Friday, January 13, 2012

CNY sales? SELL!!

Yes, I am becoming VERY busy as expected. With many things to juggle, trading short-term becoming not advisable and I have cleared most ... I was in selling mood for the whole week. Seriously, I m committed to SELLING ... it is a CNY sales, so I do need the money to buy items and giving angpows? haha

Earlier : Sold Glomac, XinQuan, Malton-wb, HuaYang, Handal,  Unisem, ENG, Jaks... these counters all sold for good profits, except XinQuan and Glomac at slightly above cost price. E&O and RSawit(2nd trade) for small loss.

Two days ago

BJToto : Cleared at 4.50(sms-ed my tratle AL to sell too).

MudaJaya : Written in my stock-watch too when I grabed 2.28-2.30 and sold at 2.50 and 2.55, written everywhere, I guess. LOL. We tracking her for a month, actually.

Dufu : Punted with JL at 0.365, sold 0.355 ... cut-loss.

YTL-e : Sold at 0.91-0.92 for 10%, bought a day before, written 'live' in my stock-watch but most didnt buy, too fast for them, I guess


HiapTeck : Take a cut-loss decision as I saw weakness.

Benalec : Missed selling her during the surge(due to greed?) and sold her at cost price.


BJCorp : Sold her as she surge back above my average price. It went down to 0.915 yesterday.

PChem : Finally decided to sell her for profits.

UOADev : Finally sold her off, the 1.32 level I collected. Thanks.

YTLLand : Also sold at cost price ... just want out. out or ouch?! haha

Yes, a total in cash positions before CNY.

Happy Trading as I am too busy to check.

Note : Please DO NOT e-mail me about your stocks, DO NOT send messages to facebook about your stocks, DO NOT put any posts in facebook about your stocks!! I am too busy to check and could not reply. Sorry.

e-mail me only if you are interested to join my stock-watch(no more charts or stocks here as I posted them there) or joining my e-learning. I do not have a trading-club as someone asked. I do have a trading page "CP TRADING GROUP" page where it is 'free' to add. The others are closed as I do not need noises around.


Note : Friday 13th ... going to TGIF? hmmm...


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