Monday, April 30, 2012

Advertisement : Trading Courses

Well, it is MAY ... I will slowly be 'available' and free during trading hours. Time to trade again ... managed to have a quick trade on BIMB-cc today. Nice.

Cohort-6 : I have few added in my tratles group as they will be joining my coming cohort-6 .. yeah, my 6th batch!! Wow ... how time flies ... I really have shared with about 70+ of them ... but about 50+ left. Some opted to quit or graduated after my 5 modules. Haha.

Anyway, those who wish to join, please contact me. Yes, cheapest in town ... RM80 per class(err ... due to inflation and demands, the fees have increased. oopss ... sorry, ya). I am NOT good in advertising or promotion ... I do not ask any of my tratles to give testimonials(haha ... these marketing gimmicks not suitable for a teacher-mentality like me) ... but I do think those newbies will certainly learn something from my trading classes!!

You dont pay thousands for trading classes, unless you wanted to and can afford, of coz. I am just a teacher-in-heart ... I just thinking of helping and earn some pocket money. win-win situation. I am still actively answering and sharing opinions with my tratles in our closed facebook page. That is 'after service' kinda thing. Haha ... look, I am not a sale-person. If u want, I add you in my tratles page and I trust that you will come for my classes, ok? Yes ... I do things based on trust ... human trust, not merely money. Hey, money is not everything ... you know. It is respect I got from my group, appreciation from many who I shared with them ... motivating me to teach more!! It is knowledge-sharing that keep me going ... and going ...

A moment ago, someone young ... told me that he joined a trading class costing RM2k. The courses was widely advertised in newspapers and attracted his attention. Well ... it is from his own words that he learned nothing much!! What?? My tratles paying me less than RM1k for the whole year of coaching, ok? I am THAT cheap!!

Yes, the purpose when I decided to share(rather than teach ... I dont think so I am qualified) and making trading affordable to ALL ... is because I feel it is too EXPENSIVE to attend those courses. Some are up to RM4k to RM6k courses!! That is not really affordable for many. Then, after attended 3-4 days of trading course, many fizzled out ... failed in trading ... losing more money and gave up!! Heck ... you can always ask those attended(those honest one who will tell you and advise you) those courses and tell me that they traded well ... small percentage of them, tho. It is similar in my group ... only a handful of them will remain active in learning, searching for more info ... attending meetings and continuosly to learn.

Yes, it is THAT difficult ... if one is to take trading seriously. If I am going to pay money(paid RM4k+), I will make sure I could earn back the money and more. I will make sure I know what I am learning and use them ... I will apply and explore. I do not rely on trainers as I understood well ... he/she was trained to teach trading but actual real trading taking more than mere theories.

No one could teach us trading. Before you spend you few thousands ... perhaps you may want to ask my opinions. I wont mind answering you based on what I have heard about those attended many of those courses.  I am not pointing out that my trading course is good ... it is NOT. But it is cheap(and cheap is not good, huh?).

Well ... I do still believe that no one could really learn trading in days. It needs practice ... and hours of working on understanding about REAL trading. If you are attending a trading course telling you how good their system is ... or some softwares where you could track those breakout ... THINK. Use brain, please. Being in market, to survive .. you need to THINK and not being emotional or swayed by those advertisement. DO NOT believe me, please. Find it out yourself.

Keep those thousands of yours as capital to trade. I am going to create a trading course ... and putting the motto as "Now everyone can trade". Haha. Yeah yeah ... low cost trading course.

Anyway ... I am still in the process of making my tratle groups more effective and e-meeting is still in mind to implement.

Time to move on ...

Happy Labour Day.


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Bersih by Mr Koon and Marina M

Najib the biggest loser from Bersih 3.0 by Koon Yew Yin CPI

The Bersih 3.0 rally at Dataran Merdeka has thankfully passed without any major outbreaks of violence but there are recorded scenes which show how it could have so easily gone the other way.

A report by Aljazeera showed bloodied demonstrators and the unwarranted use of teargas and water cannons on sections of the crowd.

According to Harry Fawcett, the Aljazeera correspondent covering the event, the police were extremely heavy handed, kneeing and slapping some of the demonstrators who had broken through the barricades.

The police also busted the station’s television camera in an attempt to prevent their violent and unlawful acts from being filmed. The police also had the temerity to threaten and act harshly towards the reporters.

Forced to improvise by using Skype, Fawcett was still able to show ugly images of the country’s police and authorities which have been broadcast all over the world as well as uploaded on You Tube.

In an analysis of the aftermath, our respect and congratulations must go to the Bersih participants that congregated in Kuala Lumpur as well as in other major cities. The estimated 100,000 crowd were remarkably well behaved and acted with decorum and good sense.

It is a tribute to the political maturity of the enormous crowd converging on Dataran Merdeka from all over the country and of their commitment to peaceful political reform that they did not allow themselves to be provoked.

Despite all the official threats and coercion, despite the roadblocks placed to prevent them from reaching the venue of the rally, they still kept their cool. They showed the Barisan government and other Malaysians that they are made of sterner stuff and that they will not give in meekly to crude authoritarian intimidation.

Only one episode marred the conduct of the protesters. Footage from the police website shows a police car being overturned while a video clip on You Tube from a bystander showed the vehicle going out of control and hitting the kerb (see video).

There are conflicting accounts of this incident but you can expect the police to milk public sympathy based on this portrayal of protestor violence.

In the next few days, the government and Bersih as well as the opposition will claim success in achieving their objectives with regard to the outcome of the rally. The government will no doubt crow through the official mass media as to why they have won an important victory.

Already the police are claiming that it was the demonstrators who were responsible for the violence that took place although unofficial reports indicate that more than 60 demonstrators were beaten up.

The demonstrators have their side of the story. According to one of them in reference to the breaching of the barricades at Dataran Merdeka: “Hello PDRM don’t come and give us this crap OK! You guys partially opened the barriers making us think that we could go in, and without warning you started your tear-gassing. Worse still you ordered all the [LRT] stations to close their shutters preventing us from getting back.”

Whichever way the story is spun it is clear that the biggest loser is Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Where was the prime minister when all of this was taking place? He was in Kuching. Did he not care about what was happening in Kuala Lumpur? Apparently not.

In fact, the Prime Minister was an invisible man not only on April 28 but also throughout the entire week of official posturing on the rejection of the Bersih venue in the run-up to the rally. Hiding behind the sarong of the city mayor, Ahmad Fuad, the prime minister was guilty of an official conspiracy to have the Dataran Merdeka designated as a security site to prevent Bersih from gathering there, and therefore heightening the official rhetoric to deny and intimidate the protestors.

An activist was quoted as saying on the eve of the rally: “We appeal to the good sense and stewardship of the prime minister – as prime minister of the country, and not just of Barisan Nasional … the prime minister has the authority to overrule DBKL (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur) and the police. All he has to do is make a phone call and allow Bersih to go on at Dataran Merdeka.”

That phone call not only did not materialize but the prime minister seems to have put his tail between his legs and headed out of the capital during a time of crisis.

What Najib should have done

Najib should not only have permitted the use of Dataran Merdeka but he should have facilitated his fellow Malaysians to attend the gathering there.

If he had any political acumen he should have instructed the various agencies of government to facilitate the rally by arranging for mobile toilets, Red Crescent assistance for the old and infirm (many thousands of elderly took part, some in wheel chairs!) and provided nasi bungkus (through his 1Malaysia Foundation) for the many poor who could ill afford to eat at the stalls.

He could have unclogged the roads and saved everyone the traffic mess caused by the police barring entry to the square.

He should have also offered to make a speech at the gathering – standing side by side with the Bersih and other rally leaders – to explain his agenda of democratic and electoral reform.

That way, he could have burnished his image in Malaysia and around the world as a reformist leader. He also would have scored political points which could have tilted the coming elections in his favour.

Instead he made a monumental political boo boo which is likely to seal his fate as the last Barisan Nasional prime minister of the country.

My Bersih 3.0 experience: Behind the barbed-wire barricades — Marina Mahathir
The Malaysian Insider

Apr 29, 2012 APRIL 29 — It was the barbed wire that did it for me. Up til Friday afternoon I was still unsure about going. My hubby thought I’d already made my point last year. I was annoyed with continually being asked whether I was going or not, more so with the non-story that came out in M’kini which basically said I hadn’t decided yet. I mean, does it matter?

Then I saw the photos of the police rolling out the barbed wire and I saw red. Since when did our police, or whoever is their boss, roll out barbed wire — barbed wire!! — against their own people?? Are we thugs? Terrorists? Thieves?

So I decided to go. I contacted friends and found out their plans on how to get round the roads which were sure to be blocked and the LRT which may be stopped. The same friend who so kindly offered to be my ‘bodyguard’ last year offered himself again. We got into my car, went to collect some other friends and drove to as close to Central Market as we could.

Part of the way down Jln Brickfields we couldn’t go any further so we got down to walk. On one side of the street were thousands of people in yellow walking in the direction of the Central Market. On the other side of the street were hundreds of police in their dark blue uniforms. But they didn’t look hostile and just watched us go by.

We got to the Central Market which was swarming with people. Earlier I’d read a tweet that said that people were going into the Market to have lunch and my friends and I were laughing about Malaysians and their food. “Well,” we said, “Central Market restaurants will get a lot of business!”. But when we got there, the Market was totally closed. So all those restaurants lost business today!

Caught up with friends in the car park while we sat to wait. It was HOT!! On the little CM stage, Ambiga was seated there with many of our colleagues from women’s groups. I went up to say hello, took some photos and then went down to wait again. At 1.20pm or so, Ambi took the mike to announce that we were going to move off soon, heading towards Dataran Merdeka. But, she added, we were not to breach the barriers, we would only go as far as we could and then we would simply sit down for a while and then disperse.

The atmosphere was much more fiesta-like than last year. There were people in yellow T-shirts or in other colours, in shorts or in tudungs, lots of young ones and some also of a certain age. Like last year, it was a very diverse crowd. I bumped into some old friends, some young people I knew including a nephew and the children of some friends, and met some new ones, people who were coming to a rally for the first time ever. These were not radical highly-politicised types, just your average men and women, the type you’d meet at the supermarket perhaps. I asked one newbie woman why she came and she said it was because she realised that if she wanted change, then she had to do something.

After Ambiga spoke and a quick briefing by the marshals, we moved off. Because of the crowd we made our way slowly, stopping every now and then to take photos of the awesome crowd and ourselves. At Central Market I estimated there were at least 6,000 people that I could see (though I have to say I’m bad at estimates) but many, many more joined us as we walked along.

When we got to Lebuh Pasar Besar, there was a big crowd on it facing the direction of Dataran Merdeka while others continued on to Jalan Tun Perak. We decided we would stay on Lebuh Pasar Besar (where the Bar Council is) and made our way towards the bridge across the Klang River (just before Agro Bank). That was where we had to stop because the police had put up a barrier of barbed wire (actually my husband said it’s razor wire, not barbed wire) and those red plastic road barriers, all stamped ‘DUKE’. On the other side of the barrier stood a whole row of police. Most look quite senior and they simply stood there and looked at us.

I got to the front of the barrier where someone had put up a sign that said ‘Welcome to Tel Aviv’. It felt very accurate. The police recognised me and nodded. I asked them, “What is this?” pointing at the razor wire, which has blades on them which can seriously cut you if you get hurled on to them (see close-up pic above). The senior cop there shrugged and gave a wan smile. “This makes me sad,” I said to him. Again he shrugged.

We stood there for a while. Some people started to sing Negara Ku so we all joined in. The senior cop who shrugged at me stood at attention, really the only one who did so. Some people started chanting ‘Bukak, bukak!’ meaning open the barriers. But overall there were high spirits but nothing provocative.

Then suddenly all the cops moved back, away from us. We were puzzled but in a short while we realised why. Several police trucks moved in and headed in our direction. For a moment I wondered if they were simply going to mow us down. Then they retreated again. Next a whole row of police with helmets, batons and shields formed in front of the trucks facing us. Again we wondered if they were going to charge us, which seems silly because they too would have come up against the razor wire.

Someone then told us to sit down. So we did on our side of the barrier while on the other side, about 10 metres away, the police were lined up with their shields and batons. It looked like it was going to be a battle of wills, who would last longer in the heat. We were prepared to sit for the next two hours til 4pm, the appointed dispersal time.

After about 15 minutes sweating behind the razor wire, someone told us to move back and disperse. “We must use our brains. Don’t provoke. It’s time to move back.” So we moved away from the barriers and milled around the streets, just looking at people. Bumped into more friends and chatted to random people who said hello. It was a nice atmosphere, akin to going to a fun run or something like that.

We then read a Star tweet that said that Ambiga said Bersih 3.0 was already successful and we can all now disperse. So my friends and I made our way back to Brickfields, got into my car and drove home.

It was only after that that we started to get SMSes and tweets regarding teargas at Dataran Merdeka. It was a shock because up til then there was nothing to indicate that the police might do that, even when they brought the ones with the helmets and shields out. We passed many cops on our way home and they hardly looked at us.

My phone was running low on battery and I had to wait til I got home before hearing from my daughter that she had been tear-gassed. She was part of a team video-streaming the events today and was near Dataran Merdeka, stuck among thousands of people, when some people, against Bersih’s instructions, breached the barriers and ran onto the Dataran. The police then started running away from them and soon they saw why: the teargas canisters being fired at them. Her first time being tear-gassed, she said it was awful but people around her were all helping one another. What was more frightening was the fear of being crushed but luckily people were so mindful of this that if anyone fell, they were immediately given space and a hand up. She’s fine though and I never really worried about her because she had a friend with her who was tasked with making sure she was alright.

(Her videos, along with those by others, are now on the Bersih428 YouTube channel).

Since reaching home, I’ve been trying to keep up with the many, many reports on today’s events, both the good and the bad. Yes, there were some people who misbehaved, let’s be honest. We don’t know who they are but in such a large crowd there are bound to be people like that, despite instructions from the Bersih steering committee and marshals not to provoke anyone. There are also very likely agent provocateurs who are out to make trouble and discredit Bersih.

But it doesn’t detract from the fact that an unbelievable number of people turned out today, far more than last year, and compared to the incidents of bad behaviour, there was a far larger number of people who marched and rallied peacefully. I hardly saw anyone with a frown or a scowl but lots of happy smiles. Just like last year, I never once felt unsafe. Instead I felt part of a large Malaysian community, all together for one cause. Or two, since the anti-Lynas people also turned out in huge numbers.

Here’s a report from the UK’s Independent newspaper which is pretty accurate although there were far, far more than 25,000 people there. It was hard to see everybody but it had to be about 50,000-80,000. There are thousands and thousands of photos and videos being uploaded right now. So go take a look and decide for yourself. I also hope people will put up their personal stories too.

Note : I will write my personal story about my 'Bersih' journey.

I’m sorry that there were people who got injured, both protestors and police. None of that was really necessary. A few weeks ago, at the International Women’s Day rally in PJ, 5,000 people turned up and there was absolutely no violence because the police left everyone alone to do their thing. The same could have happened today, if only the powers-that-be could have been wiser.

One more thing, about those politicians who were there. At Central Market there were some there but they were not allowed to speak. Along the march, if anyone started any chants that sounded political, others wouldn’t take it up and they pretty soon petered out. Like last year, the most popular chants were those that simply said ‘Bersih’ and ‘Hidup Rakyat’. Most were simple ordinary people, who just want to express how they feel and who really have no time for politicians.

Besides, which politician or political party, from any side, can mobilise anything as incredible as Global Bersih? —

Note : Marina is TDM's daughter.


8 pitfalls of investing

Monday morning ... calm after the storm? Wonder if KLCI will go yo-yo later on, with Bersih turned ugly with arrest of more than 400, some innocent ones ... and the baching reported. This is internet-information world ... where pictures and news seen and spread. And we should not believe any parties!! It is up to us how we would preceive what we see or hear.

Anyway ... lets focus back into markets ...

Tratles meeting : Hope to have a meeting tmr morning with few of them in the group to scan and analyse charts together. At this point of time, it is becoming more exciting and interesting.

Book : Secrets of Intelligent Investing by Ken Lo and Yu Foong Sin

This is a very simple and easy to understand book to read, for newbies and novices.

Pitfall #1 : Believing in expert's predictions on the market

Pitfall #2 : Buy investments that you do not understand

Pitfall #3 : Listen to wrong advice

Pitfall #4 : Lacking an investment objective

Pitfall #5 : No investment plan

Pitfall #6 : Put all your money into one investment basket

Pitfall #7 : Attempting to predict the rise and fall of the market

Pitfall #8 : Ask the wrong questions

So, the above was taken from chapter one of the book. Yes, it said that all should get financial education before thinking of investing in anything. I fully agreed, especially those thinking of going into markets or already in the markets. Not only knowing the pitfalls ... but also to understand the psychological aspects of markets. That is the greatest challenge, in my opinion.

With so many pitfalls and challenges, how do we expect to perform? Without knowledge and experiences, we stand no chance against the sharks in markets. Even that, if we survive ... we have to accept that we are lucky not being their lunches.

Alright ... if the fear of GE and many stocks to collapse ... it is time to reduce our exposure and buying only good fundamental stocks. Being in market at the moment or stucked inside there, we need TIME for any of those stocks to recover. Will it ever?

DRB and Sunway that I mentioned on Friday ... rebounded. I missed both even tho I was queueing for them. Too bad.

Rebound play : Checking BJCorp, Genting ... and many more.

Time to get prepared for another maniac-Monday.


MALAYSIA: Concerns have been raised about Malaysia's high national debt, which currently stands at 54 per cent of its gross domestic product (GDP).

International ratings agencies Standard & Poor's and Moody's are warning of a possible credit rating downgrade if Kuala Lumpur does not rein in its federal government debt. Continuous government spending to gain public support ahead of the upcoming general election may have put Malaysia at risk of a credit downgrade.

A rating cut would be its first in 15 years. However, Malaysia's central bank has brushed aside that concern. It said the national debt level at 54 per cent of GDP is manageable, given Malaysia's sound economic fundamentals, improved foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows, and growth of a forecast four to five per cent this year.

Bank Negara also noted more than 90 per cent of the debt is domestically funded, which means Malaysia's external exposure is very minimal. Bank Negara Malaysia governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz said: "The government external indebtedness is only two per cent so it's very low. "Very often, countries have problems because foreign borrowing is very high. For us, the borrowing in mainly domestic, our financial system has been able to absorb this."

Still, there are concerns the government's spending spree ahead of a general election may drive federal government debt level to above 60 per cent. Observers said the next cabinet voted into power must seriously take concrete steps to reduce its huge subsidy bill exceeding US$10 billion as well as to introduce a hugely unpopular goods and services tax to shore up the government's revenue. While a credit rating downgrade will hurt investor confidence, a weak mandate at the polls means the government will find it difficult to push through some of its tough structural reforms. Malaysia must call its next election before May next year.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A nice song to share

bersih 3.0 428见 《等什么?》 What a nice song to keep : Cantonese + Mandarin + English Will try yo search for the lyric and rap-along. Yeah. TEH

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fear in markets due to Bersih?

10.20 am : Just done with my classes ... will have 2 hours 'free' to complete some paper work ... KLCI is RED ... I am wearing yellow ... haha ... no no, just kidding. I am wearing RED.

Armada : KLCI down 8 points due to Armada? Armada down-down due to AK cut his stakes? Recently AK selling his assets, what is he up to? And re-listing of Astro for??

Digi : Coming back down to 4.02, thinking of 3.98 again ... but a report of SELL on Digi could be the reason it is down today? And the dividend-chasing crowd no longer using yellow? Arent yellow is a clean colour? Tmr DiGi will have free street-advertisement ... buy yellow, eat yellow food, wear yellow .. think yellow ... think DiGi.

YTL : Reaching 1.60 now ... bearish.

It is RED RED ... and the trading turnover is less than RM300m. Yes, very low volume ...

DRB : Up today ... thought she will go now for collection purposes.

Sunway : Up too ...

Cautious ahead of Bersih 3.0 rally by HL

In the wake of the S&P downgrade on Spain credit rating, as well as the domestic concerns over the looming 13th general election risk and a possible massive Bersih 3.0 rally on 28 Apr, KLCI will continue its cautious sideways consolidation •Overall, near term KLCI outlook has turned hazy after staying below the mid Bollinger band (1594) and the 30-d SMA (1589) supports. We see further consolidation ahead with immediate supports now hovering near 1567 (70-d SMA). A fall below 1567 is likely to trigger more selldown towards YTD low at 1549. Immediate resistance levels are historical high at 1609.

4.05 pm : I have an appointment but I have to postpone it to next week because DBKL is cleaning some roads ... with policemens watching, maing sure the roads are really clean. KLCI is donw 10 points now. Many of my stocks in red ...

DRB : Surging 7-8% ... really missed the boat ... i mean, the car.

MISC : This ship is sinking ... below RM5 today ... at 4.88 now. 4.88 = sei fatt-fatt ... mati also kaya.

KLCI down 12.34 points now .. it is 4.30pm.


CLEANing ... needed?

I seldom want to talk about politics, not Malaysian politics as it will sadden me ... getting myself emotionally drained. It is true ... I was 'actively' helping DAP PJ some 15 years ago, I do nothing much ... just lending my hands as I feel so strongly(back then) that I need to help my country ... Malaysians some justice.

I am NOT a Chinese, I am a MALAYSIAN.

Do anyone understand my sentiments? Does the gov/cronies and many more power-craze, money-sucking politicians(and their whole few coming generations ... extended family, kampung's relatives and friends) care about the state of our beloved country? Heck, do they?

Do you know we are resource-rich country, yet we are years behind Singapore now? Do you know that many of our 'nature' being abused by irresponsible politicians? Do you think they care if you are going to sit-stand-sleep to protest?

Waking up ... with such a movement is good. We will fail, yet again, to make any changes ... but little by little, we try to educate our new generations ... we try to make them realise that Malaysia is a RICH country. We should have our rights to share the richness, rather than merely selected ones.

What is the point yelling Malaysia-Boleh ... yet we know the hypocrisy behind the slogans? What are we talking about 1-Malaysia when our politicians speaking with race-inclination? What transparency could we see ... if many things done is out of public sight? What democracy when we do not have a chance even to speak about our sentiments and our feelings?

I want to repeat ... I love my country so much. I could easily drawn to tears ... seeing the raping of our Malaysia's resources and mis-management of the whole country. I do not want to protest, I want to support the governments. I dont want the fighting ... the bickerings ... it all saddened me. I do not agree with street-protest ... but it seems we are controlled.

I do cast my vote ... as my one vote may not be significant ... but that is my right, my voice.

Wish Malaysia all the best.


Waterfalls watch

DRB : Time to collect too ... at 2.28-2.30?

Sunway : A good stock, diving ... time to collect?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Interview : Lee Chong Wei

LCW : Do not bother about what others think of you, just stay focus in yourself.

Note : Buy his book. Everyone envy and everyone watching ... no one really appreciate his hard work. Listen(got English sub-title).

Yes, never quit, never give-up ... nothing to do much with skills(needed) as it is hardwork, discipline ... years of sweat ... to make a success. Along the way, a lot of sacrifices being done. It is very lonely 'top there' they said ... he still appreciate his coach, Misbun ... his previous coaches ... yes, that could not stop him to do his best.

For majority out there, it is called RESPECT ... and not envy, talk bad or finding faults in him. We do not even find time to THINK about those who have shown what success means ... what it takes. That explains why we have very few successful people around. If we want it very much, expect to sacrifice and work ... stay focus and work on it.

I believe majority will not even bother to waste their time listening to the interview, reading auto-biographies of successful personalities ... emulating those have successfully 'done it'.

Just do it.


Success Cycle by A.Robbins

How the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Why the happy people get positive vibes, the un-happy people remain negative. Choice is yours, stay positive. Wish I have the time to write out words by words ... re-cite and embed it into my mental system. TEH

Point 1 : How not to lose money

It is nearing May again ... as I was checking on some charts, I was busier chatting yesterday. Yes, my chat-box activated for the first time yesterday. haha.

ML : A new member in m stock watch, asking around about Utopia to punt. Then, he realised he came to the wrong page. Yes, it is in my clause and condition ... I do not entertain others stocks, especially those punting empty-shell stocks, I will shoot it down and delete them. If you dont know, learn.

Then, I was in the chat-box with him and few more ... I could get a bit irritated talking to those arrogant newbies. Heck, I was trying to help him ... and upset me when he said ... 'stock-market' is luck. LUCK? He punted to win a lot, only to lose it all. Then, I asked him ... give me 10 reasons WHY majority, 80-90% losing money in markets? If one could not point out 10reasons why a person losing/lost money, it just shows that he/she is not an experience person in trading or investing. Yes, you need to LEARN and EXPLORE things in daily basis ... in touch with market pulse, to understand what is stock-markets.

So, it is obvious that one of the reason why many losing or lost money is because they do not care about understanding or learning!! I am giving you the first pointer here. Listen, NO ONE is born genius to trade markets. NO ONE. Some take is shorter time to learn, some ... like me, take a longer road to learn. Some lucky ones like my tratles and stock-wacth group... learning from me for smallest of amount(of money). Heck ... why majority do not want to learn before going into markets? Yes, I could write a book about that. Haha ... it is speaking from experiences of losing money, knowledge and words shared among traders ... honest evaluation on why we lose money. Face it. We do lose money. If losing money is not your liking(dont make it a habit, tho), then market is NOT for you. If one thinks learning about stock-market(at least 3-5 years, ok?) is not needed ... then market is not for you.

A simple honest answer : YOU WILL LOSE MONEY, in a matter of time!! Get out now!!

Ok ... very discouraging, right? That is how I started my trading class ... tell them about ... hey, welcome to a place where you have higher(80% chances) chances to lose money!! Going to Genting to gamble, at least you will have higher chances!! Serious!!

Well ... that is only a brief first pointer why we all lose money in markets. lack of knowledge and experiences. Without it, we stand no chance ... we will continue to asking around if Utopia can buy or not? Then, he said Utopia is cheap ... AirAsia is expensive!! Arrghh ... that is second pointer ... lets not get into there yet. Haha

Digest the first point. READ more good books, educate yourself first as I am stiill learning and educating myself. I am not selfish ... I share with others, with my whole group ... with a hope I could help others ... not to lose money.

Got to go.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stand Up Comedy

Kumar : Stand Up Comedy Warning :Joke ... haha ... only for 25+ who could take jokes as jokes. TEH

Digi vs 3A : Game over

KLCI at 1584. I slept around 2 am again, rectifying some problems with my camstudio.

3A : Sold my last 6k units of her at 1.34 this morning. I simply DO NOT like those shooting higher, fast and furious stocks. Therefore, I have always sell too early. Could it go to 1.40 and beyond? I dont know ... i switched to another stock again this morning.

Digi : At 3.96 ... that is RM150 profits if I am holding to her at 3.93 two days ago. So, the 3A switched was a good swift decision. I did wrote it here when I done the switch, ok?

Note : All the above being shared in my stock-watch page. It is just a page to show what I m buying-selling. I do not take any responsibility for those 'following' and not all my trades giving profits, I do have loss-trades. No one could claim they will profit all the time. I am certainly not one of those.

To me, the trades are done with. SO, I do not look back on done trades but will reflect on those trades done during my 'weekend' analysis. These days I am really too busy to sit even 2 hours to write my trading journal. Yes, this blog is my journal too ... more of a journey, a lonely road ... to be a trader. I am not there yet ... just grasping some theories and testing out some.

Penang Trip : Ok, I met with 5 readers, 3 old-timers who came for my Penang-talk last year(thanks for your supports) and another 2 young traders. One is an accountant, more of buy-n-hold on good stocks. That is good ... yes, I told him to use only small amount to start learning to trade as in the end, holding power on good dividends counters still a very good/valid way of investing. Another is a fast-quick trader who have a dream of being a full-time trader!! Congrats ... as he is still so young. I told him much about MINDSET rather than METHODS ... and seeing that he is very positive with his dream, I do think he could do well in future.

Penang : Yes, I do agree that people there somehow more friendlier than those in KL. But the prices of properties there is very high .. most condo are above half-million now. Perhaps, I could think of Butterworth ... will consider there for retirement(Kuantan is no longer valid, and you know why). I love beaches ... don't know why ... so, I wont mind staying somewhere near to beaches. Well, I do still have one small beach apartment in Sabah(complete payment in 6 years time).

Presbhd : Wow ... was a bit late, bought at 0.96, sold at 0.995. It is test RM1 again. Buyback if break RM1? I don't know ... I do not like fast-n-furious stocks, ok? I am old ... slow and steady with dividends, depressed and diving is nice for me!!

time to run .... off till night.


PohKong and Tomei

PohKong : The above is a weekly chart of PohKong, clearing showing that it is downtrending. Supported at 20MA and all the indicators are bearish. Gold still staying above USD1600 ... when can I buy 'gold'? Should I grab PohKong at 0.48? Can my charts tell me that? Beep-beeeepp ... sending some signals to my cousins in Mars.

Tomei : A weekly chart. Supported at 20MA too, quite similar as above but RSI 44 ... so I prefer PohKong(RSI 33.88). As a chinese, we prefer 33 and 88 rather than 44, ok?


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Taubat by Opick

Wahai Tuhan jauh sudah
Lelah kaki melangkah
Aku hilang tanpa arah
Rindu hati sinarmu

Wahai Tuhan aku lemah
Hina berlumur noda
Hapuskanlah terangilah
Jiwa di hitam jalanku

Ampunkanlah aku
Terimalah taubatku
Sesungguhnya engkau
Sang Maha Pengampun Dosa

Ya Rabbi ijinkanlah
Aku kembali padaMu
Meski mungkin takkan sempurna
Aku sebagai hambaMu

Ampunkanlah aku
Terimalah taubatku
Sesungguhnya engkau
Sang Maha Pengampun Dosa

Berikanlah aku kesempatan waktu
Aku ingin kembali
Kembali kepadaMu
Dan mungkin tak layak Sujud padaMu
Dan sungguh tak layak aku

TEH : I like his songs very much. The music, the lyric, the meaning ... and yes, his voice.

KLCI still 2.30 points lower went below 1580 just now, hanging there now.

Digi vs 3A : Well, a switch which I shared yesterday ... luckily it is a good choice. Every one cent in DiGi is RM50 ... Digi toucehd 3.96 yesterday, back to 3.93. As I have average of 1.20 for 3A, every one cent is RM150 profits. So, I was taking a bet to switch ... and it happens to work. yes, I m pointing out probability, not certainty. Yes, I am going to dispose her ... and I could grab back Digi at 3.93 after a quick one day trade with 3A, right? I have done that many times too, each time when I am 'free'. Sometimes it did not work out, the one I sold ... shot up and the one I switched to, going lower. That is trading ... or err ... speculating/gambling.

3A : Selling ... 4k done at 1.26.

AirAsia : As I grabbed her at 3.35(RSI 22) and sold when nearing RM3.50 recently, today she is landing again ... to 3.40 ... shall I check her at 3.35 again?

Paper-loss : I do have a few paper-loss ... and at times, we wonder what we should do with them(sell or hold? Buy more?) ... hmm ... if we are going for good fundamental counters, we might really need to be patience ... and be confident to buy more, if it goes cheaper!! That is averaging down, which many of investors will do ... and calculating on the opportunity costs, I wonder if it is worth the wait?

I am going for a short walk to shops around. Will be back to blah-blah more ... and yes, I get noisier if markets going lower. Is it cheap sales at 1580 level now? May be not ... so, wait.

MC from i3: CP,there has many many 'Sifu" or "Master" blogs,so can u recommend which are the really good blogs we should look at as wat u said ?

There are few popular ones ... I do read and like Sal.Dali's blog a lot as I learnt many things from there ans still learning from his blog. Alex Lu's blog is another very popular amongst many blog-readers in KLSE. Majority of traders in my group read these two 'main' blogs. They are my blog readers too ... but I dont think so anyone will like my long-winded, ah pek style of writing, with very shallow information shared. Yes, I could at times 'entertain' with some jokes ... or perhaps, creatively write about something I read(LOL) ... other than that, I view my blog as just a place for me to voice out my points. If I could help or share something for the benefit of readers, it is in-direct. i do not really write to suit readers' needs. I am a 'selfish' person ... and only write for my own recording. It is public ... and it is free. This is still MY 'home'.

There is one thing MANY believe ... sifu-master mentality. There is NONE, actually. We could just share, learn from others ... adopt and adapt few trading or investing strategies, try it out .. apply and see if it work for us. Yes, we are our own best 'sifu'. I am certainly NOT any so-called sifu, I am in fact putting it bluntly ... I am just a novice. Can anyone teach me, please? I do appreciate what other bloggers done, by sharing their vast experiences. But ... again, NO ONE could tell you everything what is what. I don't even know when I should re-enter gold at the moment, for example. I just know gold is correcting.

I can't read Chinese ... there are a few good Chinese blog. Do search on them.

4.30 pm : KLCI still in red ... was chatting with an old friend.

KK : Yeah ... a person who work with my when I was in Sabah, played bowling together ... love Liverpool. He came to KL when I was in my first year of planning(financially) ... so, he knew very well how stupid I was financially. We discuss about financial independence together. Today, I am in KL to fulfil another 5-year plan and he is back to Sabah. Well, at elast he knew me well enough to know that I work hard to change my whole mindset about money/financial. I have changed much ... he is still working as a lecturer .. I m stilla lecturer, but I am moving ahead ... with many things to be done. Hope he will read rich-dad, poor-dad and do something.

3A : Sold another 5k units at 1.30 ... waiting to clear my 6k units?


Information overload

DOW down 100 points ... I spelt quite late last night, reading and doing some analysis on some charts. It is interesting that we see it ... many stocks are retracing lower(due to fear of MAY, fear of GE ... fear of EURO ... fear of ... double dip?). Only some stocks in play are still running strong such as JCY or Padini. Under-valued or over-valued in stocks is seldom being considered by majority in markets!! The question is always "This one can buy arr? or Should sell or not?". Well, commonly found everywhere. Sometimes, I do wish I know(haha ... I don't, honestly) ... but those playing with speculative active penny stocks will tell you that they know certain stocks will SUREly goreng-up to certain levels. It is really amazing ... how do they actually know about it?

Insiders News : Yes, it is from the internal sources that hidden from the majority public. An unfair advantage, they called it. So, some dealers or remisiers might be trying to help their clients by giving 'hot tips'. And if the tips are right a few times, it is a SURE win tips ... otherwise, he/she will be condemned. Hmm ... do they really have the insider's tips? Actually, I do believe there is such thing ... because if you are working internally in a company, you may be alert to see some changes(in management, policies etc etc) and if you are the financial controller or accountant(or auditor), then you certainly have the unfair advantage!! You may want to 'help' your relatives, close trusted friends ... by 'leaking' some sensitive data/numbers. It is an insider tips. Once it is out, it is difficult to control ... and some spread like a fire in the dry bushes.

Rumours : This is another inportant information for punters alike ... the hear-say ... who and who ... what is what ... when is when. Today, anything related to RC(Raymond Chan) is being rumoured and spread wildly in forums. Yes, forums are the platform for rumours to be spread by certain parties(syndicates, directors, politicians, broker houses ... you name it, the SHARKS). It is meant to move the greedy uninformed public into buying a particular counters, rumours ... to lure some greedy get-rich quick mentality and gamblers in markets. They will be excited about the rumours they recived ... and gaining hugely overnight, making them to believe all the rumours from the similar resources are genuine? Mis-leading information being spread as rumours too ... rumours of privatisations and some take-over ... anything!! Anything you can think of to make normal traders/investors in market becoming greedy. Only those in markets long enough could comprehend the 'damage'(to our account and emotions) done ... to the extent that many quit markets after being 'conned'. That is how powerful rumours could be ... so, I never under-estimate rumours spreading ... and I always remind myself to be discipline enough not listening to any.

News : There is always news out there ... to entertain us. I am talking about biz-news, financial articles which could be found in many prints ... with the internet, such news could be spread in very fast pace, reaching out to general public. With the use of internet-trading too, many more trading constantly relating to news. They said .. buy into rumours, sell into news? I don't know ... I do read news whenever I am 'free', especially it is related to the the sectors I am looking into or some entertaining news(such as MAS at the current situation). Yes, take news with a pinch of salt. Errr ... a large pinch, I think. haha. Well, we have a choice ... either to read or not those news.

Reports : Well ... many of us do read broker reports. Or am I wrong to say that? Only few read annual reports? Or am I right to say that? Whether the reports is 'right' or 'wrong' in our prepective, it is up to us to interpret the broker houses calls(buy, hold, sell). At times, we have contradicting calls ... one say BUY and another say HOLD ... or SELL. What should we do? I mean, same counters trading at same prices but different point of view. There is no hard truth ... just evaluate it ourselves. Either we are trading or investing, there should be criteria we look into. If those criteria suit us well, then place it as our conditions in buying or selling. We all certainly have different risk appetite, different personalities ... some like it slow, some like it fast ... others don't like anything at all. Majority are confused(like me) ... can we trust those reports?

Blogs : Oh boy ... with the growing population moving into internet, the number of blogs could only increase. Whether they could sustain and still alive, it depends on the purpose of the person blogging. Well, my blog will be alive as long as I am trading. It is my trading adventure, anyway. It is certainly boring to many ... a good way to gauge, a recent 30-40% drop in my readership!! Hehe ... yeah, one of the few bloggers who do not wish to have too many readers(they are noises to me) but keeping those geniunely wanting to share, to watch and support. Anyway, reading blogs certainly could be just a past-time, edutainment purposes ... and do not take whatever written in blogs in total. This one ...certainly need to take a huge pinch of salt. haha ... read those good blogs ... leave mine as the last, please. These days, I do not write much, either. Wei-wei ... I am still alive and kicking. Just extract good pointers written by bloggers, ok?

Time to run ...

Happy trading. Will KLCI dive another 10 points, please?


Bila waktu telah terhenti by Opick

Bagaimana kau merasa bangga
Akan dunia yg sementara
Bagaimanakah bila semua hilang
Dan pergi meninggalkan dirimu

TEH : Yes, this world is only temporary ... everything we thought we owned now will leave us.

Bagaimanakah bila saatnya
Waktu terhenti tak kau sadari
Masihkah ada jalan bagimu
Untuk kembali mengulangkan masa lalu

TEH : Yes, when time frozen ... could we undo things we have done? Why would we live in regrets, knowing that we could not change what have passed. Time ... yes, time will be frozen ... someday ... one day.

Dunia dipenuhi dengan hiasan
Semua dan segala yang ada akan kembali padaNya

TEH : Yes, the world is full with beauty ... but all will be return to Him.

Bila waktu tlah memanggil,
Teman sejati hanyalah amal
Bila waktu telah terhenti
Teman sejati tingallah sepi

TEH : When time is calling, when time is frozen ... everything will stop. Total silence.

A very nice song with good lyric. Glad I found it. Thanks.



Monday, April 23, 2012

Stock Watch : The 'M's

MAS : At historical low 1.23 today. Yes, it is the lowest level since MAS listed. RSI at 28. Well, don't worry ... the gov will use our money to bail her out. You see, MAS is our Malaysian pride ... the 'wau' that is flying high ... with losses after losses ... MAS = Mana Ada Sistem ... I heard of that since I was in lower secondary(early 1980s). We read that MAS being bailed-out once ... so, reports that the employees of MAS may have tough times ahead? WHAT? Do you think they could have a turn-around? If you do, yes ... MAS is could be a good bet ... err ... betting that they wont lose Billions but just Millions. ouch ... they do need Jala the net?!

MAS ... a friend of mine, LY, caught at RM2.30 and told me about it. Also, BL told me days ago that his friend bought MAS at 1.30 for 'child education fund'. It went up to 1.70 but did not sell ... coming back below 1.30, wanting to cut-loss. Ouch. First of all, do NOT buy losing money, GLC companies for long term!! That is logical .. GLC companies fully of non-competence employees(their mentality is gov owed them a living!) and with Malaysin being the cleanest-non-corrupted country, you do not want to have that political risk in your long term investment. Well, dividends is another very important criteria to buy-n-hold for long(more than 10 years). So, selling at 1.23 ... is a painful lesson.

Unless you are going for short-mid term trade(less than 1 year), MAS is to be avoided. Buy good dividend stocks, if you are holding. Otherwise, hold on your cash ... buy NOTHING unless market collapse. It will ... matter of time. Wait ... a month, a year ... 5 years ... you are going for long term, anyway. So ... wait. That is what I am doing for my kid's education fund where I am putting RM500 each month ... accumulating it till market collapse!! I hope it will collapse this year ... but if it only collapse in 3-5 years time, I will wait. Shall we wait for KLCI below 1000 level again? Nice.

MISC : At RM5 again ... do read my previous trade on her recently. Today, with RSI at 28 ... I will like at RM4.50 levels. That is another 50cents retracement ... the ship is sinking(just like MAS crashing) ... will it float?

MRCB : At 1.68, this one can wait ... till 1.46? That is quite unlike in short-term as RSI at 23 now ... it will be nice if it could go another 10cents lower, at 1.55-1.58 ... will it dive further tmr? Yes, this is a political vehicle, without much fundamentals or competence people running the show. What happens to the RRIM land stories?

Other "M" family counters that I am watching are MahSing, Malton, Masteel, Maxis, Maxwell, MayBank, MayBulk, MBMR, MBSB, Media, Megb, MFlour, MHB, MKLand, MMCCorp, MNRB, MPHB, MPI, MSC, MSM, MSports, MudaJaya, Muhibah and MyEg.

Phew ... there are many 'M's in my watchlist, indeed.  Which one is in yours too? No ... I do not have Mtronic or MPay that most klse-kaki likes. I don't like those.


Monday ... it is MONDAY ... back to office after a week break. I am wearing red, and it closes about 7 points lower for lunch. I m not sure what to write. Many of the second liners are not doing well, and I have to dispose many, preserving cash. Shall we check 1580 ... or lower?

DiGi : I sold her at cost price(still need to pay broker-fees of RM200, ok? ... so, it is still a loss) for some cash, seeing many more retracing to good levels.

Note : I am changing DiGi for 3A, actually. Managed to grab at 1.20 this morning, average. Digi still up ... every one cent Digi up, that was RM50 profits ... but as I am going for 3A, I am able to buy more units. So, every cents up is RM150 profits. I do expect DiGi to move to RM4 and above. A 10cents of DiGi up translate to RM500 profits, so ... I need 3A to up by 4-6 cents at least, to justify my change. At the current moment, DiGi at 3.95 and 3A at 1.21. I am writing it here as I do such trades, I mean ... changing a counter to another. Sometimes it works well, sometimes I was proven wrong. We shall see. The position size for 3A is smaller than DiGi as of coz ... DiGi is a heavy-weights, 3A is much more volatile, the risk is higher.

WCT : I have cleared her last week at cost price too. Yes, construction in down trending and I have to avoid for a time being.

AirAsia : Another stock I sold last week ... this one giving me profits enough to cover DiGi and WCT broker-fees. Nothing much, just need to re-balance and reduce my exposures.

Cash : Yes, more cash will be pumped in only if market corrects further and many cheaper items available.

Trends : Make trends your friends and I have failed this important rule. So, I am being punished with 'losses'. ouch.

Cut-loss : Cut-losses small and when it reaching your stop-loss level. Failed to do that for two trades and getting stucked ... and un-intentional loooong term investors. Yes, I may claim that the amount is not that much ... but it is STILL wrong to average down, rather than cut-losses. double-ouch

Yes, I am not in mood... if you know why. Never mind.

Let me walk alone ...


Sunday, April 22, 2012

EPF withdrawal is a scam?


Remember during Budget 2008 announcement last yr, our Finance Minister cum PM) announced that in order to assist KWSP members to reduce the burden in housing loan repayment, KWSP will allow monthly withdrawal from members' A/C II for the purpose? Sounds like a nice goodies! When you apply for the monthly withdrawal, you only need to provide KWSP yr housing loan & installment details from yr bank and the bank a/c # you like KWSP to bank the monthly withdrawal into it. KWSP will approve yr application based on the available amt in yr A/C II and compute the withdrawal period by dividing the approved amt with the monthly installment amt. Application process takes about a month and you will receive the monthly payout promptly into yr bank a/c! Well everything appear to be nice and good. It was indeed a noble plan until you take to close look at yr KWSP Statement!

This is how the so-called KWSP SCAM works........ Assuming you have RM100,000 in yr A/C II and yr housing loan's monthly installment is RM2000/mth. KWSP will approve your application of withdrawal from yr A/C II of RM100,000 and pay you RM2000/mth for the next 50mths. Everything appears to be in order BUT....... What KWSP didn't highlight to you is that when the application was approved, the TOTAL AMT (RM100,000) is removed from A/C II! It appears to be transferred to an unknown a/c to effect the monthly payment from therein. The impact to the member are as follows :-

1. You just lost RM100,000 from yr A/C II. Assuming the KWSP Dividend is 5%, you will lose RM4,000 in dividend during the 1st year. Based on the above example you will lose RM10,000 over the 50 mths period!

2. There is no statement to account for the amount approved vs. amt paid, hence you would need to keep the monthly payment voucher to reconcile against the approved amt over the 50mths period to ensure there is no missing amt! Assuming there are 100,000 members who innocently fell prey to this SCAM, based on the above example, KWSP would have cheated the members of 100,000 X RM10,000 = RM1,000,000,000 (that's RM1 BILLION) over the period!

Furthermore, if you discovered this SCAM early and intend to stop the plan, KWSP would not allow any cancellation of the plan until at least 1 year. That would mean, once the application is approved, based on the above example, you would have lost RM4,000. 100,000 members would have lost 100,000 X RM4,000 = RM400,000,000(RM400 MILLION) in One Year!!! If you're a victim of this KWSP SCAM, would suggest you call your MP to raise it up in Parliament! For others who have not fallen into this SCAM, pls continue to watch out and alert yr family & friends about this.


Taken from my e-mail


dee : This a misunderstood fact. EPF had already clarified that divident is still applied to the amount that is moved out of Account II. ... I this is a very very old email that was circulating. Can go to to check on this fact.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Penang lang better FQ?

5.10 pm ... KLCI staying below 1600.

Constructions : Many counters under heavy selling ... I have sold WCT at my cost price 2.44. YTL back to 1.70 levels and MudaJaya been down a lot, at 2.60 levels now.

I went to Plaza Gurney last night ... impressive modern shopping mall. I went to MPH to check on some books. Then, I noticed something ... finance-investment section is near the doorsteps and there are so MANY good collections of books there!! Yes, Penang is doing well now ... and I think more and more Penang people realise the IMPORTANCE of financial education. FQ = financial quotient, certainly needed.

Now I think there are many traders and investors from Penang. There are so many blocks of high-end condos along the way to Bt Ferringi.

I am having headache now. Need to rest. I will be meeting some readers tmr.



p/s : There is a new format in blogger ... arrghh ... getting used to the old ones, and they must change?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Penang Trip

It is almost 11 pm ... I do need to sleep early as I will be driving up early in the morning, planning 5am. The meeting I am planning is only to meet-up with some readers, those supporting me all these while ... to thank them, personally.

I have no plan to give a talk or teaching. Perhaps that is why not many coming this time? No no ... I am not charging anything, please. It is just for sharing opinions ... I am not well-known .. not a celebrity(haha) ... I am just a normal trader like many out there. The only thing I do 'extra' is that I do have a blog ... but even that, I do not write much anymore? Well, as I said ... I am busy with classes and also with my trading group.

So, if tho wish to meet up ... just come anytime from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. I have to drive back to KL by 5pm ... otherwise I will reach KL very late.

Hope to see few of them there.



Book : Trading In the Nutshell

This is another book worth reading. It is about RM120 but it worth the dollars and time. He is an Australian. Below is a clip from youtube. Search for more info, if you are interested.

This presents some interesting questions. If there are hundreds of indicators, then which one(s) should you use? Do you actually need to use any indicators?

These questions have troubled traders for years and will continue to do so. I went through the search myself, looking for the right indicator to use, and every time I heard someone new present a seminar about trading, I ended up considering the indicators that I had learnt about during the presentation in my own trading. I used to think like a lot of people do — that is, If he (or she) is using these indicators, then they must work, so I am going to use them.

Even though I have introduced these indicators to you, I must honestly tell you that I personally dont use any of them, and havent for a number of years now. The indicators discussed in this chapter were chosen because I believe them to be the most popular indicators, used by the greatest number of traders.

I am not saying that they dont work or that they wont assist you with your trading. I tested the various indicators to see if they would provide me a significant advantage in my trading, and for me, they all came up negative. I therefore questioned the need to use any of them in my trading. The truth is that no indicator is infallible, and they often provide false signals. If they dont provide a marked advantage to you, if they dont provide you an edge, then why use them?

The only indicators I use are a moving average and a couple of very simple indicators I developed myself, and their use is limited to my entry decision. The whole premise behind my use of indicators is to keep it simple.

By Stuart McPhee


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Book : The Winning Investment Habits

Chapter 21 : Whatever you have, spend less. (excerpt)

Very simply, without this attitude to money you won't keep what you have earned. Spending money is easy --- anyone can do it. making money is not. That's why living below your means is the attitudes that underlies the foundation of the master investor's success : Preservation of capital.

By keeping what he has, and adding to it by living below his means, the master investor lets his money compound indefinitely. And compound interest plus time is the foundation of every great fortune.

Most people want to be rich so that they could fly first class, lie it up in the Ritz, feast on champagne and caviar, and go shopping at Tiffany's without giving second thoughts to their credit card bills.

The problem is that people who have this attitude to money don't wait until they are rich before they start indulging their fantasies, even if only on a small scale. As a result they never accumulate any capital, or even worse go into debts so they can live BEYOND their means ... and remain poor or middle-class.

.... if compound interest isn't working for you, it is working against you, bleeding your money away.


The above is a good book to have and I like it a lot. I am still reading some pages as I have not completely finish reading. In fact, most of the books are for collection purposes(haha), extracting some information, concepts along the way ... while reading such books enriching me. Yes, being frugal ... delay gratification and related notion of 'susah dulu, senang kemudian' lines ... playing again and again in my days.

It has been 6 looong years that I tried to change my mindset about MONEY. It is about personal finances, actually. Money is just a tool. Seeing that I am improving, motivate me to improve further and preaching about 'frugality' ... wondering if I am really as frugal as I wish to be. I am not. I do still have some 'luxury' and spending on my kids(especially weak spot).

So, I need to check on my personal expenses in greater details ... where is the 'lubang' where my money flowing out? Why? Can I reduce that ... can I curb spending? What decisions have I made(financially stupid) that I could learn from and not spending on it anymore?

There is always something we could reduce, and it could be seen positively. For example ... my love of coffee ... I do take those 'nescafe 3-in-1' in the morning. I do at times ... drop-by in some kopi-tiam for a drink(coffee, mocha, hot-choc) or those Starbuck! So, coffee is not good for us? 3-in-1 is not good? Starbuck is expensive? Time to give-up coffee in total ... and it could save me $$$ right? haha ... drink plain water, it is good for you.

I mjust kidding ... I know I wont stop having coffee or lack of strong will to stop totally. my body will give excuses that I could not work without caffeine.

ok ok ... I will remain as frugal as I can. What I mean is to live below my means. I will try to increase my earning-power, reduce my expenses ... invest those 'extras'. I will always have debts ... as I have no intention to buy everything using cash. Well, say NO to credit-cards ... say YES to loans. If you could get 10% gain from markets ... then, yes ... take whatever loans possible!!

So, get the book ... am I getting any commission for promoting? Well ... time to learn internet marketing, right?

1.55 pm : KLCI still slightly below 1600.

I have wanted to write about plantations and my trades ... but get too busy. Anyway, keeping myself in touch with market is important.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Book : Unfair Advantage

1.Knowledge – Knowledge put to use equates to power. There are several ways to make money be it in a business, real-estate, stock market, content creation, licensing deals, internet marketing or several other endeavors. The point here is that nothing happens without educating yourself. Warren Buffet the second riches man in the world is known for his constant reading and learning abilities. The premise of Unfair Advantage is with very high financial education, money flows in rather than out. You can pay zero in taxes and earn millions with very low risk by using other people’s money in good or bad economics. This creates an extreme unfair advantage.

TEH : I am currently moving into stock-market and will also learn about internet marketing. Yes, I will like to see myself going into business. No risk is too high ... by being in fear to take risk. So, I have been educating myself in financial education, increasing my once idiotic-ignorance to someone who know a little about fnances. It is not easy to change the mindset, especially you are surrounded by people who know nothing much about wealth creation and such. Hence, the decision to be back to KL is to expose myself ... bare-naked, my weaknesses in personal finances and forcing myself to face reality. I m doing fine at the moment ... but I need to take big leap forward, if I am going to move ahead. Increase our financial IQ. My good IQ in Math did not make any much(financially) in my 20 years of teaching, today ... I m slowly utilising my brain ... it is tough, but I could only improve. Let the struggle continues ... while learning to progress.

2.Taxes – Taxes are government incentives to get people to do what they want them to do. Thus because businesses create jobs and wealth, they have tax strategies as incentives to keep the economy going. There is one huge premise that people need to understand. I will lay out the difference. When you are an employee, you work, pay your taxes and then get your money to pay your expenses. When you are a business, you work, pay all your expenses and then pay taxes on what is left. This is totally legal and can boost rates of return legally. Remember one thing - Tax avoidance is prudent while tax evasion means jail time.

3.Debt – Good debt creates true wealth by allowing you to use OPM (Other People’s Money). This is very powerful and requires discipline. This is one area I wish this book talked about in more detail. Please note that debt used wisely can create leverage and unlimited wealth. Too much debt used wrong can create financial ruin. Also, know that 85+% of the U.S. population has too much BAD debt. This is not what we are talking about. This needs to be taken care of as well to truly achieve financial freedom. The use of debt is an advanced strategy and needs to be used wisely which requires financial education.

4. Risk – The biggest risk in investing comes from the financially uneducated giving their money to financial planners and hoping things work out. This by far has caused large losses for people. Inflation is running rampant right now even though the government says it is not. This is a bigger risk for savers than taxes. Saving money as an investment is a bad idea because over time the value is eaten away through inflation. 401K’s and mutual funds along with diversification are all pitched as NOT risky. This is furthest from the truth. 1. Mutual funds are subject to double taxes as well as fees which eat away at your returns. Also, you are not in control of your money. Note: This does not mean that ALL funds are bad. This is where financial education comes in. Several financial planners will tell their customers to diversify. According to Warren Buffet – “Diversification is a protection against ignorance.”

TEH : I have learned to earn, save ... and invest. Yes, it is much more riskier not being financially educated.

5. Compensation – The rich don’t work for money. Think about hard work for a moment. If you work overtime then you are trading hours for dollars. The problem becomes that your marginal tax rate increases as you make more ordinary income. Your overtime is taxed higher as you work more. I am not against hard work. Just make sure you couple it with SMART and RIGHT WORK as well. The rich work to buy assets that create cash flow. Your goal should be to have your money work harder than you do and make you more money as soon as possible.

TEH : Yes, I do work hard for money, increasing my income ... placing good foundation in my financial education while continue to work hard ... making my money to work harder now could be the only way for me to acheive my goal ... to be financially free in 10 years time.

Hard work? What hard work? I have been lazy, financially-stupid, being ignorance ... today, I will remind myself NOT to be normal. Normal 80% people are average or poor, financially. The notion of 'money is evil' is NOT TRUE ... I grown up being told that money is the root of all evils, where my parents and people around FIGHT about money. It has always been planted in our mind ... you are born poor. Accept it. Face it. It is like a curse ... for being born in a poor hawker-family. It is like ... our faults ... and we have been taught in VERY wrong manner when it comes to financial. Somehow ... it is never in our teaching to learn more about money and create wealth.

They say that it is wrong to be money-minded. I am not money-minded, I am motivated to learn more about why majority are average or poor and how those minority created wealth(in a clean legal way, please. I do believe in God). If you are just a teacher or a lecturer, you will 'get-by' with your life, financially. If you love your teaching(like me) then you are few lucky ones. Majority of teachers or lecturers do not plan to be in teaching-line. They want a stable career, and so-called easy-job. Or they do not have the ability in any other job. Teachers are NOT risk taker .. playing it safe ... READ my dear fellow teachers ... schools never teach about MONEY. You need to develop your own mindset.

Teachers, one day .. when I 'make- it', I will have workshop about money ... just for teachers!! I will share and teach how teachers could CHANGE their mindset. I could related to teachers ... and I am in teaching line for 20+ years now. Yes, I have a dream ... of helping traders or investors not to lose money anymore in markets and I want to help teachers(those who want to help themselves la) to CHANGE for a better ... financially. They need to be educated.

Note : Just bought the book to add to my collection.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Penang Trip

This is to confirm that I will be visiting Penang and to meet few of those in my group. Those readers who are free to meet, feel free to contact me. It is 'free' la ... just meeting for yam-char and getting to know each other, sharing opinions.

Date : 21st April

Day : Saturday

Time : 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Venue : Hydro Hotel, Bt Feringgi

Please confirm with me if you are coming. I just need to know if only one turn up(haha) or 10 or 100?

Thanks and see you.


Trading Habits

Do listen.

Dedicated to those in forums and many more who like to ask "can buy ar? or should i sell?" LISTEN. Then, change the way you trade. You are not trading, you are gambling if you do not have a plan.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Mr Koon : Plantation

Mr Koon : To me, it is stupid and no brain to put your money in FD or Bonds. I do not buy gold too. I am more interested into stock-markets as I could look into their balance-sheets. I borrowed a lot of money from banks to invest in markets.

TEH : I like him very much ... I am doing what he is doing!! Yes, if you could beat 10% per annum, do it. It is ignorance if you put your money in bonds, unit trust, mutual funds, fixed-deposits. Yes, I am a stock-market person.

XinQuan : Undervalued with RM180m in cash.

Plantation : I do not buy KLK, Sime or IOI ... but looking into smaller plantation counters where the growth is still tremendouos. Yes, buy ... buy those plantation counters and keep. Personally, I have RSawit and TSH. I might buy BStead, HSPlant, TDM, MHC, Kwantas, THPLant, IJMPlant ... many more I do like!!!

Money is just the icing on the cake. Yes, I believe in such ... values are more important.

BUY HIS BOOK!! Corruption in Perak and UTAR case ... donating RM30m, but no one take him seriously. All they think of is how to benefit from the projects. Talking about mis-managed public funds!!

Shun Gold and Bonds, Stay Focused on Value and Growth, Invest like an Owner

13-Apr-12 10:47

The Breakfast Grille Podcasts

Investor and Philanthropist Koon Yew Yin and Salford University Professor of Investing Glen Arnold discuss:

- Valuegrowth Investing - (seemingly) contrasting terms of value and growth;

- (The tricks behind) purchasing at as low a price relative to its future prospects;

- Identifying the elements behind future earnings per share;

- Koon - "buy shares that have profit growth prospects" - timeframe - discipline - patience;

- Malaysia - multitude of sectors trading below NTA - strategies to address;

- Benjamin Graham principles - trading discount to Net Current Asset Value - importance of patience;
- "Margin of safety" - data points;

- Koon - case study - value-based investment in Xingquan - patience - (lack of public) track record;

- "Honesty - competence" - managerial team - the human variable - Raj Rajaratnams and Madoffs of this world - challenges;

- Views of currency denominated investments - need for liquidity

- Buffett as a famous gold detractor

- Koon's and Arnold's preferred investment types;

- Koon - "the safest shares to invest are undervalued oil palm shares" - details - explanation;

- Black Swan events - strategies to address;

- Malaysia-specific situation - state omnipresence in capital markets - role of governance - corruption;

- The pursuit of wealth - - quest for happiness;

- KYY - his book - Malaysia: Roadmap to Vision 2020.

Dr Loh : Thanks for the sharing


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Penang Trip

I am going to make a trip to Penang next week and planning a meeting with my e-tratles, my readers and those who came for my last talk(8 of them) ... it is free and just a chat with those who have been supporting me(emotionally too. Thanks). Yes, it will be just a sharing session and I will try to answer some questions, if I could.

It should be next SAT around 2pm. I have not decide where to stay this time ... thinking of Hydro Hotel as they do have some 'discounts' through 'groupon' site.

Quote from a t-shirt : Nobody's perfect. I am nobody.

Well ... obviously I am just a nobody. Haha ... certainly I m not perfect!! far from it ... just learning and sharing.

Just e-mail me with your phone-number. I will get back to you before I drive up.


p/s : No, I m not afraid of the quake or tsunami.

Comment to i3

yeah ... I never have good financial-education and broke in my whole life until recently(too late?) decided to change my whole mindset ... and still changing and learning, to be better educated in personal finances. Since then, I am very thrifty(being called kiam-siap now) and will continue to learn how to earn more. Being born into a very poor family is just an excuse I will not use anymore.

Investing is the best thing I have discovered so far. It is never too early to start as if one starts early, TIME is on their side. These young financially-educated ones will do very well, financially in future.

I am planning to be well-off in another 10 years time. I will be retiring by then. If one day I done well, I will like to share my experiences(through writing a book ... free distribution for education purposes) with the young ones. It is a dream at the moment ... and I allow myself to dream, while planning.

Anyway, it is encouraging to know there are still some young ones well ahead of the mojority. As long as these young ones NOT listening to those get-rich quick and gambling their money, punting into those hot-stocks ... they should be safe and do well.

Mojority in many forums yak-ing around about those empty-shells stocks will be trashed out by markets and if they are strong enough to learn the lessons, they will survive to be wiser. Otherwise, there is no way one could advise gamblers not to gamble?

Investing is a long view process ... where we grow our capitals. I will like to write much more, one day.

I was a fool ... a total financial-idiot till recently. I am still struggling in many ways. I m here to learn more from others by sharing experiences, by being honest and being REAL.

I have a dream



Compound Interest

Compound Interest : The 8th wonder of the world

Yes, start them young. I decide to teach my Standard One boy investment next year, placing him just RM100 per month ... and by year end, buying a stock for dividends and let it compounds. By the time he is 18, when he is going to college, the money saved and invested could cover his education fees. I do not believe in buying education funds for him. I will teach him investments.

Financial education could be the most important investment for our kids.

Think of it.

11.20 am : KLCI reaching 1600 ... yes, just do it ... so, I will put RM500 per month for my son next month and collect enoough to BUY a good depressed stock in stages!! Yes, must be discipline. Need to educate my wife about saving and investing too. Then, such habits should be passed to our young kids. Teach them to save and invest. Yes, just do it!! Thanks, Kuldip.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Investment banker

CityBoy : Geraint Anderson


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Regrets in lives

BY Adam Khoo : I read something today that got me reflecting about how I am living each day of my life. Bronnie Ware is a nurse who spent several years working with terminally ill patients, looking after them in the last three to 12 weeks of their lives. During that time, she became accustomed to hearing them reveal their biggest regrets.

These are the top 5 biggest regrets of people who were near death

1) I wish I had allowed myself to be happier
2) I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends
3) I wish I hadn't worked so hard
4) I wish I had the courage to express my feelings

5) I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me- This was the BIGGEST REGRET of all. When people realise that their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most people had not honoured even a half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made.

I am proud to say that I am living my life everyday without any of these regrets...expect the part of 'working very hard'. But then again, I really enjoy my work that it really isn't work to me. I love what I do so much that my work is really a play day everyday. How about you? Is there anything you feel you need to change about the way you are living your life?


good to collect words from Adam Khoo. Will like to reflect on my own lives ... otherwise, I might have my biggest regrets in future. Whatever I am doing today ... tmr ... next week ... will it put values in my lives and people around me? Whatever I am doing ... I do not regret much in my lives, as I believe I just need to conitnue to learn to be a better person, a better human .. a better teacher, a better trader ... can we have it all?


Have you ever had a big idea or dream - something you wanted so bad ... but you were too scared to make it happen, or maybe you didn't really believe it could? Think of how often you've had someone you looked up to or viewed as successful – shoot one of your suggestions full of holes. Ideas and babies have a lot in common - they require a lot of nourishment to survive. A new idea, regardless of its size, may not be able to withstand a beating when you first give it birth." - Bob Proctor


Manage your own money

Self-investing vs Mutual Funds

Reason 1 : High fees charged

Reason 2 : Early withdrawal by investors

Reason 3 : Short-term focus(for their bonuses)

Reason 4 : Good fund manager lured away

Reason 5 : Fund managers underperform stock-market.


#1 : Buy quality companies when they are under-valued

#2 : Dividends are key

#3 : Investing is not risky if you know what you are doing


Sunday, April 08, 2012

Call Warrants to punt

Axiata-ck : Excersie at RM5, ratio 5 ... current ck at 0.07, it is at almost zero premium. THe expiry date is in June(be aware) and gearing 15 level, it is only for high risk .. quick-punters.

DRB-cj : With exercise price 2.10, ratio 4, current cj at 0.185 and expiry in Nov ... it is worth watching. Will consider to punt into her. Gearing 3.6 level, and mommy above 20MA, the risk could be managed.

MudaJaya-ch : At 0.26, ratio 3 and exercise 2.25, the premium is low for another 9-month to go expiring CW. Well, mommy in down trending. Do not buy a call-warrant to hold, hoping the mommy to jump up.

General rules : DO NOT trade something that you do not know. The risk could be too high, higher than you thought. Just be discipline ... do not trade or buy whatever you do not know. One may start to learn first, try it small ... and gain some experiences. Cut-loss becoming more important in call-warrants.

Recently I have successfully traded BIMB-cc and only a few in my stock-watch group following my one-two days trades ... 0.125 to 0.165 then 0.125 to 0.14, 0.15 to 0.175. Those were good trades, hard to come by and needs to be alert(and lucky too).

Trading call-warrants is certainly NOT for majority. My point is that ... if you cant even 'handle' the boring MudaJaya, how are you going to trade its babies? Also, which one to choose from? Of coz the above are just my opinions ... the trades I might take.

I was thinking ... certainly there are MANY punters like such thrill ... so, I won't mind sharing few of those call-warrants I am going to trade(since I am on holiday now) for coming weeks.

Trade at your own risk. Thank me if you profitted ... support me by joining my trading group, and I will share more there.. Thanks.


Saturday, April 07, 2012

Chart Nexus : Stock Watch

I went to the meeting ... less than 20 attended 'FREE' stock screening!! Many elder ones there(uncles) comparing to aunties ... another half comprises of 'less than 40' bracket. I do wonder WHY there are so so few of them attending stock-screening. There are hundreds, if not thousands of them attended the RM4k+ trading course by CNX ... 4 days of those technical analysis stuff ... believe me, LESS than 20% could understand or absorb what is being taught(I m one of the failure ... I went in with prior technical knowledge ... and I am ... err ... good in Maths?) ... no way anyone could learn technical-analysis in days. Wake up ... be real. Now, what I do like about CNX is they do give this 'follow-up' sessions ... plus a forum(for members only). BUT it fails ... it fail to expect those paid thousands of good-money to LEARN ... do you know why?

First of all, the course is GOOD .. the system is good ... the follow-up could help those serious in learn technical analysis ... to LEARN. What is failing is ... the participants!! Majority of them attended the trading course for WRONG purposes(we all grown up doing things for wrong purposes, anyway). All they want is access to the forums ... if possible, some 'sifus' there mention about some stocks for them to PUNT and hoping to profits. Many of them attended trading courses AFTER they have been losing money ... like it or not, they never reflect INTERNAL systems(their brain, their emotion ... themselves!) that is failing. It is not the system ... it is the trader's mindset that is failing.

Yeah right ... what do you expect? Trading to be easy ... such as checking some charts, some indicators ... some buying-selling signals to do such trades? Really? Read all you want ... attend the course, if you could afford and wish. You will 'give-up' and abck to the square one ... due to wrong learning mindset!!

Anyway ... many more will continue to search for the sure-win system, sure-win stocks ... and still believing they will be 'rich' quick soon. Until they realise the stat of 90% losers in market, they will be just adding to the stat. I know I do not sound so encouraging ... but it is needed to be blunt. Be splash some cold water into these traders' dream ... many of them will NOT even know how to apply after they so-called graduated. Hmm ... then, what is the solution for this? I am asking myself this question too as I hope my tratles(as a group) will do well in trading ... helping each other.

Ok ... stocks that being discussed today .. screening for gap-up. I will write about how I see it rather than how the 'trainer' see it as I did not jot down what he said.

Ingress : Need to go above 1.02. I dont like the current level as it has moved above my 0.95 entry level. I do not like chasing a stock, and it is currently in news, reported in The Edge(something with Tenaga). Very low volume at the moment but the recent extreme high volume is worth watching. Did not satisfied my 'liquidity' criteria. So, I wont look into it.

GenP : Checking at 9.40 level ... why is there such an unsual high red volume bar last Friday? Still a good old Asiatic ... it is Genting's plantation arm.

Favco : Gap-up .. above 20MA, technically pointing up. Need to see if the 20MA a good support. I dont know about its fundamentals.

Wellcall : The trainer asked if anyone knew about its businesses ... and I just answered him since I do know Wellcall. Yes, rubber-hose ... . Currently trending strongly uptrend, worth to consider. Technically, it shall pullback further ... so wait for buying signals or one may use 20MA as support.

I was quiet ... till he mentioned KFC's chart. Well, I just shared with the group that KFC could NOT be traded anymore. I have struck her off my list. I traded KFC before, I like KFC(as a stock ... but my son like KFC). Then, when it was opened to the 'floor' someone mention NiCorp, Focus ... gosh ... you get what I mean. Each time I go to CNX's meetings, they will be someone asking about such get-rick-quick stocks. Now u know why they lose money and why I said many attended CNX's trading course are NOT those who want to learn to trade well? If you can't even handle a simple stock like ... say GenM, we should not even look at higher beta stocks. That is what I teach in my first class ... how to check the beta of the stocks and the significance. Look ... trading is not merely indicators ... can we add in some fundamentals, please? For who-ever sake.

Generally, we do not trade what we dont know. So, I do not know how to trade Nicorp, so I better be quiet ... as I do believe some people are profitting well from Nicorp and many more get-rich-quick.

For my tratles meeting, I would rather spend the TIME to share with them how we could analyse a chart. Yes, it is purely learning and more learning for my tratles group. Nothing to do with this-that can buy-sell or not, as if I have crystal ball. Now you know why majority fail to benefit from trading courses tho they have PAID thousands of good-money? Yeah ... I am still the cheapest with each other them paying me less than 20% for 6 months being in my trading group. I do remember some of my tratles telling me I am charging way-way too cheap ... and the majority out there will 'prefer' at least a few thousands course, with notes given ... some nice youngsters serving you water ... smiling to you and of coz, some stock tips, all in one. Oh boy ... I started to feel I am too cheap ... don't know why I will feel 'bad' if I m charging people too much. You may dont believe me ... some paying only less than RM500 for my whole course ... daily sharing in facebook ... etc etc .. it is education that I love, understand? Can't feel the passion to learn ... I am definitely will not be a good guidance for you. I am too cheap, remember?

The above is written only for sharing purposes and trade at your own risk.

Off for dinner.

Chow : Nice seeing you there, I will catch up with you some day.