Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stock Watch

I have wanted to write how I traded MudaJaya twice as I have shared with my tratles ... but I am rather tired now. I have wanted to post about RSI tonight for my e-tratles ... but I am too tired. The full-time teaching plus tuition is taken a toll in my concentration. It has been a loooong day, but a very good one for my trades.

Today, I gladly sold my Coastal and Coastal-wa for 10%+  each. Then, my MudaJaya and her baby cg moved too ... I sold the cg too early but grabbed back her ch. I still have part of MudaJaya, which technically overbought.

Stock Watch : Yeah .... if I am too write about 20 stocks I have given to my Jan-stock watch list with most of the trades well-done ... many more will rush in to join my group!! Then, it comes the stress of performing ... more noises around with many more thinking I am a 'stock-sifu', which obviously I am not. I am ... err ... lucky to mentioned Cypark, Coastal, MudaJaya ... er r.... many more. It is Jan, a bull-rally .... anything you buy also will go up, or is it?

Anyway, those who wish to register, please e-mail me at

Sorry that this is just an advertisment post as tmr is a public holiday. I m working ... I need to get this post out for many more interested to register. Thanks for the support.

wish to sleep earlier as head is banging ...



Last Day of January

It has been a month ... passing me in such a fast pace, except for some slower relax with family during the recent CNY. Classes start ... and I do not think so I could even rest a while for coming weeks ... taking my breath away!! Busy ... with e-mails flooding me and managing few blogs, few facebook pages ... 100+ students to teach Math and 100+ of my tratles + e-tratles following my teaching-learning of trading. I do have another batch following my stock-watch page ... and the number increases for next month. Everything pointing for a rally ... time to think in clearer manner, watching my movements ... reflecting on my actions or lack of re-actions ... minding my own businesses ... while catching up with works!! Yup ... life is just like a box of chocolate? Arrghh ... it is more like a soccer-ball ... being bounced here and there!! Haha .. kicking and bouncing ... when will I score my goals?

My goals to be in KL to teach Math and increase my income is done. My goal to establish myself as a tutor is doing well too as slowly, I have many calls from parents/students looking for me ... for tuition Math classes. My goal of learning technical-analysis is moving in a good direction, with my goal of teaching trading starting well too.

Next goalsss?

Time flexiblity and moving away from full-time job, moving away from quandrant "E"(for employee) and going into "B" and "I" ... business and investment. While my tuition and trading classes will continue, I will have to drop my full-time job ... it is a matter of time.

I will want to see how far things could go ... and leaving my full-time teaching job after 22 years in teaching line may not be easy .. the comfort-zone ... the 'holidays', the lay-back slower lifestyle ... and hours of listening to songs of my fav plus chatting in offices. I have left those about 6 years ago ... NOT to be one of my colleagues!!

Anyway, we have to move on ... as we are progressing and sort-of chasing our goals.

Yes, my life is a soccer-ball now. GOOOALLL ... Liverpool 2 Cardiff 0.

Coastal : Grabed at 2.01-2.03 written everywhere ... many followed too. Moving above 2.20 today. Cleared my Coastal-wa, tho for 10% profits.

MudaJaya : I will want to elaborate on this one ... when my 4 tratles visit me last Wed for CNY, I analysed for them ... then, the next day, it dropped to 2.45 for me(and us) to buy more ... today at 2.70 now. Just in a week la. Well, I grabbed MudaJaya-cg at 0.04 average and sold all today(sold half at 0.055 days ago) at 0.06, only to see it went to 0.07. So, I grabbed and changed to MudaJaya-ch. We shall see ...

Happy trading ... I am tooooo busy to write. Off

3 pm : Done with classes.

SEGi : At 1.93, I wrote in my 'CP Trading Group' page about her, the place in my stock-watch for in FEB that it is breaking above the range and mark-up now. Some moved in this morning ... watching it above 1.92. Interesting ...

Coastal : At 2.25 now ... hmm ... see if I will want to take profit. yan-yan ...

MudaJaya : Staying at 2.70 level, touched 2.74 this morning. Will take profit around 2.78 levels. Thanks. Muda = Young and Jaya = Success. I like that name.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy Monday

11.20 am : Too busy for anything ... tyre puncture this morning, done that ... rushed to office, classes till 11am and now is my short lunch hour as I will have a non-stop classes from 12pm to 4.45 pm ... hoping to take a glimpse of market before closing ...

Armada : At Rm3.85 now. Noted.

AirAsia : I have to cut her off at RM3.57 for small loss, it touched RM3.54 but rebound back to RM3.57 now. I will like to have her again.

MayBulk : At RM2.35, touched RM2.30 moments ago. Finally losing grounds. Time to exit? Well, the UMA issued scared off many punters. Today, many taking profits. That is 10% down so far.

Need to go for lunch and could only continue at night!! What a looong working day!!

Happy Trading


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mish's Global Economic Analysis


Definition of 'Leverage'

1. The use of various financial instruments or borrowed capital, such as margin, to increase the potential return of an investment.

2. The amount of debt used to finance a firm's assets. A firm with significantly more debt than equity is considered to be highly leveraged.

Leverage is most commonly used in real estate transactions through the use of mortgages to purchase a home.

Investopedia explains 'Leverage'

1. Leverage can be created through options, futures, margin and other financial instruments. For example, say you have $1,000 to invest. This amount could be invested in 10 shares of Microsoft stock, but to increase leverage, you could invest the $1,000 in five options contracts. You would then control 500 shares instead of just 10.

2. Most companies use debt to finance operations. By doing so, a company increases its leverage because it can invest in business operations without increasing its equity. For example, if a company formed with an investment of $5 million from investors, the equity in the company is $5 million - this is the money the company uses to operate. If the company uses debt financing by borrowing $20 million, the company now has $25 million to invest in business operations and more opportunity to increase value for shareholders.

Leverage helps both the investor and the firm to invest or operate. However, it comes with greater risk. If an investor uses leverage to make an investment and the investment moves against the investor, his or her loss is much greater than it would've been if the investment had not been leveraged - leverage magnifies both gains and losses. In the business world, a company can use leverage to try to generate shareholder wealth, but if it fails to do so, the interest expense and credit risk of default destroys shareholder value.

Read more:


I have a badminton session today with CT and AL. Then, as we were talking, I was interested how both of them using the leveraging-concept. As they are into businesses, I find it good to learn from them how businessmen think. Yes, they are in B-quandrant where a person like me(and the majority) who are employees are in E-quadrant ... certainly THINK differently when it comes to money, particularly about LEVERAGING(gearing).

I do share with them how I do use financial facilities to leverage ... and I am taking a higher risk than majority in stock-market. RISK as it is defined could be managed and reduced if we know how. If we dont, we should learn. So, I have in me ... always thinking of how to increase my financial knowledge. Yup, I gathered some very important information from CT(thanks, buddy) on how I could leverage further in my trading.

On top of that, we all should leverage on each other expertise and work together for the mutual benefits. Yes, no one could do many things alone .... and I have my tratle's group(growing into around 50 soon) where we could share information and learn from each other.

1st gathering : Last night, somehow I pushed for a gathering ... 10 of us turned up!! Yup!! Getting to know each and every of them will take me TIME. Wanting to foster a better rapport amongst us and to see how we could help each other. It is really a 'cikgu' kinda wish ... and helping those slower ones too ... I do not wish to see anyone 'left-behind'.

Let us leverage on each other's knowledge and continue to share ... to learn.


Stock Watch : Jan 2012 list (I)

Trade 1 : Malton-wb

Posted 28th Dec : Malton-wb : Closed at 0.290. Cut if goes below 0.275. Immediate target for rebound at 0.320, next at 0.365.

Bought on 29th Dec at 0.290, sold on 4th Jan at 0.32. That is 3cents profit = 10% profits in days.

Trade 2 : DRBHicom

Posted 28th Dec : DRB-HiCom : Buy at RM2 level. In news(Proton) and trending to RM2.18 level. Checking if could break RM2.18 to move ahead back to RM2.28 level. Watch-list.

Bought at RM2.01 - RM2.05 on 4th Jan and target acheived on 25th Jan to sell at RM2.28(say we just queue it there). 23cents profits and 10% done.

Trade 3 : Handal

Posted Jan3rd(1.39 am) : Handal : A write up in THE EDGE. Entry 0.415-0.42 but need to cut if going below 0.40. First level to watch is 0.44 and then 0.48.

On Sunday mid-night, I posted this one ... went in 0.43-0.44 in the morning, and queued to sell at 0.48 done in fast pace!! The next day it went above 0.50. wow ... That is 10% in the same day-trading!! Too fast for many of those in my stock-watch.
Note : Whatever in 'maroon' colour words were POSTED in my stock-watch facebook.

Trade 4 : RSawit

Posted 3rd Jan (12.55 am) : AT 0.93 level, buying at current level with target at 0.990 and above. Likelihood is quite good in such bullish sentiments. Need to watch to cut if goes below 0.90. Time frame is SHORT. I will grab back tmr as recently I took profits(grabbed 0.88, sold 0.935)

I bought at 0.88 much earlier and wrote it everywhere. Then, I posted to my stock-watch that I am buying back at 0.93 level ... it was OK and went to 0.975 in days but I queued to clear at 0.99 as planned. Then, when it came down, I saw weaknesses ... and sold at cost price and written in my facbook 'live'. Some of my tratles still hold at 0.93 level, only to see it touched a low of 0.910. In day, it reverses ... and breakout to RM1 level. The 0.99 level should be done too. So, 6 cents in less than a month trade. Calculate the %, please.

Trade 5 : HiapTeck

Stock-watch (FEB) : Those interested to join my group in next month stocks that I am trading, please e-mail me( ) and add me in your facebook(CP TEH). It is only RM30 per month and you can check on all the trades I have done here for this month.

Trade 6 : PChem

Trade 7 : YTLLand

Trade 8 : BJCorp

Trade 9 : Unisem

Trade 10 : KimLun
Trade 11 : MudaJaya

Trade 12 : YTL-e

Trade 13 : Alam

Trade 14 : UOADev

Trade 15 : KSL

Trade 16 : CyPark

There are still a few more which still in play and carried forward to FEB
Some call-warrants I punted(high risk) were also shown there. I will add in some HKSE's stocks I am trading or stalking too.

to be continued


Saturday, January 28, 2012

KLCI is pointing lower?

KLCI : Topping and supported by 20MA. Technical indicators are pointing down. Time to get away?

AirAsia : RSI at 38, hanging at RM3.60. If drops lower, time to check at RM3.48 level, which if it dives to that level, I will grab more of her.

Armada : Recently, I said buy if above RM4.10 and it went above RM4.10 but failed to break-out, and going below RM4.00 and time to stay away as indicators pointing lower now. I will check her again at RM3.90 and then RM3.75

Axiata : A nice waterfall in the making ... checking for reversal.  Will check at RM4.66 and RM4.52 levels. This is noted by tratle DN.

CIMB : High selling volume noted. AT RM6.80 level, and prefer next RM6.65 level would be nice. This is noted by tratle Jess.

MHB : It went below my RM5.40 recently and staging a reversal. Will want to see if the reversal is genuine, otherwise, it may continue to go lower .... when KLCI sentiment turn darker soon ..

TEH : I still have a sell outlook at the current level. I do not see the KLCI moving higher to break 1530 level any soon ... but who knows? Plantation is still rallying and supporting the KLCI at the moment --- KLK, Sime and IOI are giants too.

Conclusion : Buying should be for short trading and selected counters only.


Ten ways to be HAPPY

10 Ways To Be Happy

1. Accept the things you can't change. If you can and want to change them, do it.

2. Let go of the people who are holding you down. If you considered them, you already know who these people are.

3. Blast your favorite upbeat song and sing at the top of your lungs, dancing as you go.

4. Go for a run. A nice, long run. Run until you feel good; at the very least, you'll be tired enough that the feelings will seem less major.

5. Call someone you love, Just hearing their voice can make your day better.

6. Smile at a stranger. It will make both of you smile.

7. Send an anonymous compliment.

8. Write down everything you don't like about yourself. Rip it up. Burn it.

9. Watch your favorite movie.

10. Realize that you are your own biggest critic. People do not see the faults in yourself that you do. So realize that they are not faults, not imperfections. They make you, you.

Source : Taken from my facebook


Friday, January 27, 2012

To be a better investor or trader

Why Do Clever Investors Make Big Money Mistakes : Khoo Yew Yin

Statistics show that more than 75% of equity investors including professionals cannot beat the stock index. Studies have also shown that more than 75% of day traders lose money mainly due to transaction costs. There are several reasons for their poor performance but the most frequent mistake is 'loss aversion'. This is a psychological obstacle which has been consistently affecting their performance, especially in view of the ups and downs that is the normal behaviour of the stock market.

TEH : Yup, the statistic won't lie ... MAJORITY in markets losing money. If you have been consistently profitting from markets, congrats ... my first lesson to my tratles is MAJORITY are losing money in markets. DO NOT be one of them. By not losing money, you are the MINORITY around. Believe it or not.

The single most important criterion in selecting shares to buy is 'good profit growth prospect'. I will not buy a stock which does not have this quality. In other words––buy on solid evidence of growth and profit not on the basis of speculation or hot tips! After you have bought some stock that you think can perform well, you will have to decide when and which stock to sell.

TEH : We all know that we should buy good fundamental stocks but WHY are there so many punters buying into some speculative hot tips, news from forum ... from ANYWHERE except themselves!! Imagine the stupidy of the crowds talking about Harvest, for example. Perhaps you do remember KBunai or Tricubes!! Anything to excite them ... now, do you know why there are more LOSERS in markets? Think. It is ONE of my criteria in my tratles group. I put it strictly that DO NOT talk about HWGB or some DVM you are punting into. Even KNM is not being discussed. THINK ... I do not want that them to have BAD habits from those LOSERS out there. Serious issue.

Often many investors make the mistake of selling the good ones to lock in profit early but retain those that are not performing because of their aversion to taking losses on these. Some regret their action later and may even jump back into the market to buy the same stock that they had just sold but at a higher price. Most of them do not jump back into the market for the stock and they can only watch the stock go higher and higher.

TEH : Agreed and guilty of such. But, I do not keep bad ones for long in my holdings, just that I do sell for profits too early in many of my trades!! Some I have moved nicely into another moving wagons ... but at times, I moved into a stationary wagon. That is the time I have to move out at cost price. I do not regret in trading. It is a sap of energy or a waste of my time to regret. I will move on ... and reflect on my trades during weekends.

Some investors may object to the implication that loss aversion is a bad thing. After all, it is a very natural behaviour. They might justifiably point out that the tendency to weigh losses more heavily than gains is a net positive attitude. Investors who care too much about possible gains and too little about potential losses run a great risk that can threaten their portfolios. It may appear better to care more about the share price falling than hoping for it to climb higher. True enough; loss aversion can be helpful and is part of a conservative strategy. But an over sensitivity to loss can also have negative consequences.

TEH :  Yes, more time to be spent in managing risk and on those stocks not performing in our portfolio. I will prefer to ride on the winning stock and cut off some non-performing ones. Cut-loss is NOT commonly used in many of traders as they are loss-averse. I have no problem of cutting ... but I took profits too early. Need to learn to be more patience. Agreed.

One of the most obvious and most important areas in which loss aversion skews judgment is in selling too early and missing the additional profit if you dare to hold it longer.

Very often even clever investors who are well versed in stock selection cannot overcome this psychological fear. What is tricky about this concept of loss aversion is that it can often lead us in the opposite direction– to hold on to a losing investment for longer than we should.

I asked one of my friends why he sold a particular stock instead of selling his other holdings that he bought at higher prices? He said that he did not want to recognize the losses but preferred to lock in the profit. This is the most common mistake committed by investors because they do not want to admit their mistake of picking the wrong stock. Moreover, the profit from the sale could easily cover the losses.

Studies have shown that on average, it is easier for well-managed companies to continue their good performance than for bad companies to improve their poor position. That is why we should not sell good shares too early and retain the bad shares.

TEH : Fully agreed.

Why invest in public listed shares? Statistics show that our Malaysian Stock Index has an average annual growth rate of more than 10% which is more than most other forms of investment. One can still buy the winning horse after the race in the stock market'. It means that you can still buy shares of really good companies after they have announced their good results.

TEH : Yes, I will want to write in greater details WHY I have chosen stock-markets instead of putting my money in FD(haha ...), UT or even property. All I need to learn is to manage the risk ... and let the profit runs. Yes, 10-20% is not really impossible. I will teach my tratles NOT TO LOSE money ... and will slowly challenging themselves to profit 10% or more per year.

When to sell? After having said all that about selling too early due to the loss aversion phenomenon, we must not forget that no share can keep climbing up and up indefinitely for whatever reasons. In other words, we must not be too greedy and wait for the bubble to burst. Hence the time to sell is when the reasons you bought the share– growth and profit– are no longer there or valid.

TEH : Yes, we need to plan to SELL ... when our reasons of buying is NOT valid. It could be fundamental or technical point of views. Profits are profits ... manage your losses.
 The above are some very good notes shared by Mr Khoo, the well-known Malaysian investor. Copy his way of investing ... do that.

DO NOT listen to those in forums or blogs. Do your own homework.



Trading : The gloom and bloom

I will divide stocks into few categories. As I am focusing in KLSE, HKSE and US markets to trade, I do need to know which could give a better opportuinity to trade. Trading KLSE is much cheaper than the overseas using our local broker's platforms. So, the fees charged need to be considered too.

Big, mid and small market caps stocks are placed in different categories ... short-term and mid-term trades should be differentiated with different strategies. I called these as 'diversifying' to reduce the risk. We do not put our eggs in one basket or should we? We will also want to categorise our stocks into sectors ... yes, stocks in similar sectors tend to move in tandem, due to HERD mentality.

I would use simple 'contrarian' mentality to trade ... and most of the  times, markets are too NOISY. If you are to read a lot of news, articles, forums, blogs...  listening to friends, remisiers ... you might know what I mean by NOISES. It is everywhere. What I will basically do is move AWAY from the noises and letting go of these 'hypes'. Sound simple to be contrarian but ... it is not.

Remember how MANY of these noise-makers shun IT-sectors? How they downgrading the whole sectors, giving you ALL the possible BAD news, how bad and gloomy these counters are? And with the will of God, the flood in Thailand being used as a turning point and JCY is at 1.30 now. Unisem recently shooting from my base of RM1 to RM1.60 now. These craziness could be heard everywhere now ... it is still marking higher for MANY syndicates and sharks to SELL to these greedy and ignorant traders or so-called investors. No logic needed ... gloomy to bloomy. If you could STOP, PAUSE a while to think logically, you will be wondering why is such ... that is MARKET!! It is a noisy place .... it is driven by HERDs, moving together ... with fear-greed in play. FA and TA fails ... logic thrown out of the system and some STILL asking if Unisem is a buy, analysts or those so-called noise-makers in forums will be yelling a buy ... upgrading coming in from your broker-houses ... BUY is the whole mania!!

Hmm ... pause.

Hmmm ... these could be the same person who yell SELL ... JCY target-price at RM0.30(read my last year post ... merely 4 months ago!!). Pause again ...

Ok, when MPI dived and formed a nice waterfall ... it was discussed by my tratles. I am teaching them how to check on leaders, check on bad-news ... use indicators to time our entry ... and BUY when during accumulation and no-one talking about it, or better still ... those HERDS who are in fear. I thought we are supposed to be greedy when others in fear? And ... I thought when everyone is greedy ... err ... we supposed to be in fear? Yes? No?

I thought when markets going higher, risk is higher? When markets at resistance, it is time to sell? Yes? No? I thought we ALL knew that before trading markets? Yes? No?? NO NO NO!!

Hmm ... pause.

Think ...

It doesnt make senses, right?

Markets are used by many syndicates ... our broker-houses(sharks) ... insiders ... manipulators ... to trap-n-lure many retailers into markets. It is a place where MAJORITY losing money, yet could not get-out. If one is out after losing, they could never re-coup their lost capitals!! It is VERY emotional place to be in. No one will want to listen to your logic, your stupidity ... and continue to search for SURE-WIN systems to get them RICH ... yeah ... getting rich is their motives in market!! Wow ... I used so much of time explaining to my tratles WHY 80%-90% of them lost and still; losing money!! I am certainly a few stupid idiots to advice others NOT to be rich!!?

Think ... I do hope you pause and think ...

Read good investment books. Read more goo trading books to LEARN ...

Reading forums could corrupt and spoil your mentality. Once that becoming a HABIT, to change the way you trade could be very challenging. THINK again ... these are for my tratles, e-tratles ... as markets becoming noisier as KLCI inching higher. General election news becoming a noise. THINK ...

My number of posts regarding stocks also reduces as market going higher and higher ... due to Proton story, MAS is being linked. Interesting? We dont talk about fundamentals or business here in market. We speculate on news ... and ride on it. Yeah ... MAS flying, AirAsia landing ...

I could continue this un-organise post ... I just want many to THINK. Take a break ... listen to the noises. When MORE posts in forums, more people talk about Unisem ... and more speculate about how good IT-sector would be in 2012, we need to use BRAIN to think ... any logical sense to us?

I rest my post here ... with a word. PAUSE.

Happy trading


Thursday, January 26, 2012

CNY : Day 4

I was a little down as Liverpool lost the EPL against a very low-team ... but this morning they drew with City and ... going for a Carling-cup final ... well, it is a small cup, but it is still sweet final. Yeah!!

Affin : Affin shown reversal after touching RM3.29.

Silver : At USD33 now ... yeah ...

Gold : Going above 1700 ... I was telling my tratles when it was at 1600 level ... yeah ...

Property-rally : Many are uptrending and moving ... E&O, UOADev, HuaYang are moving higher ... check it out.

Plantation-rally : Yes, I told my tratles when KLK broken RM24, yesterday alerted them again as it went to new high at RM26.

BL : He gave me two stock-watch ... MyEg and Ivory. Yup, my cohort-1, the most senior tratles and learning well. I am impressed with his work-rate.

In red :Coastal, MudaJaya and AirAsia all in red.

Time to rest, sell off my call-warrants and time with family today.

Laggards : Armada, MHB and MSM is lagging behind KLCI.

5.10 pm : I had a nice lunch with bro/sis at Shang. Will have such lunch more often, to get closer with my siblings after I left for KK and stayed there for 10years.

Stock-watch : I will record ALL my stock-watch call for JAN, the buying levels ... and will check how they fair by month end(tmr). There are more than 10 stocks I have given. I want to check if they are doing OK.

RSawit : Breaking RM1 finally today ... I given this as my stock-watch at 0.93 level and I sold at cost price as I moved to something moving ... but today, it moved. I do have few tratles moved in at 0.93 too.

YTLLand : Finally reached 1.20 level ... so, buying at 1.01 levels and sell at 1.10, buy back at 1.08 and sell today at 1.20 is a right-play?

10.20 pm : HSI up 328 points, MYR/USD at 3.04 now as money moving out into commodities like Gold which at 1720 now. Crude oil at USD100 ... and we are in bull-rally!!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CNY : Day 3

Affin : Breakout seen ... and heading to RM3.30 and RM3.50 next. If the sentiment continues to be good, it should move higher from here. Just a day before it broke-out, I wrote to watch it breaking 3.10 and it did!!

10.15 am : Affin reaching my RM3.30 ... Good luck to those buying Affin, which being discussed in i3-investor forum. I do not put my call-warrants here as I do know many punters lurking around with full-greediness and they might lose money. Yes, I DO NOT want any of my good readers to lose money.

1.05 pm : KLCI in red ... I just came back from a tuition class.

Affin drops from RM3.29 ... oopss ... time to be bearish again. When forums talking about a stock, time to move away. That is just my simple logic.

The 3-A

Affin : Below RM3.20 now ...

AirAsia : Hanging at RM3.60 ... hmm ... cut?

Armada : Going below RM4.10 again ...

Cost of education
to be continued


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Selling at resistance, right?

SELL at resistance is a simple trading strategy. You do know that, right?

DOW : The theory that we learn from technical is to SELL at resistance. Or it is? Hence, my view is is on the SELL side. A few days of dropping in DOW is very possible now, going into this week. KLSE is going in their own direction due to the speculated election-rally. But, logically ... the upside is not really there and risk is much higher. You do not need to know charting ... you could see things with bare-eyes.

Note : I do not have anything against doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers(academicians) and such lines in the market. But, if you are really not in financial line, do not know much about trading and lack of experiences in markets ... I am just pointing it out ... to be nice, do be careful. Markets are NOT for those in these professions. But, those doing business --- understand market risk and business risk, they may do better if they know how to use the charts.

Seriously, I am just trying to be kind la ... not to criticise others. Read those 2000 posts of mine to understand that I do mean good, ok? Sorry again if I have offended anyone by trying to TELL THE TRUTH. Markets need SMART(not intelligent, tho) who could understand RISK and understand learning to gain experience.

Ok, just a simple post of DOW ... telling you WHY I have a SELL view ... as I am a trader. WHY I called my tratles to SELL to many of those who are rushing in. Those rushing in blindly, greedily could be ... doctors, teachers, engineers, lawyers ... anyone. Accountants, Bankers, Businessmen and those in financial-lines MIGHT be slightly a better trader ... but again, I am not siding which profession could perform better in trading. I merely stating what I read from books/sites, which I generally agreed.

SELL ... and wait la ... but up to you. That is just my opinion ma. No need to explain or answer to anyone, right? Opinions are cheap, it is everywhere ... but it is THERE because we seek for it, ok?

Make you own decision, please.


CNY (day 2) : Trading is a business

Trading : Take it seriously

While most of us trade, speculate or punt in stocks ... in and out ... losses more than profits ... and many more dont know what to do with many of their sinking stocks, there are some of us taking trading as a serious business. Yes, I do take my learning to trade seriously. I am so stern and standing strongly to my principles in trading. I could not accept those punting habits and lack of understanding in out own trades. In short, taking trading seriously ... and learning from each trades.

While we are trying to increase our knowledge in trading, taking steps to analyse our mistakes and improve in our trading systems ... we certainly want to check if our systems work in different environments and instruments. We will like to analyse(do not overly doing it) our trades ... and believing that there is always rooms to improve.

Can one be a full-time trader? As much as many wanted to leave their full-time job, trading is certainly NOT for most of us. I could not accept the RISK of not getting my full-time pay by end of the month, for example. I have been employee for 20+ years now, and the employee-mentality sticked with me. Yes, I am in my own comfort-zone ... and taking trading as part-time path of gaining some profits.

If we are trading full-time and with huge financial commitments, the STRESS could be too huge for many to that. I am certainly doing better now ... with my full-time job and tuitions to cover most of my expenses or commitments.

We have the 'extra' pressure to perform and that could be 'bad' for trading.

This is in my mind ... as I might seriously to consider to trade in full-time basis, having a flexibility at home and doing what I do best. I do need to be consistent and by staying at home, I could continue with my e-learning and stock-watch ... I could still be giving Math tuition while my tratle's group meeting will be continued. There are much more freedom for me to monitor markets ... and take advantage when opportunities arise.

So, I will want to channel my focus in improving in my e-learning, my trading and sharing ... I need to improve in my marketing(haha) and will need a supportive trading group(my tratles) to work together for everyone's benefit.

It is a year to go ... or rather 11 months left. I will report my profits in quarterly basis my profit-loss. Yes, in investment or trading, the bottom line is still profit-loss.

Can I achieve the target 10% profits by end of this year? We shall watch ...

Trading Plan and Trading Journal

Well, I am going to have a template ... to let others in my tratles group to 'follow'. Yes, it will be needed to track out trades and making decisions due to plans. As for business, we need a business plan. If I am taking trading seriously, I do need a trading plan, right?

A trading journal will be a good way of reflecting on our trades(good or bad) and by such, we could review our mistakes and critically improve ourselves. Trading journal is also a place where we could write about how we feel about certain trades. We are not allowed our emotions to be in play, so ... a trading journal is a place we could voice out our frustrations or other emotions.

Looking back into the previous 4 years, I have improved(tho slow). I am in no hurry ... I just need more time to learn, to plan and ... yes ... to share and teach.

cohort-5 : This is for those in Klang Valley and wish to be in my tratles group. I do have BASIC trading with technical charts. The next class will start in mid FEB.

e-learning : This is still open to ALL those wish to learn simple BASIC of trading through online.

stock-watch : This is open to ALL those interested to know what stock I am checking, stalking and trading in weekly basis.

Am I good in my marketing? Hmm ... not really as I only write it in my own blog!! I will learn how to market my 'products'(LOL) online!! Haha ... well, few of my tratles are bringing in their friends to join our trading group. That is a positive sign for the group to grow?! Anway, if the products are good, words will spread. That is my belief.

Well, take trading seriously ... then you will understand how I could be so motivated to continue to learn and share.

Good Dragon Year ahead.


The Trades III

Note : Me and my tratles trade for the past 2-3 months.

The Trades I :

The Trades II :

The Trades I : AMMB, BJToto, Malton-wb, RHBCap, PChem

The Trades II : Affin, Jaks, RSawit, Unisem, XinQuan

The Trades III : BIMB, HuaYang, MahSing, Mudajaya, UOADev

The Trades IV : BJCorp, Coastal, GuanChong, Maybulk, SuperMax

BIMB : We were all busy discussing about BIMB as some do not even know what the counter is about. AL posted a good trading plan before taking positions around 1.75. It went below his purchace price and many buying at 1.70 levels. For the selling, I sold around 1.85 levels(cant recall) as I was still riding on BIMB-cc. I do not share it here(I think) but told my tratles that this baby could give me much more and asked them to ride on her mommy. If they know how to trade well, taking profits should be around 2.05 levels. That is 30cents profits .. emmm ... about 20% profits in one month?

Recently BIMB broken its resistance and shot above RM2.20, the current profit-taking is worth watching to ride on the trend. Yes, I am considering her again ... watch.

HuaYang : This charts more lines, more words as I was sharing with my tratles and explaining to them why I see 1.15-1.16 levels was a BUY. CT questioned me and I gladly answered him. I could not tell him then ... today, due to bull-market(haha) ... HuaYang trading above 1.30 now. Heck with the so-called good profits news ... upgrading by your brokers. We, as traders need to learn to check on charts and making senses of the movements. Yes, PURE fundamentalists will shun technical-analysis but I am going to show them that buy-n-hold NO LONGER make senses in such volatile markets. If you dont sell for profits ann move away for another good trades, your profits might vapourise ... in weeks.

MahSing : This was highlighted by one of the tratles but I missed the whole show!! So, I am pointing it here as few of them took the positions aorund 1.70 levels. Some have sold earlier at 1.90 levels but some might hold till RM2 above. I do not check on their buyings-sellings but discussions were basically on the technical landscapes of the charts. So, I do not put a buy-sell call ... such commitments are difficult as we DO NOT know if they could understand the risk of markets.

Recently, MahSing came back to 1.92 for us to collect again. This is for traders ... we buy at 1.70, sell at RM2, buy back during correction(with cut-loss in place) at 1.92 and still riding it to check if it could break the next resistance. It did ... be glad to ride on her further and checking reversal signs. Slowly I am teaching my tratles to be independent and learn to check on reversals to TAKE PROFITS.

MudaJaya : I have sold her at RM2.40 some time ago after taken some dividend. It came back down as I took the trades with BL. He got his dividends too. So, I asked him to watch RM2.20 level before buying again. He grabbed at that level, only to see it consolidated at a range 2.15-2.25 ... it is testing his patience!! Haha ... still remember when he kep asking me if he should see this one as the capital stucked!! And I told him ... the longer it stays in the range, the strong the base is ... and when it shoots, it will be strong!! And recently, it did ... many are in this trade too ... but I do not check at what level they sold. BL sold at 2.50 levels, so as I was sharing with him much for past few months about MudaJaya ...I ahve asked him to post the trades in our blog. That is called trading-journal. Yes, I do teach them trading-plan and trading-journal. It will take them TIME ... to learn to define their plans(if any) and jotting down in OUR BLOG(a new closed blog) for learning purposes!! Bravo ...

I moved in again as it broke-out from the pennant-formed. Interesting to watch as my new trades in place ... fundamentally, I still like her very much!! No, you dont want to talk to those pure-fundamentalist as they have many cramped opinions about ANY counters.

UOADev : To me, at 1.32 levels is a BUY ... when it moved to 1.37 is a average-up point. To prove that the trades done well, we need PATIENCE to wait for the trade to be un-fold. Many of my tratles bought at 1.35 levels ... some sold too early, some selling at resistance 1.54. Another leg-up is possible now after sleeping for so long. Now, when I have free-coffee(on EK) at Old-town, I was with BL, EK, AC and a new friend of BL(AK ... joining my cohort-5 ... another young and very smart guy) ... I shown them the strong buying at 1.38 and told them this is supported by some funds ... moving into her and will push her up, matter of time. It did about 2 weeks later!! Interesting to watch, right?

Note : Trading and Investing are a total different thing ... learn the differences and you will know how to handle the trades better. I am certainly STILL learning.

Yes, I am glad ... many of my tratles slowing seeing trading with KNOWLEDGE is essential, rather than just a mere pure-punting or guessing. They have been with me for short few months now and these stocks being discussed in our facebook. I have wanted them to keep these trades and the conversation, with questions etc etc ... yes, for learning purposes. As this is my trading-adventure, I am jotting here those trades we have taken. It is not for you to believe or not. It doesnt matter to me ... if you learn something from here, that is my objective of sharings, anyway. But ... if you have high ego and WILL say these are BS or you could do much better(without bother to share ... or teach others to trade better?) ... certainly this blog is a waste of time. Those pure-fundamentalists do not be here too as yes, I do trade base on technicals. Those punters wont like it here too as I do not(and will not) share how to trade DVM, Harvest, Hexagon, Saag, Ingens ... and many more 'hot-stocks'. I simply dont kow how to trade them(I am willing to pay RM500 per hour for those who know how to trade those stocks successfully).

My tratles ... before they joined me, many trading without using charts ... today some of them could appreciate charts(must be used effectively la) ... and many of them DO NOT lose money in markets anymore.

One of the first thing I shared with them ... dont worry if you are losing or lost in markets as there are huge 80-90% of them in KLSE are in your shoes. It is matter of them they will either searching around to learn OR give-up after their ego badly battered.

I do have few losing trades which I will share too ... as traders, we do keep our losses SMALL ... while take many good trades and ride on them.

Today, I am still hoping to teach them a little more ... and hoping they could help each other. I have 30+ of them and with my coming cohort-5 in place next month, I will have around 50 of them!! The tratles-family is growing ... and learning!!

Tratles : BL, AC and EK are from my cohort-1, CT from cohort-2 and AL(introduced by CT) is from cohort-4. I will mention about them more as they are slowly playing a part in my trades. They have spotted a few good trades for all to share.
Will continue with Trades IV, V ... and such.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Take your worthwhile profits

"If you dont sell early, you'll be late. The object is to make and take significant gains and not get excited., optimistic, greedy or emotionally carried away as your stock's advances get stronger."

TEH : Profits are profits to me ... no matter even if it is just a mere RM10 bucks!!

Beanard Baruch, the financier who build a fortune in the stock market, said " Repeatedly, I have sold a stock while it was still rising --- and that has been one reason why I have held on to my fortune. Many a time, I might have made deal more by holding a stock, but I would also have been caught in the fall when the price of stock collapsed"

TEH : Yes, I have sold MANY MANY far too early!! You should notice my Unisem, PChem or even UOADev recently. IT still move higher after I sold them. Simple logic, I will move out of those moving fast wagon, to move into those laggards ... and dont worry, when many coming in again, I will be glad to sell and move to the other .... and repeat the process, trades after trades. I never really regret I sold early. It is still profits!!

When asked if there was a technique for making money on the stock exchange, Nathan Rothschild, a highly successful international banker said " There certainly is. I never buy at the bottom, and I always sell too soon"

TEH : Yup, I seldom catch the bottom or sell at the peak. It is not reasonable to do such, and looking back with regrets are not for good traders. Move on ... that is the key word.

What all these Wall Streets legends believed was this : you simply must get out while the getting is good. The secret is to hop off the elevator on one of the floors on the way up and not ride it back down again.

TEH : Remember that stock-prices are driven by fear-greed. By being a contrarian, one should go the opposite direction. So, when things moving higher, the risk increases significantly too. Hence, we will want to take profits. If one is using some technical system(s) to sell or even average-up, that is brilliant. These are real traders to me ... and I am still learning to be a good trader.

Read as much as you can, my tratles and e-tratles. Read more, my dear readers ... then take action!! No point talking too much about these or those ... if one do not apply what ones knew. Only by applying and being in markets, REAL TRADING, you will gain experiences. Learn that well, you will not regret. Do that many of times, taking profits again and again, you will be pleased to SELL ... SELL when many ignorants in markets want them.



7.05 pm : Gold at 1675 and Silver trading at 32.5 level now. I am riding on the recovery of these prices. When it corrected sharply recently, as a trader ... I do see that as opportunities. Gold was at below 1550 and Silver was traded below 27. Yes, these two are tradable instruments as many investors are buying into these 'safe haven' stuff. We, as trader, just following the trend ... no love-hate emotion needed here.

I was out whole day. Then, I started to check on recently listed IPOs in HKSE. Shifting my attention to HKSE, I will put those I am watching in my stock-watch too.

First Chem : Trading at HKD2.50, listed 9th Dec at HKD2.70 ...  I am checking on its fundamentals. At the first glance on the financial-ratio, it looks good. Technically, it is nice too.
Sectors that I do like in China are energy(+ alternative) and auto.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese Dragon Year

Wishing all my readers a good year ahead in investing and trading

Gong Xi, Gong Xi


Stock Watch : BYD

BYD : Entry was at HKD16.50 and exit at HKD22.50. Profit is HKD6.

That is a cool 25% profits in ONE month trade. Yes, trading with knowledge giving us the edge. By the way, W.Buffett owns about 10% of BYD and she shot up from HKD10 to HKD80(the craziness of market due to Buffett"s effect) and recently REALITY seeps in ... it dived from HKD80 to HKD12!! How not to lose money in markets? Do not be in the herd of ignorance. They are everywhere!!

BYD is highly in my trading list due to Buffett's effect, green-energy-auto craziness, affluency of China's yuppies and it is rather a new un-tap market. Hence, I will use her to trade, taking 20-30% away each time the rush is in ... PER at 18 level is considered as the high side but the Buffett's effects might push it back to HKD50 and above easily. Afterall, MANY still stucked at HKD80, remember?

Personally, I will continue to trade her.

Note : Read my disclaimer, please. Thanks


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yet another CNY

Post # 2000th

I have really posted 2000 posts in my blog here? Really?! Using a simple 80-20 concept, about only 400 of my posts are really worth reading, perhaps for a newbie to learn something, a novice to pick up some ideas or a trader to share some trading ideas. It could be for whatever positive things a person could get from reading 20% of my good posts. Other 80% are noises, garbage(LOL) and some BS.

I am going to write about my past Chinese New Years ... back in 2005. Yeah ... 7 years ago ... how my financial situation changed. How I have finally managed to change my financial-mindset, how a person who don't even know what inflation is ... and with zero-knowledge about anything about money or markets ... teaching trading to many now!!

2005 CNY : I was still with Inti Sabah at Putatan, and going through first CNY with my wife. I was just a simple happy-go-lucky guy riding a bike. I bought my Kancil, then.

2006 CNY : We struggled financially as we had our first baby. I was broke(marriage cost) and we were squezzing in a small back-room of my parents-in-law place. I know I need to be patient and work things out. I started a keropok business with my 2 colleagues(Inti) in Nov 2005, selling titbits in Gaya Street(like Petaling street of KL, smaller in scale). Life was tough, financially ... I was teaching full-time with small salary and few tuition classes. I was busy goreng-keropok, selling kurma(dates), kacang and raisins. My wife was selling some 'tupperware' and we have no budget for anything at all. Serious ... I have to borrow some money to meet ends as my baby boy growing.

During 2006 CNY(first day), I argued with Daniel Tan, one of my partner(was a friend too). I wanted to work ... I wanted to continue to goreng and packing my keropok. Gosh ... it was first day of CNY but I was desperate for some income and building my client-based. In short, it is one CNY I cried ... I lost a friend, I lost the dream of owning my own keropok business. I do pack keropok till midnight!! I was extremely tired but ... seeing some smiles in my new born baby boy gave me the drive!

Time passed, I carried on alone with my remaining of my small business. I know it wont work alone ... and it was not feasible anymore. All the plans and such was drained. I was really sad inside, tho I carry on the struggle. I could hardly buy a new cloth for my wife. I do not dare to tell any of my family in KL here. Hmm... reflecting on the struggle, it is a huge relief now!!

2007 CNY : I stopped my keropok business as I increase the number of my tuition classes. Yes, I have to be practical as it is a matter of survival. I have credit-card debts to deal with, accumulated due to marriage and baby-boy ... we rented a place at Damai, I have quitted Inti for a better salary teaching job with Sinaran. So, the house I rented was just a walking distance to the school ... where my tuition students could come after school. I was still an un-known Math teacher there. I was new.

I started to read about stock-market ... monitoring some counters(like Inti, Ngui Kee, AirAsia, Astro, Pos, Genting ... and few stocks which I heard of the companies) ... the charts and start reading some books about stock market. I decided to go into KLSE, and planning for my 5-year goal, including teaching trading!!

2008 CNY : I was in KLSE now ... profitting form some initial trades. But, unprepared for election-losses and my Ranhill, Jaks and LionDiv was diving ... I dont know what about ... but continue to learn some accounting and financial terms. That is another looong story which at times I shared how I struggled(giving up was NEVER in my mind) ... I really sturggled and alone!! My tuition classes are doing better now ... picking up more classes. Financially, I m recovering .. we could afford once a week to go to a simple restaurant for lunch or dinner!! Baby-girl born in July ... and we were very tight again!!

2009 CNY : Markets recovering ... yeah, I will always remember this CNY as Julian Lim, a doctor friend of mine came to me and wanted me to use him as guinea-pig to teach trading!! I was barely trading only one year in markets. This blog was barely 6 months old!! Yeah ... I was so excited as I have a good friend to discuss and talk about my favourite topic ---- stock market!!

He 'betrayed' me ... and I told myself that I will not teach trading in future and will only focus in my own learning ... yeah, that was another failed JV(we shared funds and I was so sincerely teaching him anything I knew back then). Things do not work out well as I hope for and the worst part was ... I lost a friend.

2010 CNY : I decided to come to KL ... I was alone here as my wife and two kids in KK still. But my family is here ... so, I celebrated CNY with my family after 10 years in Sabah!! I got my two new tuition classes here in KL but still flying back to KK during alternate weekends to teach my tuition students. I have started with them, and I won't stop half-way.

I was doing well in markets as 2009 into 2010 was a bull-rally. I have to sell some stocks to finance my trip back to KL, transferring my whole family to KL. Yes, I have many of my plans in tact with my 5-year old goal in min. I decided to put JL's case behind and motivated myself to go ahead with my plan. Yes, I joined Chart-Nexus course as planned and my blog attracting more viewers!! I m slightly known in CNX and presented myself twice in the meeting. It is not to show off, but training myself to teach trading!! Interestingly, I never give up ... haha.

2011 CNY : Here with my family ... I could afford to fly my parents-in-law for CNY. Situation is better and I got my first annual bonus from college. Yeah ... I was still very thrifty and reminding my wife to keep expenses to the minimal as I started to have more tuition classes. My salary was about 30% more than I earned back in KK, tuition rate here is 100% higher and the number of classes doing good!! I started my client-based for analysing charts!! Yeah ... but 2011 CNY was not celebrated.

My dad passed away. Everything seems to be dark ... I was so emotionally drained, with few(luckily only few good ones then) clients, I knew I am losing them. I 'lost' my directions and my wife was thinking of going back to KK. She missed home and wish to be with her aging parents too. Things becoming more difficult ... I was just started to improve myself to be a trainer. I have started to 'teach' my colleagues some basic about investing in KLSE. CNY 2011 will be remembered as I cried, in pain.

I do not feel so much of pain losing in stock-markets ... but losing the grip of close family may be too much for me to take. Yeah ... still very human, indeed. Good.

2012 CNY : I flew my parents-in-law here too ... I have started my trading classes, a year earlier than scheduled!! And I am excited as the reponses are quite good ... some of them becoming my friends ... they are from different lines. Interesting year ahead ... tuition classes has increased well ... my tratles are profitting well in markets, learning to trade from me and I gained their respect(or admiration?) due to my methods of trading ... which suit some of them very well. Yes, I have shown more than 30 trades in this 4-5 months with them ... with only few losses(cut if small, ya). To gain 'trust', we need to be consistent and showing results is the best way!! I am glad ... I started my stock-watch too(no more charts much being discussed here) and glad that some of them profitting from that!! Yeah ... things are looking good. Financially, I am doing good now ... and TIME becoming a precious commodity.

Today, I could afford my own place(tho small and cheap), with all rooms air-conditioned. Today ... I m just moving ahead to a NEW step into doing this year ... I am having a NEW 5-year goal ahead. I want to be financially free in 5-years time!!

2013 CNY : What will the story be? We shall check next year ... year of snake?

Happy DRAGON year all. Thanks for being supportive.

Never give up. We all struggle in life ... but I am a living example that if we take a small steps in moving towards our goal, it is not impossible. This is not a success story ... but for those who have followed my writings for 3.5 years ... will see that this 2000th post is still HERE and .. checking CNY 2020, I will still be here(unless GOD loves me more by then). Will you be here checking on me?


Plannings for Q1(Jan - Mac)

With so many things cramped inside my head, I think I will jot it down here. Too many happenings going on.

Teaching Job : Having 4 batch of classes, 2]two Maths and two new further Maths.

Tuition : Except for Tuesday, everyday there will be classes(including Sundays now).

Cohort-5 : To start new month 18th FEB(2.30pm to 5.30pm). Many in the list and need to finalise this during my one week break.

Cohort-6 : Will start(may be) that on alternate Friday nights(7.30pm to 10.30pm). This is due to the 'spill over' from my Saturday which can only accomodate 14-15 of them. I have 22 enquiries so far.

Trading : This will reduce susbstantially as I will be too busy to monitor. So, I will be changing the way I trade. This Q1 wont be so good as jitters around the market, with Euro crisis is far from over. I do expect market to go lower from here but will dive if BN lost some grounds. So, it is a quarter that I wont like to be in markets, particularly KLSE. Political risk will increase ... hence, a longer time frame rather than my short-punts will be prefered.

e-learning : It is still on-going, certainly a challenge as I m such a dinosour!! I will be attending a training in middle of next month to learn how to do those video-clips etc etc ... well, hope my e-tratles be patient with me. I will continue to update ... reaching MA now, RSI next week and a wrap-up of what they learn from my closed-blog. It will help if those reading could ASK questions 'live' in our e-tratles facebook.

Stock-watch : With RM30 per month, updates being done in weekly basis, this is not a learning space. It is just to let those in my group what I m looking into and traded. Yes, I do include charts and brief discussion will be entertained. At times, I m simpy too busy. FEB's registration will be open soon.. I will create a new page in monthly basis. It means, those coming in Feb batch will NOT be able to see my Jan's page. It is to be fair as it is paid in monthly basis.

These are occupying my time ... I have basically two main subjects to teach : Math and Trading. I have my hands full. With these, I m still in talk with some investors, traders and many more in exploring opportunities in investings/trading. I am more into education in trading and will like to create some modules for those wish to learn.

A busy quarter ahead, as expected.

Be Happy.


Family should come first

This short clip is a reminder to me ... as I am getting busier and busier.

I do make a resolution to spend more time with my kids. I want to be part of their upbringing. Tho I am getting busier, my wife and kids are still very close to heart.

Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers.


Market is a risky place

In my opinion, stock market is a very RISKY place to be in for newbies or novices. Without knowledge, with experiences ... the odds stacked heavily on us; we dont even realise what hit us. Yup, seriously ... thinking of 80-90% of them losing money in markets, what make you the 'chosen' minority?

Beginner's luck? Think again ... it is is due to luck, dont you think so it supposed to be 50-50? Yes? No? Well ... in my opinion, it a big NO. In fact, if you get lucky in your few trades(depending on where your tips or resources from), without even knowing WHY you have profitted, that is much more dangerous. You will be thinking you are good ... or even called yourself a stock-god!!

Realistically, we need knowledge about investing or trading BEFORE in markets. We need lessons from market to make us stronger, accepting mistakes and learn from there. Base on learning, you will becoming more experience ... and by having both, the knowledge and experiences, you have actually substatially reduce the RISK. Well, this is one of the first thing I taught my tratles how RISKY market is ...

REDUCE THE RISK becoming my main pointers to them. One of the BEST way is to increase your knowledge in stocks --- Fundamentals and Technicals --- and apply them in the stocks you are trading. Consistently stalk the stocks you have traded in, to increase your knowledge in understand the characteristics ... also, consistently ... analysing its chart.

To explain why many lost money in stock-markets could be lengthy.

It is good to share with you all this simple yet most neglect part of markets --- market is RISKY, reduce the risk by increasing your knowledge and experiences. NOTHING comes easy .. things wont come by itself.

Me : Do you all think I could gain 10% net profits by year end?

Tratles : Even we could acheive 10% la? Before we learn, last time lose money la ...

Well, at times you need to remind others that market is a risky place. If I show to you that I could gain 10% or above by year end, perhaps you could trust my trades a little better? We shall see ...

Chinese New Dragon Year again ... we shall feel the bullishness.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Reply : Best Investment Product in town?

Recently, I posted the above scheme as my colleague asked me. Yeah ... slowly some of them got to know that I am interested with BEST investing-income building in town. So, if you could give a secure(LOWEST RISK) of 6% to 10% compounded dividends, I am very interested. Of what I knew of, my ASB-saving is still the 'best' around.

Refering to the above post, some kind souls taken some trouble to calculate or estimate the percentage yield.

By Rei

I know the HLA scheme, if you see properly, the positive point is the first 6 years, if you happen to pass away or permanent disabled, then the policy is considered covered for the rest of your life.
For your example, but if you considered after 6 years,you are still healthy, then one have invested 345k but till he is death by 90 years old , he only gets around 460k which even a sukuk can beat this policy. But there is another clause saying, if the fund earns more, there will distribute more dividend, maybe just to be on par with sukuk/EPF and slightly better than FD.

By susu

Too good to be true, probably an illustration only using a assumed interest rates, but this is not "guaranteed" I presumed (I may be wrong).

By Binary Yeik

This is not a good investment !

For the 1st 6 years, your total investment is RM 345600, you get back RM 69000, so the actual total is RM 276000.

For the 7th year onwards, you still get RM 11500 per year, so the return is only 11500/276000 about 4.2%.

Your are bond for the rest of 40 years, they pay you only 4.2%

By June Tan

my point of view:
yearly premium --> 57600 (4800*12)
6 yrs oremium --> 345600 (57600*6)
annual return --> 11500
breakeven years --> 30years (345600/11500)

to worth or not to worth buying this premium should be based on the policy holder age.

illustration age 20:
breakeven at age 50. enjoying next 40 years of income = $460000 + insurance cover.

illustration age 50:
breakeven at age 80. enjoying next 10 years of income = $115000 + insurance cover.

By HLPang

The return seem very good. But if am the buyer,few questions i would ask myself..

1.On investment wise
1a)How is the return is "guarantee"?
1b)What if i stop paying the monthly premium, the how? and one day if i want to resume the plan how?

2.On Protection wise
2a)What is the coverage and How much is the amount insured for each.
2b)"Touch wood", how does the insurance claim affect the investment plan?

Ppl who interested may try to compare this product with others. also consider "all-in-one" basis or "separate" basis product feature is suitable for you. Just my 2cent. :)

By Leslieyong77

hey guy, u may receive only 2.3% compounded anually for 40 yrs ( lower than bank' FD ) plus u are covered by insurance

By Casey188

i think this concept is not new.
AIA has something similar in GIP (Guarantee Income Provider) or ELI, GE has something similar too. I guest most of the Insurance company has re-package this concept in one way or another to attract the investor. I think the key concept behind this is something to do with the PV (present value) of RM and the future value that you receive... just my 2cents

By Anuar74

74 6% x rm4800 = rm326.4, if x 12 =rm3916.8, how it can grow to rm11400. pls fix this math problem, i'm not good in math...

By james001

you pay rm4800* 12 = rm 57600, you get rm 11400 but the principal of rm 57600 that you pay reduce significantly. so actually they pay you rm 11400 out from your principal of rm 57600.The net amount after one year including the rm 11400 is actually less than rm 57600. Misselling !
if you put money in bank, you get rm 57600 plus the interest after one year.

By s_investor

1.) on the severn years, can you withdraw the whole money ?
2.) pls refer to same question on hlpang.
3.) if you could not afford to pay or want to reduce the monthly premium ? how ? what is the draw back ? i believe they have lock you up with certain critirea here and please dont forget those finest print on the document you sign. those are the wording end up and / or that they have all the legal right to forfeit or partial slahh down your investment.
4.) pls always remember inflation. your money on the seven years or ahead will always slash almost half of it. look back your dad time what he can buy with rm10 and what you can buy with rm10 nowdays. to me it is not a good investment

by andy118

Note : Andy actually generate the amount using excel.

ave. amount invested per yr = 6911955 / 46 = 150,260
interest received per yr = 3987
therefore return per yr = 2.65 % + insurance cover.

I don't know whether the above is correct? Not taking into account the value of money as years goes by. That is what it is the RM11500 you are going to receive in 46 years time. Cheers.
Happy and prosperou Chinese New year everybody


The above are comments from my blog and i3-investor site. I am not a financial person. So, I do not drawing any conclusion from here but told my colleague that swing trading some good dividend stocks such as BJToto could gain you the 6-8% per year. I will teach her how!! And she gladly thanked me.

I will also call up the agent and speak to him/her ... and will draw some conclusion once I heard from the agent, will record it here, ya.

By the way, of coz I wont be putting any of my money there. If you could beat 6-8%, you wont bother to listen to 3-4% income-bulider scheme, right?


Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Trades II

The Trades I :

In the previous post, The Trades I, I have written about the trades my tratles and I have done : AMMB, BJToto, Malton-wb, PChem and RHBCap.

This is a continuation as I am trying to re-call our trades in past 2-3 months. The first batch has been with me for 4-5 months, actually and have witnessed many more of my trades during market dived in SEPT-OCT such as my CyPark, MayBank, Axiata ... IJM ... etc etc .... Many more ... I have to refer back in my own blog to remember!! I do remember a short Puncak which gave me 15%.

Affin: I written it somewhere to alert at RM2.85 ... some readers followed at RM2.90 levels and selling should be around RM3.08 levels. It has been hanging there, waiting for breakout, if market is bullish. It is possible, looking at her friends BIMB or MBSB moving up. WIll Affin breaks RM3.10? We shall watch.

Jaks : Bought 0.57-0.58 ... it was Friday, I remembered well as I do have meeting with my batch-1 tratles and given this stock for them to analyse!! Yes, I was discussing with them the WHY I have entered at this level and what level should I sell ... and it was so short(lucky again!!) that it reached my target on Monday! Wow ... Today after 2 weeks, it is lower than my purchase price!! Interesting!! By the way, this was given to my stock-watch too ... but it was too fast for most of them there. Too bad.

RSawit : Buying should be around 0.88 .. this is one stock I written everywhere ... the blog here, facebook, forums ... haha. Yes, 0.88 was a nice level as I saw that it is going to shoot above it soon and it did(lucky again!!). A nice trade ... then, I bought back at 0.93 but it failed to reach my target of 0.99. I sold her at cost price as I saw weakness in the chart ... and yes, after a week or so, it really went below my 0.93. I do learn something from this trade. Did you learn anything much from your trades?

UniSem : This is another stock being discussed in our tratles page when I grabbed at RM1.01-RM1.02 which I shared with them ... I was holding for almost a month before the shot!! That is nice ... well  .. it is not long for it to reach 1.30 now, that is a cool 30% in less than 2 months? If only we know-how.

XinQuan : This is being discussed when it DIVED. Beautiful waterfall ... went below 0.70 ... buying should be around 0.70 when it recovers and sell after it breaks 0.755. In fact it went to 0.80 for an easy 10% in days ...but I missed this one. I sold at cost price ... it happens, just a day(or even an hour) AFTER you sold a stock, it jumps 10% in days!!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Learning : Have you stopped?

10.10 am : KLCI is in red ...

MudaJaya : breaking RM2.50, a level I gave my tratles to ask them to analyse. ONLY three replied or analyse. You see, many bought at 2.20 levels and some sold too early, and at RM2.50 was my selling point. Well, this is just like a week ago, I sold at 2.50 and 2.55. It touched 2.57, right? Then, it retraced below RM2.50 due to some profit-taking. My question to them was

Question posted yesterday : MudaJaya : Could anyone was inside MudaJaya recently CHECK the chart now? And today? What do you see at RM2.50? Another distribution or accumulation? Distribution means it will dive from here, accumulation means it will mark-up and push up above 2.50. Interesting?

I am not going to post their replies as it will be posted in our tratles' blog which was created recently. But, what is interesting is that ... can you actually LEARN to see such activities ... to know if it will be pushed higher or lower from the consolidation level?

UOADev and E&O : I have wanted to shoot that HL who e-mailed me a rude e-mail. But then again, I rather to have a friend(u have not added me in facebook, man) ... I wanted to re-post his rude words but again ... it is tiring pointing out such negative vibes ... ooommm ... I will need to learn to let go of such readers, could only hope they wont be around to read this bull-shit writings.

UOADev was at 1.32 and 1.38 buying point and selling should be at 1.54 and 1.60. E&O was so nice hanging around 1.40 and today is a sell ... check the price, I am lazy too, u know. Hence, TRADERS trade with probability in hands ...increasing your knowledge and experiences, you will know how a good trader should be. I am not ... I am just learning and a novice. Did you learn anything from me? Or can I learn anything from you? We share to learn to improve, right? WHY condemning others? I will close this case, man. Bye.

Learning Process

When do we actually STOP learning?

1. No motivation to learn : When we are NOT motivated to improve ourselves due to lack of objectives and directions, we do not learn ... even tho we FORCE ourselves to be in a course or classrooms. We simply could not continue to learn as we are lack of inner-fire ... the flame was like HANGAT-HANGAT TAHI AYAM, as what they said in Malay. That explain why MANY started something only to let it dies-off ... for exmaple, writing a blog!! Or teaching!! And of coz ... investing-trading!! If you are not committed(or half heartly) to your learning, you will find it a drag. Motivation comes from INSIDE you. You dont need a carrot ... but you need one, why not? Without that burning desire to learn ... learning will stop, eventually.

2. Dont know that they need to learn : For example, if a person who goes to stock-market WITHOUT knowledge and experiences, he might get lucky once a while to profit from his trades, boasting in some forums and sharing those goreng-stocks which have earned them some profits. They DO NOT have plans, directions ... and do not even think they need to LEARN? Learn?? What is that? Buy-sell stocks also need to learn? Buy only ma ... learn WTF? These people will not learn and could NOT learn. They are best left-alone. Do not try to advise them or telling them trading-investing stock-markets is RISKY and we need to learn to manage the risk. Do not tell them anything, in general.


enjoy ...

off for early lunch. hungry ... brb


Stock Watch : AirAsia and MAS

AirAsia : In the range of RM3.60-3.90. So, grabbing around 3.60 could be a good entry point, cutting if it goes below RM3.60.

The outlook for transportation may not be good for 2012. Hence, I will not buy-n-hold AirAsia or MAS. It is interesting to see that MAS is no longer a leader. Well, such a waste, under those gov's incompetent people handling the company, we dont expect them to compete, right? But .. MAS will always finding for a system ... MAS = Mana Ada Sistem tag has been there since I was young!! We dont even have AirAsia back then. Today, AirAsia is standing proudly, with a success story to share.

AirAsia and MAS will be good trading stocks but will not be in my portfolios to buy-n-hold. These do not give much dividends, and very volatile stocks(good for traders). Trade with indicators, if you know how.

MAS : Broken RM1.50 and in correction mode now. Buying around RM1.50 should be a good entry level but wait for signals to buy. It came up from the low-base of 1.28-1.30 levels recently. I missed her totally. So, time to watch to trade her now.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

JCI : Johnson Controls Inc.

I was in the library for an hour to read "Fortune". Yes, no one read such magz as it is kinda dry and boring? I have cultivated my desire in reading such magz ... and gaining some insight and information. Well, it is beyond me as I m, afterall ... just a Math teacher?

Anyway, I will want to write the 10 top-picks(not in order)

1. Apple
2. Intel
3. Microsoft
4. Caterpillar
10. Johnson Controls

Weekly Chart

Most of the top-picks I have heard of before but ... JCI is 'new' to me. I mean, I heard of it but never read anything about it and I do not know their businesses ... so, if I am going to INVEST? Let me explore and do some simple own research on her.

How do I start? I will go to google-finance to search for some information about the stock. From market-cap, PER, earnings and .. then go to the website if we want more information. Then, we could also search in yoube for the clip. If it is mentioned by Fortune it must certainly be a LARGE company.

The next thing I could do is to search JCI in business-sites such as bloomberg, reuters and such.

Then, I will place her in KIV ... well, perhaps will never read about her anymore until some news related to her!!


Stay Frugal, Stay Humble, Stay Hungry

Note : For those who DID NOT receive my e-mail reply, I think it is because you click 'reply' rather than TYPE my e-mail address of PLEASE DO NOT click "reply' as it will go to which is the person who hacked into my e-mail recently. It is time to get a NEW e-mail soon.

Listen to the below clip and you will understand how I could wake-up 5.30am in the morning and have been consistently doing things!! Yes, do what the BEST YOU CAN ... not when you earn your first million. The essence of life is GROWTH ... why settle for less?

Stay Hungry

I woke up about 5.30am today, posted a few more charts of the trades we have done over the past 3 months. Will continue to post more later.

Yes, I have been consistently analysing charts ... to improve my skills of watching, stalking and analysing. You can't be good in something without practices. You may want to improve your theories or knowledge, but actual work should be done by getting the practical hand-ons ... nothing could replace the EXPERIENCES in trading or investing. It is NOT the methods you are searching or looking for. You need to search it within YOURSELF. It is your mindset and your ability(or disability) to see things inside you. Do you know what I mean?

To stay hungry is 'easier said than done'. Many have given up their new year resolution as 2 weeks? Some given up stock-markets after 2 trades(lost, of coz)? That is how tough things could be. If one being unrealistic, nothing much concrete could be achieved as ... they are not taking actions. Goal settings are important but it takes more than just planning ... it needs ACTION. At times, I  procrastinated ... and delay many of things. That is because I have my trading and trading-classes to focus in. Yes, my main focus are my trades and my tratles' learning.

I will stay hungry ... hungry for improvements .. looking forward into a better trades, desired future. Yes, goals set must be carried out despite short-comings and obstacles. Move on, man.

Financial Independence(FI)

This is recently being discussed in i3investor site. Interestingly to know how we all define FI differently. It should be different as we are different individuals and our needs are different? Or is it? I am not going to debate on how you see FI.

But what is more important to focus is how we could increase our financial intelligence and knowledge, to give us the edge over the majority. Being frugal is the first step.

Stay Frugal

Living below our own means. I am not the financial-guru ... I do read plenty of these books to brain-wash myself, to change my mindset and a total turn-around of my views about wealth. MONEY is something we do not discuss openly, it is a taboo ... less discussed than sex!!

I have written almost 3 years ago regarding this pointer ... yeah, I still remember I was still in Sabah, 3 years ago I was so-so new to markets and lost lots of money!! Yet, I know I just need to continue to work harder to improve myself .. dont worry much about the rewards, worry more about your improvements.

To have positive cash-flow in monthly basis, we need to INCREASE our earnings. Our salary should increase in yearly basis, we should expect a good bonus from our hard-work and perhaps work part-time to complement our monthly salary. We work harder ... and do what it takes to earn more. Increase our income is the first point. Yup.

But if our expenses is high or increase too, we do not have much balance left in hands? One theory we should do is to put 10% of our income in our saving!! To do that, 10% of my salary automatically deducted from my salary(force saving) and banked into my wife's ASB which give higher dividends than our FD rates. I have done that since I make a commitment to change my financial situation 5 years ago!!

Expenses ... I am a simple person who do not have material desires. That is good. Many do not have this in them. Delay gratification ... means, susah-dulu ... senang-kemudian. My expenses have increased significantly since I moved back to KL.

Upgrading of items

1. Upgraded from the Kancil to Proton Saga in 2010 as I shifted from KK to KL. It is to accomodate my growing kids who is 3.5 and 6 now.

2. Upgraded my 20-year-old 21 inches TV to flat LED 32-inches TV last year, for the pleasure of my family viewing? I dont watch TV, anyway. I have delayed buying a new TV ... as the prices keep dropping.

3. Upgraded my pc from the old 4-yr-old desktop to this one recently. I do need new pc due to the amount of work I needed.

4. Upgraded my handphone ... from my 4-yr-old Sony to a smartphone(which is not smart as I dont know how to use it!). Larger memory, better features and buy when it is no longer 'hot'. Hope to use it for another 5 years until it is out-smart by some new models.

5. Bought my own apartment instead of renting an apartment. Well, it is only logical ... we dont rent a place, paying the owner or landord monthly if we could buy our own. As I could not afford much, a decent nice medium-cost 930sqft apartment near my working place will be good enough. I have not intention to move away soon ... not in coming 3-5 years. But I do have intention to buy a landed property for invesment purposes. That will be when I am 50 yr old and could withdraw some money from there. My meagre salary could not get me any loan much.

6. Upgrading of my attire : Recently I agreed to buy some new shoes and upgrading it. I used to buy China-made shoe which is less than RM50, then I went for Bata's shoe since I am in KL, costing me average of RM60. Today, I agreed(to my wife, actually ... I am viewed as very kiam-siap by her) to buy an RM200 shoe ... and during recent 50% discount sales, of coz. I will only buy things during mega-sales.

I do not buy new T-shirts ... all from old-ones, free from my uncles/brothers. I dont have many shorts, either. But I do upgraded my underwear recently! Haha. My working-shirts have been with me for years and some of the colours are fading. I do not see the needs to get myself well-dressed, in short. But, I think I will allow myself to change those old t-shirts and shirts by this year end. Ok, make is a 'carrot'. If I could gain 30% and above from trading this year, I change the whole closets!! My pouch which was given 'free' by my aunty 2 years ago when I first came here and recently it was torn(used daily) and I grabbed a new one. Other than that, I have not much upgrading in my attire?

7. Spectacles : In Dec, I decided to be four-eyed. My eyes were tired at night reading those articles ... and my eye-sight deterioting. I am using too much of my eyes, facing this computers, typing and reading!! So, that cool-spec that I am wearing for reading costed me RM250 plus I also grabbed a sunglasses(for riding bike). That is so-called 50%, and still cost me RM150. Ouch.


Listen to the short clip below : Dont be lazy ... dont be stupid, broken, sick and ugly. Listen again ... and reflect that on YOURSELF.

Stay humble

This is something many mis-understood me. I am being seen as cocky, arrogant, offensive ... emmm ... care-less type of 'cold' person. I will let others to jugde as it is not of our control how others seeing us. There is somewhere someone picking on you to blame, to condemn and jugde, anyway. If you tell them straight, they get offended. That is the shallowness of many of us ... we tend to be judgemental. We always think that our view is the best!! Ok, I m going to REPEAT many of times(for those few NEW BIASED AND JUDGEMENTAL readers) ... I am just a learner, I am a NOVICE. I never call myself or see myself as guru, not sifu or whatever. I do not believe in such. GENERALLY, I do not believe what majoirty in society believe. I am a contrarian. I believe in LEARNING and SHARING. I believe in staying in touch with those similar frequencies ... and work from there to improve myself. I believe that there are many more things to be learnt and I could gain a lot from knowing those kind-n-nice people who will guide us. In return, I will guide those who came to me for help, opinions and advices. Nothing more than that .... such as showing off how I traded YTL-e(those two readers from i3investor need to read these) ... but to share how I traded it and see if any experienced traders could understand and share with me their opnions. I do not want to know those staying in forums, yak-ing away but no actions, no helping of others ... to improve their trades. I am too busy to engage in such chat and actuvites.

Hence, it is always a reminder to me ... to be HUMBLE and stay humble. There are so many people out there know much more about markets and I want to share opinions and learn from them, If I find something good, I will attend the course. Yes, I am a novice who is still learning. Give me the space and time to learn, will ya? Watch me progress from here ... or if you prefer, watch me fail from here. Up to you to watch ... but dont judge?

The point here is THOSE NEW READERS ... do read my posts ... say from Aug 2008? Have I improved in my stock selectiions? Have I done good things of sharing with many here? Have my TA skills make a leap improvements? What are my short-comes? Give good constructive criticism, that is OK with me. I will analyse and see if I will take in some opinions to improve further skills. I WANT TO IMPROVE ... and I dont really care what others think, ok? That is called DETERMINATION and PERSERVERANCE, ok?

Well ... no matter what, I am still a teacher and will continue to teach here whenever I am free or have someting to jot down. This is my dairy ... my financial journey and path. If one day I succeed, I will be interviewed and this blog might turn into a book, where many publisher might want to engage with me. If I failed ... at least I TRIED. Do you try hard enough?


Gold : At 1666 now, recovering well. Good.

Silver : Moving above 30 now. Will check later.