Saturday, May 05, 2012

Sector Watch : Constructions

I have earlier posted the 'destruction of construction' ... and discussed that I am watching these two abandoned sectors and in fact, averaged down my two stocks which in these sectors respectively.

Last Tuesday, 1st May ... it was a Labour Day. It is a public holiday but I was excited to analyse some stocks in these two depressing sectors. I called for a tratles' meeting but only 7 attended. I did not charge them and I did not tag anyone. If I do, then the meeting room could not accommodate more 15? Yeah ... by now, many started to know I like something depressing ... as it is at the contrarian point of views.

Then earlier, I do have a post on 'capitulation' ... click 'here' .

So, I am updating the chart ...

Do check the 1st MAY post ... and the current one. What do one see? Rebound, right? So, it is in everyone mind if the rebound sustainable ... is it time to buy? And slowly market will talk about constructions/property counters again ... time for me to take profits and exit again?!

You see ... the herd mentality is very strong. You jumped, I will hesitate ... but eventually jump too. Because majority of those in markets DO NOT read much, do not know much about fundamentals or technicals ... trading markets is following the tips and the crowd. It is THAT noisy ... when money on the line, fear-greed in play.

Benalec : Shown a one huge white candle-stick last Friday ... and suddenly the thread of Benalec becoming very noisy again. That is expected ... so, when the noise is deafening, time for us to take profits. Do not chase up a stock, if missed ... let her go, wait for retracement or go for another one.

IJM : Also showing a good reversing sign from here ... one may want to check IJM-wc, if you are into trading warrants.

MudaJaya  : Rebounded from the 2.50 levels. Someone in my group grabbed at 2.53, better than the levels I have given. I have asked the group to take profits at RM2.80. It is at resistance and the volume decreasing. Well, take off profits ... wait for breakout of RM2.80 or some technical consolidation while it testing the current resistance, RM2.80. Do you know that MANY of those in KLSE-kaki like to buy things when it HAS moved ... and unfortunately bought it at the resistance level(because the DO NOT know what resistance is ... ).

Note : Personally, I have taken positions on MudaJaya-ch at 0.20-0.22 but thought it will gap up and shoot the sky ... it did not ... so, I lowered my selling point, and sold all at 0.230, instead. The volumes was lowering ... it was a short 2-days contra-trade. Anyone will tell you that if the bought a stock at RM2-RM2.20 and able to sell at RM2.30, they will be glad. I m not ... as this is not a stock, it is a call-warrants where I do expect it to fly much higher as mommy is still bullish. Will watch to trade her again or change to another one.

WCT : Hammer formed ... zoom ... above 20MA now. Nice ... if you know technical, you would have bought her at RM2.35. Check out the rebound of WCT-wb ... saw a 10% up on thurs.

Ok ... this is just a few construction counters I was monitoring. Many more such as Gamuda, HSL, Muhibah, Keuro, KimLun, Sunway ... got bullets to shoot all?

Ok .... spent an hour plus posting this one ... and yes, my blog is featured in i3-portal now. To honour that, I m writing something relevent to trading markets. I am just TOO busy to write as I am actuvely engaged with my stock-watch and tratles group.

e-learning : This is one group that I owe them most. Yes, I am getting 'free' now and hope to be committed in delivering my posts and teaching. Sorry to all my e-tratles. Thanks for being patient. I am extending the page to end of the year ... and after that, I will form a e-tratle's traders group!!  Recently some of my e-tratles started to join my stock-watch too as they said they could pick-up much more from my 'live' reports and sharing in my stock-watch group rather than merely teaching in the e-learning pages. Anyway, I have two new e-tratles registered recently. Thanks again for the support. Bear with me ... I see learning trading is a long process, at least 3 years for basic new traders to be familiar.

Time to watch the final ... night.


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