Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tratles' Gatherings

Last night, we gathered again ... guys-night-out. Haha

I do have a great time with those guys ... they are in our tratle's group. There is about 70 of us in the group now. If I have to tag all, then I certainly need to prepare for a larger place, and chit-chatting will not be easy. I might need a mic next time. haha

Anyway, there were 7 of us ... more 'elder' ones while all those young tratles have their own outings/plans. Subang Jaya(AC) is becoming our meeting place ... for sure, we will be having more gatherings!!

I will like to use these gathering to know each and everyone of them. We see each other in facebook, we chat and analyse some stocks together, we talk about fundamentals of stocks, sectors ... it is an uncle-kinda of kopi-tiam market chat. Yes, if the topic is about stock markets, I could sit there for hours ... till midnight, sharing about markets!!

Last night, I will want to find out how each and every one of us plunged into markets. Some really have 10-20-30 years in markets!! Wow ... my 4-years experiences in market really 'short' ... and there are many things I do not know about previous years of trading markets. There are counters de-listed or re-named. The 1998-crisis ... where many many lost lots of money, capitals ... and themselves. Seriously, 2008-crisis I experienced could not be seen as 'huge' enough ... shall we wait for another larger crisis, such as collapse of EURO or USD .... and seeing KLCI going below 1,000 again? That will be interesting ...

One thing I do gathered ... is that there is NO PLATFORM for newbies ... NO GUIDANCE much for novices .... moving into markets as investors or traders. I will want to work into that direction : Providing a platform to HELP newbies/novices ... and guide them. I am just a single individual, so I can't do much ... but with a strong group I am 'collecting', we could support many youngsters ... newbies ... and novices.  SHARING and SUPPORTING is very important when we are in markets. And forming this tratle-group, I am glad that we could be helping each other, leveraging on each other expertise.

What do I need to do next? That is in my mind ... I need to PLAN ... and JUST DO IT.

I do welcome more newbies to my group, and see how we could share experiences. I will want to see how many I could reach out to ... and those out of Klang Valley, I will try to provide a learning platform through my e-learning(a lot of things to improve here).

Learning is a process ... through these gatherings, I hope we could get to know each other a little better, base on trust to help each other. It is also my hope to see ... many more youngsters learning from these veterans. NOTHING could replace experiences. Not those mugging of books ... not those articles you read online. Certainly not broker reports. Not those so-called stock-tips. It is all about LEARNING to increase our knowldge .. and through DOING IT(trading), we gain experiences. That is in-valuable.

Thanks for the drinks. You guys are great to me. Keep the unit together, ya.


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