Friday, June 29, 2012

Green energy ... no longer green?

First Solar : Trading at historical low level ... currently USD15, low around USD11.50. At the peak of green 'hype' it was trading at USD300. Believe it or not, those chasing and did not cut loss will never recover their capitals.

STP(China solar company : ADR) : Trading at USD1.90 now, low at USD1.50 recently. At the peak, it was at USD84 level. Ouch.

A123 I bought this one before at USD9.80, half the value of IPO ... and the average analysts 'target price' was at USD15. I have to cut-loss with 30% losses. Still checking her once a while ... the low at 82cents, shot up recently ... trading at USD1.40 now. ouch ouch ... catching her at USD1 a good choice?

CWP : I have traded her ... one of the first HKSE's babe ... bought around HKD0.25 .... shot all the way to HKD1, my best trade(was lucky, ok?) so far in HKSE. That was 2009 recovery period ... it was very fast!! Today it is below HKD30 again ... shall we check 2008 low at 0.15? We shall see ....

note : This is NOT a buy-call. It is just to show that one of the most depressed sector currently is 'green' energy .... could be windpower, solar-power, biomass, hydro-power, geothermal ...

Being a contrarian, will you consider a bet on this sector?


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