If you could, you will take the trade.

For newbies, it is advisable NOT to trade warrants. Never try call-warrants for huge profits, please. USE LOGIC ... not emotions. If you can't trade a simple Gamuda well, forget about the warrant Gamuda-wd. Certainly forget about cu, cv, cw, cx, cy or cz. I don't even looking at Gamuda's call warrants!! If you don't know why .. HOW are you going to trade these? Then, you are a gambler without knowledge. That is BLUNT ... but it is needed. One will get badly burnt ...

Take it ... try Gamuda, breakout at RM3.60 level. If you don't even know what to see for breakout and manage the RISK of break-out failures, then you do have a serious problem in trading. Learning takes time ... and lots of efforts.

Think of the above.

Then ... plan your trades.

Good Luck.


p/s : Will review Gamuda, just one of the many trades I am taking.