Monday, June 25, 2012

Penang vs Malacca

Today I shall take a break from 'market' as I m having a short holiday break in Malacca with family. Malacca is a nice historical place.... this is my third trip since I came back to KL 2.5 years ago. There are three places I will always go during my college break(three times a year) --- Penang, Malacca and Kuantan. I am thinking of a retiring place.... personally, being born in Penang ... I like Penang the most, the food, the people ... the place(beaches). Kuantan used to be my second choice but due to Lynas, my wife wont like there anymore!! Malacca becoming our 2nd priority. The apartments here are still affordably cheaper. I am staying at Ujung Pasir here ... it is small town, and near to malacca-city too. Just a short drive, I could reach Mahkota Parade, a modern shopping mall(a need for my wife). So, Penang or Malacca? I will check out Trengganu ... it is a beautiful state.

Ipoh is out for me .... not JB too, please. Kuching is boring ... while Sabah is still and always the best state to retire(unless those state-gov continue to screw things dirty there).

While I have market-talk in Penang before, I do not have intention to give public market-talk to those in Malacca and Kuantan. These are 'smaller' area when lives are more relax ...

markets are not in mind ... will be asking around about the properties here in Ujung Pasir.

Happy Trading ... and it will be nice to forget about markets for awhile.


p/s : I wont be able to witness my 500,000 page-views 'live'.

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