Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tratles' Gatherings

Last night, we gathered again ... guys-night-out. Haha

I do have a great time with those guys ... they are in our tratle's group. There is about 70 of us in the group now. If I have to tag all, then I certainly need to prepare for a larger place, and chit-chatting will not be easy. I might need a mic next time. haha

Anyway, there were 7 of us ... more 'elder' ones while all those young tratles have their own outings/plans. Subang Jaya(AC) is becoming our meeting place ... for sure, we will be having more gatherings!!

I will like to use these gathering to know each and everyone of them. We see each other in facebook, we chat and analyse some stocks together, we talk about fundamentals of stocks, sectors ... it is an uncle-kinda of kopi-tiam market chat. Yes, if the topic is about stock markets, I could sit there for hours ... till midnight, sharing about markets!!

Last night, I will want to find out how each and every one of us plunged into markets. Some really have 10-20-30 years in markets!! Wow ... my 4-years experiences in market really 'short' ... and there are many things I do not know about previous years of trading markets. There are counters de-listed or re-named. The 1998-crisis ... where many many lost lots of money, capitals ... and themselves. Seriously, 2008-crisis I experienced could not be seen as 'huge' enough ... shall we wait for another larger crisis, such as collapse of EURO or USD .... and seeing KLCI going below 1,000 again? That will be interesting ...

One thing I do gathered ... is that there is NO PLATFORM for newbies ... NO GUIDANCE much for novices .... moving into markets as investors or traders. I will want to work into that direction : Providing a platform to HELP newbies/novices ... and guide them. I am just a single individual, so I can't do much ... but with a strong group I am 'collecting', we could support many youngsters ... newbies ... and novices.  SHARING and SUPPORTING is very important when we are in markets. And forming this tratle-group, I am glad that we could be helping each other, leveraging on each other expertise.

What do I need to do next? That is in my mind ... I need to PLAN ... and JUST DO IT.

I do welcome more newbies to my group, and see how we could share experiences. I will want to see how many I could reach out to ... and those out of Klang Valley, I will try to provide a learning platform through my e-learning(a lot of things to improve here).

Learning is a process ... through these gatherings, I hope we could get to know each other a little better, base on trust to help each other. It is also my hope to see ... many more youngsters learning from these veterans. NOTHING could replace experiences. Not those mugging of books ... not those articles you read online. Certainly not broker reports. Not those so-called stock-tips. It is all about LEARNING to increase our knowldge .. and through DOING IT(trading), we gain experiences. That is in-valuable.

Thanks for the drinks. You guys are great to me. Keep the unit together, ya.


Friday, June 29, 2012

GasM's call-warrants : cd vs ch

Comment by Warrant Warrior

Why on earth would you invest in GASMSIA-CD?

It has an exercise price of RM3.15 and is currently trading at Rm0.105 at noon. To break-even, you will need Gas Malaysia to hit RM3.47 by maturity to even make money. Currently, Gas Malaysia is at RM2.56. Quite a long target to aim for isnt it?

if you calculate the premium correctly, GASMSIA-CD has a premium of close to 40%!!!!

I went into GASMSIA-CH myself, with a modest exercise price of RM2.20. Meaning to break-even, i would need Gas Msia to hit RM2.74. Just yesterday Gas Malaysia hit a high of RM2.61.

Yesterday, GasMsia-CH hit a high of RM0.20! :)

Reply by TEH

Thanks for a comment. Yes, I thought of finding some time to write about my works done on GasM-CW. Then, I thought it would not be advisable as I might attract many punters!!

Now, the word INVEST was being used when I attended a call-warrant talk weeks ago by a person(from OCBC, organised by RHB). I wanted to correct the word INVEST. As for my INVEST is of longer term(above 3 years) with good fundamentals, recession-resilient and good dividends(above inflation rate).

So, when we buy something like BIMB or even Genting now, it is TRADE. While we want to 'time' the low, sell high ... it is not possible. We could only check the higher possibilities or putting out our trading plan with some indicators.

How about CWs? It is PUNT ... or in lay-man word, gamble. Placing a bet. That is my word for playing with the fire .... call-warrants.

Time frame : In my trading systems, time frame come first. If I am going to take a punt in CWs, I need to be FREE for 3 days. I do mean, not working ... running around and such. Because, I will sell the moment it shoot up(or down). I do not care about indicators, I dont bother much about many things ... it is a PUNT. Such as ... German vs Italy, if you give me half-ball, I will be on Italy. If you said level-level, of coz I will go for German. It is a GAMBLE ... but time frame is short. To me, 3 weeks holding is very long for CW. I wont. Same as football ... just 90 minutes, or extra-time 30minutes. Done with it. Win or lose, it is a gamble, anyway.

Volume : This is another very important to me ... i need to SELL, and if the volumes decreases, time to move out. But the huge surge of volumes, many punters ... getting greedier are moving in. Volumes created by syndicates, the sharks ... to lure many punters. So, I chose cd as the volumes is higher.

Price : For a 10cent-CW ... it is easier to PUSH(to trap) up ... rather than 0.17cents-CW. So, Checking that I will go one or two days punt on her, I chosen cd. In fact, I went 'live' with some in my group!!

Premium : Yes, normally I do check premiums (and gearing too) for so-called safer trades. I will not HOLD till expire ... that is for sure. So, I do agree that ch is 'better' than cd.

Indicators : No indicators being used. I do not use indicators to punt CWs. I will laugh and wondered how some could use those RSI/ADX or MACD to trade CWs? Serious? Candle-sticks and volumes reading are very important(sort of VSA concepts). Knowledge and experiences are essential elements for trading CW, in order not to get badly burnt.

Now, I bought at 0.10 first ... queued 0.095 and 0.09 too ... done. I do not expect 0.09 to be done, honestly. My 0.085 is my last queue. Why 0.085? Based on the lowest price!! When I bought cd, ch WAS moving first ... it was early in the morning. GasM was breaking 2.47 with momentum seen. So, I posted in my stock watch for those NOT risk taker to buy at 2.47 levels. But, I did mention I grabbed cd at 0.10. Many queued 0.095/0.09. All done. Talking about punting, there are MANY more taking cd rather than mommy. Only 3(of I knew of) taken 2.46-2.47 on mommy.

So, good question .... why cd? Of all other CWs, no volumes/trades registered then ... ch was active, cd was lagging, I saw it went from 0.09 to 0.095 .. then 0.10. So, I placed 10k for 0.10. That is only RM1k done. Yup, you could guess now how I came out with 100k units basing on 0.10, right? Yes, I did my plan ... in my head. It was fast ... could not explain about position sizing in my group. Could not have time to explain premium and such. You know what I mean?

so, 10k units at 0.10, 20k units at 0.095, 30k units at 0.090 and last(not done) 40k units at 0.085.

So, in hands ... I have 60k units as I have written earlier(I told my tratles 'live' la). But I did not tell them details, DO NOT want to encourage punting or these gambling habit is NOT good.

The high was at 0.11 ... so, the next day, I posted to all that I am selling at 0.11 ... many queued at 0.11, some was late but 0.11 done all anyway. Now, the risk was VERY high for others to follow ... it is NEAR impossible to me. I was reminded that a person lost punting into UOA-cb with me when I cut-loss but weeks later, he ask me what to do with UOA-cb ... downed by 30-40%? Ouch ... he left my stock-watch after that!! See? Many do not understand risk-management. They always think of quick profits! That is RISK.

Where am I? Yes ... why cd? cd could give me better percentage gain, right?

So, I told them(my group) I sold half(30k units) at 0.11 and keeping 30k units at 0.115. When I posted my GasM ... cd was at 0.11 with huge selling queue at 0.11. My 0.115 done after lunch!! If not done, I will SELL before market closing, anyway!!

What if ... it shoot up to 0.12 or higher? Just say "thanks" for the profit and 'bye bye'.

Let us discuss about premium : One of our senior "KPH" tratle was questioning the logic. With ratio of 3, from 0.09 to 0.11, that is 2 cents, right? HOw much mommy needs to move up for that 2cents of cd? Premium was at 40+%, I do know that.

Yes, 0.09 to 0.11 is a 22% profits in one day!! Some done that ... some grabbed at 0.095 and sold 0.11, some sold 0.105 ... i dont control their trades. My stock-watch is meant to write what I am trading, buy-sell .... holding, averaging down ... why I like certain stock. I do add 'educational' pointers for those interested to learn!! Worth your RM30 per month, right? (pstt ... promoting .... last call? haha ...THINK risk, not profit!!)

GasM-ch : High at 0.20, when I check on her, it was at 0.170. Assuming that I managed to sell at peak 0.20.

10.35 am : GasM lowering to 2.55 now, cd at 0.10 and ch at 0.18. Which one will be a better bet for next punt? I wont move in next week if I could not be free. I will not be free next week(JULY) onwards with so many things starting ... cd or ch low volumes ... many bought at 0.11 and 0.115, when it was a sell to me. GasM-cd went to became the most actively traded counter in KLSE. Today ... slowly those late comers, contra players will have to sell, profit or loss.

Thanks again for the comment. I could write in greater details but I do not want to encourage many to punt into call-warrants. Please DO NOT trade CWs if you do not wish to lose money.

Note : Seriously, it is not just few clicks of the mouse. I told my group that there will be 9 CWs attached to it, and was doing homework before they were listed. Also, I never know if I will trade any of them, if they are tradble etc etc .... we do work first, see IF we would be rewarded. If not, it is OK ... we do the next homework, for learning purposes. I am always in learning ...please share and I will be open to listen.



Green energy ... no longer green?

First Solar : Trading at historical low level ... currently USD15, low around USD11.50. At the peak of green 'hype' it was trading at USD300. Believe it or not, those chasing and did not cut loss will never recover their capitals.

STP(China solar company : ADR) : Trading at USD1.90 now, low at USD1.50 recently. At the peak, it was at USD84 level. Ouch.

A123 I bought this one before at USD9.80, half the value of IPO ... and the average analysts 'target price' was at USD15. I have to cut-loss with 30% losses. Still checking her once a while ... the low at 82cents, shot up recently ... trading at USD1.40 now. ouch ouch ... catching her at USD1 a good choice?

CWP : I have traded her ... one of the first HKSE's babe ... bought around HKD0.25 .... shot all the way to HKD1, my best trade(was lucky, ok?) so far in HKSE. That was 2009 recovery period ... it was very fast!! Today it is below HKD30 again ... shall we check 2008 low at 0.15? We shall see ....

note : This is NOT a buy-call. It is just to show that one of the most depressed sector currently is 'green' energy .... could be windpower, solar-power, biomass, hydro-power, geothermal ...

Being a contrarian, will you consider a bet on this sector?


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Felda : The hottest news

Felda ... everyone is talking about her. Of coz, that is the hottest news and being in markets, I should be writing about her too, right? I did not ... I won't as I could not speak about FGV without talking about politics and coming elections. I could not talk about IN-efficiency in the way businesses being done etc etc ... pardon me, I want to start to bad-mouth those donkeys running the show, running our country ... and milking their rakyat, for few privileged ones. Plain stupid. Period.

So, since I m not going to write about the hottest news, anything else interesting to write about? You see, with 80% losers in markets ... and if you wonder WHY ... because they are the herds ... searching for latest news, latest punts ... running here and there, without knowledge or logic ... and then asking around. Check forums ... plenty of these traders/investors.

So so ... what am I going to write about besides promoting my coming trading classes(cohort-7), my stock-watch(in July) and my second batch of e-learning(starting July too). Hmm ... I still have few to reply. Be patient with me, many things going on.

So ... I have to think of what to write later after lunch, ok?

KLCI down 5 points ... FGV is a sell for me. Over-priced, inefficient company ... being used for political reasonings. Don't be a sucker.

GasM-cd : I sold mine at 0.11(30k units) and 0.115(30k units) done yesterday for a good profit. Today, down to 0.10 ... should I buy back? wait ...


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How do I trade : GasMsia

Gas Malaysia : Currently(1pm now) trading at RM2.60 level. I placed a buy call yesterday in my stock-watch when I saw it moving above RM2.47. Use that level as support. I was free yesterday to catch her call-warrants. Some in my group bought a lower risk mommy at 2.46-2.47 levels. Many others followed my punting into GasM-cd.

GasM-cd : Bought at 0.10 level at first ... posted in my stock-watch, and little did I know that ... many queued lower than me at 0.095 and 0.09. Yes, my queues at 0.09 and 0.095 was done too, I was surprised. Today, I placed a SELL at 0.11 ... and many sold at 0.11 ... glad with the trade and more free lunches for me? It is still at 0.11 as I was writing ... I bought 60k units done(0.085 not done, otherwise I would have 100k units ... and ouch). So, I sold 30k units at 0.11. Err ... never be too greedy, 0.09 to 0.11 is like a stock moving from 90cents to 1.10 in one day, ok? It is a SELL first, take profits ... see how later.  Call-warrants trading is VERY risky ... fast and furious. These are how many lost money, hit hard when they get greedy ... buying hugely and thought they will be discipline to quit. Yeah right ...

Note : Mind you, I traded Bimb-cc successfully(12 wins vs 1 loss) from 0.125 level to 0.26 before i gave-up(it shot to 0.40 ... ouch). Will take 2nd trade on GasM-cd again ... perhaps change to GasM-ch.

GasM-ch : This was the alternative yesterday. I was explaining to my tratle(he is also in my stock-watch) why I chosen GasM-cd rather than GasM-ch. It is RANDOM ... just flip a coin, which one to gamble/punt? Haha ... well, not exactly, I explained to him to see volumes ... and then to see the 'small' priced. PUNTERS ... will come for cheaper 10cents rather than 17cents. Dont ask why ... they really thought penny stocks cheaper than blue-chips. Dont ask logic or knowledge, they have nothing much, especially those newbies. NO LOGIC punters around. Anyway, cd vs ch ... both is flying high today, with my cd attracting more punters .... sharks lurking and syndicates baiting more to come in. So, it is a SELL for me.

How do I start GasM-cd?

Ok ... I will share what donkey homeworks I have done for past TWO WEEKS before a so-called simple successful trades on GasM. Fundamentally, I will NOT hold to the over-priced IPO with KLCI at 1600 levels. It is LOGIC ... and simple applied knowledge, plus ... lots of experiences shared on how to trade.

All hardwork ... not just the click of buy-sell as some may think. Dont be naive. Those get-rich quick trading courses ..err ... yeah right.

Masih ada gas ke atau bocor dah?

We shall check ... later

lunch time, home-cooked. hehe

stock-watch : So, joining my RM30 stock-watch to get some alerts for trading? Plus educational sharing of knowledge la ... many telling me too cheap. Should I increase the fees? Haha ... ok, maintain RM30 first. Next year, those in my group maintain RM30, new-comers next year charge higher. Fair?

contact me if you are joining me in July.  e-mail to


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Financial Freedom

What is 'financially free' meant for you? As it is defined differently for different people and their needes ... generally we are talking about FREEDOM ... financially means, we can afford to have things that we need and not to worry much about the amount of 'money' spent.

It could means ... we do not need a full-time job, if we do not want to work. It could means ... we are FREE ... to go anywhere or buying anything(within normal simple human needs) ... and could stay afloat, financially.

What is it meant to me, a simple ah-pek without much material-needs?

First, I do not need to have a full-time teaching job. I have been teaching for past 22 years ... loving it but it is lowly paid. SERIOUS ... with below RM60k per year, I am in a averagely LOW income bracket. My youngest brother is earning 40% more than me now!! The low income would not give me much to save ... in fact, my current family expenses is higher than my full-time salary. You need to check that these lecturers are of low-average income people who could not afford anything much. Well, unless their parents are 'rich' ... that is another story la.

So, I will not need to work under tremendous stress of teaching and loads of paperworks ... if I am financially 'free'. If I am to rely only on my salary, I am broke and living in credits now(will you please donate RM5 per month ... I promised to write interesting posts, ok?) ... salary itself is NOT enough in my case. I have houses, a car ... two on-goings kinder kids. I can say that my kids like good restaurants! Ouch.

Secondly, I will have TIME ... free time to do what I like to do. What will I do if I m not working? Being a simple person, I just wish to sit in a library ... for few hours doing some readings(of my interests). I will surf the net ... to check on some relevent news(who married Lau Tak Wah or who killed the Mongolian lady is not of my concerns).

TIME is money for me at the moment ... besides my full-time job, 8am to 4pm, I do have to complement my low-income with tuition classes. Based on my rate(RM120 pr hour), I need 10 hours of classes per week to earn my 'salary'. So, that would be around RM100k per year now. Thank God for providing me streams of students ... looking for me for tuition. I do still need few more classes, and if I need to teach during weekends and nights, I will ... exchange my TIME = MONEY. Yes, it is a good income .... but I still need to be there ... to teach. No tuition, no classes ... no income.

With the E-quadrant and S-quadrant filling most of my waking time, I have little time left ... I do not have entertainment in my lives(since 7 years ago after reading RDPD and understanding delay gratification concepts of persoanl finances) ... the only joy I could have is few short moments playing with my kids!!

Anyway, to make TIME ... I have to wake up when many still sleeping ... and sleep late at nights. TIME ... to read, to reflect, to plan ... to think ... to imagine ... time to analyse ... and I did not rest much, did I? Hmm ...

Moving into B-quadrant ... that was tough and faced failures so far. But, I know I will move away from E to B ... once given the chance. With my tratles group growing, I may want to find some partners there ... those willing to work togther, having similar goals ... of acheiving our business-goals. NOTHING is without RISK ... failing is just a norm. Take it. And do check these pages to see if I m moving to B-quadrant ... perhaps those skeptical and cynical readers may want to see me 'fail'? Dont worry, even if I failed my ventures OR fail to even start ... I will still write it here(for my records and viewings) ... and reflect and pull myself UP again. Winners do not quit, right?

I am in the I-quadrant ... have struggled to understand financial instruments ... trading and investing in equity-markets. I have learnt to take advantage of the 'mis-pricing', fundamentally and technically. I am sharing it with many ... and as I am having my own trading-group now, the money I earned will still directly moving into I-quadrant. Yes, do not use those 'extra' money you have earned or profitted ... let it grow and compound. If one could get a 10-20% profits per year ... that is GOOD and that is how we grow our accounts ... slow and consistent. I am teaching my tratles that ... we want to learn fundamentals ... we want to learn to trade ... we want to take profits and with increasing knowledge and experiences, our trades will be more consistently profittable. Be patient ... it will grow(at least I hv grown my well).

So ... what is financially free for me? To be able to have my own free time to do simple things I like, not needing to answer to my immediate bosses, struggling with paper-works ... and tied to a place!!

Am I going to acheive my simple goal? How much of MONEY do I need in my a/c for me to consider as financially free? RM1 million? Hmm ... to me, it is NOT the amount. As I do not spend much(and I dont see myself change my frugal life-style) ... the amount is just a number. But it needs to be significant amount to cover my kids schooling expenses, to cover health expenses, daily expenses ... and some extras for charity.

I do have my very own defination of 'financiall free' ... and being simple and humble is good. It is easier to achieve and more realistic. Honestly, I do see my chances of financially free ... a reality in 5 years to come. I am 45 ... by 50, I do hope I wont need a full-time job, I will teach Maths or Trading for passing of my time(and teaching is my passion ... hopefully, I could reach out to help more newbies in markets ... and my whole group will continue to help others!!) ... and I will like to take lives SLOW ... retiring in Sabah and Penang/Malacca. These are all in my plans now ...

I will write a book ... I hope the proceeds will go to some charity or perhaps, I could start a 'foundation' ... in helping many traders/investors who are losing money and needs education. Seriously, MANY do need education to be in markets. I hope to provide that platform, one day ... with the help of my tratles.

Note : Since 1st Jan 2011, my counters hit 500, 000 yesterday. Thanks for being such a nice audience. I am still motivated to blog ... and write what in mind or what I am doing(minus chart analysis which only shared with my groups).


For reading purposes : Taken from

Quadrant 1 – EMPLOYEES. I do think that most of us belongs here. We have a job. We have to work hard, follow instructions from our bosses and superiors and get paid. We don’t own our time. These are people who love security or tenure. They will work hard to climb up the corporate ladder. The higher they climbed the ladder, the higher they pay is. Sad to say, the higher their pay is, the higher also their taxes. And it’s not them getting rich, it’s their bosses, it’s their company. Time will come, they will get tired. Their body will collapse because of age. And when they stopped working, they will also stop receiving income.

Quadrant 2 – SELF EMPLOYED – They work for themselves. The difference with the employees is that self-employed own their time since they don’t have superiors. They can decide for themselves. These are people who loves to be independent. They don’t want to work for others, instead they want to work for themselves. These are doctors, lawyers, and small business owners. But still, they are an employee of themselves. And if they stopped working, they will also stop receiving income.

Quadrant 3 – BIG BUSINESS OWNERS – They love delegating tasks. They concentrate their efforts more on activities which produces most profits. They hire people who are more intelligent than them to do the work for them. They have built a solid system and they own it. They have built their resources to make this possible. And so they can leave for vacation and can leave work for some time but still earns money because there were people working for them. Examples of this are the taipans and tycoons and some franchisers who have built a solid business.

Quadrant 4 – INVESTORS – These are people who have built their assets and are not working for money anymore. Instead, the assets they have accumulated works for them providing them constant income even if they don’t work. These are people who are called “living on interests”. They are living thru the interests of their assets and investments. Money works for them. They have invested their money to have more money. They can differentiate which one is an asset and which one is a liability. Examples of these are investors in the stock market, real estate, etc.

Did you see the difference? The only way to escape from the rat race is by travelling from active income to passive income, from employee or self-employed to becoming a big business owner or investor. And this is the challenge that Robert Kiyosaki left to us readers.

As a final note, I’m leaving this quote from Mr. Kiyosaki.

“The rich buy assets. The poor only have expenses. The middle class buys liabilities they think are assets. The poor and the middle class work for money. The rich have money work for them.”


Wish me luck on my journey to be 'financially free'. Do you think I could achieve that?!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Penang vs Malacca

Today I shall take a break from 'market' as I m having a short holiday break in Malacca with family. Malacca is a nice historical place.... this is my third trip since I came back to KL 2.5 years ago. There are three places I will always go during my college break(three times a year) --- Penang, Malacca and Kuantan. I am thinking of a retiring place.... personally, being born in Penang ... I like Penang the most, the food, the people ... the place(beaches). Kuantan used to be my second choice but due to Lynas, my wife wont like there anymore!! Malacca becoming our 2nd priority. The apartments here are still affordably cheaper. I am staying at Ujung Pasir here ... it is small town, and near to malacca-city too. Just a short drive, I could reach Mahkota Parade, a modern shopping mall(a need for my wife). So, Penang or Malacca? I will check out Trengganu ... it is a beautiful state.

Ipoh is out for me .... not JB too, please. Kuching is boring ... while Sabah is still and always the best state to retire(unless those state-gov continue to screw things dirty there).

While I have market-talk in Penang before, I do not have intention to give public market-talk to those in Malacca and Kuantan. These are 'smaller' area when lives are more relax ...

markets are not in mind ... will be asking around about the properties here in Ujung Pasir.

Happy Trading ... and it will be nice to forget about markets for awhile.


p/s : I wont be able to witness my 500,000 page-views 'live'.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Welcome to my groups

There are few enquiries to join my groups eversince I 'advertised' here in my blog. I will try to reply all e-mail as soon ... sorry for some delays. Thanks

Some was asking the different groups I am having :

tratles : This is a group of traders/investors attending my trading class personally. I am having my cohort-6 currently and will be having my cohort-7 next month once I could arrange the time. Currently I do have 7 added in my tratles group but I will only start once I gathered 10-12 of them. Priority will be given to my existing friends. By next year, it will no longer be this 'cheap'. JL, my tratles(of cohort-4) said my trading course worth RM2k, but I m only charging RM400 at the moment. Haha

e-tratles : This is to reach out those not staying in Klang Valley and could not attend my classes but hope to be in touch with me to learn some BASIC technical-charting from me through blog and facebook(writings, readings, through clips ... and interactions online). The duration is July to Dec.

stock-watch : This is just RM30 per month to check what I buy-sell(trade). I do answer some basic technical analysis questions for learning purpose. Trade at your own risk.

So, basically ... I have three main groups. From my tratles group, I do have sub-groups.

Please e-mail to me at if you or any of your friends interested. I wiill start all these 'recruitments' for the coming JULY.

For those who have e-mailed me, I will get back to you as soon as I get all my things in order.

Happy Sunday ...


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Review of "Trading without indicators" talk

I attended a FREE trading talk at Hotel Armada(must buy Armada next week la. haha) and I was late due to heavy traffic(Federal Highway la tu) ... and the lady called my handphone while I was on my way, saying they are expecting me. Wow ... good service, indeed.

No dinner provided ... they were showing a clip of "Pursuit of Happyness"(Will Smith) ... how the movie motivated him to be a full-time trader ... I was hungry and walked out to nearest mamak for my mee-goreng and teh-tarik.

Anyway, I know I m going to expect a 'hard time' if I m to use my logical brain. Wait a minute ... I tried to switch off my logical brain and trying to be open-minded, ok?

The crowd is 'small' ... may be there will be better crowd tmr(another tmr noon) ... about 13 of us. Two ladies walked out after a while!! Let all guys ... many 'older' uncles ... motivated by GET RICH QUICK mentality, I guess. Err ... ok ok ... I am supposed to be open-minded. NONE of my tratles joined me ... so, it is kinda 'alone' again ... I used to attend these talk alone till I got my own group, some will join me!! Tonight ... I want to attend this sure-win trading system, no one want to win!! haha.


These powerpoint slides flashing to us ... yeah ... I could have NO RISK trading!!

The strategies he will be coaching :

1. Daily pip
2. Breakout Explosive Trades
3. Reversal, price never comes back
4. No brainer --- profit in 1 hour
5. The daily breakout
Then, he shown his track records : VERY IMPRESSIVE.

In 2009, USD100k turned into USD1.7million
In 2010, USD10k turned into USD79k
In 2010, 1k pound turned into 16k pounds

I did not get the time frame ... I think he said few months or was it a year? Anyway, impressive enough!!

ONLY FOR TONIGHT : Free ... free ... free ... free statistics data, training, guarantee etc etc ...

The course is tagged at RM12k ... don't worry, if you sign up tonight, it is only RM4,999 ....

Too expensive? Get a partner ... it is RM4,499 ... or three toegther, it is only RM3,999.


I walked out ... as forex trading is not for me yet. I am TOO newbie for trading forex, besides ... forex is not legal in Malaysia. They are from Singapore.

Then ... I came back to search internet. He asked us to check google ... as his methods of trading is 'invented' by him and you would not find it in google. Check I did.

Attended their preview couple weeks ago,

1. The MIG report which he showed from $100k to a million + is a demo account.
2. He explained to the audiences that 1 pip = US$10 on the normal standard lot (which is correct), however, one participant asked, what's the capital I should invest? Ryan said US$1,000 ... as many newbie in the rooms, nobody asked WTF with US$1k you trade 1 standard lot ? suicide?
3. He said Top traders are only risk their trade max. 5% of their capital; then why giving the impression that with $1k we can trade 1 standard lot .
4. All his students trade reports show fantastic results, but you should notice the lot size that they trade.
5. During the preview, he said by using his "Instant Reversal" strategy, we can easily get 20 pips everyday x 20 working days = $4,000/month (no one realizes that the assumption is provided his strategy consistently giving 100% accuracy).
6. In short, his basic s@fe course is a full day course, it costs S$599; he teaches you "Instant Reversal" and "Breakout Pips" with Money Back Guarantee.
7. His 'buddy', James, is using pressure tactic; if you sign up today, the course will be $499 (must sign up in a pair), reduce further if we sign up 3-pax at once, the course will be $299/ea
8. In my opinion, the BIGGEST draw-down of this preview is that we have to sign up with FXPrimus as their recommended broker, seems the broker is (said) subsidizing our course fee. So we have to fund min US$1,000 with FXPrimus before we can begin our course.
So this is obvious that they are not just a forex school but also earning IB from their students. Worse still, mislead people to trade 1 lot with capital just $1k.

After all the above, I have my reservation to sign up with them.


The above taken from a forex-forum of Singapore.

I have no comment ... I just know that I am still a logical person, working from 8am to 5pm. I do still have tuition classe tmr, a trading class tmr and a discussion on FKLI tmr night!! And it is 12.45am ... I am still working!!

My policy : Anything too good to be true, be cautious. There is no such thing as easy-money or get-rich-quick.

So ... my common sense prevail. But, it is a good talk, indeed. Thanks.

This is not my first get-rich-quick talk ... I have attended option-trading, another forex-trading and few more preview of trading before. It will not be my last, either.

Wonder why I will travel, spend my hours there listening? Because I do learn from the way they talk. They are good and convincing!!

I am not ... I can't speak well in public. I do not wear tie, coat ... tmr, in my trading class ... I will be wearing my usual "Don't follow me" roundneck t-shirt, a simple ah pek pants and a slipper(RM15, bought at Mydin). Perhaps ...I do need to boost up my image. Haha ... I still ride my kap-cai ... if you see a trainer riding kap-cai and you attend his very cheap trading class, please do not expect anything much. Or better still ... do not expect he could trade well. If he is trading well and rich now, he won't be still teaching full-time, riding kap-cai to college ... and renting a small cramped place for his trading classes/meeting, right? Not even notes ... given!!

I am not pouring cold-water on my own trading course. I am just being realistic and honest. That is ME. I do not claim sure-win or even tell you how many % I gained ... in fact, I shared my mistakes and my wrong trades openly!! I see that as realistic!! Or am I pure stupid?

If we use our emotions ... our views will be clouded. We see MONEY ... and GREED. I am dealing with trading ... in everyday basis(even if I do not trade, I still watch when I m free, ok?) ... and I do see many IGNORANT newbies REALLY thinking that they will find THE WAY to get rich-quick. Buy Harvest (dropped back from RM2 to ... err ... berapa harga si-harvest tu sekarang?) ... buy Karambunai and KARAM with her ...,buy RC's related counters ... punt into call-warrants ... shoot ... chase those flying stocks etc etc ... it is get-rich, babe.

It is almost 1am ... guess I am becoming a cynic again. Better rest ... and dream of get-rich!! In reality, I have tonnes of work to be done!!


Get the joke? Ask anyone with some basic in Maths. hehe



p/s : German vs Greece ... who will win?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Promotional Ads

Back in office ... anticipating a dive from market ... unless some of some blue-chips dive ... nothing much to buy.

Today is not a 'normal' day ... I need to be in office to finish my marking as I will be going to Malacca for a short break next week. So, I do need to complete some of my office works.

Today ... I will have lunch with few of my tratles at Brickfields. Yes, free lunch for me. Will have a nice time with few of them, becoming my regular makan-kaki now. haha

Today ... I will attend a sure-win trading system talk and I advertised it in my pages too. It seems that either no one is free to join me tonight or they simply too logical to believe there is a sure-win trading system!! So, guess I will be 'alone' tonight?

Cohort-6 : Tmr I will have my module-3 for my latest batch.

Cohort-7 : Added another person last night into my tratles' group. So, total of 6 for my next cohort(next month?) with another few in my e-mail list. I will reply tonight. Thanks.

e-learning : I do have few enquiries, for my new July batch... I will reply that tonight too. Thanks.

stock-watch : Yes, I do have a group under stock-watch group which I will place what stocks I buy-sell. Recently, I do add some 'educational' values ... hehe.

So, those who which to join any of my groups, do contact me ( ).

Am I promoting myself well now? Tratles? haha ...

Ok ok ... those who wish to 'promote' me, do place comments HERE. My tratles ... if you are reading this, can put a comment too but please BE SINCERE. See if I could get few more in .. then, my promotional period close. I am simply not a marketing person la.

Have a nice diving day ...


Venturing into FKLI

Moody's cuts credit ratings on 15 major banks

Associated Press

June 21, 2012, 3:01 p.m.

Moody's Investors Service has lowered the ratings of some of the world's largest banks, including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs.

The ratings agency said late Thursday that the banks were downgraded because their long-term prospects for profitability and growth are shrinking.

The ratings agency said it was especially concerned about banks with significant capital market activities during a time of increased volatility in markets.

A downgrade usually means that it becomes more costly for banks to raise money by selling debt. Investors demand higher interest for riskier debt, which is what the downgrades represent.

Moody's had said in February that it was considering downgrading the credit ratings of major banks


Today, we shall see red-blood .... the battlefield of running ... hiding from BEAR ... slaughtering of those in markets, buying at the peak of KLCI at 1600. Today ... those who short the FKLI will be smiling.

I will be taking a serious step venturing into FKLI and FCPO. Yes, to begin with ... I will start with two of my tratles, AW and JL. Since they are serious to learn too, so we decided to learn together. Putting some amount for learning purposes to see if we could survive till end of the year.

Being a trader, I will want to see myself slowly moving into different financial instruments, and to see if it is 'suitable' to my likings.

We will create a blog for that ... to jot down our readings and our trades. Then, linking to those FKLI's bloggers ... and learn from them. It is a new world and I do not expect it to be easy.

p/s : GT ... finally, after 4.5 years .... here I come. Haha

You see, when market is peaking ... it is only logical to go opposite direction. I have sold many of my stocks, but in FKLI .... we could go long or short. Shorting is allowed there. It just means, if we think the KLCI will go lower from here ... we go 'short'(sell first, buy later ... the opposite of our usual 'long').

Once we are ok/good with FKLI(by next year?), we will share it with our group!! Yeah ... I will share my knowledge with my groups.

Today ... will be bearish. I won't be buying anything much eventho it might dive(who knows, with Malaysia-boleh spirit ... KLCI might even in green .. KLCI is the index around, ok?).

Wish you 'luck' if you are still in markets ... wish me luck in my venture.

FKLI ... here I come


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stock Watch(HKSE) : CNOOC, ZhaoJin and Qinfa

ZhaoJin : I have written about her when I sold at HKD11. Today it closed at HKD10.32, and at the moment(11pm), GLD at USD153 level, down almost 2%.

CNOOC : Sold today at HKD15.02, a day or two too late as it was at HKD15.55(touched HKD15.80). The technical chart asking me to SELL and take profit. My cost was at HKD13.90, so only about HKD2k profits ... for a month trade. When I bought, it was trading with RSI 30 ... oversold. Today, RSI is down ... bearish crossover in stochastic. Bye, CNOOC.

Qinfa : Shot up yesterday ... touched 1.21, dropped to 1.11 today. Ouch. Hold.

Many still in my radar ... keeping aside first ... what is next?


Closing of A&W outlets

Yeah ... many A&W outlets closing ... the known 'bear' no longer smiling.It is a bull-market now ... BEAR is not welcomed!! Hmm ...  I do like the rootbear float.


KUB Malaysia Bhd will close 34 A&W outlets -- 24 in Malaysia and 10 in Thailand -- this year, to reposition its business and operations to achieve sustainable growth, said Group Managing
Director Datuk Wan Mohd Nor Wan Ahmad.

The repositioning will be led by a comprehensive plan in its agro, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and property, engineering and construction (PEC) businesses.

"We will retain only outlets that have heavy traffic based on the increase in sales, and we are looking at ways to increase customers' satisfaction," he told reporters after the company's annual general meeting here today.

The comprehensive plan has been approved by the board and the restructuring will address issues such as strengthening core competencies, enhancing business fundamentals, nurturing in-house talent and strengthening capital position, he added.

KUB incurred a net loss of RM58.8 million for the year ended Dec 31, 2011 on a revenue of RM708.5 million.

According to Wan Mohd Nor, the losses were mainly attributed to the group's food operations, spearheaded by its subsidiaries A&W (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and A&W Restaurants (Thailand) Ltd Co.

A&W in Malaysia and Thailand faced major setbacks in the 2011 fiscal year where it recorded losses totalling RM44.5 million, of which 50 per cent was caused by impairment losses.

Bye-bye ... BEAR ... welcome BULL ...

Trading without indicators

This is the advertisement I saw today(The Star, page 42) and asked if any of the tratles ... if they are interested. Well ... the response from them is POOR. Guess my group consist of logical traders who believe in charts and indicators?

How about these pointers?

"Simple and easy techniques to make money EVERYDAY".

I highlighted and bolded the EVERYDAY as that is how the advertisment is, ok?

"You will be coached till you start making profits!!"

That sounds better ... at least, someone will guide me till I got my profits ... everyday and I DO NOT need to work anymore!! Yippee ... imagine ... no need to clock-in, clock-out (eventho I love my teaching job, I could still teach for FREE ... afterall, I m profitting everyday ... and could start my own fund-managing, right?)

I am excited ... as I will be learning to trade a very different way ... without indicators!! That was how I trade in my first two years, ok? The result was disasterous ... perhaps I have not dicover the secret methods, ok? So, I will go for the talk ... it is FREE anyway.

Time : 7pm to 10pm
Venue : Hotel Armada

Additions : International Trader and Coach, Proven track record, Profitable students around Asia.


ST : Low risk, highly effective

FY :This is the proper way to trade. I will recommend all my friends to come

JK : Mind blowing. Simple, easy to execute

WYK : Unbelievable!! I made 100% profits in just over 3 weeks!!

PT : I made $10, 000 in 3 months

BW : I am now trading  knowing EXACT entry & exit. Amazing!!

1-on-1 coaching

TEH : I could not have 1-on-1 coaching for my tratles because I am the only one 'coaching'. I have 70 now, not possible to be coaching 1-on-1 ... unless I employ 70 trainers? Not feasible too.

Interactive group discussions

TEH : Yes, at least we do have a facebook page ... discussions and 'live' chat session on. Analysis of charts, sharing by some good experienced traders/investors.

know exactly where to enter and exit

TEH : So far, I do NOT know how exactly where to enter or exit. I just plan my trades ... and see it could give me some profits. The keyword is "exactly" ... really need to learn that. Great!!

start trading the very next day

TEH : I have many newbies in my group and I was very discouraging. I asked them to learn first ... watch and then backtest the trading setup, place trading plan and such. Then, I told them that 80% losing money, do not add to the stats(not my group, please) and it takes 3 years to know about markets!! Ouch ... I m certainly way too lagging behind them!! MUST LEARN.

becoming financially free within 5 years

TEH : That is my plan too ... 5 years as newbies ... 5 years as novices, teaching newbies. Then, after 10 years, I could retire from my full-time teaching job ... with comfortable yet simple living. I want to spend more time with my family, my tratles(my friends now!!) and yes ... free financially. No debts but streams of incomes!! Yeah!! Shorten my path, please. I am moving way too slow!!

So, I am going ... anyone interested to profit from trading everyday SHOULD go for the talk. It is free, anyway!! But ... we shall see how much is the trading course la, if sure win system ... I think we should alert our trader-friends too.

See you there, if you are going!!


p/s : My trading course might be cheap ... but it is tough(school of hard knock) and NO 100% sure system. It is going through the pace of markets ... do homeworks and even that only slight edge.

Time to take profits?

BIMB : One hot stock ... shooting star formed yesterday, that is early signal to SELL. RSI nearing 90, and I highlighted the point I sold my BIMB-cc ... at 0.260 ... it shot all the way to 0.46+. OUCH ... sold too early but I traded successfully BIMB-cc for 12 times(from 0.125 level) and cut-loss once. Yeah ... my whole stock-watch group and tratles following my trades on her, till I stopped at 0.26!! The joke was ... imagine that I place RM200k to buy her at 0.13, sold her yesterday ... that is 300+%. Then, I could stop for whole year from trading .... enjoying my profits. Haha ... yeah, right. Be real, please. Anyway, I am still very glad with my BIMB-cc profits tho I could profit much more. NEVER get too greedy ... my system shut-down when a stock with RSI above 70.

Note : Shooting star is a candle stick showing to us time to take profits.

TopGlove : This is another SELL to me ... at RM5.25 level. I do not buy TopGlove(as I traded Supermax, instead). A person in my stock-watch(my e-tratle too) bought at RM4.50 and was asking me when she should be selling ... and I shared with her what to see and where we should sell. Yeah ... she appreciated my efforts of guiding her, so I will 'interview' her ... for my testimonials. Hehe

Gamuda-wd :  I was collecting at 0.97-0.99 levels, bought 20k units of it and sold all at RM1.10(sold half earlier). It closed higher at 1.12. Well ... I changed this Gamuda-wd into XXX-wa, actually. My system simply shut-down when it flying so high ... too fast, too furious. This is placed in my stock-watch too ... when I was buying.

Stock-watch : It is just a page to mention what stocks I like, what I m looking at ... and what I am buying-selling. Yes, 'live' before it happens. Not AFTER it fly off then only one said he bought at whatever price. I do put some educational pointers too ... like why I bought her, when I cut loss ... or when I average down some of my stocks(due to failure of cut-loss). Yes, I am real ... I do share my trading mistakes too, as some following me might be 'losing' money ... so trade at your own risk as I do lose trades, cut-loss and lose some money ... but generally, my whole group know that I have more good trades and bad ones. That is REAL trading ... accept mistakes, recover from it ... move on and look for better opportunities. Not every month stocks that we bought shoot up higher, ok?

I do not buy into those goreng-goreng stocks. I prefer those better fundamental or at least tradable stocks. So, if you are joining me ... do let me know as in July, I will start my e-learning too(for those not in Klang Valley) ... if you are newbie/novice ... can I help?

Time to work and check markets again

Happy trading ... 1600 ... new high ... check 1620.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bull or bull-sh*t?

One could not help but ... thinking we are in BULL market and jumping in, back to market again. The word " I told you so" coming out ... especially those grabbing BIMB ... I told you so, it will go much higher ... to 2.40 .. nooo ... sell at around RM3? Craziness? That is market ... emotions in play, no logic. Dont you dare to ask them to sell their darling "BIMB" and you might be seen as a bull-shit person trying to stop them from getting rich, eventho you have good intention!!

Qinfa : Touched a low of 1.07 before shooting higher to 1.20 now. Not for those with heart problems?!

cohort-7 : I have two new enquiries ... so, I do think so I could get enough number to start a new class next month?

e-learning/stockwatch : I have six new enquiries for e-learning/stock-watch and one registered for the coming July e-learning batch. Will reply these enquiries tonight.

tuition : I received two enquiries for Maths tuition. I do not place ads for Math tuition as I am sort of 'known' to be good in teaching Math. But, for trading ... it is more difficult as I m not known. Yeah, I m just a novice. I could understand that. Well, I hv been teaching Maths for 20+ years now, but in trading ... I m sharing for less than a year. I have 6 cohorts now. That is a good account. One day, when I m sort of known, many more will join my trading group, save thousands of dollars with those trading courses and software ...and making the motto "Now everyone can trade". Yes, I am small AirAsia in the making ... with charges merely a small fractions of what offered 'outside'. I do not have high capex(no ads ... no one to smile to you, hard-knock way of learning trading)

Testimonials : I think I need to prepare a standard questionaire to my tratles and asking them to answer!! Then, I could post it here ... hmm ... like those seen in papers,advertisements ... haha ... it carrys weighs?

3.15 pm : Bull is running ... we are seeing 1600 now ... yeah ... new high ... new world. New beginning ... this time I will be right ... and rich. Haha ... buy-buy ... check the forums, should be very noisy now too.

Time to take a nap ... watched football this morning!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Learning takes time

Yet another good day for KLCI ... closed at 1598. Yeah ... Malaysia boleh!!

Many stocks moving higher nicely for past few days ... BIMB breaking all time high. Forget about technical, please ... buy-buy-buy is the name of the game. Forget about KLCI at high ... forget about general election ... and please dont mention Greece, Spain or Italy. They are in the quarter ... in mean, they will be saved. Portugal with Ronaldo ... should go to next level. German ... will bail them out!! Haha ... Germany might negotiate with Greece ... u want us to bail you out, you better let us win!! Haha .... well, the German team is too strong, anyway.

Chatting : I have activated my chat-box for my tratles and stock-watch, in order for 'live' reporting and sharing!! Yeah ... I could do such as I m on semester break.

Stock-watch : Then, I realised that so many of them actually very supportive and appreciate my sharing of knowledge!! It motivates me further ... certainly I could share and teach too in my stock-watch, rather than merely buy-sell calls, right? Why not?  The stock-watch page is only RM30 per month, and with adding educational values, I could 'promote' it a better way ... for my tratles and e-tratles to join my stock-watch too. Those wish to join ... please contact me ... at e-mail

Yeah ... with many supporting my stock-watch page, perhaps I could survive till end of the year? I did not expect it to last for 3 months, initially. Hehe.

p/s : How am I doing my promoting? haha.

CMMT : On Friday, it shows shooting star, yesterday it shows a hanging man ... today ... down it goes!! Never chase a stock up ... eventho it is a good stock. This is Capital Mall ... it is a REITs. Good dividend stock too. With simple know that CMMT is good, and it is strong uptrend ... we could know that Friday or yesterday was a SELL. That is trading, with some simle basic knowledge. We dont have to be the analyst, writing a whole report about CMMT and giving us the FV or TP, right?

Trading is difficult ... not without knowledge, not without experiences. MANY newbies went into markets, being dis-illusioned that they could get-rich by trading!! Or even investing!! Without knowledge, you do not even know what stocks to buy for investing, right?

Learning takes lots of time ... I will share what one of my e-tratle done. He is one very hard working person in learning ... so, I admire his will to learn and certainly believe he will learn well. So, I will share what he has done to back-test the RSI-setup I was teaching my e-tratles in my e-learning page.

e-learning : I will be promoting my second batch of e-learning (starting July to Dec) ... and those wish to join my humble group for e-learning is welcomed. e-mail me for details. Thanks.

I am a teacher ... I love teaching. I am dedicated to teach ... sharing knowledge. So, I was busy chatting with many in my chatbox that I longer have time to write blog during market-time. Those new readers, you may add me in facebook. One may look for "CP's trading group" too ... that is public page, that is free page ... but I m too busy to add anything there. But, slowly ... I will post my charts and views there.

Do buy a good investing book. READ ... and THINK. Believe me, many(80-90%) losing money due to ignorance. Ignorance is NOT a bliss in market.

What do one need to learn? Fundamental analysis(FA) and Technical Analysis(TA). Nothing else ... HA = hoping analysis or PA = Punting analysis are not valid ... explaining why so huge percentage of traders lost and still losing money. Hey, market at high ... how to lose money?

Trading course :If one could afford a few thousands for those professional courses, good ... please educate yourself. I wont write here about those trading courses, but you may go for their previews and collect some information before you decide which one to attend. Their are few 'popular' ones ... they are popular as they are GOOD in marketing and their packaging looks attractive. Be careful ... it is YOUR money. Just do not be conned. You may find out more by asking those attended those courses before and if you could find one honest friend, that will be fine.

But, if you could not afford those thousands ... then, u may want to join my simple trading classes(no notes will be given, no leng lui, leng chai to greet you ... but recently I do provide cheap drinking water!! haha) ... ah-pek style(have not interview any of my tratles to place as my testimonials!! haha) ... then ... you may join my coming new class (cohort-7). I do still need a few to start ...

cohort-6 : This Saturday I do have my module-3 for my latest cohort-6. There are 12 of them in this group. I m limiting it as the previous batch of cohort-5 with 16 of them were very packed!! It will be interesting to have the class this saturday as KLCI seeing new high again!!

Well ... need to jog. Will write again.


p/s : I m thinking of a pubic talk too ... to promote myself? haha ... silly me, I m learning to be 'thick skin' and I m learning marketing!! Apa macam so far? ok?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Supermax : How high could it fly?

Supermax : After weeks of holding, finally managed to sell ... but a little too early, at 2.05. Technically, RSI at 71, still a little space to go ... testing 2.30 Jan's high? Thanks for the profit, but I m out ... anyway.

TopGlove : Testing RM5 again ... it is a SELL to me.

Latexx going to test 1.57 too.

So, such craziness in market ... fear in market again. So, I SOLD my Supermax today. Many in my groups sold Supermax today too ... but some sold last Friday.

Take the profits ... keep cash and wait and see.


Set fire to the rain

"Set Fire To The Rain" by Adele

I let it fall, my heart,
And as it fell you rose to claim it
It was dark and I was over
Until you kissed my lips and you saved me

My hands, they're strong
But my knees were far too weak,
To stand in your arms
Without falling to your feet

But there's a side to you
That I never knew, never knew.
All the things you'd say
They were never true, never true,
And the games you play
You would always win, always win.

But I set fire to the rain,
Watched it pour as I touched your face,
Well, it burned while I cried
'Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name!

When I lay with you
I could stay there
Close my eyes
Feel you here forever
You and me together
Nothing is better

'Cause there's a side to you
That I never knew, never knew,
All the things you'd say,
They were never true, never true,
And the games you play
You would always win, always win.

But I set fire to the rain,
Watched it pour as I touched your face,
Well, it burned while I cried
'Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name!

I set fire to the rain
And I threw us into the flames
Where it felt something die
'Cause I knew that that was the last time, the last time!

Sometimes I wake up by the door,
That heart you caught must be waiting for you
Even now when we're already over
I can't help myself from looking for you.

I set fire to the rain,
Watched it pour as I touched your face,
Well, it burned while I cried
'Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name

I set fire to the rain,
And I threw us into the flames
Where it felt something die
'Cause I knew that that was the last time, the last time, ohhhh!

Oh noooo
Let it burn, oh
Let it burn
Let it burn

Note : A nice song


Sunday's blah blah

It is Sunday ... I was reluctant to do so many things ... and pushing it to next week!! So, today ... I chosen to help my wife with some house-work in the morning, went to mom' s place for nice lunch with brothers ... came back to watch old movie "Little Buddha", took a nap ... refresh ... and spend time with kids!! It is almost 10.30pm, time for me to look into some market news and checking on some charts for my stock-watch page!!

On Friday, before market closing ... we have interesting show in KLSE, which I missed!! Arrghh ... the last minute buying-selling was amazing!! BJToto ... last minute closed at 4.31 and Sunway last minute selling at 2.20!!

Interesting? We shall see how those prices re-adjusted tmr.

Personal Money(PM) : This month issue, some ideas about dividend stocks ...given are Carlsberg, Media Prima, Glomac, CMMT and Telekom. Yes, I do read PM for some information and knowledge purposes. It has increased my financial-knowledge for past 4 years ... at times, I could not find time to read it, so I have to be selective in my readings.

Stocks at new high : Takaful and BIMB ... with MBSB following too. These three sisters have been moving together for some time now. KPJ reaching resistance, new high. Many more will be testing new high again.

Ipad2 : I am still struggling with it ... no idea much about those apps and certainly hope to learn to use it more often, more effectively. Trade as you on the go?

time to sleep ...


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Update : CNOOC, ZhaoJin and Qinfa (3)

CNOOC : When I bought at support 14.18 level, it went up to 14.80 levels in days due to 'dividend' payment of 28cents. So, if adjusting base on that, my cost price would be at 13.90. It dived down AFTER the dividend to 13.20 level, before a fast recovery to close at HKD15.20(touched a high 15.47).

Qinfa : I bought at support 1.25 ... but it broken 1.25 and I did not cut-loss. This is HKSE ... up-down is very fast. It is very volatile, expect to lose more if we choose the 'wrong' stock. It went to 1.05 low before rebounded next day and I grabbed at 1.17.  It closed lower(tho HSI up 450 points!!) at 1.09 and my next buying will be nearing to HKD1 level. ouch.

ZhaoJin : Bought at support HKD9 when at 25 levels, average up at HKD10 ... MACD red, at resistance so I decided to SELL at HKD11, taking profits ahead of the weekend.

HKSE's babes

Qinfa : HKD 1.09 - 1.21 = -0.12 x 40k = - HKD 4,800

Cnooc : HKD 15.20 - 13.90 = 1.30 x 2k = HKD 2, 600

ZhaoJin : HKD 11 - 9.50 = +1.50 x 4k = profits HKD 6,000 (bought 18th May, sold 14th June)

While I have realised the profits from ZhaoJin, I still have to monitor CNOOC to take profits too. Then, I hv to check Qinfa if I need to average down at HKD1 next.  Next week, I am eyeing on another one HKSE's babe ... need to do some groundwork to check what's next?

This is just fictional and hypothetical. Trade at your own risk and the RISK is high.

Happy Father's Day.


My Trading Adventure, thus far

Trading has been a lonely and long journey for me ... from the point when I started my trading adventure as a newbie in end of Dec 2007, started to buy my first stock(Astro) in Jan 2008 ... hours of reading and learning, it has been a lonely journey.

In Mac 2008, when BN unexpectedly lost few states during the election, I lost more than 30% of my initial capital(RM10k) ... holding on to paper-loss(in Ranhill, Jaks and LionDiv). I struggled to learn ... those terms, economics and finance are totally a new subject to me. To read about businesses and managements ... that was extremely tough and till to-date I do not know anything much about these subjects(and never will). I bought books to read (Adam Khoo, Othman Yong, Bill Wermaine ... my initial books) ...

It is a lonely journey ... seriously. I woke up 5am in the morning to listen to China-biz ... at nights after my wife and kids aslept, I will read some broker reports, read DynaQuest to know about some companies traded in KLSE, the rating given ... and many more works which I could only laugh at myself now. Haha. Silly me, many of the times I asked so-called silly questions ... and only to read more and learn about those basic and silly questions months or even years later!! Haha ... Yes, I will never laugh at anyone who ask basic questions as I knew and could understand much better what newbies going through ... and bear in mind, it was 2008, a huge bear-market ... where I lost much more when Lehman collapsed. Bear-Stearns ... and many more financial institutions collapsed in US.

Pain ... pain of losing, pain of being an ignorant, pain of spending hours in reading, spending more money to buy more investing-trading books ... and I do live through the pace ... all by myself.

I started this blog ... and started to write about some stocks I am looking at, reading and with a hope some readers will 'teach' me, pointing out my mistakes ... giving me some support and sharing knowledge ... it was really a long journey I am taking ... I have about 30-50 clicks per day back then. And some even e-mail asking me some questions instead!! Haha ... I was so free then ... replying those e-mail and started some 'friendships'(thanks JJ). I attended some talks ... there are very few in KK. I always go alone too ... and seriously, I am the only lecturer interested with stock-markets(LL, a colleague of mine will ask me questions too!!)

I told my aunts, bro-sis ... they really dislike the idea of me gambling in stock-markets!! Yes, I wont dare to tell them I lost thousands and that was my only saving I have back then. I was financially VERY tight.

So ... it was nothing easy ... it is a DAILY few hours of observing market movements, reading hundreds of reports, weekly reading of THE EDGE(page by page) ... and it is unbelievable to reflect on my tough going-ons. By the way, I have just failed in myu keropok-business, trying to heal from the failure and losing of my colleague-friend(DT). I was still in the last months of my goreng keropok business in 2008, before finally stopped. Pain?? ... That is pain ... ouch.

My journey continues ... I done quite well during the sharp recovery in Nov08-Jan09. I learnt many lessons from the crash, still do lots of mistakes along the way. Then, I started to understand about market corrections and such.

In Mac2009, Dr JL ... one of few good friends that I have in KK ... came into my lonely trading journey. My new adventure started ... we are partners and I was so willing to guide him(from ground zero ... even advised him how to open a trading account). The partnership doesnt work well, I lost a friend ... it is more than the RM8k he still 'owe' me. Reflecting on it ... that was my most painful months in market!! Not the RM8k(which was VERY huge to me back then) ... but the friendship. I DO NOT have many friends and losing him was very painful. My wife will always remind me NOT to be kind to others anymore, not to teach trading or even doubt my abilities in trading. I kept telling her that I need at least 5 years to understand how market works!! 5 long painful years of losing money?! She used to say I am most stubborn person she ever knew ... but admired my persistance. Yes, I do not QUIT.

My five-year plan stayed in tact ... I am currently in my 5th year now!! I could not say I am a newbie anymore ... I am not a newbie but still very much a novice. Yes, I planned to teach trading EVEN before I am in market!! You dont find many stupid yet resilient people like me, you know.

Note : For new readers, one need to follow my 2008 posts, started 8th Aug 08 till end of 2009 to understand the above 'stories'. Yes, I do have an average of 1500 clicks now, no longer only 50 clicks per day!!

Fast forward ... 2010, I decided to move back to KL. Yes ... another sacrifice as in my heart, I love Sabah so much. I m really a 'nature' jungle person, who enjoy beaches-mountains. So, I bought a beach-apartment in Sabah, put my things there ... and bring my family here to KL. Again ... it was VERY tough going through the changes!! Uprooting never easy ... but it is necessary for me. Besides, my whole family is here in KL. They are very dear to me ... in my heart. Yeah, I am an emotional geek.

In May, I spent another few thousands to learn technical-analysis. I do have prior knowledge before I attended the 4-day trading courses and actually I only attended 2 days(of the 4) as I m working. Nope, it was VERY hard to grasp those concepts of technical trading ... I am a 'live' trader, a Math brain person ... with prior knowledge, yet ... I admit I struggled. I got to know KW there and he is also very good in his Maths, yet ... we agreed that it is NOT for normal average persons.

Understanding that trading is difficult is the first step we make out trading simplier, personalised it to our needs, our own time frame and risk appetite. If you are a newbie ... you won't even understand what I meant by time frame. You won't even understand what is called risk-appetite and risk managements.

Well ... my wife no longer 'nag' me about the amount of money I used to buy books, and more books. We could not afford anything much at all, honestly. But, I will still spend in buying those investing-trading books. Then, she will see me ... waking up early in the morning, checking those charts with books that I was reading. That is lonely ... I no longer listen to china-biz, moved out of Bloomberg ... but using books and some business magz, reading those charts ... back-testing on RSI, MACD and such. I started to learn about strategies ... and in weekly basis, USED them in my trading!! Of coz I done many mistakes and coming out with many theories that I read, I used real money(to give me real pain) to trade ...

Financially, I m improving ... the transferred from KK's college to KL's college, I have a 25% jumped in my basic salary, I have more tuition here(KL) where the rate is doubled those in KK and markets have been kind to me(2009-2010 was very good profit year). I could take out some money from my trading account to clear my credit-cards(accumulated as I was financially tight, living in credits).

In Dec 2010, after few months attended the technical-analysis course, I started to write more 'professionally' and posting more charts. I have few readers very interested with my analysis and I was doing very well in market too). So, I started 'chart-analysis' for some of my readers ... trying to promote it here in my blog and attracted a few(about 10). I was analysing some charts for them ... regularly, and sent through e-mail. I was excited ... and thought I could start it as a part-time job, besides my full time teaching and part-time tuition!! Well ... I was not doing so well in marketing myself, markets start to go opposite direction ... my dad passed away ... I was down ... and I was down for 3-4 months!! Most of the time, I won't allow myself to be down more than 1 day!! The stock-analysis idea ... failed. I hv to apologised to my 'clients'. I know ... I failed but I know I wont quit!! I might re-start that again in future!!

In Dec 2010, I gave a talk about stock-markets and what to see to 7 of my colleagues!! That was amazing ...7 Saturday nights and each of them paying me RM50. I was using my small white board, teaching stock-markets(FA) like giving tuitions!! Haha ...not even a chart shown! I have wanted to start my trading classes for my readers ... some enquiries came in but ... err ... I chicken-out. Lack of confidence in myself. Or perhaps, I do not like crowd. I do not like attention. Honestly, I prefer to be alone!! But ... why being selfish? Besides, I really wish I could help many out there who need some guidance(I know better ... I was a totally newbie) ... why not helping others? My postings in my blog did help many in learning too, right?

Last year ... 2011 Aug-Sept, I started my trading course(cohort-1) ... from nothing!! I dont even remember how I started, I was charging RM150 per hour(shared by all) and it is very cheap!! It is like a way to thank my readers for being supportive ... I rented my tuition-place for it and I was amazed with the response!! I have 10 of them to start with!! It is beyond my expectation. I thought of ... well, just two-hours ... give them some talk for 4 sessions, each paying RM50, done with it. We have great time ... staying up for mamak till 1am. That was nice!!

Since then ... I am no longer alone in my trading!! I have my tratle's group .... I started my e-learning Jan2012(will start a new batch in July2012 ... e-mail me if you wish to join, ok?) ... and having my cohort-6 now. In our group, I have about 70 of them now ... and my main objective remain the same : To help those newbies in investing/trading. I am going to start my cohort-7(next month or August?) as I do have enquiries now. I do not promote myself much ... as I am just an individual, a teacher trying to help many. I have limited time too.

Trading in a group, speaking similar launguge ... with some house-rules is very important. Many of my tratles telling me that they appreciate my efforts of guiding them and many have personally thanked me(AL bought me a chesse cake! haha). These day, I have free-lunch, free drinks ... when I am going yam-char with them. But the main satisfaction came from teaching is to see many learnt something from you and they appreciate you, as a teacher.

One could never understand why I am in teaching line for 20+ years, despite being lowly paid. It is the satisfaction of teaching ... it is education!! Those trainers in many trading courses do not have as strong passion as I have in teaching, seeing everyone learning and benefit from the lessons. Many other trading courses could not give you personal attention with the trainer!! You never walk alone theme here! Haha ... I dont know how many more I could take in ... but, yes ... I m no longer newbie, I am no longer alone.

I will be having a gathering with some of my tratles later for lunch. I will 'interview' few of them as testimonial to be posted here for promoting my cohort-7 and e-learning. Hehe

I shall end this long post about my painful lonely journey with a happy ending ... a comment posted by one of our latest tratle(cohort-6)

AS : I'm an experienced trader. Been in and out for the past five years, still learning. Didn't really went serious into the market as I had my studies to attend but I kept eye on the market on daily basis. Only recently went into Bursa. I started from the forex market learning technical analysis there, so everything I knew almost everything that u went through from your classes.

It's just that when applying the same thing in Bursa, it takes a different approach and things move much slower here (since I don't leverage in Bursa) The way I see it, other so called courses are meant to make the organizers rich. Of course they leverage on their brand/name to charge exorbitant amount of fees to people with thick pockets. These people thought that they can transform to be a successful trader by just going through all those courses. I really prefer your style of doing classes and the follow-ups through facebook. It works for me. It should work because follow ups are like revisions. Most so called courses dont to follow ups. And I really appreciate that it is very affordable. Attending your classes has been a valuable investment for me. At the end of the day, trading is just a matter of knowledge and experience. U need both to be good at it. No shortcuts

I did not ask him to write a comment or testimonial. He has been so kind to give me such a good testimonial and place the comment in my blog. Of coz, I feel so glad ... thanks AS. You are so young, but you could could understand learning, logic and being so humble. I admire your will to learn. Thanks!!

Now, can you feel my satisfaction? Can my money give me THAT? Not everything in our lives we do related to MONEY, ok? There is something we called "passion". That is in me ... so, if one still asking why am I teaching trading, please ask my tratles. They know better ... why I am so dedicated in THEIR learning while I do still learn in daily basis!

Enjoy this simple song ... read the lyric. It is simple and nice.

Yael Naim - New Soul

I'm a new soul
I came to this strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit but how to give and take
But since I came here, felt the joy and the fear
Finding myself making every possible mistake

La, la, la, la (21x)
La, la, la, la (21x)

See I'm a young soul in this very strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit but what is true and fake
But why all this hate? try to communicate
Finding trust and love is not always easy to make

La, la, la, la (21x)
La, la, la, la (21x)

This is a happy end
Cause you don't understand
Everything you have done
Why's everything so wrong

This is a happy end
Come and give me your hand
I'll take you far away

I'm a new soul
I came to this strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit but how to give and take
But since I came here, felt the joy and the fear
Finding myself making every possible mistake

New soul... (la, la, la, la,...)
In this very strange world...
Every possible mistake
Possible mistake
Every possible mistake
Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes...

p/s : Can you see how I relate the song to my journey in market?
Thanks and have a nice weekend.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Break support = cut-loss

OSK : At 1.70-1.75 levels, resistance level is a SELL. Recently, I saw OSK flew from 1.50 to 1.75(support to resistance) in less that one week ... came down to 1.60 and shot back to 1.75. So, WHOEVER chased and bought OSK at 1.70 certainly must be newbies or those simply ignore technical charts. Technically speaking 1.75 is a very strong resistance level, it is a sell.

One simple note to remember : Never chase up the stocks ... if you see gap-up with huge volumes, the stocks in news ... and you have missed the stock nearing the support, wait for retracement. When it hit the resistance, chances that it will pull back.

Now ... is support 1.50 a buy then? If one is buying at 1.50 again, expecting it to rebound back to 1.75(I did not read much about the RHB-OSK news, so I could not analyse base on news, but purely on charts) failed. In fact, it dived below the support 1.50, without hesitation ... we should cut-loss, right? It is easier said than done!! I managed to cut loss many stocks, some it went lower .... some it rebounded back strongly and rallied. So, that is trading ...

OSK grossly oversold by HLIB today
•Technically, given its severely oversold positions and its share prices are almost completing in filling the runaway gap of RM1.33-1.56 recorded on 30 Sep 11, OSK is likely to experience a brief sideways consolidation before trending higher.

•Aggressive traders may opt to by on weakness from here with a stop placed below RM1.28 (lower Bollinger band). Prices are likely to climb towards RM1.41 (10-d SMA), RM1.51 (mid Bollinger band) and RM1.56 (30-d SMA). Significant resistance is RM1.61 (200-d SMA).

If I am going to take a trade at current 1.35 levels, I will have to read all those NEWS and HYPES about RHB-OSK related. I need to evaluate on the deals, why there is huge selling at current moment. Who are the net sellers?

Stocks do not shoot up so sharply due to nothing ... and it wont dive due to nothing!! These creates opportunities for traders, actually. I will use this chart as one of my examples when I have my next trading class for my cohort-6 when I am showing them what support-resistance are. MAJORITY in KLSE do not have such simple knowledge and for newbies, they will always be the 'last' persons to buy at the peak ... only to cut loss at support. 1.75 to 1.50 is a huge loss, ok? But buying at 1.50 without the cut loss, at 1.35 is a huge loss too, ok? Place your cut-loss points base on your strategies .... wait a minute, newbies and majority in KLSE DO NOT even have strategies/plans, rigth?

That is why I am having my trading classes and trading group ... even tho it is 'cheap', I won't mind. I just want to reach out for more, for those wish to learn some basics about markets and trading BEFORE they got badly burnt and quit before they even know what hit them.

Time frame : 3 years ... I do believe by three years time, many of tratles in out group(70 of them now) will have learnt about markets and no longer in ''fear". Even cut-loss becoming a normal issue ... and learning through experiences is the BEST way I could guide.

Tratle's meeting : This Sat I will be 'free' ... each time I am free, I will try to get some of tratles for yam-char, chit-chat ... and get to know each other in persons. This Sat's topic will be 'MISTAKES in TRADING". It will be interesting to share with them ... so so many of novice mistakes I have done and some I am still doing it!!  By the way, I will 'interview' few of them this Sat ... and record their statements as my 'testimonial' for my up-coming trading classes. haha ...  actually, many of them appreciate my efforts of sharing(I dont like to use the word 'coach' or 'teach') with them. That makes me so motivated to share and be with them, answering questions in almost daily basis ... etc etc.

Cohort-7 : This will be my next trading class. I have 4 new ones added to my group and 4 more in my KIV e-mail list. Please e-mail me if you are interested. Otherwise, you are invited to join me this Sat for lunch. You may add me in 'facebook' to ask any further information about my trading classes.

Ok, time to do some work. Do not buy-sell whatever stocks mentioned here. If you are newbie and wanted to learn, contact me!!

p/s : Am I doing a better job now, promoting myself ... tratles? Haha

GenM :  I recently cut-loss of my GenM when it broken 3.50 levels. GenM closed at 3.40 and NOT a buy yet.