Thursday, June 28, 2012

Felda : The hottest news

Felda ... everyone is talking about her. Of coz, that is the hottest news and being in markets, I should be writing about her too, right? I did not ... I won't as I could not speak about FGV without talking about politics and coming elections. I could not talk about IN-efficiency in the way businesses being done etc etc ... pardon me, I want to start to bad-mouth those donkeys running the show, running our country ... and milking their rakyat, for few privileged ones. Plain stupid. Period.

So, since I m not going to write about the hottest news, anything else interesting to write about? You see, with 80% losers in markets ... and if you wonder WHY ... because they are the herds ... searching for latest news, latest punts ... running here and there, without knowledge or logic ... and then asking around. Check forums ... plenty of these traders/investors.

So so ... what am I going to write about besides promoting my coming trading classes(cohort-7), my stock-watch(in July) and my second batch of e-learning(starting July too). Hmm ... I still have few to reply. Be patient with me, many things going on.

So ... I have to think of what to write later after lunch, ok?

KLCI down 5 points ... FGV is a sell for me. Over-priced, inefficient company ... being used for political reasonings. Don't be a sucker.

GasM-cd : I sold mine at 0.11(30k units) and 0.115(30k units) done yesterday for a good profit. Today, down to 0.10 ... should I buy back? wait ...


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