Saturday, March 31, 2012

Trading Plan : We do need one

What Is a Trading Plan?

A trading plan is a complete set of rules that covers every aspect of your trading life. Many experts refer to the need to have an ‘edge’ which will tip the balance of probabilities of success in your favour. In itself, a plan is not an edge but, over time, the trader with a plan will fair a lot better than the trader without one. Many amateur traders do not have any sort of plan to trade by, and enter the markets with scant regard to their risk and profit objectives. Suffice to say, comprehensive risk and money management strategies lie at the heart of all good trading plans.

Traders with a plan have the ability to monitor their performance. They can evaluate their progress continually, day-by-day, in a way that is objective and comprehensive. This enables them to trade without emotion and with minimal stress. The trader without a plan is not able to do this and their trading tends to rely upon gut feeling, hunches and tips etc. Trading for them is a nail biting, emotional roller coaster ride of stress that, inevitably, results in financial loss.

Obviously, a plan does not guarantee success; that would be too simple. However, a good plan that is adhered to strictly will help to minimise losses and enable you to stay in the game a lot longer than traders who do not have a plan. In his book ‘trading online’, Alpesh B. Patel writes, “While a plan cannot predict the future, it can lay down how you react to the possible outcomes. This is why a plan is essential. It is a list of strategic responses to events beyond your control. You control the only thing you can control – yourself”.

Some confusion exists over the difference between a trading plan (or system) and a trading strategy. As stated above, the former is a complete set of rules that governs every aspect of your trading life. It goes into great detail and may, for example, stipulate the amount of time devoted to reading threads on T2W! The term ‘trading strategy’ tends to be used to describe trade entry and exit criteria. However, these are merely elements of an overall trading plan and possibly not even the most important ones. It is perfectly feasible, desirable even, to include two or more trading strategies (i.e. entry and exit criteria) within
an overall trading plan.



1. Define objective.

a. Plan to trade for a living or just augment income?
b. Which instruments to focus.
c. Time frame; Scalp, Swing, Position, Manage Portfolio, Combination?
d. Initial investment.

2. Education & Training. You should plan the amount of time you plan to spend on continuing and ongoing education. Plan the amount of time you will spend doing your homework and research. This business requires continual education and adaptation.

The trading plan is perhaps the most overlooked tool in a trader’s arsenal. In fact, most traders
don’t even write their first plan. Then most traders also go broke in their first six months. In our opinion, this is no coincidence. A pilot doesn’t leave the ground without a checklist; a builder doesn't begin construction without a blueprint; therefore, a successful trader shouldn’t take a trade until they have a carefully crafted, reviewed, re-written, re-considered, trading plan.

Much like a business plan, a trading plan is used to define one’s goals, identify one’s costs, and
lay out the strategies one needs to reach those goals. Unlike a business plan, it must be adhered to with
absolute discipline in order to be of continuing use. It is this intractability that gives the savvy trader an
edge. The plan provides a measure of consistency in the way traders approach an ever-uncertain market.
Why is consistency important? Think about how difficult it is for a stationary marksman to hit a
moving target (much harder than it looks in the movies). Now, imagine that the marksman is also moving at the same time. This dramatically reduces the chance of hitting the target with any degree of regularity.

On a high level, this analogy illustrates the relationship between a trader and the market being traded. The entity is always in a state of flux (moving either up, down, or sideways), and the trader is continually trying to gauge that movement to ascertain exactly when to pull the trigger. When done from a stationary perspective, one will enjoy greater success than if constantly shifting position.

1. The first step in writing a trading plan lies in understanding exactly what is being written about:
trading. And make no mistake; it is a business – a big business - with some of the shrewdest and
most experienced players on Wall Street competing for the best trade.

2. Learn what others know and learn to trade as well as others. Often, success boils down to the
“trading plan,” not the “player.” Decisions to buy or sell a stock often come down to the last second.
Without a plan, there will be hesitancy when the window of opportunity is rapidly vanishing. On the
other hand, the prepared trader – the one with a trading plan - can react without hesitation in a
consistent fashion because they’ve already written down the various trading strategies they intend
to invoke and have a clearly defined set of rules on how to play the tactics. A polished plan
removes the emotion from the equation engendering more mechanically {automated thinking}
executed actions.

3. Agreeing with the philosophy that trading is a business, the language and the format of the plan
should deliver a business like tone. Furthermore, it must be written well enough to convince a
hypothetical banker that trading is a worthwhile enterprise and that the trader is up to the task of
running it as CEO. So, forget dashing off a few quick paragraphs! Think forward: Write a good
trading plan. Take the necessary time, careful thought, and commitment toward the idea that the
plan will work. Otherwise, the plan will just go through the motions of what in the end will amount to
futile exercise.

4. BE REALISTIC! Don’t set goals based on wild dreams of winning the lottery. Making money
doesn’t occur real fast trading. Do not set yourself up for failure.

5. DETAILS. Cover as many facets of your trading plan as possible. Strategies, indicators, money
management, entries and exits, time of day, and finally, when to simply observe. The more detailed
the plan, the better..

6. INDICATORS: Define and limit the use of indicators. Too many is worse than none.

7. MONEY MANAGEMENT: Be sure to keep the proper perspective about money. This works both
ways, when having a great day, or a losing day. Just be sure to have enough to play the next day.
It’s easy to get “caught up in the money moment,” like getting punched in the face in a boxing
match. The boxer must learn to take punches. The trader must learn to step away from losers.

8. TRADE SIZE: This is the “valve” used to regulate money flow. Define the valve carefully. Do not
exceed predetermined limits without modifying the plan beforehand.


The above are taken from some of the sites I have read. Reading and practising are two different stories. First of all, you need to BELIEVE that we need a trading plan BEFORE you could even trade.

Today, I will like to share the above post with my tratles in my trading class. There is no such thing as the 'best' trading plan or which one we should be following. We need to design our own and use others as guide-lines. Seriously, one of the MAIN weakness in most losers in KLSE(or any markets) is lack of plans ... or perhaps, DO NOT have a plan at all.

If you are a newbie ... GOOD. Start to read about these ... and start to design ONE plan. Do not think of trading yet .... dont worry, market is always there. Do yourself a favour ... DO NOT listen to others unless they are the minority people who consistently profitting from their trades. I believe they do have a good trading-plan before they trade. Discipline and hard-work ... now, do you know why trading is so difficult? Well, it is because MAJORITY prefer to cut-short many things(I do that too at times and was punished) ... and so many are pure ignorants!! They really thought market is a place for the to be rich or some sort of casino or just to feel their thrilling-needs?

Unless you want to improve yourself, you will be 'lost', searching in the noisy forums ... or worst still, only listen to some rumours. Take your trades in more serious manner, will you?

I still have a looong day today.

Have a nice day.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Breaking 1600 soon

KLCI reaching 1590 now ... so, the 1600 level is clearer now. Hmm ... what should we do?


UOADev : At 1.40 now.

Glomac : At 0.835 now.

Malton : At 0.58 now.

E&O : Going blow 1.50 today.

YTLLand : At 1.03 level now ...

Naim : At 1.85 now ...

Sumway, HuaYang, MahSing ... few more proprty stocks I like still sliding lower.

Sun Hung Kai : Dropping more that 10% today. I was reading about the bribery scandals and was wondering about some property stocks traded in HKSE.


HONG KONG (AP) — Two billionaire brothers who run Hong Kong's biggest property developer and a former senior government official were arrested for suspected corruption, the company and investigators said.

HK graft police arrest property tycoon brothers Thomas and Raymond Kwok, joint chairmen and managing directors of Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd., were arrested by the Independent Commission Against Corruption, the company said Thursday.

The anti-corruption watchdog said it also arrested a former senior official whom it did not name. Local news reports said the official was a former chief secretary — the No. 2 job— of the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

Both groups said the arrests were in connection with bribery. Sun Hung Kai said it's required to hand over information relating to the allegations after the ICAC served a search warrant.

Local broadcaster RTHK said the three were released late Thursday night.


Time for lunch, a class ... and home early. Dinner with some of my tratles tonight.

4.05 pm : KLCI at 1595.5 ... up 10 points!!


Evaluate Where You Are

Zig Ziglar

The eight pointers he put out about SUCCESS ... I will evaluate where I am now later

Note : 15 years ago I do read his books and loved them.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Term of the week : Capitulation

HSI down 250 points, KLCI is flat ... many more retracing lower and some started to show weakness too ... how low could this correction go? Wait ... correction or reversal? You have to decide on that.

Learning Corner : Capitulation

I have shared with my group this term last week ... and today, I saw it being posted in one of the blog. It will be important for those in markets to understand such a term ... and stocks do NOT move up or down in a straight-line. The fluctuation is what needed for traders.

Today, I could find SO many oversold stocks, some forming such a nice parabolic-diving ... yes, the waterfalls. One could speculative on EPF sellings or perhaps the coming general-election. These are affecting th sentiments of the current markets. Majority(wow ... more than  70% taken the poll) believe KLCI will break 1600 ... a matter of time!! Yeah, I do believe it will go beyond 1600 ... to 1620 region, but who ar we to predict? Based on? Technical-analysis .. or earnings? You decide on that too. Speculate all you want ... it wont change the market outlook much.

What is more important at this point of time ... is the FEAR factor intensified? I will like to see more retailers selling ... that is 'capitulation'. Many given up ... depressed(I got sms/e-mail telling m MAC is a very BAD month for him/her) ... think of getting out of market, swearing ... cursing and blaming those stock-analysts, brokers ... more tensed situation arises ... yes, then it is about time to buy!!


The destructions of construction

The index : A clear downtrending ... into oversold region now.

IJM : RSI at 24 ... what else can I say about the destruction going on? When the leader moving south, others follow ...

WCT : What a dive today ... reported that OCBC buying into her. It is making me to like her again, one of a good counter to trade. RSI at 25 now. Aren't you excited yet?

Muhibah : Notice the HUGE volumes when the looong white candle-stick was formed? Notice that it has been very quiet for some time since then? MANY retailers are trapped inside and still holding. So, we shall wait for ... their release. Checking below RM1.20. No more "Muhibah" for the investors or rather, traders.

Generally, I DO NOT like selling anything when it is at oversold. I am talking about stocks with some fundamentals(not those get-rich Raymond or Najib's son buying stocks). Buying good stocks to trade, buying at support ... that is simple yet difficult strategy. Can you wait for the stock to recover? Will they? We shall see ...


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Learning is a process

As I have nothing much to write about current stocks(which written in my stock-watch pages), I will lik to continue to write about LEARNING.


Yesterday, I re-read Andrew Chia's book on stock-market(secrets) ... and pointing out that 90% of so-calld investors or traders in KLSE DO NOT wish to learn and I will take an excerpt from that paragraph later when I am home. It is intresting ... yes, INVEST in yourself first .. go and grab his book, it is only RM30 la. Err ... am I promoting a book again? It is a simple easy reading book, I wont mind promoting these GOOD books, where I find it 'weird' as MAJORITY moving into stock-markets as if they will WIN .. fatt-tatt ... get rich soon mentality. Just weird ... no common sense needed, no logic discussed but purely believing that Warren-Buffett can do it, I can do it too. Perhaps, OVER CONFIDENCE kills too ...

Quote : Work to learn and not to earn.

If w could spend SO MUCH for our so-called education(get grades, degree, masters ... gosh, do we need PhD?) ... why are we NOT spending a fraction in investing in OURSELVES? With th staggering stats showing 80-90% losing money in markets, WHAT makes u think you are the 'lucky' ones? This is one serious issue, which Bursa or SC should take some responsibilities to EDUCATE the general public about investiing in stock-markets?! Definitely not the responsibilities of some book-writers such as Andrew or Pauline. They are investors themselves and they are author. I might write a book ... but my book wont sell as my title will be "How not to lose money in book". Many might even curse me for saying that vulgar-word ... LOSE MONEY ... or CUT LOSS.

Anyway, back to my main topic of the day ... HOW do we learn if we know we do need to learn to trade well? How could we be the minority who DO NOT lose money? Buy-n-hold ... with forever as our time frame? Sure? Yes, be a long term invstor is good and encouraged. WHY trading frequently as if trading is just a game? Play games with our hard-earned money(mine is hard-earn as I need to teach for hours till nights these days).

Step 1 : THINK  ... do we need to learn? Until you REALISE that the huge odds are against retailers, until you understand and ACCEPT the fact that we need to learn, nothing will change the way you trade. You will .. in long run, lose money, lose what you are gaining at the moment ... lose your confidences ... your pride ... everything and ... perhaps will never in market anymore. it is a scam!!

Step 2 : If you are the minority 20% who wish to learn ... THINK. How do you learn in college, in uni? HOW do you set yourself to be discipline to LEARN ... studied for exams and exams. Will you study if there is no exams around the corner? Will you study for interest and something that not in syllabus? Are you REAL in your studies?

If you could go through the simple two steps ... then, LEARNING could start. We took YEARS to understand our subjects in Uni, some we never bother to know ... but we passed or scored, anyway.

If you are serious in your learning(I am!!), then dont you think so it is only logic to learn and exprience it through ... reading good books is encouraged but it wont help much? It is like mugging your text-books in Uni, only to realise that we NEVER even use those theories in practical or our job?

We learn from reading, we could learn from others mistakes, our mistakes ... w could learn by sharing info and experiences. We could also learn from obsrvations!! We all learn things differently and in different pace.

What is the MAIN difference between a good learner and those never learn is their learning mindset!! It is not in-born la, it is developed ... it takes maturity and acceptance of our own learning. It take responsibilities of our own learning. Books and others could only GUIDE us ... hopefully into a right path, but most of the things we need to get ourselves involve in our own learning.

There is a huge void in our investing-trading circle ... the awareness. I dont know how to put it in words ... hmm ... WHY majority losing money and STILL losing money ... and newbies coming into such a bull-markets STILL losing money? I guess u might get what I am trying to point out.

I have always looking at "WHY" ... not "HOW". HOW will be done with when we know "WHY". Why do traders or investors losing money? Why some do not want to learn? Why there are so many gamblers and punters around in KLSE? Why many spend hours in forums or chat-rooms or kopi-tiam talking about stocks rather than learning? Why ... why not many willing to help those newbies in markets?(I admit I was one of those newbies ... searching for some 'guru' ... today, I realise that there is no such thing in markets). Why ... why learn? Why need not to learn?

If w could answer the those "WHYs" ... we will somehow find the ways to answer HOW. How to trade? How to use MACD or read financial reports? How to ... and what books to buy? etc etc ...

I have gone through the total zero-knowledge, newbie level ... and today I am in  novice level, trying to understand and know a little bit more .. each day, each week ... months into years. That is how I learn, a looong journey of picking up information, digesting, analysing ... and sharing.

Those total newbies ... believe me, the odds against you. Invest in yourself. Buy any good books, go for some good trading course, educated yourself.

you can add me in your facebook or e-mail me if you are willing to learn(NOT neccsary from me, but for questions ... such as what do you think of this book or that book, what do you think of this trading course, what do you think of this broker house reports .. what do you think of that stock-pick page ... what .. etc etc .. which I could not openly write it here, right? Why NOT?).

Happy Learning ... it is a looooong process.

Tratles : Thanks for still being in my trading-group as we continue to learn from each other!! I shall see some of you for dinner this Friday, ok? Cheers.

Stocks Diving

AirAsia : pause from dropping today and see if the selling persist, it might break 3.28 levels.

Coastal : The last time I sold her was at 2.30+ but it shot all the way to 2.60+, I remembered. Do you want her now ... it is RM2 and below.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Diving stocks : time to collect

Nothing much to writ about as KLCI is up today due to DOW up 160 points. Nothing much ... except thos diving stocks I like very much ... and will like to check on more nice waterfalls forming ...

AirAsia : I wrote about her last night as I was waiting at 3.45 levels since I sold at 3.70+ ... and it is going BELOW 3.40 today. So, be greedy when all is in fear? Or catching a knif here?

Cohort-6 : I am thinking of starting my nw trading class nxt month when I am not so hectic anymore. Yeah, I am phasing out my batch-1 and batch-2 ... hope to move them to e-meetings and only meet once in a month or so. So, I will be 'free' during those hours. I do have few in my KIV list. Yup, I m into sharing simple basic of trading so that ... now, everyone can trade!! Haha.

Stock-watch : This month Mac is not doing well, so I do not know if many will want to continue! Hmm ... we could only 'claim' to b good during bullish month? Dont worry ... the bullish month will come again. Market up and down. Those who wish to join my stock-watch group, do let m know. thanks


Excitement Increases

For about a month, there is nothing much to analyse ... any rebound short-lived and retraced lower ... yes, I was asking my groups(stock-watch and tratles) to wait for mid-Mac ... going into end of Mac for cheap-sales.

Today, I get excited and woke up around 4am ... to check on so many charts!! We are spoilt with choices!! So many stocks(so-called good ones) retraced and at low RSI levels, at support with high selling volumes. Yes, finally ... many retailers cannot 'tahan' and sell-off their holdings. Well, we do buy during sales ... see if I could get better discount(unlikely). DOW up 160 points, a very strong indicator that our market will rebound strong again from the current correction levels. But if one is bearish and thinking of the risk of election around the corner, we should wait for the election to be over, to have clearer picture, then.

Do check out some popular stocks such as YTLLand and RSawit ... they are back to RM1(from 1.20+) for us to buy. To me, it is time to get greedy ... so, I am selling off my giants such as MISC and BJToto and moving into smaller ones, which would rebound much more(percentage wise).

That is the nice thing about trading using technical-analysis. And if we could combine it with some FA, we feel 'safe' to be in the markets.

Shopping spree soon ... today I will still be very busy with classes till 11pm(yes). Tmr exams start ... and I will be much more relax ...

Shopping will start today ... nibble on one or two.

Happy shopping ... trading, I mean


Monday, March 26, 2012

Those were the days


I will like to make such a clip too!! I will look into 'old' brands ... and reflect on my childhood simple life then!!


Corrections or reversals?

I was busy the whole day and only managed to sell my Unisem-wa. Other stocks are retracing lower ... and many more I have 'luckily' cut them off much earlier when they broken the 20MA, such as Perisai and MBSB.

How do I begin to check on the lists today? With the knowing that many mid and small caps stock are retracing, I will check on them later.

Step 1 : Check on KLCI. What counters being used to support KLCI and which one is retracing?

Answer : MayBank and Genting up. AirAsia, MMC and Tenaga down.

Note : I like AirAsia now ... that looks better. I sold her off at 3.70+ last month and have been waiting for current level.

Step 2 : Look at top-losers ... check if any in my watch-list.

Answer : JTiasa, Tenaga, AirAsia, Airport, Parkson, Deleum, MMCCorp, Coastal, WCT, SSteel, Scable, JCY, PresBhd, E&O, EPMB, XinQuan, IJM, Perisai ... and many more.

Step 3 : Checking the charts(updated) and see general landscapes. Which one is technically nice, such as at support, reversal signals shown, forming nice water-fall ... etc etc ...

Answer : AirAsia at my nice support now. Coastal forming a nice waterfall. Will check on others later.

Step 4 : Read some news related to the counter(s) I want to stalk ... one may try to go to Bursa-site, The Edge, Star-biz or Biz-times. Read some forums(i3 is a good site) if time permits.

Answer : no time to do this step these days.

Step 5 : Draw up a trading plan for the stocks I am stalking with intention to buy. The entry, exit and position sizing.

Step 6 : Save all in the stalk-list ... and visualise the chart as it moves in daily basis.

Answer : AirAsia in mind now(haha).

This is just a simplified way I check on some stocks when they are in correction mode. Yes, I get a little excited now ... and slowly I could check waterfalls again!! Yeah ... cheap could go cheaper?

RSawit : Down from 1.20 to RM1 level soon.

YTLLand : Down from 1.20+ to RM1 level soon.

Many more ... do I need to list them all out? Do your own homework. I am just sharing to guide newbies, not those so-called too good to learn traders.

Good luck ahead.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

10 000 hours rule : Deliberate practice

I will be having my module-4, speaking about Risk-Reward, Trading Plan, Trading Journal ... and many more 'boring' part about trading which majority will think a 'waste of time'. As I said, majority in markets losing or lost money ... hmm ... and we do know WHY, right? I have many experiences of losing money, cutting losses, paper-losses ... and many more. It is easier to LOSE money in markets due to HERD mentality. If we are going to be successful in ANYTHING, we need to practice, and practice it right!! And hour by hour ... done in daily basis, focus in what we are learning. That is called deliberate practice.

I know it is easier to just talk in forums, acting as if we know that we could see the future, or claim we have some inside-news. Many more just asking and wandering around about what counters next to punt or buy? No positions to learn and taking our trades to next levels.

Taken from Conrad's blog  : THE OUTCOME

Needless to say, it took a long time to get to the minimum level of expertise that I sought – much longer than any book, guru or workshop said it would and it definitely didn’t happen overnight as I was led to naively believe when I started.

It took the right attitude, the correct mindset, lots of hard work, much patience, hours upon hours of practice, astute psychological management, strict discipline, financial management and continued learning to get me to where I am. This is how the Wall Street trader did it too. There is no short cut to success in any business and definitely not in this business.

Isn’t it strange that no other profession has gurus conducting three day workshops? You’ll never get a crash course in surgery, there are no weekend workshops for law or accountancy and certainly no seminars for architecture and engineering. But you will get plenty of workshops and seminars about trading and they always make it sound so easy and achievable.

And the results of such workshops are obvious for all to see. There are always a few initial successes but these few never last for long. In most cases, more than 85% of the time, there are losers.

If you have been losing on your trades, then it is obvious that what you have learnt is not the way and you are confused. In order to achieve success, you will have to clear your mind and start all over again as I did and learn the way of the true successful practitioner.

Thus, if ..

Your trading results reflect who you really are

… and you have been losing, then who you are is very obvious.

I think it is time for change.


Yes, it will take us about 10 YEARS to be good in anything. Until I practice until I spend my 10, 000 hours trading ... perhaps, 10, 000 trades before I could get away from the 'novice' levels. Yes, when I said I am still LEARNING and just a novice, many really thought I am just kidding. I am not. That is what I personally believe ... I am just a novice.

I am only 4 years in markets, 2 years into trading using 'technical charts', and have no financial background to start with. I admire many traders and one of my 'guru' whom I admire is Conrad Lim. DO buy his books ... very educational and right-to-the-point kinda writing! I like the way he pinches on traders' pains.

Taken from a blog : click here

Stephen King wrote about his own writing habit in his 1999 book On Writing. He poo-poos writing workshops and says in a nutshell, if you want to become a better writer, write a LOT. (He also says to read a lot, but that’s another topic).

He writes several hours a day. Every day. Including Christmas and the Fourth of July. And he’s got more than 30 bestsellers to show for it.

Daniel Levitin in This is Your Brain on Music talks about the theory of 10,000 hours:

… ten thousand hours of practice is required to achieve the level of mastery associated with being a world-class expert — in anything. In study after study, of composers, basketball players, fiction writers, ice skaters, concert pianists, chess players, master criminals, and what have you, this number comes up again and again. Ten thousand hours is the equivalent to roughly three hours per day, or twenty hours per week, of practice over ten years. Of course, this doesn’t address why some people don’t seem to get anywhere when they practice, and why some people get more out of their practice sessions than others. But no one has yet found a case in which true world-class expertise was accomplished in less time. It seems that it takes the brain this long to assimilate all that it needs to know to achieve true mastery.

Three hours a day (20 hours a week) for ten years. Or for the crash course, 40 hours a week for five years.


Do calculate that ... 3 hours PER DAY for TEN YEARS. As I am too busy on many days, I barely practice for an hour. So, I guess I need to use 20 years to be good in trading!! And I wont mind!!

What Is the 10,000 Hour Rule?

The 10,000 Hour Rule is just that. This is the idea that it takes approximately 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master a skill.

For instance, it would take 10 years of practicing 3 hours a day to become a master in your subject. It would take approximately 5 years of full-time employment to become proficient in your field. Simply work out how many hours you have already achieved and calculate how far you need to go. You should be aiming for 10,000 hours.



Note : My next book for reading pleasure.

I would said that I have spent 10, 000 hours with 'Mathematics' as it is my love, my passion. I ended up taking a Math-degree and teaching Math, obviously. I would NOT do anything else back then ... I practiced my Maths for about 4-6 hours per day when I was form-4. Well, I failed my first Add-Math test and I was NOT good in Maths. So, I decided to practice on it ... deliberately. Yes, hours per day ... making me one of the best in school and today, one of the best pre-U Math lecturer.

Today, I have a tuition class with a very intelligent boy(taking Further Math as an extra subject and will be the top student). He asked me ... how to I remembered the trigonometry-identities and formulas. It amazed him that I could just check on the angles and diagram and managed to verbally giving him the equations! I was teaching him Further Mechanics!! So, instead of answering him, I asked him a simple question : What is 3 +4? Is it the same answer as 4 + 3? Ridiculous questions?

That is called 'reflex memory' ... it is inside us as we have been doing the calculations more than 10, 000 times ... without even cautiously realised it. Then I asked further ... what is sine(60)? Well ... it is root-three over 2 or 0.866, right? Do you need a calculator for it? No? Do you know why? He just smiled ...

If you knew me when I was 28 to 38, you will know I love bowling. I walked with my hands practising the 'spin' or release of the ball. I read bowling-books, I will go to bowling alley as frequent as possible ... I enjoyed listening to the pins falling down. Anything at all ... about bowling EXCITE me. I knew exactly what is what and where is where ... in the bowling centers. Anywhere I go, I will visit the bowling centers. Yes, that was 6 years ago ... I know NOTHING about money, financial, markets ... just Maths and Bowling.

Today, I am applying ... deliberate practice in my learning of trading. You like my blog or not, doesnt matter to me ... you like my trading style of not, it is not my matter either ... I have written this blog to record my trading journey ... a long 10-15 years planned. If you think I am crazy, I am ... as I DO NOT want to be called a 'trader' but actually I do not know much about a trading!! That is not me. If you call me Math lecturer, I m making sure I know IN-OUT of the subject and I am able to teach many Math-teachers too. Same as in trading ... another 5-10 years of practice ... I will no longer a novice, and I know I am finally ... a trader.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stock Watch : KNM

KNM : Nice waterfall for this once popularly gorenged babe. At 0.88, low at 0.84 ... well ... want to see the price before 2008? Time to punt again? Buy at current 0.88, down 4-cents buy more at low 0.84 and if breaks 0.84 ... buy at 0.80 level and such. RISK is high, right? High-risk, high gain? We shall check her next month!! Yes, goreng-goreng ... one day, some syndicates will remember to goreng her too after they are tired with ACE counters now.

Note : Many retailers are still stucked at very high price inside her, and need to become long term investors. It could be used for TRADING not buy-n-hold.


Friday, March 23, 2012

MaxBiz : Delisting?

MaxBiz : I will analyse this stock and discuss how those crooks LURED those ikan-bilis into markets, pushed the prices UP ... distrobuting those lousy holdings of theirs to GREEDY punters and retailers, and dump her ... as they ALREADY knew very well the situation or conditions of the company much earlier. If you caught her above 10cents, believing they could get themselves out of 'trouble', you are proven to be wrong. So, selling her today will be extremely painful but a good lesson to learn. LEARNing from mistakes means ... NEVER to repeat such and being ignorant.

I do see many punting into ACE and MANY more get-rich quick stocks with forums(everywhere!!) talking about how much they have gained, some asking if we could still BUY into some of the hot-stocks!! Incredible? That is market ... manage the risk by increasing your KNOWLEDGE and EXPRIENCE. That is the first pointer I taught my tratles in my trading clsss. Believe me, not losing money(in long run), you are the top 20% in the market. Profitting 5-10% in market consistently annually, you are the top 10%. If as retailers we could profit 20% and above, we could be the top 5% traders/investors.

Buy and Hold could still be a good strategies though it did not give us the excitements and huge profits like many ACE-darlings now. Remember ... the key word in market is RISK ... not profits.

It is Friday ... enjoy your day as I will like to discuss more about MaxBiz. The last time I read about her was ... some crooks stolen their machineries in their factory??! That was loooong time ago. Yeah ... we have such public-listed companies in KLSE. Be selective when INVESTING in a stock. Even for trading purposes, I will not go for high-speculative punting stocks. I will prefer to go for 'boring' larger market-cap stocks which I know I could trade them.

have a nice day ... and weekend, in case I could not have the time to write tho I hv plenty to write about!!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yet another boring post

KLCI up 3 points ... I know I need to be persistance in things I am doing and also need some focus. Many things going-on and at times, we could easily lost-track, side-tracked or even forgotten about it. In such a hectic positions, I need to plan for the whole day, the whole week ... and even that, we need a so-called back-up plans!!

I do not have much time to check on markets but I do still read some of important articles related to markets and checking some sector indices. That is all at the moment I could do ... while still attending to my stock-watch(nothing much to collect yet, many still retracing and waiting for reversals), my tratles ... my e-learning(note : trying to update and post some clips ... I have to wake up 5am to do this while my kids still sleeping, otherwise ... arrghh ... daddy here, daddy there!! haha). Also, I have papers to mark ... tonnes of paperworks incomplete as classes are continuous in long hours.

Yes, I m stating I am busy again ... but this is my blog. I want to record what I am currently doing, as in say ... 3 years time, I could laugh on my silliness or be relieved that I m no longer being so hectic. It is ok to be busy ... but how about being productive? BUSY is not equal to PRODUCTIVE ... I need to learn to be more productive and focus in only things matter. FIRST THING FIRST kinda concept.

Ok, about market ... you could have noticed about ACE-rally that many starting to get HAPPY punting into these get-rich-quick stocks. So, I put-out simple trading(punting, I mean) idea on these ACE-rally ... will check how my 5-ACEs doing later.

ACE-darlings : RA, KeyWest, AsiaEP, WinSun and AMedia.

Time to run again ...

5pm : KLCI is flat but many of my stocks retracing back lower ... and those early signs of reversal ... vanished. Have to wait for another week ...

It has been 3-year plus I am writing this blog ... it is boring at times, but at times I do write interestingly!! Haha ... I like it, seeing those forum-kakis or those short-term punters ... running from a blog to another, a forum to another ... just simply to know what to punt next?

Yes, too many new readers recently ... so, I have paused from blogging(also due to time constraints) as I need to focus on what I need to do ... and this is my blog ... and I WILL continue to write about MY trading adventure, not what you want to read about. Too bad if you dont like it?

I have been in KLSE for 4 years now ... I know it that I have improved a lot ... starting from ground zero. I will continue to learn to improve myself. Do you know how YOU learn? We need to know how we learn so that we could learn at our own pace.

Simple yardstick ... if you are ALREADY in markets for 3 years, are you doing better than you were when you just started? IF you are in markets for 3 years and still have no results to show, then ... it is not the systems or methods. Perhaps it is YOU ... perhaps you wasted a lot of time looking for what is not there, you like yak-king around in forums, you are NOT in reality(denial etc etc) ... or perhaps you do not know you need to learn to trade well?

If simply just comment here and there in forums could help you to trade/invest well ... and you have been improving a lot in your trading skills, knowledge ... and build a strong mentality in you, sure ... do what is right for YOURSELF.

Think logic ... do you think we need to learn first before we trade?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trading Idea : ACE market

Have you noticed many ACE and tiny-penny stocks being gorenged and MANY retailers are joining into the sharks' game? So, what should we do? What to buy?

Choose 5 ACE stocks ... if u dont know how to choose, ask your 3-yr old child to pick randomly. Once you get the lucky 5-stocks, allocate RM2k for each(say you are going to gamble RM10k, anyway). Pick only those with HIGH and ACTIVE stocks.

note : if u do not have small kid at home, get your cat or dog to do the stock-picking job. They could bring u luck, too
Assuming I am going for 5-lucky stocks and chosen were : RA, KeyWest, AsiaEP, WinSun and AMedia.

No second thought about fundamentals or your fav-darling in TecFast. Just do it ... grab 5 of these stocks with RM2 k each ...

When to take profits? When each of the stocks shooting 50%, take profits. That is RM1k, If the stock going down 20%, sell for a loss. Loss about  RM500. Once one of the stock sold, for profit or loss ... ask your child to pick the next active ACE-stock .. say, DVM?

Continue to do that ... if ACE-rallly is here, chances that u gain hugely is HIGH. It is RM10k only, dont worry ... you wont lose all your money ... and you are buying the chances of being in THE game. Good luck.

p/s : I might try such strategies ... as I am too busy to monitor. What do you think? Will it work? hmm ...


The Self-Education of a Speculator

As a full-time trader, I don’t have a typical job.'' I have a 5-second commute to my home office.'' I wear t-shirts to work!'' There is no boss standing over my shoulder, and the actual trading hours require a relatively brief daily commitment (6.5 hours) as compared to other occupations.'' And I’m thankful for all of it.

The market closes at 3pm for me, offering lots of time to tend to other things – if I so desire.'' However, my desire is to succeed at trading for the long haul, which means I have lofty goals.'' In turn, I’m not the type to walk away when the closing bell rings.'' I work at it every day to improve and educate myself on an ongoing basis.'' I have to stay sharp.

That means I’m reading books, blogs, spending considerable time working the charts in search of what’s working best right now, and of course reviewing my own trades in order to continue learning.

Because successful trading is so much about finding a style that fits your own personality, it is only fitting to investigate what styles exist.'' An energetic and impatient person may want to become a scalper, looking to day trade quick moves within a short timeframe.'' A laid-back trader may prefer a less-intense style like swing trading, taking positions to hold for days or weeks.'' There are many approaches to the market, and finding your own style can come as a result of identifying with the style of another trader.
Raising Your Awareness

The road to expertise isn’t a short one, particularly in trading.'' I’ve been at this long enough to be considered an expert, yet there are still plenty of days where I’m reminded that I sure don’t know it all!'' Trading will humble you like that, but that’s part of it.'' Regardless, here are some ways for you to get educated as you further not only your knowledge but your trading career in the process.


I’ve read a couple hundred of them on trading, and while there’s plenty of worthless paper out there, you can still find some great ones with timeless lessons.'' I think it’s important to continually seek out information, whether it’s new and applicable now or just a lesson to be reminded of (before the market does it for me!).'' Your self-motivation will help you improve, so dig through the classics for starters.'' Mark up the margins, underline the parts which resonate with you, and return to them often.

I particularly like the Market Wizards books by Jack Schwager.'' He profiles traders in all kinds of markets (bonds, equities, options, futures, mutual funds) and of all timeframes.'' Yet despite their differences, all are highly successful.'' The interview format he utilizes gets you in the minds of these great traders, offering countless lessons.'' (I regularly visit TraderInterviews for the exact same reason).'' Every good trader trades in accordance with their personality, as we all should.

The newest book I would highly suggest is One Good Trade, which is the best trading book I’ve read in a long time.'' Bella covers it all and overlays his lessons with a variety of trading characters (based on real people), which helps drive the lessons home that trading is all about performance, adaptation, learning, and having the right mentality.'' Once I started it, I couldn’t set it down, and I’ve re-read it since


Reading posts like this one can’t help but to expand your knowledge and open your mind up to some new possibilities.'' There are countless blogs on trading, but there are some good ones.'' Hunt for those which offer whatever it is you’re lacking….encouragement, psychological lessons, trade reviews, sector snapshots, news on industry developments, interviews, trading videos, etc.

If you’re willing to get honest with yourself and figure out what you’re lacking, you can find some blogs to visit regularly as resources.'' Just be sure they’re written by traders, honest, and not wasting your time, as there’s no shortage of distractions out there that won’t help you grow at all.


If you don’t track your own trades, start yesterday!'' You can record your trading via screen-capture software, but even a journal or simply a grid outlining entries, exits, holding times, patterns, trade context and objectives will shed more light on your trading than you can imagine.'' As you collect results, start to compile them.'' I did this for the first few years of my trading, until I really understood what I was doing, and it helped me assess my strengths and weaknesses.'' Monthly, I’d review my results and calculate statistics which gave me plenty to work on.

You just can’t argue with data!'' Getting mixed results? It may be time to make an adjustment.'' Figure out how your wins and losses stack up against each other, as that’s a great starting point.'' Over time as you endure periods of profits and pain, you have stats to compare against and you can more readily see when something is out of line.

Premium Services

I’d be leaving a huge part of the mix out if I ignored premium services in the education process.'' Early on, I subscribed to a number of sites while I figured out my own style.'' Once I got to the point where I had my own opinion, I knew I had learned enough to need them no more.

Here at TheStockBandit, we offer a nightly stock pick service outlining my own trading plan for tomorrow, which some use to generate trade ideas and others use as a learning tool to see why I plan to take each trade (since each are explained).

We also offer stock trading courses in a video-on-demand format.'' The trading courses explain everything I know about trading, making them an incredibly valuable resource to return to over and over (depending upon current conditions in the market), helping traders see a huge variety of trade types and which kinds of market conditions are well-suited to those plays.

And while I’m certainly proud of and stand behind what we offer, there are plenty of others to choose from which are produced by legit people with a lot to teach you.'' If you want to accelerate your learning curve and truly build your skill set, let someone help you who has done it.

You Get What You Give

If trading is your job or a part-time endeavor you’re passionate about, recognize that your level of effort in the growth process is going to be reflected in the results you get.'' Be willing to apply yourself regularly as you learn more about not only the market, but yourself.

Staying educated and keeping a learning mindset is going to eliminate mistakes as well as some big disadvantages you currently face if you’re halfway new at this.'' As you make that a habit over time, it’s going to continue to pay off in a number of ways.'' Become a complete trader and commit to educating yourself.'' You won’t regret it.

Trade Like a Bandit!

Jeff White

TEH : I was reading this article this morning ... and I took some time to reflect on my own trading adventure so far. I will like to write about my reflection but wont be today(again) as I have 11-hours of teaching on Wednesdays. Yes, due to my looong hours, I do usual wake-up around 5.30am for readings, at times to check on my done trades, attend to my stock-watch group, my tratles-group etc etc.

What I need to reflect is my direction in my trading ... will I be a trader and focus in my trading-classes, developing my trading curriculum, writing a trading book ... and anything related to trading? Will I really ready to drop my teaching of Maths(full-time job now) and only give tuitions for Maths(5 times the rate of my full-time job's wages) ... could I survive?

I am still very satisfied with what I am doing and having now. Thanks to so many readers giving me good supports and my tratles who forming a stronger trader-group.

Got to go ... till 10pm again.

Have a nice day


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Increase your values

Becoming more VALUABLE

Listen and see if you agree about these simple lessons which you do NOT get to learn from YEARS of schools and

Learn to work harder on YOURSELF rather than you do on your job!!Making a living or making a fortune?? You decide!!

I changed .. I am still turning myself around!! CHANGE is the constant!!


Trading is difficult

MISC : A strong rebound shown after an extreme buying volumes registered on Friday. I do discuss this one on last Saturday with my cohort-5, sharing with them why I bought into her as I was sharing with them MACD and Stochastics. Yeah, at that time, I could not tell them it will rebound soon .. but I am sharing with them ... it doesnt matter when!!

You see, once you taken a trade, you must have your own reasonings(or excuses). If the initial reasons fail, then you will exit. If the trade is good, then ... congrats, you hit the jackpot?! Huh? Is that so?

Ok ok ... it is trading plan that is more important, not those indicators!! I told my tratles that indicators are only 20-30% importance in my trading plan or systems. WHY? Because ... it is the traders mindset and money-management count much more!! MINDSET ... yes, those ignorants and arrogant ones will never want to know. It is inside us ... our mindset determine our positionings. Our emotions are our worst enemy. Control that ... we could see things clearer and needed not to be so anxious about those trades. It is just a trade, good or bad. If you could not learn anything from the trades, then you will never learn much or could further seeking some truth about trading.

Why do I say technical-analysis is only 'small' percentage? One of the reason is 'LIQUIDITY" in KLSE. You see, it is obvious that technical-analysis failing VERY much often in most of our KLSE's stocks!! Believe me, those drawing more lines or showing you more indicators must be SELLING something ... their products, their softwares(sure win), their reports, their trading courses .. their ... anything to sell to you, to make you believe that without it, you are not a good trader!! Chances of 80-90% of them losing money in KLSE, it is EASY to convince them!! Pay RM5k for this and that, you will trade like a pro? HUH?? Serious? Think for a while ... thinking require BRAIN, require humality and require TIME.

So, if you ask me ... why am I teaching trading if I am good in trading myself, right? Then ... you read my one year posts on how my trading classes start ... before you make your own assumptions again. I am NOT saying that we do not need indicators, or technical-analysis is a BS(in fact, I am a believer of FA + TA) .. many softwares are good, helping us to analyse better and giving us edge to trade. I am also pointing out that GOOD books should be reviewed many of times ... in order to remind us of our trading psychology and methods. Hence, dont get me wrong(again) that I m against technical-analysis. I am just pointing out that with 100+ indicators, are you sure you know how to use ... say, 20 of them effectively? Tell me, how many % of those in KLSE know anything much about technical-analysis? By attending few days professional trading course and you can trade? SURE?? Then, good traders are TOO EASY to be groomed!! Hmm ...

I do tell my tratles in my first trading class ... some of you will drop-out as trading is too tedious and technical for some. Trading needs too much of work ... and results may not be as desired. So, we might quit even before we give ourselves a chance to LEARN ... learn trading? Are you serious? It doesnt work THAT way, to be honest.

trade at your own risk. Markets are not for majority of us, like me. It is a cruel place for our emotions. We get the ups and downs ... and we tends to forget them as soon as we go for next roller-coaster trips!! Imagine the difficulties ... I will say, buying and holding a good dividend stocks STILL the best 'trading' method ... in a controlled market like KLSE.

Welcome to our legalised casinos, for the newbies ... dont worry, you have 80-90% chances of failing. That is just the statistics ... do not add to the numbers. Good luck!


Monday, March 19, 2012

(Bad) trading habits

Monday morning ... will be another crazy days and week ahead. So, I need to get myself re-charge fast ... and I m adopting a slow-pace mode, in order to preserve energy. Can I have a solar-powered energy device stick up in my head? Hmm ...

I checked my google-adsense. It is very little and I do notice that my readership has dropped half!! From average 1600 readers to average 800 last week!! Good ... time to write a few more weeks of boring posts and many more will leave?! Not doing that intentionally, tho ... I am simply too busy to even sit-down for a while to rest. It is simply crazy and I do need to re-balance my schedules and lives.

Anyway, I will want to write about HABITS(who am I?). Yes, do read positive motivating books and quotes. If possible, stop watching TV or movies. Seriously, it is a waste of time and also many negative 'vibes' transferred to our brain-waves. We need to protect our greatest asset God has given us --- our mind. If our mind is full of negative vibes, we could not find peace in doing good things around. We will tend to cultivate bad habits ... which could be destroying our mindset. Once the habit embedded in our thinking system, it will be difficult to break!! Protect our assets ... our mind.

It is true for trading too ... good things could only happen if we are mindfulness. If we are full with bad-habits cultivated from the initial stage of trading, it will be difficult to break. It is inside our trading mind, our trading system and many do not even realise that. What are the bad-habits in trading that we SHOULD change?

11.10 pm : KLCI flat ... Armada rebounds from that black-Friday selling as expected. MISC inching higher.

YTL : At 1.72, touched 1.69. How to trade YTL? Well, buy in stages ... buy 1.70 first. Then, wait for 1.60 or 1.80. At every ten-cents down, buy-n-hold till every ten-cents up, sell. 10cents is a good profit.

Bad trading habits




to be continue around 10.30pm after my classes.

have a nice day.


Stock Watch : 3A

AMedia : This is speculative and for punters around. Buy around 0.31-0.32 ... clear if going below 0.30, and wait for breaking of 0.33. Or else, buy if breaking 0.33 ... and let it goreng up to take profit. Time-fram is short ... less than 2 weeks.

The above is a stock I placed in my stock-watch as I do notice that there are 'punters' in the group too who prefer fast-n-furious stocks. I am too busy to punt into such, but will watch her.

Armada : Interesting long black-candle seen last Friday. Everyone must be asking WHY. A queue at RM4 could been done!! Checking it to close above 4.15 now ... nice. Armada and MISC written in THE EDGE. Since I have MISC, might as well think of Armada too since it dropped. We discussed about Armada in our Friday meeting and selling should be at 4.30. That is next high level ... the beauty of charts and technical analysis.

Airasia : Buying at RM3.55 level, tho I am still waiting at 3.45 levels. Since I sold at RM3.70+, I have not look into AirAsia as I will want to see clearer signals of reversal or at least at my RM3.45 buying levels. Bullish-crossover seen at stochastic(oversold). Time to shoot the plane?


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Who am I?

I am your constant companion,
I am your greatest helper or your heaviest burden.
I will push you onward or drag you down to failure.
I am completely at your command.

Half of the tasks that you do you might just as well turn over to me
and I will do them quickly and correctly.

I am easily managed, you must merely be firm with me.
Show me exactly how you want something done; after a few lessons I will do it automatically.

I am the servant of all great people and alas of all failures as well.

I am not a machine, but I work with all the precision of a machine, plus the intelligence of a person.
Now you may run me for profit or you may run me for ruin.
It makes no difference to me.

Take me, train, me, be firm with me, and I will lay the world at your feet.
Be easy with me and I will destroy you.

Who am I?


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Altman's Z-score

Definition of 'Altman Z-Score'

A predictive model created by Edward Altman in the 1960s. This model combines five different financial ratios to determine the likelihood of bankruptcy amongst companies.

Investopedia explains 'Altman Z-Score'

Generally speaking, the lower the score, the higher the odds of bankruptcy. Companies with Z-Scores above 3 are considered to be healthy and, therefore, unlikely to enter bankruptcy. Scores in between 1.8 and 3 lie in a grey area.

This is a relatively accurate model -- real world application of the Z-Score successfully predicted 72% of corporate bankruptcies two years prior to these companies filing for Chapter 7.

It has been about 3 years plus the last time I checked on Altman's Z-score in determining the strength in the fundamentals of companies. Yes, I read about these when I was just months into market. I do remember the level 3 as the critical level to decide the 'bankruptcy' possibilities of the companies!! But, I mentioned it 'wrongly' when I mentioned that if the Z-score below 3, it is stronger in my cohort-5 trading class today!! It should be above 3!!

I could never understand fully these accounting calculations ... so, it won't do me any good checking on this value as I am a trader, right? Well ... one may check this value(for KLSE) in Dynaquest. I think it certainly have more into it as for examples : BAT's AZ-score is around 12.5 but AZ-score for TM or BStead is below 2.0

TM and BStead values below 2.0?? What does that mean?

Could any accountants or anyone with the knowledge about this z-score share about their opinions?

Altman's Z score for credit risk


Friday, March 16, 2012

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Do spend the 3-hours listening ... put it into your system ... that happened to me 6 years ago!! I changed totally the way I do see 'money' and committed to change my life and my family. Yes, ignorant about MONEY is inside us due to our 'poor' dads, our 'poor' surrounding. Increase your financial-intelligence.

School teaching us to be employee. Face it ... or leave it.


My admirations : My moms

TEH : I admire many people's abilities ... I admire them as they have done what 'normal' people will not even try. I admire their determination to carry on despite challenges and ridicule by majority. I grew up to realise that majority of people around complains more than doing real things. So, I admire the minorty few who remain resilient and strong.

TEH : With that, I always remind myself NOT to be the majority. if I do not contribute or make anyone's lives slightly better with my existance in their lives, I am simply merely existing. I do ponder .. why majority of people around merely existing, complaining ... and getting jealous of those have some achievements to show. Hence, I could conclude that being OURSELVES is still the best way of living!

TEH : God created us to be unique ... and giving us the inner strength that we need. We could use others acheivements as guidance, in drawing what we want to do with our lives. I do admire those few who could understand the adversity, despite the... short-comings but continue to believe in themselves, making other people's lives better. I do admire these few people. Thanks a lot for being around, making me humbled by your existance. I promise to make others lives better.

I do have 2 hours of break today for lunch!! So, before I enjoy a nice quiet lunch(went to Empire), I posted the above message on my FB-wall ... it is something I have wanted to write about in my blog and been playing in my mind. I seldom share such thoughts in my FB.

Yes, I do admire so so many great humans I read about --- it could be Gandhi(my idol), Dr M ... or just Adam Khoo. Many more of these great human who have created great impacts to many lives, making challenges to our restricted minds, accomplishing what normal you and me would not even think of trying. And they done extremely well in their endeavours. Incredible human feats ... I simply admire their determinations, their abilities, their strong characters, their postive attitudes, their never-say-quit challenges ... making them the non-normal from the norm. The above few names are just too few ... and I think I could easily list out more than hundreds of these great humans. They deserve my highest admirations.

You see, we could always see a person in two different lights --- the brighter side or the darker side. It is depending on how you view the person, without prejudice, without your biased views or beliefs. We all have our own opinions about many things, issues and personalities. We all are humans.

What do we admire most in a person? Values? Attitutes? Characters? Capabilities? Abilities?

What do we see in a person? How do we emulate their successes and be better person ourselves?

What have we done to make our lives a little better than yesterdays and making others live a little better because we have lived?

What do we actually want to be ... and wish to be? Have we taken any steps or done any changes(remember our new year resolutions?) to improve ourselves in things we want to have, to do ... and to share?

Place 10 characteristics or/and attitudes that we want to see in OURselves and work towards that direction? Goal setting kinda stuff?

Place 10 specific goals that we want to see changing and improving in our current lives?

What is stopping us? WHY are we not reaching for our own greatness? WHY there are so many great people around who could do things we always think we could not be able to do? What are our weaknesses and how could we analyse our weakness in order to correct ourselves?

What are our excuses for not doing what we want to do?

And if some of us who are in those negative-camps, why being jealous of those great people who have achieved greatness? Why are we in such a negative state ... and have we ever think of making ourselves better person ...  better human to people around us, our loved ones, or society? Do we know what makes us in such a negative-state in the first place? Do we care? Believe me, many around us do care ...

I have this book "Unstoppable" by Cynthia Kersey. It is quite an old book I have and I do read some of the success-stories.

Preface : This book is dedicated to the unstoppable people who have made a commitment to pursuing their passion and unique calling with courage and determination. I admire your efforts and hope this book will provide encouragement and a tool that will make your journey easier.

Characteristic One : Purpose Ignites the Spirit

Characteristic Two : Passion Fuels Inexhausible Energy

Characteristic Three : Belief Sustains the Journey

I will want to grip strongly all the three characteristics above ... staying passionate with my purposes and beliefs.

There are many more people I do know personally whom I admire ... yes, I never feel 'jealous' of their feats but in fact admire their abilities as I am certainly humbled by them. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. Harp on our strengths and improve in our weaknesses. Be critical enough to analyse our failures(or short-comings) and that could be a stepping stone to something greater in future.

My highest admiration should go to two strong ladies who have brought us(me and bro/sis) up despite of so many obstacles. Without their strengths to see through the difficult and challenging years, seeing us growing ... we all will not be as what we are today. Thanks, 'moms'.

I know it is not a mother's day ... I do not believe in such days being placed by normal human and commercialised them. Today I feel strongly to share my admiration to my moms, and I am not shy to write it in my own blog. I should not care what others will say, anyway. Without their 'beatings', 'scoldings' and without so much adversities(we were financially very tight then) ... I could never be able to be strong enough to be who I am today.

Thanks for being there for me all these while.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trading plan ... Simple Plan.

Recently I started to talk about "Trading Plan" and "Reward-Risk Ratio" with my group ... just last week. It is a reminder to the group when I m too busy checking on their posts and it sounded like any other forums, noises about stocks etc etc ... you know how other forums like, dont you?

I am extremely busy and could not attend to my group(or even this blog) as much as I wish.  As such, my posts in my blog, my tratles and e-tratles have reduced. I know I will get back to my group as soon as the exams start end of the month. At the moment, I just answers some of their questions! That is not good enough for me ... I am checking that the group is noisier now as it is a larger group with my cohort-5(new) joining in. The new group has not done the 'trading plan' module ... so, it is understandable. But what about my 'older' tratles? They should know the looong procedure and homework to be done before trading, right? Or am I not teaching well enough ... to remind them of things to check BEFORE trading? Or my methods not effective(or good) enough for them to 'follow like a turtle'?

I used the term turtle-trading(tratle is a word derived from there, anyway) ... means that using some systems, follow it as closely as possible ... and focusing on what in hands. Ignore the noises and doing what is needed. If the posts just merely ... buy XXX or YYY at support, what does that mean? It sounds like ... err ... my stock-watch?

Example : Buy Digi at RM4, supported 20MA, and cut if goes below that. Well, DiGi went down below 20MA now .. so, what is next? Cut loss, right?

That is not a trading plan I shown them ... a right trading plan should have the dates, the strategies applies, entry points, exit points, the time frame, the RRR, the money management ... and so on. I did not putting into details just yet the MINDSET when trading. Yes, the 3-M I shared with them, Mindset, Methods and Money Management. Everyone seems to be interested with Methods!! And it is easily understandable as we are bombard with METHODS in daily basis ... the "HOW TO" questions. Since school days, we always ask ... HOW TO ... and seldom we THINK beyond that and ask ... "WHY". Why trading DiGi at RM4 level, for example? Rather than asking HOW TO trade DiGi at the moment?

If we plan well ... make it simple, please ... we will ask WHY trading that particular stock, example DiGi. WHY trading at the current level? And more WHY ... then, we plan.

Trading Plan ... something simple yet tedious for most of us. I have always wanted to make my tratle-group DIFFERENT. I wanted them to learn on how I trade ...  not only those candlesticks or Stochastic? But the whole process of trading ... from stalking, planning, taking the trade, write a journal, re-stalking the stock ... and jotting down the movements of the stocks plus the emotions involved!! I did share all these in my trading-class ... I want to share exactly how I went through the pace of trading, and what I think useful for trading. trading without a plan is like venturing into a business without a business plan. If we take trading seriously, we SHOULD PLAN.

RRR ... recently I posted a simple clip from youtube about planning to reduce the market-noises, and added RRR which many do NOT mention about it anymore. Yeah ... analysing a stock could be VERY tedious for beginners and everything needed to start from blank ... so, I need come out with a template of a trading-plan and things need to be placed.

Yes ... I have so much of things to handle with hours of classes, I could not do what I wanted to. But my tratles and e-tratles group will be my priority. Their learning is still very much my responsibility.


MISC 14/03/2012 by BL

It has been a long time since posted a chart here......

Trading plan: MISC ( technical rebound play)

Looking at the chart, since the gap down during 23.2.2012 fr the strong support at 5.9, this stock has declined all the way till 5.01 on 14/03/2012( 14.5% drop)

EP: btw 5.15 to 5.2
Support: cut lost if drop below 5.0
Resistance: Immediate resistance : 5.37, 2nd strong resistance : 5.9
Using the 2nd strong resistance, the RRR will be: 0.2 : 0.7~~ 1: 3.5

Technical analysis:
1. The trading volume was 2nd highest in historical for the past 3 years
2. The price has a PV divergence pattern with highest selling volume with recording historical low for the past 3 years
3. A bullish harami with high volume was seen today ( early sign of reversal)
4. STK bullish cross over at oversold region
5. 1st green MACD seen
6. RSI hook up at oversold region

All the indicators show an early sign of a reversal. So, question will be: what price should we queue?


Simple plan ... the above is posted by one of my tratle, BL(of cohort-1). I did not edit anything but I do have things to comment. You see, this is my idea ... teach them how to fish. I am least concern about the details etc etc ... I am more concern that a novice like him, could he learn well and improve his trading plan as he learn more during our meeting?

I planned all these ... my modules(total of 5), then ... we used our FaceBook to share information ... regarding news and links related to the market, sector and stocks. Then, we analyse the charts!! I repeat ... ANALYSE, not merely putting MISC can buy at RM5.15? Based on what, my friends?

Analysing might take some time ... it takes me about 20-30 minutes for a chart. If I needed to go into details of searching and reading some news, it might take me more than an hour!! That is how tedious analysing could be. But that is what I am sharing with my tratles ... and some like BL been with me for 6 months now, attending most of my classes and meetings!!

And you do think trading is simple, right? yeah right ... simple punt into Harvest or Nicorp(Harvest in the making) ... you will get rich. Who cares about those fundamentals or those technical analysis? Those in NiCorp is laughing all the way to the bank ... just speculate .. go to some forums, someone mentioned JCY price will shoot to RM4, you buy some for keeping ... hoping the RM4 will be realised soon, right? How about KNM which will be at RM2 soon, right? Based on WHAT analysis is that? Fundamentally under-valued? Based on some technical projection to that high level? Based on KLCI to break 1700?

I will bring this issue up in our next week meeting ... at the moment, I could only continue to remind my group not to be sway away from the main purpose ... to LEARN to trade well, and I do mean ... DISCIPLINE, CONSISTENCY and PATIENCE.

I really appreciate existance of my tratles-group into my trading adventure and I do hope I could maintain the group ... the best part should be they are maintaining the group, our facebook and our blog too. Thanks to those contributed to the group, and thanks all for still being in the group. Welcome of new tratles ... once they finish their module-5, expect more noises!! Haha


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Too busy to blog

It is 12 noon ... I m too busy to jot anything down. Last night I slept early(10.30pm) as I m too exhausted after long days ... I simply need to listen to my body ... the signals(sell) and not taking too high of risk!! Hmmm ...

Today will be just another very long day till 10pm. Two weeks ago, my system showing signs of breaking down ... I have severe migraine and took a half day off. It was Thursday and I have to cancel some classes. Yeah ... the Monday to Wednesday schedules were killing me(softly) and I took the doctor's advice to re-schedule and balance my daily workloads. Last week Wednesday, I have the similar migraine attack but a milder-ones So, I cancelled another 3hours classes. Yesterday, I have to cancel one class and took a nap!! I need my strength for today as I will have a 11-hours of teaching!! Yup, only a short one hour break for lunch, 2 hours break for dinner!! I cant have it all, can I?

With non-stop hours of classes, there is very little attention to my stock-analysis. I have to focus only in my own trades and could not look anything further. Too busy and tired is not good for short-term trading!! The evidence is clear ... I 'lost' in my TSH trades ... missed MEGB and MudaJaya, lost in my Perisai trade.

TSH : I was watching for a month, when it hit the high, and retraced nicely to my 20MA at 2.18 for me to buy, but it broken my 20MA ... sold at 2.16, wanting her at 2.08 but it closed lowest at 2.12 before a strong rebound. It broken my resistance yesterday and I did not check on her a day before, otherwise ... i will be watching closely and would not have missed her.

MEGB : I totally missed her at 0.98 which I shared with my tratles, a hammer formed, gap-down ... historical low. That is my 10% loss ... I could not even remember her at all, busy with classes!!

The evidence is clear ... I am not fit to trade at the moment. I am too occupied with class ... and accumulating more bullets. I am pressing it a little too much and my aging body telling me to ... rest. Nothing else could help me ... imagine that I am too busy for this dairy of mine? It is my dairy, ok? It is not for others to judge, it is for my recording and my OWN pleasure reading. In case you did not realise, my blog is just my trading dairy ... so, when I do not trade due to too busy or whatever, it will be written here. When I met with someone or a song I listened to, I share it here. Nothing else ... no fancy hidden agenda, no whatsoever you might think of. Majority of human are too complicated for me ...

Leaving this post ... feeling un-fulfilled. I have wanted to write so many things related to my trading too, but I am simply too ... never mind. Stop judging me, will ya?

Closing the post with a hope that I will not stop blogging ... i just need a break. Buy me a kit-kat, will ya? Thanks


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Further correction expected?

KLCI lost 14 points, with PChem dived and lost 4% yesterday. DOW closed slightly higher and we might see PChem(and KLCI) to rebound. These are short-term fluctuations which we can ignore. In mid-terms, do you see any election-rally coming ... PChem supports at RM6.40 and that should be the level we watch if we want her OR check if reversal signals are there such as ... hammer forming?

Another 10 points down to support at 1560 levels will see me busy again checking on charts. Now, whatever I bought last week or so are not doing so good, reaching my cut-loss point, I have to do some cleaning again.

So, those not in positions ... be patient as we will be going for election-rally ... and expecting this correction as 'healthy' as a good two month plus run ... and see it as opportunities to grab some of our 'favourite' stocks. Go for those heavy weights such as PChem if you want to take lower risk.

PChem's RSI as 35 now, another dive to RM6.40 would be a good entry point.

Yeah ... many more will be nice soon ... we shall wait!!

Good day ahead. off

10.05 am : I watched New Police Story by Jackie Chan last night till 1.30am ... so, lacking of sleep again, I could not donate blood today. We have blood donation campaign at the moment. Hope I could let out some blood next month or so.

KLSE is not in bloody mess but the lacking of volume is obvious. Turnover less that RM170m after an hour plus of trading, with Nicorp continues to be the most actively traded stock in KLSE for past days!! PChem rebounded as expeted to RM6.65 now ...

MISC : Reaching RM5.15 today, touched RM5.12 ... still watching.

JCY : I have cleared her at my cost price around 1.22-1.23 some time ago, today at RM1.10... will it go to RM1 soon? JCY is very speculative now, with many retailers stucked inside ... well, after all ... it moved from 50cents to 150cents ... 3times our money in short months? So, we are expecting it to go to RM2 ... or was it speculated to go up to RM4, right? What are you waiting for? BUY now ... sell you house, your car ... sell everything you have, buy every 10cents as it going lower ... and wait at RM4 to sell. I guess  ... that is what we called focus in under-valued stock, buy ... average down and hold. JCY? I m not sure ... I still find that we could trade JCY at the moment as many retailers are there.


Monday, March 12, 2012

KLCI is correcting, right?

KLCI down 7 points ... many of my stocks at cost prices or slightly lower. There are always two views at any point of time ... at the moment, at 1570 levels ... will you be on the side that KLCI to correct further to 1500 or lower soon ... OR are you in the bullish camp believing that KLCI will break a new high above 1600? If you listen around, there are ALWAYS contradicting views ... whether from you broker's analysts, business-times paper ...those in forums, those writing blogs and such ... if you ask your two cats, they might give you differing opinions too!! So, you might as well flip the coin ... head, I feel bull ... tail, I should be bearish!! That is how random market could be ...

Now, even if you get the direction right ... that may not reflect in our portfolios!! Knowing such simple logic may 'save' us from the agony ... "WHY market reaching to the highest levels but I am still losing money in markets!! Why those stocks I bought NOT shooting high as expected, afterall it is a bull-rally, ok?" ... you start to question your strategies(if you have one in the first place, which I doubt) ... you started to question your remisier's recommendation(as if he/she supposed to know) ... you may even think that there is some sort of conspirancies against you!! Yes, only you!! Each time you buy a stock, as if someone is monitoring and sell-down or press down your stock's prices!! Arrghhh ... the moment you sold her off, it rebounds and fly ... arrghh ... why me? Hmm ...

Are we suppose to know? We are merely guessing, right? For those discipline ones with good strategies in tact, they will see that such emotional-agonies are not call-for. Fooled-by-randomness ... read that before?

Lacking in reading, lacking in knowledge ... lacking and more lacking of understanding in markets making us feeling the UPs and DOWNs. As trader, we should be trading without emotion and carry out of trades according to our trading plan(how many of us actually have one or even know what it is about?). If it moves against us, we should take loss and move on to look for next trades. Easier said than done(for example, I m still stuck with Benalec at RM1.37 average, see?) ... and take profits whenever our target prices or our trading conditions alllowed.

If for investors, we do not buy when market is hot, we dont buy hot-stocks. We do not buy when the valuations stretched and we would prefer to be patient to wait for some cheap or mega-sales(I am still waiting to collect few good stocks!!) ... and if the stocks over-valued, we should be taking profits. Thumb-of-rules ... if your stocks move 30% above your cost price, time to sell. Or it is THAT simple?

Why would we make trading and investing so complicated in the first place? Because ... we are HUMAN!! Yes, the higher your IQ is, the more you might be thinking that trading could NOT be so simple!! It has to be ... at least 10 indicators, 8 lines drawns ... and such. Or perhaps, you may think that investing(holding forever?) is about buy a stock and hold ...? THAT is it?? 

While writing the above in my short one hour lunch, KLCI losing more grounds ... losing nearing 10 points now. Fear or Greed? I know I am wearing very red today ... not due to markets, but because Liverpool and Chong Wei lost. It was a bad weekend. I will not donate blood today but dooing that tmr, instead. Otherwise .. I will see more reds!!

Really need to run for another short lunch(15 minutes).

Have a nice RED day ... dont worry, tmr will be better. Just make sure you decide to trade or invest? Punting will bring you no where ...


Sunday, March 11, 2012

MISC : The abandoned ship

MISC : This is discussed in our tratles' meeting. It is at new low ... and a knife to catch. Do you think MISC will be de-listed? No? Then, time to buy if it going around RM5, buying more at RM4 ... or will it go to RM3? ouch ... no one know what is actually happening and going to happen. How low could it go? It reminded me of Maybulk when she was diving to historical low ... and everyday it registered new low!! So, it is 'safer' to buy after it has reversed. We shall watch ...

Warren Buffett ...


Saturday, March 10, 2012

e-meeting planned

Saturday ... yet another very looong hours of teaching for me later, from 8am to 6pm!!

Last night I had my 7th meeting with my batch-1 but only 5 turn-up!! This is a smallest number in our 12 classes so far ... yeah, I have been wtih my cohort-1 and cohort-2(formed batch-1) for about 6 months or so now ... and more or less, they do know how I analyse the charts. That is good ... the purpose is to speak similar language so that we could share our views on stocks online(through our facebook) ... and we are planning to reduce further meetings but to meet online, instead!! Yup ... next level of planning would be ... fixing Friday nights to go online(everyone in the batch) so that we could analyse together some charts with me there to comment on their discussion. I am just a facilitator ... and to share opinions. Currently our facebook with 40+ of them there becoming 'noisier' and difficult to monitor much. I am still very much in learning ... I still want some to share to learn and analyse our trades done. I am still looking for pointers to share when the trades were done. It is for learning purposes, nothing much about profit-loss ... so, as the group growing bigger ... it might get more tedious to check on so many posts and charts.

We are also planning on the video-clips sharing ... and making it an e-meeting soon. Once in a month, perhaps ... we could still meet, of coz. Sharing is still caring ... the group and pages do not belong to me, it belongs to everyone in the group. I am still thinking on how to get messages out in more effective manner ...

Ok ... my talk to about 50+ students yesterday was OK ... err ... few youngsters in fact know a little about stock-markets!!  My note-book failed on me .. making me more nervous but anyway ... it was a good experience. I do need more of these experiences so that I could give public-talk in future!! Hehe ...

Got to go for classes. off


Friday, March 09, 2012

Investing vs Trading

It is 10.30 am ... today I will be seeing a batch of students and invited to give a talk about Investing and Trading ... ooppsss ... I am not even business or economic lecturer .. in fact, the person invited is an experienced accounting lecturer!! Interesting ... how am I going to tell these young kids about investing? Yes, I will emphasise on INVESTING. With time in their hands, if they are able to see stock-markets as a place we could profit by investing(for dividends and capital appreications) ... then, setting their path(foot) well initially, will do them well in future. Many ... too many youngsters and young graduates came out to work, listened to those 'promoters' or those in forums talking how much they could gain by going into stock markets!! And they could be 'attracted' to be into trading stock markets for short thrills ... but that it not we will advise them. So, what will you advise a batch of 17-18 years old kids?

That is what I am doing this morning ... mentally preparing for my talk. It is just a short 1 hour or 1.5 hours of talk ... and I guess the crowd would be 'small'. Who will be interested in such a boring subject, when money could be obtained easily from parents? Might as well chatting or playing some facebook's games, right? haha

I am not saying trading is not good ... as investors, since you have TIME on your side, you could accumulate your bullets, your knowledge and buying into more of those good growing stocks. You could afford to diversify into dividends stocks and growing stocks. You could reduces your RISK substantially ... and with a good mentor, a young one could do VERY well in 10 years time!!

ok ... need to prepare some basic slides.

W.Buffett and Jay-Z



Thursday, March 08, 2012

Waiting for KLCI to break 1600

Morning ... I know that I did not have a post yesterday and someone SMS-ed me asking if I am ok? Hehe ... thanks, I am OK ... just busy with my classes and more classes till 10pm last night, and being too tired ... I watched Hung Kam Po's movie(his son's actually) instead!! It was a waste of time but I was forcing myself to finish the movie(no patience these days!! haha). Anyway, that was my looong yesterday. Yeah, a day without a blog post is like  ... err ... a day without my coffee!!

Nothing much to write ... just 'new' to posting some short video-clips for my e-learning, the toppish of KLCI and many of our counters not even near to new high. I saw BIMB moving much higher now. I am not aware as I am 'away' most of the time these days!! Then, I saw LionInd indeed trading at RM1.40. So, assuming we use the 'average down' post on her, assuming I bought 2000 units of her at 1.40 = gross RM2, 800. We shall check to SELL at RM1.55 level OR buy another 2000 units at RM1.30, ok?

LionInd : Bought at 1.40(hypothetically)

TSH : Recently I bought at 2.18 but seeing wekaness sold for small losses at 2.16. I was right(short-term) as it closed at 2.12 yesterday but at 2.18 now. ouch. I was hoping for 2.08 today!!

Benalec : A failed trade and I want to write more about her, checking on I analyse on my mistakes and I do not mind sharing ... wrong trade means wrong, no matter how you want to justify on it. To me, there is not such thing as right or wrong trade. There is only profittable or losing trade. This is a losing trade and I have made a mistake buy not cutting losses earlier tho I posted in my facebook page to cut her if going below 1.28 levels.

Well, good fundamental stocks doesnt mean it will go up, ok? You may want to argue a good stock is under-valued ... or NiCorp the best stock at the moment ... in trading, making profits is like an ultimate motives? I do not agree with the motives(of profitting). If we are going into market with GREED in us, like punting into NiCorp and such, we are merely punters or gamblers. If we are not careful and getting over confident(after huge killings), we are bound to be emotionally charged ... that will be the moment when market pressed us and humbled us. Yes, I have been there ... I have 'tasted' some 'glory', brought down to earth ... to lick some wounds. We all need these experiences to UNDERSTAND what market could do to us. We should be resilient and understand how market works rather than getting too emotional about our trades. Stocks move up or down ... that is common. To go huuuu then arrghhh ... and then ... hahahaha ... huat-arrr ... then depressed into ... die-laaaa ... it is just a joke, I hope. Majority of us fail to see beyond profits or losses. This is one serious issue that we all should address. I have posted a simple interview clip of Warren Buffett. He said it well ... we need EMOTIONAL STABILITY to do well in markets. He should know as he first bought a stock at age of 12(do they allow? legal?) and started to read about markets at age of 7!!

Emotional stability ... an ingredient that is very much needed yet ... most of us are not calm enough to be rational, to be humble enough to learn ... and making a commitment to improve ourselves. If I need to improve myself, one of the main area would be my mindset(rooms for improvements) and of coz ... emotional stability. What does that actually means?

I definitely agree on what he said "We are in RISK only when we do something we dont know".  For him, the margin of safety is one of his main criteria on buying!! Yes, buying under-valued stocks and hold ... no reading of charts blah-blah ... just doing tonnes of research into fundamentals of a company and buy hugely if it deemed under-valued(way below its instrinsic valuations) ... and BUY MORE if it going lower!! FOCUS and NOT diversifying ... is his point too. Knowing what you are doing en-able us to be confident with our trades .. to average it down, knowing that ONE FINE DAY, the company will be in focus by markets, and then selling her when it is over-valued. Holding period ... forever? Really? Do we have forever? haha

got to go ... dont know if I am able to write more about 'emotional stability' or 'financial behaviours' which I do think more important that those MACD and such being used. It is US .. human mentality, human emotions that in play, dont blame the trading systems ... definitely you have yourself to blame for being ignorant(and too arrogant to learn?) ... wasting time looking for the sure-win stocks. No secrets to success ... it is all hard-work. Ask Warren Buffett.

1.30 pm : Thursday becoming the day I am 'free' with only 6 hours of classes and an hour of meeting!! So, I could have a little longer lunch break than my usual 15-minutes lunch!!

Being frugal no more?

I just bought an earphone .. and this is the most expensive earphone I could afford so far .. it is RM120!! Wow ... my old earphone spoilt(again) after 8 months or so ... being drilled into my ear. Yeah ... I am always seen with my earphone plugged into my ears, and I could not hear any sound out there!! I am in my own world, so to speak. Anyway, normally I will just buy an earphone of RM30-RM50 range.

Recently, before CNY, I bought my most expensive working-shoe costing me about RM80(after 50% discount!!). Yes ... normally I will only buy those 'BATA' shoes costing me below RM60 ... and I will be glad if it could last me two years!!

So, I am checking on my expenses ... my wife glad that ... at last, I bought something I like ... an earphone! Tho my MP3 is a free(from my credit-card) and I am still OK with it, I might go for my 5th MP3 once this one break-down too ... yes, I think I m willing to spend RM300 for an MP3 in future!! Only my wife knew that I do not buy anything much for myself ... I wont mind if my wife or kids wanting to buy something they like, but not for myself. This is simply em-bedded in my system ... BE FRUGAL if you want to be rich, one day. Delay gratification ... we read that all the time in those personal financial books. We should!!

Well ... I am still very glad with my new earphone!! I know I am acting like a kid again(since when I am a matured person? haha) ... yeah!! Simple man is easier to please ... I am making sure that I m living a simple life. Thanks.

Being frugal ... does it means buying NOTHING at all? I am driving into that extremely ... and I hope I could keep being frugal as long as I live. I do hope I could cultivate this 'character' in my kids. They have a nice good life ... as I wanted them too. But, could I be pampering them too much? How do we teach our kids to be frugal?

Check list on my recent 'upgrades' since I came back to KL ...

1. sold my Kancil, changed with Proton.
2. changed my 20-year old Sony 21" TV with an LCD 32"
3. changed my 5-year old phone with a new Samsung Wonder
3. bought an apartment instead of renting an apartment.
4. done some furnishing for my new apartment.
5. changed my old 4-year old desktop into a new ACER

Those are bigger items ... and for the micro-items, I bought some new pants, shoes and ... yes, a nice earphone today. What is my next buying? Hmm ... an I-pad will be good ... but that would be another 3 years time? haha ...

I do try to remind myself not to use much of money ... recently, I treated my whole family(14 of us) to a nice lunch at Istana Hotel. It is a first time again ... and that surprised everyone, but they are my loved ones!! It worth every dollars spent, seeing them feeling happy for me ... I will continue to do what I need to do ...

I am simply too excited with my earphone!! Haha .. oppss ... how is KLCI doing?

The One That Got Away : Dedicated to my BIMB