Sunday, June 24, 2012

Welcome to my groups

There are few enquiries to join my groups eversince I 'advertised' here in my blog. I will try to reply all e-mail as soon ... sorry for some delays. Thanks

Some was asking the different groups I am having :

tratles : This is a group of traders/investors attending my trading class personally. I am having my cohort-6 currently and will be having my cohort-7 next month once I could arrange the time. Currently I do have 7 added in my tratles group but I will only start once I gathered 10-12 of them. Priority will be given to my existing friends. By next year, it will no longer be this 'cheap'. JL, my tratles(of cohort-4) said my trading course worth RM2k, but I m only charging RM400 at the moment. Haha

e-tratles : This is to reach out those not staying in Klang Valley and could not attend my classes but hope to be in touch with me to learn some BASIC technical-charting from me through blog and facebook(writings, readings, through clips ... and interactions online). The duration is July to Dec.

stock-watch : This is just RM30 per month to check what I buy-sell(trade). I do answer some basic technical analysis questions for learning purpose. Trade at your own risk.

So, basically ... I have three main groups. From my tratles group, I do have sub-groups.

Please e-mail to me at if you or any of your friends interested. I wiill start all these 'recruitments' for the coming JULY.

For those who have e-mailed me, I will get back to you as soon as I get all my things in order.

Happy Sunday ...


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