Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How do I trade : GasMsia

Gas Malaysia : Currently(1pm now) trading at RM2.60 level. I placed a buy call yesterday in my stock-watch when I saw it moving above RM2.47. Use that level as support. I was free yesterday to catch her call-warrants. Some in my group bought a lower risk mommy at 2.46-2.47 levels. Many others followed my punting into GasM-cd.

GasM-cd : Bought at 0.10 level at first ... posted in my stock-watch, and little did I know that ... many queued lower than me at 0.095 and 0.09. Yes, my queues at 0.09 and 0.095 was done too, I was surprised. Today, I placed a SELL at 0.11 ... and many sold at 0.11 ... glad with the trade and more free lunches for me? It is still at 0.11 as I was writing ... I bought 60k units done(0.085 not done, otherwise I would have 100k units ... and ouch). So, I sold 30k units at 0.11. Err ... never be too greedy, 0.09 to 0.11 is like a stock moving from 90cents to 1.10 in one day, ok? It is a SELL first, take profits ... see how later.  Call-warrants trading is VERY risky ... fast and furious. These are how many lost money, hit hard when they get greedy ... buying hugely and thought they will be discipline to quit. Yeah right ...

Note : Mind you, I traded Bimb-cc successfully(12 wins vs 1 loss) from 0.125 level to 0.26 before i gave-up(it shot to 0.40 ... ouch). Will take 2nd trade on GasM-cd again ... perhaps change to GasM-ch.

GasM-ch : This was the alternative yesterday. I was explaining to my tratle(he is also in my stock-watch) why I chosen GasM-cd rather than GasM-ch. It is RANDOM ... just flip a coin, which one to gamble/punt? Haha ... well, not exactly, I explained to him to see volumes ... and then to see the 'small' priced. PUNTERS ... will come for cheaper 10cents rather than 17cents. Dont ask why ... they really thought penny stocks cheaper than blue-chips. Dont ask logic or knowledge, they have nothing much, especially those newbies. NO LOGIC punters around. Anyway, cd vs ch ... both is flying high today, with my cd attracting more punters .... sharks lurking and syndicates baiting more to come in. So, it is a SELL for me.

How do I start GasM-cd?

Ok ... I will share what donkey homeworks I have done for past TWO WEEKS before a so-called simple successful trades on GasM. Fundamentally, I will NOT hold to the over-priced IPO with KLCI at 1600 levels. It is LOGIC ... and simple applied knowledge, plus ... lots of experiences shared on how to trade.

All hardwork ... not just the click of buy-sell as some may think. Dont be naive. Those get-rich quick trading courses ..err ... yeah right.

Masih ada gas ke atau bocor dah?

We shall check ... later

lunch time, home-cooked. hehe

stock-watch : So, joining my RM30 stock-watch to get some alerts for trading? Plus educational sharing of knowledge la ... many telling me too cheap. Should I increase the fees? Haha ... ok, maintain RM30 first. Next year, those in my group maintain RM30, new-comers next year charge higher. Fair?

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helmi bin zainudin said...

bos,..ade terima email saya??..

Warrants Warrior said...

Why on earth would you invest in GASMSIA-CD?

It has an exercise price of RM3.15 and is currently trading at Rm0.105 at noon. To break-even, you will need Gas Malaysia to hit RM3.47 by maturity to even make money. Currently, Gas Malaysia is at RM2.56. Quite a long target to aim for isnt it?

if you calculate the premium correctly, GASMSIA-CD has a premium of close to 40%!!!!

I went into GASMSIA-CH myself, with a modest exercise price of RM2.20. Meaning to break-even, i would need Gas Msia to hit RM2.74. Just yesterday Gas Malaysia hit a high of RM2.61.

Yesterday, GasMsia-CH hit a high of RM0.20! :)

Warrants Warrior said...