Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Save and Invest

It is 10pm plus ... yeah, I have just finished a class!! Due to demands, I have to have classes at nights ... it is tiring after the whole busy day!!

Well, it is not a choice ... we have to work hard, to keep up with high cost of living(tho I do live below my means!!) and keeping more bullets to buy more into stocks. Yeah ... we are reaching 1600 soon ... my bearish outloook for coming Mac is flawed again, of coz.

There is only two ways about it : Earn more or use less.

I prefer to go to another extreme ... earn more and use less!! By increasing our earnings and maintaining our frugal lifestyle, that is the only way we could accumulate some money ... invest the hard-earned money wisely, we could make our money work harder as we work harder ...

Recently I wrote about 'car'. I never fancy cars ... big, new or whatever cc, actually. Now, if you think I have changed into a gullible or no longer a simple person ... well, I have not. Those new readers(especially those jumping into their own conclusions! stupid!) may not know much about me ... and I am not here for you to know, anyway. I am just writing my dairy ...

I never really complain about my second-hand kap-cai or my Proton. I do like my RM150k apartment, where I could afford to pay. I do not have greed in me ... not for money. But, I do have thirst for knowledge ... learning-teaching!! That is passion and making me alive!!

Ok, back to my topic for today ... increase our earnings!! and INVEST!!

As employees, our wages or salary could be our main income. As lecturers or teachers with averagely low income bracket, we could complement our income by giving tuitions. Yeah, many teachers or even non-teachers are giving tuition for some income. Some of them even giving tuition in full-time basis and earning more than those teachers or lecturers teaching in schools or colleges!! If you think all lecturers want to earn extra income(by giing tuition), you will be surprise that MANY of them are lazy or too busy doing something else(like watching movies, dating ... playing games, face-booking ... etc etc) ... to them, money is not in the mind!!

We all should work hard(and smart?) and should be willing to 'walk extra miles' to earn more. It is especially true if you are young, in your late 20s or early 30s. I started so late ... 10 years too late!! So, I am working doubly hard to 'cover' my loss years ...

Can we double our income in ... say ... 3 years time? Yes, every three years, double your income!! Assuming you have RM3k salary now, will you work hard enough to get RM6k in three years time? And in 6 years time, you should be getting RM12k per month? It is NOT possible if you are merely teaching!! You are using TIME .. exchange with MONEY. I have to teach from 8am to 10pm in order to get a decent income!! Again, not many lecturers are as hard-working as me!! I admit that I am a workaholic now ... always working on something, to improve my skills or my income!!

For many, increase of income comes with increase in expenses!! Suddenly we feel that we deserve to be pampered, deserve to dine in exclusive restaurants ... or driving a nice car!!! Perhaps more often is to get the latest gadgets ... clothings or accessories!! Many of the products or items which we wont even think of when we 'could not afford'. My expenses have increased substantially since I shifted back to KL. Well, I cant afford anything at all when I was in KK, just merely 2 years ago!! Today, I am doing much better ... and will continue to strife for betterment ...

How do we keep our expenses at low level? Good question to ponder ... I think it is due to the personality of the person. If you are just a simple person(like me), you dont see the needs to get yourself 'upgraded'.. you feel comfortable using 'old' items ... and see no implusion to buy a new anything!! Well, I did some shopping last DEC when I shifted to my apartment ... but other than that, I am still making sure I could remain as frugal as possible. It is not a matter if you could afford or not, it is a question of do you need it?

I will continue to work hard ... teaching Maths and Trading ... and also profitting consistently from markets(thanks). Of coz I need to make sure those in my group will maintain to be profittable ... and in one year, they could gain at least 10% in their trades!! Learning ... and acquiring some knowledge while they are in the group.

stock-watch group : As for March, it is open to all those interested. Please let me know. Thanks.

So, increase our knowledge ... apply our knowlegde to earn more money ... yet, keeping our lifestyle in minimal as possible. In years, we could accumulate enough to invest in properties or stock-markets. LEARN how to invest or trade well, you will never regret. One day, I will be the living example of starting from ground-zero ... pure hard-work ... persistent and consistent ... and a person who could make it. When will I get my break-through?

Nothing comes easy ... I still have to teach another 8-10 hours tmr ... I still need to analyse some charts in daily basis(and happily doing it) ... I still will be with my tratles, e-tratles and stock-watch group(growing). I will still continue to work extremely hard(been doing that for 5 years now, anyway) .... and I will continue to 'serve' the community ... they called me 'cikgu'.

Earn more ... spend less ... save more ... invest and grow your wealth. Nothing come fast, I believe.

Time to analyse some charts ... for my Mac page.



Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My first recording

Today is a very busy and tiring day. I m not feeling so well now. Anyway, I am glad ... as an e-tratle of mine helped me with my video recording!! Yeah ... now I could post my analysis through video!! Haha ... I could also sing some Linkin Park's songs for all to listen to!! Haha.

KLCI is down today ... HSI up 350 points ... DOW in green and SLV above 35 now, up 3% in early trades!! Wow ... where is the Malaysia boleh spirit?

Latexx : In 2008, Latexx was traded around 20cents and shot all the way above RM4. Talking about making good money? Today, Latexx is diving ... at 1.50 level today, wait for 1.40 or below. Or collect around 20cents again? Hmm ... we shall see ...

I need to rest ... night


The Schiff Report

The above is the latest(yesterday). Interesting to listen what be is talking about price of gasoline.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Trading in the zone

Just read 'Trading In The Zone' by Mark Douglas for the second time over the weekend. Need to keep my emotions at bay for the current market..

Here are the summarized points/principles to share with those who have not or do not have time to read it. These are the exact words taken from the book.


1. Trade without fear or overconfidence.
2. Perceive what the market is offering from its perspective.
3. Stay completely focused in the “now moment opportunity flow”.
4. Spontaneously enter the “zone”.

THINK IN PROBABILITIES (there are always unknown forces in the market at every moment).


1. Anything can happen.
2. You don’t need to know what is going to happen next in order to make money.
3. There is a random distribution between wins and losses for any given set of variables that define an edge.
4. An edge is nothing more than an indication of a higher probability of one thing happening over another
5. Every moment in the market is unique.


The 7 principles of consistent winner :

1. I objectively identify my edges.
2. I predefine the risk of every trade.
3. I completely accept the risk or I am willing to let go of the trade.
4. I act on my edges without reservation or hesitation.
5. I pay myself as the market makes money available to me.
6. I continually monitor my susceptibility for making errors.
7. I understand the absolute necessity of these principles of consistent success and, therefore , I never violate them.

Note : The above is shared by our new tratle member, HS. He is only 4 months plus in market but have many of these good trading books before attending my basic trading class. It is interesting as it is easier to guide such hard-working novices ... in actual trading. Yes, reading giving us the knowledge what to do but real trading giving us the needed experiences. I would never be able to teach well IF I do not trade or analyse things by MYSELF. If a person read and read well ... and teach trading, it is very theoritical.Nothing good could come out from there much as trading is about experiences and improving our skills.

With more of such talented and hard-working tratles in our group, we could only improve!! I am proud, of coz. One thing I do advise my group is 'DO NOT listen too much to forums and the noises around'. I will write about 5 main mistakes that many novices/newbies done ... as I was recently interviewed and asked ... "What do you think the 5 main mistakes done by novices in trading?".

Thanks, HS for sharing. Yes, many in the group will benefit ... and by posting it here, many of my genuine or real readers will benefit too. Of coz those few nay-sayers will be in doubts and think that I typed those above from a book ... to show I am a 'guru'? I am not .. I am a learning novice like many around.

Cheers and learn together!!


Kindle : Worth buying?

The Amazon Kindle


I am thinking of getting one as I do like to read ... and Kindle enable me to read books digitally.


Trading Idea : Malton

Malton-wb : As I have written previously about Malton-wb, which I bought at 0.33-0.34 levels and sold at 0.40-0.41 levels in days ... then in Jan stock-watch page, I placed that I bought back at 0.29 and sold at 0.32 in days ... recently it came back to 0.29 levels(in FEB) but I did not grab her back(CT did) at 0.29 ... she flew to 0.34 levels(CT sold at 0.345) ... before it retraced ... back to 0.29 levels again ... for our fourth trade on her. Yup, that is Malton-wb ... her baby. The mommy Malon being valued at 0.71 at the moment and at 0.66 level is a good entry point and to sell her above 0.71 again.

This is just a simple trading idea which I do share with my tratles and stock-watch page. It is NOT a buy call and if you read these lines, please understand the risk of trading warrants. Non of the trades written here are real, anyway. Haha.

Feb is not really a profittable month for my stock-watch page with only Axiata, AirAsia, RSawit, Seg, Seg-wa, Sendai done good ... Benalec is holding at small paper-loss while cutting off KurAsia due to failed breakout. A short punt into Unisem-wa went wrong too ... and it is wait and see. In Jan, with bullishness ... anything you bought also doing well.

Yes, as I have a closed page of my stock-watch ... to be fair to those in my group, I will only write about some trades AFTER they were done. That irked some readers in i3-investors or many more out there? Well, I am not here to please you ... continue to be irritated while I will continue to .. err ... blog the way I like!!

Liverpool beat BJCorp this morning ... but it was close. Phew!!

Here is BJCorp ... but at 0.93 level ... sell at 0.99 level. As BJCorp lost the final, expect the sentiment to be bad and it is likely to break 0.95 this week ... so, watch for 0.93. If it breaks 0.915 low level, sack the manager(he is doing very well currently, ok?)

By the way, VT is retiring ... half of his wealth to go to charity!! Bravo!! Long live Tan Sri VT. To show my support, I will buy BJCorp at 0.93, ok? Haha


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shopping for a car

I was busy teaching from Friday night till today noon. Yes, it is tiring and non-stop kinda classes after classes. I am going to take a rest before going for a nice dinner ...

I am currently driving Proton(and proud of it) ... the so-called cheapest car. It is NOT cheap for a low salaried-employee like me. My monthly instalments taking about 15% of my salary!! With my current two apartments instalments taking about 35% of my salary, I am only left with 50% of my salary in hand. Ouch ... 10% a forced saving, 40% ... err ... enough for my two kids to go to kinder, going to Enopi, dinners ... my wife to go shopping ... arrghh ... teachers are one of the lowly paid job!!

So ... Proton is a big-deal for me. I was driving a Kancil back in Sabah and decided to upgrade the car to Proton(still the cheapest around, yeah ...) as my two kids are growing!! I do not need to think what car should I buy as my low-salary could only afford me the cheapest around. In fact, I have to take 7-years loan as my low-salary application for car-loan will be rejected if I am going for 3 or 5 years!! Arrghh ... talking about financial stress ...

Anyway, I m planning for next upgrade after my Proton fully paid-off in coming 5 years time!! Yup. planning to get a 2.0 car to replace my 7-year old Proton ... in future. I will be 50 by then.

Choices of 2.0 - 2.4 car

Honda Accord

Hyundai Sonata

Nissan Teana

Toyota Camry

The above are common choices ... if I could not afford any by then, of coz I will continue to drive my current old Proton. Otherwise, upgrade a little to Inspira? But if I could REALLY afford, I will choose one of the above model. Will VW's Paasat becoming cheaper by then(read DRB)?

Perhaps I might end-up with one of my passion ... moto-bike. Vulcan or Harley? Hehe


Friday, February 24, 2012

Averaging down

LionInd : Say you expecting  for current correction to take place soon ... so, you may want to prepare some bullets to buy some stocks. I am using LionInd just as an example and illustration.

Assuming we do not have knowledge much in FA or TA.

Buy at RM1.40 : 2000 x RM1.40 = RM2,800

Buy at RM 1.30 : 2000 x RM1.30 = RM2,600

Buy at RM 1.20 : 2000 x RM 1.20 = RM2,400

Buy at RM1.10 : 2000 x RM1.10 = RM 2,200

Total is RM10, 000.

Then, each time it moves up 15cents, sell. Sound simple, right? That is just one trading idea I could share with many ... if you dont have much knowledge. Choose a good stock, buy in stages ... and hold. To benefit more, buy only when KLCI in low RSI-level and FEAR is everywhere in markets (example, Greece will go bust or BN losing their grips ... etc etc).

Note : To gain 10% per annum, that is what we could easily do but with a condition : Be very patient.


p/s : If you really need to hold, how about grabbing a good dividend stock, average it down?

Correction in the making?

AirAsia : Will check her going below 3.55, and look at 3.45 level, instead.

KurAsia : I have to cut-loss when it broken my support. I am surprised with the low volumes but I cut her off, anyway. A very few trades I done badly in recent months. ouch.

Sendai : This is a stock given in my stock-watch too ... the one that I expected to reach 1.70 for profit-taking and many did. A good trade. By the way, 1.70 is her IPO value. So, if she dives to RM1.50 level again due to coming correction, time to alert again.

Unisem : Catching a knife ... bad reports seeing some syndicates-players dropped her and I will see her at RM1.20 level later? Wanna catch some?


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Educating public ... my job?

Morning ... many things in mind and do not know where to start ... hmm ... yeah, I have limited time with this blog, so ... I was thinking of something GOOD to write and hope to benefit some good readers.

i3-investor portal

Yesterday, I wrote a post 'Busy Day' and it is not the first time(and wont be the last!! haha) I write about my busy schedules and such. Yeah ... for those NEW readers, they will go through a page or two, and noticed that I do not write anything much about markets, they will close it off and move on ... but ... I realised now that my blog will be featured in a very good financail portal :

Hmm ... let me recall how I got in touch with i3-admin ... that way about 6 months ago. When I have my cohort-1, I remembered one of my pioneer tratle, MS, told me that my blog was featured in i3-investor and congrats me? Huh ... I was surprised on WHY he congratulated me for? It was like ... yes?

Then, AW of my cohort-4 told me that he got to know about me through i3-portal too and decided to join my group!! Slowly ... I realised(I am a slow learner ...) that my blog will be posted there in i3-portal and it is a financial portal!! Well, I told i3-admin previously that my blog is a rojak ... my DAIRY(who dont know it is my dairy? New readers, of coz!!) and it comprises of songs ... clips I listened too, articles I read ... stocks that I analysed(taken out and posting in my stock-watch now) ... my daily schedules etc etc ... and I do not know if it is OK with them. Well, i3-admin told me it is OK and they like the EDUCATIONAL part of my blog and glad that I could guide some of newbies!! Well, I will leave it to i3-investor if they are going to take out my blog since I do not write about stocks ... or ... hmm ... some un-happy readers there started to blast on my postings? Haha ... I want to laugh .. oopss ... better stay focused. Hmm ...

So, since I m in education line, it is only natural I want to share with many my limited and so-called knowledge. Well, I am proud to say that I have about 40 of them still in my group(no time to introduce my cohort-5 .. sorry, guys). We named it 'tratles' group. Yes, many NEW readers do not even know that I have blog in daily basis for 3.5 years now. I came from zero-knowledge, zero experience ... and today, I am sharing with 40 of them ... in daily basis in our closed pages. Also, in my very busy schedules ... I tried to answer many enquiries by those in my stock-watch group. No joke, I have three facebook-pages to attend to. Somehow, I managed ... so far!!

In my short breaks, I will visit i3-portal(after realising my blog is there, some may comment) ... to answer some comments, showing that I am a REAL person, not a robot. Haha ... as markets moving higher and higher, it attracts many more newbies and the forum becoming very noisy!! That is expected as many get excited with profits ... and many more becoming 'guru' ... and slowly you could see GREED taking over. It is expected ... it is THAT emotional. It is money in the line, babe.

So ... due to such, nothing for me to write ... I am a contrarian(those old readers will know), I only move in hugely during market correcting or if possible, collapsing ... stock-diving ... I like gap-DOWN .. hmm .. I like my waterfalls ... check my posts ... how long I DID NOT write about my lovely waterfalls now? I like SEPTEMBER 2011 ... where I typed 100 stocks with their RSI levels. I was so excited ... and so greedy then. Today ... today, I listen to songs!! Do you like my Anthony Robbins sharing? How about Arnold? hehe ... today is NOISY ... today is greed in markets and my system shut-off for buyings!! I trained myself THAT way ... be a contrarian. Be patient. Be discipline. And today ... I am teaching trading to 40-50 of them!! If I need to include my e-learners, I have more than 100 of them learning and asking questions .. and learning ... and sharing!! You cant learn by going to forums without a focus, can you?

Forums are a good platform to share, actually. So, I do not have anything against forums, of coz. I do still visit RHB and CNX forums once in a while but no longer posting any comments there. Today, I will also stop postings any comments in i3-investor. I have stopped tradesignum's forum too. I never visit investlah forum ...

Another nasty comment in i3-portal

Jessica Chan : Fat Cat, this hack always copy other's quote and imply his story into it. always brag about his winning stock(ofcoz only by talk i buy jcy for 60sen and it went up to 1.30). if you are that good, name it before it happened. I guess your reply must be i got nothing to prove to you ignorant people.

Well, I am not offended as I am not writing to please these readers, anyway. It happened that my blog is featured there. So, I will want to see ... how I could benefit some readers in i3-investors? Why is that so? it is about giving-back to i3-portal which has been supportive to me by publishing my blog in a respectable financial portal here!! Wow ... at times, I forgotten that I am in finance-line now? Haha ... since when? Nope ... I am just a blogger ... and I am in education line. I am more interested with my own writings ... and for edutainment purposes. I am not going to show these readers my trades(irrelevent) but rather share with some readers how I do trade ...

Axiata : We all bought at 4.65-4.70 levels and sold in a week time around 4.98-5.00.

I am not going to convince you that the trades is real or not. It is not important. What is important to share is that we buy things at LOW level and to sell at HIGH level but ... with cut-loss to protect our capitals ... to move on to next trade. I do remember I sold off my Mudajaya(everyone knew I bought at 2.28, right? Many of them in my group about from 2.15-2.30 levels) and sold off Coastal(bought at RM2.02 levels) for Axiata. Ahh-haa ... bragging again?! Hehe ... I prefer Axiata with BAD news attached. Nothing much ... it is still TMI to me. It wont close down tmr!!

RSawit : Many of them in my group followed me to buy at 0.88, sold at 0.93, buy-back at 0.93 sold at 0.98 ... then, some bought at 1.05 levels ... and sold recently at 1.15 levels. My tratle, HK, bought at 0.93 ... hold hold hold ... and sold at 1.15!! I admired his holding power!!

AirAsia :

SEG : One of the first stock I shown to my stock-watch group for FEB. It was marked-up when it broken 1.83 level. Yesterday is a SELL ... so I sold my Seg-wa. It took about 3 weeks to realise the trade and profits.

Sendai :

The above trades are for bragging and advertising purposes. Be entertained!! Haha.

Thanks for reading yet another boring post. It is the way I write, anyway.

Lose Yourself


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Successful people : Arnold Schwarzenegger

Six Rules on "How to Be Successful"

1. Trust yourself

2. Break some rules

3. Don't be afraid to fail

4. Ignore the naysayers

5. Work your butt off

6. Give something back.

1. Trust yourself : Yes, I told myself many of times last time ... if I want to be a 'successful' in my ambition to be a good Maths teacher, I MUST trust myself. I must know that I have the abilities to teach well. After 20 years in teaching Maths, I could proudly said "I have succeeded". I was awarded to be the best 'teacher' before. Today I want to trust that I could be a good trading-cikgu ... and one day, I will feel successful, my own definition(of coz). I do not need award or recognition, just appreciations from those who have learnt from me. A simple 'thank' will be nice.

2. Break the rules : Yes, I do break many rules along the way when I teach ... and I explore to teach Maths differently. Today, I will apply it in my teaching of trading. I want to break the common rules many trading courses doing ... for a start, I want to see that those trading course should be affordable to ALL of those who want learn!! And many ways of trading's rules should be broken!! Many myths and assumptions being made ... and blinded many novices. Break those rules!!

3. Don't be afraid to fail : Yes, every successful people will tell you they will attempt things they never tried ... and they are NOT afraid to fail. They understand that normal people do not venture further as they are afraid to fail. Just DO NOT be normal.

4. Ignore the naysayers : Yes, ignore the majority of those average normal people, who will tell you whatever you try will fail ... and telling you how risky or hard things could be. Ignore their words ... trust yourself, break some rules ... dont be afraid to fail and IGNORE the majority. Yes, you can!

5. Work your butt off : Yes  ... we all know that successful people taking baby-steps to learn and work hard from there. They do not complain, they do not quit ... they know that they have to push the limit ... hard hard work ...

6. Giving back : Yes ... I always believe that there are so many things we could give back. For example, imparting knowledge to my students, seeing them scoring good grades and entering Uni of their choice. You could NEVER understand the satisfaction if you are not teaching. I am very satisfied with what I am doing ... I may not be rich but I feel rich inside. I do have many thanking me for teaching and sharing ...

Busy Day

2.10 pm : It has been an incredibly busy day for me so far ... it is crazy!! Arrghhh

I woke up about 6am as usual today to read some e-mail, posted JCY and MEGB for sharing. Then, I read a bit of some news ... rush off, dropping my son to kinder and to office for my 8am class. I do not have time for breakfast(blame it on the JCY and MEGB charts!! haha) ... so, have few bites on my bread and teaching from 8am to 10am!! Yup, I managed to trade in between that short MINUTES!! I sold off my Sendai which I have been collecting at 1.69(given in my stock-watch for FEB) and going for Supermax today ... it is done in split minutes so that I could continue to teach!! Also, I sold off my Seg-wa at 1.44 and was collecting below 1.40(also in my stock watch and tratles page). I thought I was queueing to sell at 1.44 and 1.46 but somehow due to too many things in head, I must have keyed-in wrongly(that is a dinner mistake!). By the way, I was trading using three platforms! Haha ... really crazy and stupid. All done in minutes!! We do have 5 minutes interval from one class to another, actually.

Then, I noticed Unisem dived ... ignoring JCY still at 1.20, I went for Unisem-wa at 0.355-0.360 but when I watch it again, it is down to 0.340. I am catching a knife now. Ouch.

Yeah ... then around 10 am, I was rushing for next class ... and I was answering questions or comments in my two facebook page ... stock-watch and tratles!! Amazing? Haha ... my brain overworked and I am tired!! Classes from 10am to 11.30 am ... rush for short half hour lunch before another classes from 12noon to 1pm and next 1pm to 2pm. Now ... I am taking a short hour break due to a tuition class shifted 1 hour later(to 3.15pm). Then, more tuition classes from 3.15- 4.45pm(so that I could be there for market closing) then, 5pm to 6.30pm ... rush home for my dinner and another tuition from 8pm to 10pm.

How is your day? Busy too ... in such a busy hectic day, I do wish I do not trade ... but ... well, Sendai gap-up la ... sell. Seg-wa moving above the high 1.48 today la .. so, sell. Unisem dives la ... so, buy and Supermax is asking me to look at her. So, grab a bit first!

And in my short break, I could still use my 4-fingers to type these lines?

Amazing? Haha ... I need a coffee now.

Nasty comments by : Fat Cat Tim Buddy(of i3-forum)

FCTB : stop posting ur life please, leave it in facebook or diary book, no people comment on ur blog anyway, nor they will read it, let me be forward abit, its kind of annoying, ok.. i go drink TEH now..

TEH : excuse me ... it is MY blog. why are u reading?

FCTB : sorry, i din't, no reading.

just that ur tittle kind of interesting, ''busy day'' , so.. i click on it and see what is it all about, author TEH o ais , ok.. 95% of ur blog is blablabla , stuff that no people care.

its kind of annoying, and there a comment button,therefore i click on it and comment, am i allowed to comment?

TEH : I checked that you are born 1990, young man. Then, I checked some of your comments. Most without knowledge or carry any weights. So, I am going to assume that you are just an arrogant young ignorant in markets. I will post these comments of yours and make you well-known. If I am free and helpful enough, I might want to correct many of your comments here, which I could tell you are lack of knowledge and experience in markets. Yup, you will grow up, of coz. take your time to grow

One day, he will grow up ... no point talking to him. But, I might 'help' him by answering some of his comments there. He might thank me, one day ... right?


Stock Watch : JCY and MEGB

JCY : Current retracement is nice. Watching for reversal.

MEGB : One of the worst perfoming IPO. Currently trading at a range, so ... can consider RM1.12 entry level and sell around 1.20. This may take a longer time for it to be uptrend again ... she is still in my radar ... give me a beep-beep ...

TEH :  A few more worth watching in coming weeks but I am too busy to write, got to rush to office for whole-day classes again. Today is a crazy day with classes from 8am to 10pm, with only 2 hours in between for lunch and dinner!! Crazy man ...



Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A reflection on my own blog

By Alpha Chart

When I begin the thinking of options I have with Alpha Chart going forward, only will I surprisingly realise that the blog I started as a passion may not translate into anything worthwhile for myself.

TEH : My blog started with PASSION of learning to trade and my passion for blogging, sharing and ... continuing of learning. Nothing much more than that, for those new readers of mine. Those new ones COULD NOT feel the passion I have writing these lines ... using 2-fingers on each hands typing ... and my mind works faster than my tiring fingers. Indeed, it is PASSION .. otherwise, how do you explain that I am STILL blogging in daily basis after 3.5years ...?? Does it translate to anything worthwhile for myself? Yes ... I am GLAD that I could guide and help many 'silent' readers, newbies and novices ... in venturing into the RISKY legalised casino ... KLSE.

Really there are many options I could consider with Alpha Chart, assuming continuous outperformance and bringing in more features, but apparently they do not sync with either my preference or the anticipated financial reward. These were the options and their "why not"...

TEH : I am taking my blog a little further and will see if it worth my venture ... otherwise, I will drop the whole idea(of teaching trading and such)

1. Be Investment Professional (e.g. author, stock investing coach)
- I find the loss of privacy a big loss as I prefer to keep my unknown identity. Some early readers may recall that I was featured a lil' in a financial magazine before and my identity was kept away. Between fame and money, I choose the latter.

TEH : Yes, I am a much 'open-book' blogger around where you could even add me in my facebook(not chatting, sms or e-maiul, please). I do share my daily activites ... my likes and dislikes. I am public-listed!! No ... I never want to be known or fame? Spare me, please. It is too noisy out there. I rather stay put, listening to my songs!! I am not qualified to be investment-professional as I do not have any financial qualifications and NO intention to take any exams etc etc ... spare me the certs, you can have it. I prefer to trade well, guide some of my readers and ... yes, profitting from markets. I will consider writing a book ... as I am encourage by many of my readers! Can I teach trading without that 'trading certs'? Then, if you are learning from me, you are taking a RISK to learn from an uncle?

2. Be Financial Intermediary (e.g. Remisier)
- Though I can turn Alpha Chart into an exclusive access to attract customers but everybody knows that Remisier is not a rising professional and the intense competition in brokerage see drastic fall in revenue for many.

TEH : Someone suggested to me too ... but I certainly DO NOT want to be in that line, errr ... need to take exams, right? Keep it.

3. Monetise Alpha Chart and make it an advertisement conduit
- If you noticed, Alpha Chart is currently advertisement-free. Monetising the blog is one option too but the returns take years to build and they may not be substantial enough.

TEH : My blog used to be ad-free merely 6 months ago ... then, few of bloggers encouraged me to earn 'extra' money from placing google-adsense ... well, the number of clicks are not good. Not many bother, either. Yup, the returns is minimal ... but ... err ... it could still pay me a dinner in a month? Just let it be there ...

4. Turning Alpha Chart into pay website
- There are many pay websites on stock investing in US but very scarce in the local market. This however takes time to build and the returns may be slow and income stream normally tracks market.

TEH : Privitisation of my blog occured in my mind before ... spending hours blogging for free ... sharing analysis and such, but ... it is free, right? So, what I do is I put my analysis in my stock-watch page where many readers could pay a little to read my analysis and could even learn many pointers. Believe me, it worth all your pennies. How I wish there is a stock-watch page like mine to follow, I wont mind paying much-much more to learn!! I am the 'cheapest' around, for sure. Anyway, this blog will be maintained as 'free' but not the analysis. I do not even have the time to share those trades I have done with my closed-group ... so many good ones ... and yes, I have shown to many ... I do not lose money much in months of trading. Should I want to privitise my blog one day ... or sell the 'domain' for some tokens?

5. Be a private money manager
- With track records, I could consider using Alpha Chart for interested investors to place fund for me to manage. Here again, I have my own option to raise funds for the full profit than the much lower cut after split with investors. Besides, I will not be answerable to many doubts investors may have either with my skills or market volatility.

TEH : This is difficult to accept by many ... perhaps I should continue to invest for my aunties only. Who knows ... if my performances are very good, many might look for me ... and I might be employed as fund-manager? Hmm ... that is fun!! 

6. Cease Alpha Chart for full focus on personal investment
- I find the writing of Alpha Chart, though minimal, is still taking away my time and if I were to commercialise the blog, I have to commit much more time into it.

TEH : I wont mind commercialise my blog one day ... but at the moment, I still prefer the uncle-manner of writing my dairy-blog. I have 'lost' many readers as I no longer put analysis much or answering their e-mail/comments. Yes, I have given priorities to my tratles(those coming for my trading classes, my e-tratles(those learning technical-analysis from me through e-learning ... it is still open for those interested), my stock-watch(monthly basis ... Mac is opening soon) ... then only my blog(this one).

- As mentioned before that I'm now managing 5 own broking accounts and that Golden Nest and Reflexivity being the smallest in terms of value, having full concentration would definitely help in my performance.

- Anyhow an additional returns of 5-10% would already give me an immediate return as expected from the above option which I need to take a few more years to build.

I'm afraid to say that option 6 may be more viable after all these assessments and if I were to consider potential financial reward from the blog, it may not justify...

With this, I have a painful decision to make on Alpha Chart...I hope to share a bit more on stock investing in my final posts.

Perhaps, I may come back again in the future...I doubt money will be the reason.

TEH : Thanks, Alpha Chart for being around and I have learnt from reading your posts. All the best in your personal investments.


The end of another good blog?

Yeah, I was saddened by the fact that 'AplhaChart' decided to stop blogging. He has been my 'guru' as I do read his pointers and many finer pointers ... learning from there. Well, we all have 'reasons' to blog ... and we all have our own reasons to stop blogging.

Wishing him the best of health and wealth.



p/s : Will elaborate on my personal views later.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Promoting local talent

Lirik : Tasha Manshahar - Be Mine

Bermula di Facebook
You IM I dulu taktahu malu
I malas nak layan
So I buat taktahu

You terus cuba dan mencuba
Sehingga I jatuh cinta
Gatalnya diri you
Membuat I terjatuh

Bila kita dah start mengada
Kita selalu keluar sama
Borak panjang panjang
Makan dan tengok wayang

Sikit sikit je I merajuk
You selalu sabar pujuk
Tapi sebenarnya
I cuma test you saja

c/o :
Let me tell you that I love you
And I never wanna wrong you
Take my hand baby
Come, go through with me
Let me tell you that I miss you
And I never wanna lose you
You're my heart baby
My life is incomplete without you

Dalam pada I gembira
Sometimes I feel so sad juga
Cause you dah berpunya
But I always want you to be mine forever
Please be mine forever

Lagu : Tasha Manshahar
Lirik : Tasha Manshahar
Thank you Aizat Amir for the recording and Clora Studio.

© Copyright © 2012 by Clora Studio. All Right Reserved

TEH : Found this one in my facebook shared by someone. So, I listened and find it nice ... enjoy.


Investing vs Trading

I am going to give a talk to 100+ students about 'Trading vs Investing" next Friday ... for free. It is just a simple sharing on basics of investing ... the differences of investing and trading. The pros-cons and such. Well, I dont really need to prepare for the talk as I am speaking to college kids.

Who am I as a Math teacher to talk about investing or trading, anyway? If you have the chance to speak and advise the youngsters, what will you say or do?

I will encourage them to LEARN about investing, know the differences between trading ... and acquire as much knowledge as possible from the 'young' stage. When you are above 40s, it will be slightly too late(like me la). In markets, time = money. To start young, these youngsters have the TIME in their hands and should do very well(if focused) by the time they are in their 30s!!

I will also encourage them to read about basic of investing ... principles and concepts. Getting the RIGHT foundations could see them going 'far', unlike many in KLSE for years ... yet they have not known the differences between Investing and Trading!! Majority of us are traders or punters!!

Yeah ... I will give them INVESTING idea ... and encourage investing, and not trading!! If one needs to trade, making a longer time-frame point of view is good. "Crisis investing" is a term we could use ... and teach them. Yeah ... we only gladly move into markets during crisis and when most of those punters are NOT interested with markets!! Then, we should be collecting good fundamental stocks, giving good dividends, consistent and resilient businesses ... arrghhh ... I am speaking like as if I am a fundamentalist!! Hehe ...

Yes, we need to know if we are investing or trading. I do like the term 'positional traders' too, which I will like to share more of such simple trading idea with many. Whether you are investing or trading, the bottom line is still .... DO NOT LOSE MONEY and we should gain more than what the banks are giving us or ... even what EPF is pushing to us ... 6% dividends? Wow ... thanks EPF(no wonder I m taking EPF money out to trade by myself la).

Anyway, it is only an hour talk ... I wont mind giving a 'free' public talk about this topic as it is interesting to check which category we are in? Will you be interested? I wonder ...


My blog, My adventure

Nice e-mail to share :

Hi Teh,

I've been reading your blog since last year. Allow me to say that it is a great and superb blog for beginner. They way you dissimilate trading information is certainly worth the time to read. Well I, myself have been trading equities, FKLI & FCPO since 2008 and sometimes I still pick up a thing or two from you that I tend to forgot the basic principle overtime.


I do receive e-mail once in a while, some to thank me for my time in writing a simple to understand blog, guiding them. Some e-mail to let me know I am appreciated and to encourage me to continue writing. But many of my e-mails are related to their own stocks which they want my opinions or comments on them. Obviously I am not qualified to give any opinions or comments. So, I will just ignore most e-mail ... the above e-mail was received this morning, putting a smile to my tiring fingers typing these lines ... and reminded me of my PURPOSES ... of this blog!! Yup!! Cheers and thanks Alex.

Let me recall a little how I started this blog in Aug 2008. Hmm ... it is a dairy of a newbie and novice in markets, went in without much knowledge or experiences ... and learning through the hard painful ways, losing money and hours of reading-reading ... testing out systems, indicators ... and more readings!! Incredible ... as my head almost exploded with tonnes of new terms and information!! Imagine again ... I was from a science-background with zero knowledge. I dont even understand the word 'inflation' or interest rates well. I dont even know there is such a thing call "forex" or commodity-markets!! Certainly I dont know about economics, accounting ... businesses ... investing or trading!! I knew NOTHING back then ... in 2008. So, I started this blog to record my readings, my trades and ... it just started by itself!!

Then, when my confidence grew as I am struggling out of the newbies level ... into novice level(current), my blog slowly becoming a learning platform for many newbies!! Yup ... in simple uncle-talk manner, with some spices of songs and politics thrown in!! Also some 'personal' matters which is best to be kept to myself!! Well ... this is MY dairy ... I have my ups and downs .. throughout my 3.5 years of writing in DAILY basis, right??

Anyway ... from a simple dairy ... I have indirectly attracted many 'followers' and I want to do good. I want to share and teach these newbies ... about the risk, about the emotions involved and what it takes to be a good trader!! You see, I am a teacher by profession ... it is only natural for me to TEACH. Yeah ... unllike many started to teach because of 'income', I am teaching because of passion(of teaching!!). Those 'old' readers could see thousands of hours being used to share info ... to teach some of newbies and ... yes, to guide some novices. It has never started with an intention to 'manipulate' stocks, to gain some money(in fact, my adsense was only placed half year ago!!) ... to promote my trading-course(it only started 6 months ago with a first cohort and they are the ones who encouraged me to start the cohort-2 .. and now, I have cohort-5). The main purpose of the blog is to SHARE and TEACH ... while I am still learning!!

Many of things I am currently involve in were ideas and motivated by my readers ... I am NOT an entrepeneur .. I am not good in PR(most of my tratles know that now) ... I simply dont care what you think or say. I just want to write ... because that is PASSION. Not everything is done for the sake of MONEY, ok? Not every bloggers have hidden agenda or whatever 'bad' impression you have on us, ok? Spare me ... I may be good or bad, I might get some trades right or wrong, we might have differing opinions ... just spare me the noises.

I remember that I used to get so upset with some e-mails demanding me to write about their stocks!! I was called names for not posting their e-mail and asking me to justify myself for my 'arrogance'!! Incredible? I do get upset with some un-fair accusations. I simple could not accept such un-justified words thrown to my good intention!! It is especially true if someone has followed into a stock I mentioned here and they are losing MONEY. Gosh ... money could be very emotional subject which we like to 'keep it a secret', is it?

These days ... I am too busy with my own trades and my tratles(those following my trading course).  I still have my e-tratles(those following my e-learning course) which I will prefer to spend my time worthwhile with. This blog are becoming .... quiet ... as I am getting busier. It is these few encouraging words by someone like Alex who could spur or put a little spark, asking my extra free one hour ... writing yet another post, from my point of view.

Well ... this blog WILL continue to be 'free' ... as I do not put my analysis here(I have my own closed stock-watch group now) ... I do not have time to keep up with news or comments. I will put my ideas ... and once in a while, I WILL still guide those newbies or novices, for free ... of coz.

We do need a blog written for EDUCATIONAL purposes ... we do need someone to guide those newbies in proper manner(without hidden agenda). We do need a blog that could 'speak our layman language'. Yeah ... I would appreciate it VERY much if I could find such a blog in 2008 when I struggled so much. That is how I feel ... and if I could have someone to guide me for RM50 per class, gosh ... I will still stick to him to learn until today!! That is what I am currently doing ... blogging here to share with newbies, hoping to benefit them. And most of my tratles are my readers too ... and I will continue to guide till 'i am not needed' anymore. After all ... that is what we 'cikgu' doing, right?

Believe me ... how I look at your stock(s) is NOT relevent ... what you look at your own portfolio is much more important. Read and learn more  ... be independent. If I could struggle from ground-zero WITHOUT much help, many of readers out there could certainly do better than me!! That is what I told my tratles ... they will be better than me as I guided them and we have a supporting group to learn from each other!! Part of my 'dream' of having my own trading-group ... accomplished.

What is next for this blog? Will write much more later ... and need to get my lunch. It is not free. There is no such thing as free lunch ... can I have a free lunch, please? Please e-mail me 'Subway' burger. Thanks.

p/s : Thanks again, Alex. We do remind each other of simple basics in trading!!


Mindset for trading

Monday morning ... with nothing much to buy in mind ... I will like to get away from the markets for while. What comes in mind is the ... coming election!! I do read news about politics and such previously but have given up Malaysian politics following about 10-15 years ago. It is sickening, it is brain-washing by our national media ... and we all knew too well how our biased our local media could be, especially during election period. Today ... words spread in fastest of way ... INTERNET. Unfortunately, Malaysia still lags behind when it comes to 'usage' of internet.


Lets take a break from markets ... and from those election news. I will like to focus in 'wealth creation' which I do think most of us are concerned about. Yes, stock-market COULD be a place to grow our money. Unfortunately, majority of us lacking of knowledge and experiences to invest or trade well. It is well-known fact that majority(a whooping 80-90%) of us have lost money or still losing money ... to the market. One element that control us is our EMOTION ... fear and greed. If we are not greedy and being focused, we could actually gain 10-20% per annum and in any standard, it is good.

So, how could we be consistently trade well? Another ingredient needed ... PATIENCE. Majority of us do not have patience ... or rather, we are very 'short-term' minded. It is due to GREED, of coz. Time frame has been highlighted MANY of times ... to my tratles and my stock-watch group. Simply put, we trade with certain time-frame in mind. In general, we could reduce the RISK substantially if we could look into a longer time-frame. We all have different risk-appetite ... so, it is only fair to say that some taking a short time-frame as they could stomach higher risk!! But ... what is RISK, actually?

To gain CONSISTENTLY in markets, not only that we need knowledge(through reading) or experiences, we need the right MINDSET. This is one of the 3-M I shared earlier. If we are going to be consistent in anything, we need to have the correct MINDSET in doing things right everytime. There is no such thing as certainty in markets but we could take a good calculated risk and apply what we know to our best ability. In order to do such, we do need the right mindset. Yup, to me ... that is the most important M in trading. It is not what Methods you are applying, it is HOW you are applying the Methods you have learnt or read. "Methods" is the second M. While I will put 50% weightage to Mindset, Methods could only deserve 20% ... while another 30% should be placed in Money-Management.

To gain from markets ... we need knowledge to know what methods to use. We need patience to see through our trades. We gain experiences and it could be very important for our future trades. We do need composure ... to think rationally, to be critical with out mistakes and to continue to improve in our systems. That is the right mindset, overall.

Yeah ... I do put few criteria and conditions for my trading. I will want to see that when I 'failed' in a trade, I do not fail to gain some experiences and lessons. Such knowledge and experiences are invaluable to reduce the risk ... in my future trades!!

Groups : Trading in groups has its advantages ... we could have more pair of eyes checking on more stocks. We have more options to look into opportunities while others will alert the risks too. That is healthy and should be encouraged. I do have my tratles group now ... and to maintain it well for learning and trading, I am only the 'captain'. I will just make sure things in order and the ship does not sink!! When you have more crews ... it could be well disadvantaged!! The page could becoming a normal noisy forums with everyone is 'guru' in their own manner and no one listening or discussing anymore. That is when market is as hot as the current moment ... if you read forums, that is how public-forums are ... noisy with too many cooks. I could only hope that my growing tratles-group could STAY FOCUS while I will try to guide in learning. The danger could be when we all thought we knew all ... and nothing else there to learn. That could be a turning point for our learning ... and trading!!

The general advice I gave my tratles is NOT to be involved in public-forums while staying open-minded to listen to the noises. If it is drowning, time to get out ... stay clear of such noises. Then, not making our tratles-page yet another forum!! It is not ... I am in education of trading now, making clear many helping each other to develop a GOOD mindset and by staying focus ... we could do our trades consistently.

3.30 pm : A tuition class cancelled and I am 'free' for a time being. KLCI retracing tho still a little green.

JCY : At 1.21 vs 1.22, checking her at 1.18 next.

CyPark : This is the one I missed last week as I was stalking her and posted to my stock-watch two weeks ago. I did not grab her, I am not sure if any of them in the group grab any?

KurAsia : Still below my average cost price tho up little today.

Sendai : Continue to retrace ... at 1.63 with very low volumes now. Hold.

Benalec : Adjusted 2cents for dividend, at 1.32 now, will hold too.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lim Guan Eng : well-respected

TVB (HK) on Lim Guan Eng

TEH : I was born in Penang and love Penang very much. I do go to Penang 2-3 times in a year and will be going to Penang again during my short break in April. Yes, thanks Mr Lim Guan Eng. My highest respect to you.


Lim Guan Eng vs Chua Soi Lek

TEH : Haha ... we could only laugh, pretend to understand how MCA has 'helped' Chinese community, or our nation!! Ok, enjoy the jokes by these well-educated politicianand lets us be open-minded to LISTEN and analyse our political scenes.

I am a MALAYSIAN. I am not a Chinese, I need VISA and documents to VISIT China, understand?

p/s : I can't understand what is being said. Hope someone will put the translation


Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Power of Passive Income

Prabo and Bruno


Stock Watch : Property stocks

E&O : Consolidated for some time. Yes, still in my list, dislike SIME in the picture and spoiling the 'party' for traders.Could it stay at current level and to continue its uptrend?



Sunway : So, will the 20MA support holds? With most indicators pointing lower, it is still have more downside risk but worth watching. I do like Sunway a lot as Sunway pyramid is my 'hang-out' place for dinners, my wife's shopping mall and  my kids 'play-ground'. Buy something you like?


UOADev : Going lower and worth stalking now ... might re-consider her baby, cb.

YTLLand : Will it go back to RM1 for collection again? We shall check ...

Good morning ... I will have classes from 9.30am till 1pm then rushing for my trading-class from 2.30pm till 6pm. Expect some to be 'late' and could only start around 3pm. It will be good to do some short introductions, tho.

Have a nice weekend ahead and I will like to continue writing on many more property stocks(one of my fav sector-play) later ... if I have a little time(and energy) left?


Friday, February 17, 2012

No buyings

With DOW rebounded strongly UP 123 points, HSI closed 200+ points higher ... KLCI up 7 points after down almost 11 points yesterdays. That should bring cheer back to markets ... but not my stocks?!

Well, it is not KLCI up or down ... it is our own holdings that we are more concerned about, right? At times, markets were down but some selective stocks moving in the opposite direction!! Bear in mind, KLCI consists of only 30-so-called-bluechips.

cohort-5 : I do have a trading class starting tmr ... it will be packed and I have to bring extra table fan, extra tables or chairs ... hmm ... I really dont know if anyone have to stand for 3 hours listening to my first 3-hour session!! It is certainly packed as I have space constraints. I will need to get a larger space once I am done with this batch(1-16 of them). Welcome to my uncle-talk, tratles. Err ... I am charging only RM50 per class ... no wonder it is packed!! Dont worry, those who do not want to learn much will stop as learning trading is NOT easy. It needs us to me consistent and persistent.

to be continued


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thank a teacher

Teacher = someone who teaches.

Thanks to those guided me in my learning of trading and now I am a teacher to many.

Thanks to all my teachers.


KLCI is correcting, right?

I am wearing red ... it is easier to choose the colour this morning as DOW down almost 100points and we have not seen such 'dip' in weeks now? Yup, many too bullish ... now KLCI down 11 points, they are asking around ... what happened? Hmm ... as if we supposed to know or predict. It is my view that we should be cautious when many rushing in ... huge volume(highest in years!!) that day registered showing everyone is happily inside the markets. That is the danger sign, actually. Next ... hmm ... The Edge sold-out in Mydin? What .... Mydin? If you noticed, I mentioned sold-out in Mydin USJ1 here for past 3 weeks? Do you get it? Yes? No? ... do you know the business segmentation of Mydin? Do you know that 'cheap' people like me will 'shop' at Mydin as it is CHEAP?!! Yes, how could cheap people like me buying The Edge ... costing me RM5 to read businesses and finances? Do you get the joke?

Joke aside, it is showing market slowly becoming HOT and irrational. People talking about JCY going to RM4 or NiCorp going to RM2. Perhaps if you check Genting targeted to RM13, that is much more reasonable but ... not this week? not next month? Perhaps next year? Gosh ... are we suppose to know?

Now ... I am going to take further break ... and letting KLCI to go lower, while learning more on short-ing FKLI. Yup, time to learn that in 2012 ... the year where the earth ends ... bye-bye to living!! Hmm ...

Do listen to songs ... enjoy more reading and time to get some education ... and come back to market again when we see SILENCE in forums ... still very noisy-la. Must get those uncles-aunties, newbies and yuppies ... force-selling and more ... SILENCE will be golden moment when I start analysing again. Even some short-punts I went in not doing good ...


ColdPlay = CP


p/s : I have so many un-read e-mail ... sorry, I am too busy. One of the indicator ... the noisier my e-mail flooded with stocks(even tho I said many times I will not reply), time to pack and go ...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anthony Robbins : Personal Developments

clip #1: Be proactive and engage in learning

Note : Learn from the kids. They are full of energy.

clip #2 : Learn how to be energetic

Note : Need a goal ... a direction

clip #3 : Emotion is created by action

clip #4 :

clip #5 :


Corrections or reversals?




Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The V day ... yet again

I know ... it is a valentine-day. At least, I do realise it is THAT V-day to many ... with the "commercialisation" of almost EVERYTHING in our life, valentine could be an expensive event in some suckers who believe in such events!! Well ... you NEED to buy a bouquet of ROSES, exclusively sent with candies IF you are to show you 'love' the lady. Of coz, that is before you marry her!! Haha ... in some  countries ... the ladies are the one giving gifts to the male(can I migrate there, please?). Hmm ...

I am not going to spoil your so-called happy day. To me, happiness is not in that V or whatever day, that is for ARTIFICIAL and SUPERFICIAL ... over-advertised, brain-washed society. It is that ... er .. "HAPPY" in front of whatever day celebrated that counts!! Gosh ... you mean we dont learn that in SCHOOL? COLLEGE? UNI? Heck with education system ... something is VERY wrong!! Help ... buy me a drink!! I want to celebrate Valentine too, u know. Haha ...

ok ok ... I could go on with such cynical jokes, laughing at some 'jokes' that human are getting into. The larger and the most expensive/exclusive gift wins it all ... afterall, LOVE is being measured THAT way or magnitude, right?

So, how is stock-market today? DOW up last night ...

Malton : Missed her movements.

AirAsia : Down to 3.70 today, I sold half last week ... should I sell another half and take all my profits, out of the risky market now?

JCY : At 1.30 level today ... going to RM2 soon? For further noises, you can check forums.

Well ... nothing much to write except those past posts which I have not completed!!

Too busy today ... off for next class.

Note : More songs will be posted, showing that I am no longer interested with markets ... I will sit on cash and waiting ...

Bobby Brown : I like his songs in late 80s.

Enjoy the songs, anyway.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Corrections or reversals?





How will I know?

Yes, please do not ask me if markets going to go further up or down from this point ... HOW WILL I KNOW? Enjoy this song ... only her powerful vocal.


Punting vs Trading

KLCI opens slightly lower but still staying above 1560 levels.

PohKong : Having a nice run at the moment ... breaking 60cents now.

KurAsia : Creeping up for two days now, above 60cents too.

KNM : Dropping to 1.06 now ... dont know why? It is punting, anyway

Punting vs trading

There are fine lines between 'punting' and trading'. Majority of those in KLSE should not call themselves 'investors' as they are not investing ... they are either punting or trading, speculating on news and rumours(tips). So, I will want to write about the differences which I do share with some of my tratles before.

will want to write ... later?

Today I have 7 hours of classes!! Phew ... yes another long Monday ... dragging myself to go through the pace after a loooong training over the weekend. It is not about trading but about IT-related such as how to blog, to post videos, recording video clips, postings .. linking to advertisements, SEO ... stuff like that which I m not familiar!! They even used "FAKE" testimonials to promote their products online!! Something I wont do ... still a teacher in heart-la. Wait till I manage to get away from my teaching-line and going into education in market-trading and investement line. Then, we talk about business, ok?

Note : I do not need fake testimonials as many in my group will come out and make testimonials. In fact, many of my cohort-5 are some of their friends!! I prefer to teach those who want to learn. Yup, fake-trades, fake-testimonials ... and just teach, dont care about how others doing WILL NOT be in my system. I will still remain as a 'teacher' in heart, irrespective of what others say.

I was thinking ... if I could have "RM10 donation"(per month la) from my readers, that will be nice ... so, I could drop my full-time teaching job and go full-time blogging about finances, investments, trading and giving 'independent' analysis! Many readers will benefit from such infomation but it is just not Malaysians to appreciate such 'job'. To us, blogs are supposed to be free ... and the bloggers should be responsible of what he/she writing. Also, it is an open-blog ... they will expect bloggers to update their postings, write what interest the readers ... to benefit THEM. Wow ... that is the mentality of many Malaysians or Asians, in general. I did not come out with these words but my trainers who do go to UK and AUZ to conduct training said ... those orang-putih are different. They appreciate good works, and will 'donate' generously for good information which benefit them!! So, she taught me how to put a 'donate' button an dcreate a pay-pal account. Hmm ... how will my readers view me now? I am asking for money? Hmm .. heck, that is how shallow our society could be. We are narrow-minded too(I am not talking about my readers as I do have many good readers!! Thanks!!)

Cohort-5 : Starting this Saturday ... I will be seeing about 14-15 of my new members coming to learn some basic TA. I need to head-count later.

Got to go ... classes till 4.45pm!!


Yoga Retreat

Hi Teh,

It was nice meeting you. I am thinking that I need to do something urgently as you know about the this news about my retreat i just happened today and I want to reach to as many as possible on this 'situation'. It is quite urgent for me. :)

I'm a Yoga and Ayurvedic lifestyle counsellor, speaker and Hatha yoga instructor. I am leading a wellness retreat in Bali with focus on anti-ageing which is scheduled on the 24-29 Feb 2012.

It is a very exclusive and focused retreat for a small group. You will be guided with care and love. We had seven participants from different countries. One of them is a married couple who are also my friends. Unfortunately they had to cancel their participation in the retreat as their mother just passed away and they will need to handle situation arising. Their situation is totally understandable however I had made half paid for the two persons for the villa which quite a huge sum. The villa is very high quality accommodation.

In this situation, I have decided to open the two empty space for anyone interested to take it up at an extremely low price of RM1500. (USD1245 is the original price). This price include everything in the programme list such as 6 days accommodation, special detox food, airport pickup, materials, classes, workshop, consultation, etc. Only flight ticket is not included which participant can get from airasia directly. This price is a very good offer and will help me reduce some amount of my ‘lost’ :)
Please so help promote to your friends as much possible. If anyone is interested please let me know as soon as possible. We have very little time left. People can email directly to my personal email at (people are free to find me on Facebook also using this email and add me as friend)
Here is more information on the retreat:

Original price brochure:

Thank you so much and below is some highlight of the retreat:

This anti-ageing and rejuvenation yoga retreat is a part of a complete lifestyle programme that we have been engaged through research and development. We call it a truly comprehensive lifestyle wellness programme, educating people about the art of personality-based holistic living and in the knowledge of manifesting well-being and harmony on all levels of human experiences, viz. biological, vital, emotional, thought and spiritual. When we achieve total wellness (not just bodily health), we discover our capacity to live as one integrated person and to manifest better quality living, happiness and fulfilment.

The course is based on the ancient Vedic system of pancakoshas, the five layers of our personality. This will be explained in detail during the retreat but below is a quick introduction to the pancakosha.

1. Biological – The principles of rejuvenating our body (endocrine system, nerve system, detoxification, etc)

2. Vital – The principles of rejuvenating our vitality

3. Emotional – The tools to shift from negative emotions to positive emotions and its implication on other layers

4. Intellectual – The tools to shift from our false self-images to our true being and to discover our total being

5. Causal – Understanding the blueprint of life and how to break away from conditioning and habits

The links between each layer will be explained in the retreat and how we can harness this understanding for wellness and anti-ageing and the multiple benefits from this which cascade into other aspects of life.

with warm regards,

Rakesh Nair

Innerlife Inspire


Dear Readers

The above is worth considering.  It is a last minute cancellation of his friend that one could get it below the cost price now!! The place is BEAUTIFUL ... and if I am free, I wont mind going!!

Those needed the break and a good retreat, this would certainly the best package I have seen!! How I wish I could go!! Arrghhh ...

Anyway ... do circle the news to your friends too. I do get nothing ... except a donation 'buy me a drink'? hehe

Good day.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston

One moment in time

"One Moment In Time"

Each day I live
I want to be
A day to give
The best of me
I'm only one
But not alone
My finest day
Is yet unknown

I broke my heart
Fought every gain
To taste the sweet
I face the pain
I rise and fall
Yet through it all
This much remains

I want one moment in time
When I'm more than I thought I could be
When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away
And the answers are all up to me
Give me one moment in time
When I'm racing with destiny
Then in that one moment of time
I will feel
I will feel eternity

I've lived to be
The very best
I want it all
No time for less
I've laid the plans
Now lay the chance
Here in my hands

Give me one moment in time
When I'm more than I thought I could be
When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away
And the answers are all up to me
Give me one moment in time
When I'm racing with destiny
Then in that one moment of time
I will feel
I will feel eternity

You're a winner for a lifetime
If you seize that one moment in time
Make it shine

Give me one moment in time
When I'm more than I thought I could be
When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away
And the answers are all up to me
Give me one moment in time
When I'm racing with destiny
Then in that one moment of time
I will be
I will be
I will be free
I will be
I will be free

TEH : She was one of my favourite singer in late 80s. RIP.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why it is a sell now?

I am too tired to write as I have 'training' the whole day. But I do want to send this post out ...

Last week, a young new lecturer asked me about investment in stock-markets!! Yup, she and bf thinking of buying a property for investment and asked me about my opinions on going into stock-markets!! So, I simply advised her to WAIT for stock-market to dive down, wait for BAD news around and I gave her 10 good dividend stocks to choose from --- when market diving with darkest cloud around, with fear ... buy 30% on a stock. If it dive lower by 10% or so, buy another 30%. Lastly, buy all you can when it goes down another 10%-20% ... then HOLD.

Ouch ... yeah, you will get scared with such an advice as all people want to hear is ... today can buy as it is VERY bullish?

Then, the cleaner aunty overheard our conversation and also interested to know. I just said ... sorry, I m busy and have to go. Also, advised her NEVER to go into stock markets!!

Today, someone asked me about my blog and thinking of joining my stock-watch. To be fair to her, it is already mid-of-FEB ... I wont be posting any stock much ... it is a SELL SELL ... sell for me. So, I allowed her to 'try' out my page for 2weeks ... and she can continues into Mac if she is interested.

Now ... I was reminded again and again .... that I am 'always' wrong with my view in markets!! My flawed opinions have been challenged for no good reasons. I am merely stating my own views in markets in my own blog. Why should it bother anyone? I am NOT controlling the markets, right? Use some common-sense ...use that now before GREED overtook your emotions.

This weekend will be the third weekend I failed to buy "The Edge" as it was sold out in Mydin. So, I know ... it is becoming VERY laku now ... another reasons to know that it is time to keep away!! When crowds move in, do get out ... you might suffocate to death ... arrghh ... help ... we are in the bull  ....

Pause ... finally, the forums becoming VERY noisy!! It is so noisy that even non-related to stock-market's forums also talking about some stocks to buy!! You may want to go to RHB's, CNX's, i3-investor's or investlah ... or whatever-lah forums. It is becoming very noisy now. Do you know how I trade? Yup ... move opposite direction!! You knew it, I knew it ... to be contrarian ... but easier said than done, right?

I do not want to spoilt anyone's mood. Buy at your own risk, anyway. I am not 'cursing' the market to go lower next week or next month, ok? I am not saying BN going to lose some seats ... as market collapses like 2008 Mac, ok? I am just merely saying ... the signs are there for us to move aside.

Take a break ... as I will take a break from analysing.

Make sure the trades are short and place your cut-losses tight.

Good luck.


Becoming Rich : Step 1

The first and perhaps most important step to becoming rich is believing that it's possible. This may seem trivial to some but rest asssured it is vital in the pursuit and attainment of wealth. Those that can't see themselves with lots of money will never ever make the neccessary effort to acquire it.

TEH : Yes, you need to believe that others can do it(legally), you can too. It is a personal challenge to ourselves. We do things due to circumstances and we better believe in what we are doing!! If I m to say I want to be rich, it sounds like I am money-minded? Honestly, I have been doing many things NOT out of love of money but due to living ... love living very much. If I am to play bowling, might as well learn to play it well and practise on my games. If I am going to go into stock-markets, might as well learn not to 'lose money' first. And since I am teaching trading now, might as well teach it well, improve in my sharing ... acquire more knowledge and teach effectively!! And since these could generate me some income ... might as well grow it and taking the step to be ... financially free!!

I was at a dinner party the other day and was speaking to a guy about his life . He mentioned how he went from one low-paying job to another with nothing to show for it. His wife stays at home with their 3 small children and he expressed the difficulty in making ends meet. As the conversation progressed it became abundantly clear why he was in that position with no hope of ever becoming financially free.

TEH : Yeah ... I could identify that ... I was holding to my 'low-paying' job in KK about 6 years ago when my first son was born!! It is so difficult to meet ends, by end of month ... every dollars being calculated and as my boy growing, the needs grow too. I just know that I could not be able to sustain the situation ... luckily with tuition-classes increased, I have somehow managed(with debt in credit-cards growing too!!). Yes ... marriage and kids taken lots out of us, financially. If you are surrounded with NORMAL non-literated-financial people for too long, you THOUGHT it is NORMAL to stay on low-paying job and everyone is financially tight anyway!! You just don't realise it ... !! Change that mindset, and you will be able to change your living, financially speaking.

 "Rich people are dishonest and crooked" were his exact words. I asked him why he held that belief. "You can't make all that money by being an honest person". I was stunned! I had trouble understanding the thought process involved in reaching that erroneous conclusion.


Nevertheless, it explained why he will never be rich; he doesn't see himself as being a dishonest bad person. For this reason he will never seek out opportunites to increase income or learn a skill in his spare time that might come useful in making more money. He will spend his free time playing games and watching tv.


Yesterday I bumped into his wife and she mentioned how excited she was that they found a house for very cheap. I asked her "what's cheap?". She said "only $1250 a month". It took me a few seconds to realize that she was talking about renting.


We have different standards and expectations. They expect to rent and live paycheck to paycheck, I expect to buy and be financially independant. My aim is not to stop until that goal is realized.


 Taken from :


Rich People : Donald Trump

You did something differently, Donald.

YOu need to know your subject and know what you are doing!!

You need KNOWLEDGE!!

Go to good business college. Listen to the above clip!! I like those words from these powerful businessmen ...

He talked about LUCK ... so listen if you really think LUCK is all we need in trading markets.

quote : "the harder you work, the luckier you will get"

Keep good people around you.

Never QUIT ... don't ever give up!! That is persistance.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Wealth Creation

Lucas Remmerswaal has studied Warren Buffett's philosophies for over 13 years and has written numerous articles. His book on Warren Buffett has simplified investment strategies so that even a child could grasp the core of them and use them as building blocks for their future.


If there are people whom I like to teach 'financial literacy', it would be my own family, my kids and wife. I do appreciate many people who have 'helped' me directly or indirectly ... to rmake me realise that I was financially-idiots.

Today, sharing with others how important being financially literate is important.

Thanks for all the supports.


Now everyone can trade

Welcome to those newbies ... welcome back to those sideline ... warm welcome to our largest legalised casino ... Bursa Malaysia.

As KLCI reaching higher, we shall be talking about breaking 1590, and yes ... that elusive 1600 level!! Bursaaaaa ... here we come charging ... yeah!! It is bull market, yet again.

With my busy schedules today, college plus 5 hours tuition and 3 hours training at night, I will be .... zzzz ... tired.

Anyway, I will like to write about ... Now, everyone can trade!! So many new 'gurus' coming out in the forums to yell ... BUY BUY ... and I am preaching bye bye? Hmm ... what a party-spoiler!! haha

Happy trading. Push it up to 1600, ok? Yeah!!