Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Move aside, the bull is back

DOW up 400 points. I just bought an Acer pc at home and testing it out with my blog. My home-office furniture should be in by tmr. Hence, I am setting up an office at home ... and seriously organising myself to work from 9.30 pm to 11.30 pm on daily basis for my e-learning and developing while improving it.

It is just like my cohort-1 ... how I started small, started new with them. Many of them still with me and yes, that is the satisfactions I derived from TEACHING. It is much exciting to see few of them profitting and learning(more importantly) ... and trusted me as they have seen me in weekly basis taking trades!! I am such a mechanical person that I am trying to make all of them to trade like me!! Haha ... it is not possible, actually due to different personality, different opinions and experiences. It will be easier to coach a total new person rather than those hard-core market-kakis. Those in forums will find my program hard as it requires WORK, as I m teaching you what homework to be done. Those paying for tips will never learn, anyway.

Now, I am thinking of my stock-watch list ... wish I will post it in weekly basis for those interested. The trades still up to you and responsibilities are fully yours. I will only put up what stocks I am looking for, at what level I will look into it and also at what level we should take profit or cut loss.

That is in mind ... getting myself busy and active in contact with readers and lets do real trades. No need blah-blah much ... check after one full year, can gain 10% or not? Remember, not losing money already top 10%, I am talking about consistently good trades to gain 10% or more.

I do still have my full-time teaching Math job, ok? With tuition classes resume, I will be extremely busy. I need more 'tongkat ali' and 'ginseng' to re-energise myself. Haha ... tell you a secret of keeping yourself working hard ... it is called MOTIVATION. Then, the results derive the SATISFACTION. I cant explain better ... get yourself clear and motivated first. Nothing comes easy ...

11.55 pm : DOW up 430 points!! WHAT A BULL .. hurray ... are you in the market yet or waiting for more signals?

Move aside ... let the bull charge ...



Earn, Save and Invest

10.20 am : DOW up a little, HSI opens in red, down 150 points. KLCI up 10 points at the moment. I am wearing another green shirt to boost up our index. haha.

AMMB : Touched 5.97 now, wait for it to break RM6. Sold her off as it is reaching resistance RM6.

PChem : Grabbed at RM5.92-RM5.93 done. A laggard at the moment. Watching.

TSH : Broken RM4 psychological level now. Bonus 1-1.

The 3G-factor : Genting, GenM and Gamuda pulling KLCI up ... with IOI and Tenaga are assisting too. CIMB and AMMB continue their good running up too. Yeah ... we are in bull-run again. How short-term can we be?

GenM : At 3.90 level ... watching for RM4 level.

Supermax : Going to 3.80 level soon ... I missed her this time around.

11.30 am : KLCI up 12 points ... err ... HSI down 300 points leh.

12.35 pm : Lunch hour ...

How not to lose money

1. Keep your mind clear from noises : Control that emotion in you. Whether it is fear or greed, control that. If your emotion is controlling you(at times), do not trade. Do not even bother to look at the monitor. Move away. When you are not sure whether to buy or not a stock at the given level, the best is NOT TO BUY. Listening to forums could be extremely thrilling but the noises created there is not needed at all for our investing-trading strategies. Believe in yourself.

2. Increase your knowledge : Without it, you could never be confident with our investment or trading. Due to the high risk in markets, the only way to protect ourselves is to increase our knowledge --- whether it is FA or TA or whatever type of analysis which suits you. HOPE or PRAY analysis is not considered as rational. Do learn the fundamental analysis. Attend some talk or courses related to it. Know what you are going to buy. Learn to sell, rather than buy-n-hold mentality. At the current markets, buy-n-hold will not work well. Learn to trade using simple technical charts will help you too. be confident with your own decisions

So, I will continue to talk about how not to lose money. We need to protect ourselves first. Think of profits as bonuses. With that in mind, I am protecting my tratles from the RISK of losing money. Buying PChem at 5.90 or BJToto at 4.10 will not lose you money much. Buying AMMB at RM5.50 will not lose you money much and buying YTLLand at RM1 is a good entry point. Learn that, you will understand better that we DO NOT want to lose money. If you do not lose money, you are already ahead of those majority in markets!! Believe the stats, please. It is VERY difficult to be in the top 10% who do not lose money.

Increase our financial mindset

Earnings : Many of us are employees ... we work for a company, employed to do our tasks which we specialise on. So, we need to keep thinking on how to improve in our daily work and 'impress' our immediate boss(superior) and also .. hmm... ampu-ampu someone, with a hope to get some bonuses or good increments. Office politics and such are expected. I am still in lecturer level after 20+ years teaching as I DO NOT like those giving artificial-smiles or compliments. You have to entertain them .. blah blah ... arrr ... leave me alone, I prefer to be left alone, doing what I need to do. So, earning wise, I could not have a good jump in my bonuses and increments. I do not even bother to attend some talks or trainings(for self development) to gain some points which will be added into our 'bonus' point system!! I am ok with doing the minimal ... as my main motives still looking into my students' results.

To increase our earnings, some of us have to do two-jobs or part-time job to complement our fixed income. We may be working in KFC-outlet for RM7 per hour or as for lecturers, giving tuition after working hours at the rate of RM100 per hour is good. We exchange our TIME = MONEY.

Saving : As a wage-earner, the salary just enough to cover our ever increasing expenses. We could only try to live frugally ... try to live below our means, and hoping for some extras to save. Yes, we need to continuously against the NORM ... the herds and the crowds. Our friends buying a new car, a new handphones, talking about latest tablets, latest TV ... or perhaps, having Dim Sum for break-fast, SubWays for lunch and TGIF for dinner ... we continue to have bread&butter at home, those mixed-vege rice for lunch and home-cooking for dinner. By the end of month, we calculate our income minusing the expenses and check if we have the extras to save. It has been for past 5 years I have been deducting 10% of my fixed salary into ASB's saving a/c. Is that enough?

Investing : This is the part to grow our money ... yes, some put it as passive income but majority moving into stock-markets will lose money. So, stock market is not the place to invest for many of us. Trading is much more complicated than being thought. Perhaps, one may go for dividend-defensive stocks which gives us a better yield than our FD-rate. Perhaps, we diversify into bonds too. Many in Malaysia will be 'investing' into property as it is general mentality that property prices could only GO UP. Whatever investment instruments we will like to ride on, we still need the KNOWLEDGE. We could not be so ignorant ... and hence, we need to increase our financial mindset, especially if one decide to be in markets.

Time for lunch ... this post is out late. I am sleepy ... but glad that Liverpool won. Hehe

I have an another important appointment today. All these meetings with people related to financial-banking industry people will lift me to the next levels of learning. I do treasure these opportunities. Thanks.

7.05 pm : Dinner time soon ... a check on KLCI ... wow, 27 points up. Err ... artificially prop-up la, pumped in the last hour.  HSI down 266 points leh.

For example : Axiata was trading at RM4.90 level, how it closed at RM5.10? Wow ... siapa beli if not our local funds? Check out the cool 3,700,000(yes, 3.7m) units traded at RM5.10. Calculate the amount ... nope, it is not me. Haha.

Turnover is over RM2b today ... and my PChem is still lagging behind, closed at RM5.99.

Harvest : Still monitoring her, up 1% today ... no more volume here. No one interested to harvest as the harvest-season is over. Many newbies and gamblers stucked inside her ... and will stuck for a while until they decide to goreng her up again for many more who 'missed' the boat previously to get greedy ... welcoming ikan-bilis into the shark's gapping mouth. yam-yam ... hmm ...

UOADev : Closed at 1.45. Bullish-crossover, early signs of accumulation and RSI is hooking upward. Entry at 1.40 is still a very good trade in the making.

Stock-watch : If I have a closed-space for a stock-to-watch in weekly basis, will you subscribe to it? It will be the stocks I discussed with my tratles. By giving you the entry of UOA at 1.40 and sell for profits at 1.54, with up-date of the stocks analysis in daily basis, will you subscribe to it? I will only look at GOOD fundamental stocks or some stocks which I am analysing.

This is a request by some of my readers ... few even asked if I could have meetings for stock-picking and willing to pay to attend. I think I will refer an online-internet platform for these activities? Say, I am charging RM40 per month and analysing 2-4 charts per week for the closed-space, any takers?

e-mail me if you think you are interested. I will see if I could create a new platform to cater for these needs. Again, mind you .. buy at your own risk and I am only analysing good stocks. I wont accept gambling mindset and those forum-kaki who wasting time yak-king around.

I will explain too why the trade could be good ... perhaps you could learn how I trade stocks too? Think about it and let me know. Thanks.

off for dinner.


Stock Watch : PChem

AMMB : I have quite a good discussion on my tratle's facebook as I shared with them the AMMB trade which ... by luck, shot up from RM5.50 to RM5.90 in days. All I do know is the RRR is good at RM5.50 and technically speaking, buying at RM5.50 will not lose us money(much). When we take a trade, we do prepare to CUT LOSS. That is what I taught my tratles ... it is called TRADING. As AMMB reaching RM6 soon, buying around RM5.90 is not a good entry point, unless there is a breakout of the current RM6.

PChem : So, with the above trade, I asked them to check on PChem now. It is still hovering at RM5.90 level, checking on RM6 level. With a good RRR and entry at current level will be off a 'low' risk entry point. We could not predict WHEN it will fly-off from current level to RM6.40 level again, but we will take the calculate risk. If you want to buy AMMB at RM5.90 now, please consider PChem at RM5.90 instead. We could NOT tell from here ... BUT technically speaking, a very much higher chance that PChem will give us a better trade.

DiGi : Profit-taking on the way ... need to be patience to wait for further retracements and reversal signs. Yes, I am slowly sharing with them how I check some reversal signs, given AMMB and CIMB as examples last week. So, I will be sharing with them DiGi soon. A strong uptrending stock, we should wait for correction and seeing it as healthy.

My tratles are real human ... who do take real trades. They have been with me for 2- 3months now, and seeing how I trade while learning along the way. I am just pointing out how I use technical charts and TIP to trade. No certainty, no such thing as hope-analysis ... all done in a very mechanical way. I do teach them trading-plan tho most of them still not doing much homework on this area. Give them time ... slowly, after a year with me ... they will certainly understand how MANY(80-90%) of them lose money ... and how using systems or strategies to trade, we could be consistent(to profit) in our trades.

It will be my wish that one day ... we are in a group to discuss on stocks and I do not need to do most of the homework, talking and such for them ... they could be as good as me(or better, I am sure) and we could have weekly discussions on stock picking!! At the moment ... err ... I have to tell them la ... how I traded TDM, Kulim-wc, Malton, AMMB ... and so many more. Yes, I do share with them my recent small losses in Coastal and BJCorp and also why I placed a position in the first place and why I need to cut-loss. These are 'live' trades ... and as I am only seeing them forthnightly for meetings, things changed ... in a mere two weeks!!

One day ... it is my wish too that my whole group(discipline and patience being cultivated) will benefit from my simple trading programme. One day ... given time, they could do better than me. I am just a 'teacher', their cikgu.

e-learning : To reach out to many out there, I have promised myself to share with them what I am teaching my 30+ current tratles. So, I am creating an e-tratle group. I have reached my 20 target yesterday(paid and registered). Yes, when these novices learning and improve ... they will appreciate my efforts and time. They will see that it is worth their money to invest in themselves and acquire some knowledge which needed to be in markets. I am still waiting for my 50 target ... but I am slowly sharing some posts in my new closed-blog for learning purposes.

It is 4 am ... time to watch Liverpool's game.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

KLCI to rebound today?

DOW up by 300 points and Euro up 5% as fear of Euro crisis deminishing.

We are expecting a green opening and I am wearing a long-sleeve green shirt today. That should 'help' the KLCI to go higher? Haha. I was buying last week ... selling this week? KLCI's RSI at 42 level


I have respect for most of bloggers ... like me, they just write what they think about stocks or anything. I could not understand why a person will HIDE behind so many nicks or usernames, and trying to create some imbalances in our otherwise peaceful blogsphere.

Recently I have this comment, bad one, and I do believe he is from the same trouble-maker group which being ruining the peace we treasured in our blogging-community. As I was checking the i3 page, I found another one bragging there and suspected that he is up to it again. Yes, I have high respect to many around as they are much better than me(in many ways ... when it comes to investing or trading). But, by not being constructive ... by CONFUSING many newbies ... and to gain popularity, this is just a not a way we want to see it.

It takes TIME to understand markets and such. I will want to see myself get-out of this senseless arguements and muddling with muds. We get ourselves dirty and nothing constructive will be out of that. Besides, we do have better things to do.

Having said that, let us bloggers and readers respect each other so that we could have 'peace' in our blogsphere. Care to share and share to care.

9.40 am : KLCI up 7.65 points. Most of our stocks in green now!! yeah ...

AMMB : At the level of RM5.74 ... a level I am watching to clear. Not yet ... soon.

KNM : Rebound ... at 1.01 level now. Watch.

Glove-stocks : Up today ... TopGlove back to RM4.50 and Latexx above RM2. Watching.

HKSE : Yes, I bought two HK's babes last week ... and I was thinking of having a blog(another?) just to share about HKSE's trades. Well, I will be sharing more about HK's stocks with my current tratles. Yup, better valuation over there.

10.25 am : KLCI up 10 points. So, it is time to sell stocks or hold for a while?

AMMB : I have two tratles(EK and Jus) followed my buying(the risk is fully theirs) at RM5.50 level. At RM5.80 today, it will be used for discussion once I cleared mine around RM5.90. When it reaches RM5.90, dont worry ... there will someone without knowledge and greedy(late comers) will come in and buy. We should sell to them when they(the herds) coming in, ok?

MudaJaya : At 2.26 today ... not much of movements yet. Slow and steady moving higher. Wait.

Harvest : At 80cents level now. What is next? The volumes might slow-down ... more fear seeping into those greedy gamblers and ... cutting losses could be the only choice. BUT .. the hope for another round of high-rallying(back to RM2 or higher) is still there ... averaging down in not a choice. Hmm ... blame on LUCK is running out as it is do-or-die stock, anyway. You WONT be able to understand some boastfully telling everyone he gained hugely from Harvest ... and that could lure more of greedy gamblers into such activities. Will it go back to RM2 or 20cents? We shall check.

e-learning : I am surprised that I have 5 enquiries this morning. That is a lot. Cool. Ok, will reply their mails first.

11.20 am : AMMB cleared at RM5.88 done moments ago. A good trade on her but simply dislike those stocks shooting higher too fast. Reaching RM6, do sell. Good luck.

UOADev : Grabbed at 1.45 today.

YTLLand : Grabbed at 1.05 done too.

I posted 4 stocks to watch in our facebook last week. AMMB, UOA, YTLLand and YTL. I mentioned that I like AMMB the most, so I grabbed AMMB and 2 of them(of I knew of) grabbed too. One taken YTLLand at 1.01 ... and I dont know what others doing ... perhaps watching as I asked them to learn --- watching ---. So, it is NOT random. I told them one week ahead ... but many more in my head which I did not share with my newbies/novices, afraid that they do not know when to cut-loss if the trade goes against them.

MudaJaya : Still moving up slowly .. at RM2.27 now. Should I clear her for profits and release more of my finds today?

KLCI up 20 points now.

3.50 pm : KLCI still up 20+ points.

AMMB : Went beyond RM5.90, all in a few days from RM5.50. So, technical-trading still applies, right?

Malton-wb : Grabbed back at 0.34-0.345 today.

MudaJaya : Taken small profits to release my funds.

It is a selling day with AMMB and MudaJaya released and bought into property-counters like YTLLand, UOA and Malton.

Monday, November 28, 2011

e-learning of technical analysis

11.05 pm : DOW up 275 points ... dont tell me KLCI wont rebound strongly too. The crisis is over ... buy buy buy. Hehe ... I was so busy buying last week.

e-learning : Yes, currently there are 18 paid for my e-learning course which starting next year. Guess my minimum 20 of them will be achieved by next week? I am target 50 ... and after that, I will slow-down in my 'advertisement'.

Some of them are new to my blog, actually. Welcome ... I am a serious 'teacher' and I do hope all are here to learn(not those stock picking kaki).

BJToto : When it went to RM4.10, I told my tratles to grab some. WHat in my mind is that at RM4.10, anyone bought into it wont lose(much) money ... as the risk is low. Technically, RM4.10 is a nice entry level, doji formed with RSI at oversold. Stochastic bullish crossover seen and green histograms seen too. These are reversal signals and yes ... it will reverse and we shall check if it will break RM4.28 level. Yup, the beta value of BJToto is very low as it is not really a tradable stock but ... for the safety side, I wont mind recommended her for my 'newbies' tratles. Do not lose money is first priority!! haha.

1.05 am : DOW up 300 points. Yippee ... zzzzzzzzzz

Educate yourself

1.40 pm : It is Monday but KLSE will be closed. It is a public holiday.

I took about 15 minutes to explain signs of reversal to my tratles, using CIMB as an example. Yes, I prefer to use CIMB to see if the reversal from current moment is sustainable or we shall see new current low for CIMB? Yes, I noted to them 6 early signals of reversal using technical-indicators and also some knowledge + experiences in trading. Yup, entering at 6.68, we still need a stop once the low broken. It is too early to say if it is will reverse but .. TIP.

TIP = Think In Probability.

This is what I am going to share with those in my e-learning. I will share with them how I see reversals, using SIMPLE basic technical indicators. I am speaking in probability, not certainty. If I have 60-70% chances that it will go high from current entry level, with good risk-reward ratio, I will be glad to take. That is how I see my AMMB. We shall check on my AMMB this week. My entry price at RM5.51 and at RM5.64 at the moment. I will check RM5.80 level. Watch.

class learning vs e-learning

Someone asked the differences between my current trading classes and my e-learning. Well, the differences are obvious ... my trading classeshave direct access speaking to me and sharing with me what they dont understand or ask questions related to how I see stocks or markets. That is being shared personally whereas through e-learning emphasis will be on explaining the terms and how to use those indicators!! It is different ... I talked for 3 hours for one module in a week ... but I am going to teach through internet using charts to explain(some good websites and books will be recommended too) one module in one month!!

In person, you have to drive all the way to attend the classes(dont worry, you are not alone ... there are about another 10 of us do too) ... and it is a long 3 hours classes with terms flying across the small room!! Haha ... in e-learning, you could take your own pace to learn(that is why it is one month) BUT ... knowing human nature, they tends to get LAZY or ineffective through on-line. Too many distractions during going online (facebook, chat, e-mail ... what-u-got) could stray you away from your focus!! If you are here in the room, as we learn together ... you tend to find the momentum easier to LEARN ... unless ...

... unless you are a self-motivated individual. e-learning needs discipline, maturity and being independent. Therefore, motivational quotes and clips will also be shared during my e-learning course. Seriously, not many could be as focused and dedicated like me to ... LEARN.

I am still using my closed facebook for my tratles and will create another one my my e-tratles(those who are learning from me thru e-learning). I still communicate with 30 of them in our facebook in daily basis. Once my e-learning blog and facebook in operation, I will be too busy to update this blog.


Someone suggest that I could make it a closed-blog and he wont mind subscribing to read my blog!! I do know I have regular readers and willing to pay, say RM10 per month, to read my writings. Thanks for the support ... and suggestion. Assuming the current 1300-1500 readers, 10% of them willing to pay to read my blog, that will be 130-150 of them. So, I could get RM1300-RM1500 per month writing this blog!! Not bad for making my blogging-hobby an income-generating!! Why not?

Why not? Well, you see ... it will defeat my purpose of educating the klse-investing circle!! Yes, I want to reach out to MANY in KLSE who are still(and will continue) losing money. They DO NOT even know why(attitude and mentality problem) they are losing money ... and believe they will re-coup the money lost in future. It is matter of luck that they will catch something like Harvest ... perhaps in Tricubes?

Do you feel my passion in educating others? Privatisation of this blog will narrow my sharing to few(100 odds of them only) ... and lives are meant to be shared. Knowledge are meant to be shared. Experiences are meant to be shared. truth are supposed to be told ... or is it?

Forums-going kakis

You see, we have MANY people subscribing to some stock-picking-tips and fall prey into their tricks. Many of them. One of my tratle subscribed to 'StockMaster Forum' for a month and lost money!! She stopped the next month. Then, she wanted to learn technical-charts reading from them but they are charging thousands. I asked and ... listened. I do have few frequenting some forums, talking about stocks too. I have asked them to reduce(or stop) visiting such sites as those are noises. Forums are platforms being used to disseminate rumours or tips ... so that syndicates could TRAP and CON those greedy ignorants into their gapping-mouths. That is how many losing money.

If you dont wish to lose money and DETERMINE to be the top 10% in markets, then you should learn what RISK is. No one should go into markets without realising that market is a RISKY place to be in. WHY is it RISKY? Because ... without knowledge and experiences, you chances of profitting consistently is almost ZERO. Educate yourself and increase your knowledge is the way to reduce your risk. It is risky because you dont know how.

Another pointer I have mentioned again and again to many newbies ... DO NOT cultivate bad gambling habits by visiting lowyat's forums and such. Please get real ... it is your money that many sharks eyeing for. Dont be naive ... why would anyone giving you the tips of what stocks to buy ... as might as well, he buy it himself? Well, he bought something ... then he asked many to buy so that he could SELL(distribute) to you ... understand ka?

Ok ... this blog will remain 'free'(at least help me to click my adsense la, ok?) but not so frequent posts after Jan2012 due to my extreme busy schedule. My attention will be my existing trading classes and meetings while my e-learning will keep me very occupied.

tratles : There are currently 30 of them from my cohort-1 to cohort-4.

cohort-5 : There are some enquiries but sorry to say that I am too busy to start another cohort-5 anytime soon. But, please keep the e-mail coming in and I will place them into KIV list. Once I got the number, I will try to find the time to start the class!! The rate will be RM250 per hour, so I do need the number so that they wont pay 'too much'.

e-tratles : There are currently 16 of them registered. I hope I could get to my target of 50 of them. This will be my first e-cohort-1(Jan12 to Jun12 batch). It is RM270(10% discount) but those late-comers will be paying RM300. 

Please spread the news to those you know that in KLSE. Do share with them my blog(it is still free, ok? hehe). Chances that they still losing money as they DO NOT know what to buy, when to buy... and most importantly ... when to sell.

e-mail me at I will introduce members-get-members scheme soon. Haha.

An e-mail from a reader who was interested in my e-learning

Hi, I think I will give it a try - although I am not sure if I will learn all in 6 months. By the way, how do I check whether this is not a scam business? Thanks

TEH : When a person do not trust a system, he will find faults in the system, looking for weaknesses and not focus on how the system works. When a person could not see the benefits in learning, it will be a drag and ... the motivation to learn will dies off. Many of people attending talks or courses THINKING they have known so-much ... and guess it right, they wont learn much from the talk or courses. It will be a waste of time and money.

You may ask around how many of them attended those PAID courses and still losing money in markets. You guess it right again, they blame it on the system!!

I have two tratles who attended ChartNexus before ... in fact, they are my senior. I attended the 4-day course(I only attended 2 days --- day one and two, mind you) and paid RM4k+. There were about 30 of them together as my coursemates. Guess HOW MANY OF THEM still using ChartNexus to trade? I do know that NONE OF THEM attending any of the regular meetings. Guess WHY?

Will you blame it on the software, the system, the trainer ... or the entire KLSE as scam when you fail?

I am not going to convince you I am a real person(LOL ... could any of my tratles clarify that I am a real person ... and not those scams? Haha). But as I see it, no one could learn well with such doubts.

1. You dont say ... I will give it a try. It does not sound convincing. You should say ... I want to learn. That is a stronger conviction

2. No one could learn all ... certainly not in 6 months. In 6 months, you are only told the definitions and how one could use these indicators to help them to analyse charts. I repeat, NO ONE could learn technical analysis in 6 months. Not me. I took months for EACH indicators and STILL learning more about them!! I am DEFINITELY sure that majority of them could NOT learn analysing charts in a 4-day course. Definite!! If you think after the 6 months, you will be able to trade ... I am sorry to splash the cold-water again ... you can't. Then, what is the point learning? Because ... we get ourselves educated first ... and that will reduce our risk.

3. It is NOT a business ... it is education. My tratles are my learners and students. I have an ex-tratle who told me to analyse HIS chart stating that he PAID me, I got upset and making sure he will stop my course(glad to know he did). Yes, I do not see myself in business ... not yet. I am still more interested with education and sharing. So, it is not a scam? But glad that you do think of it that way!! It shows that you are being CAREFUL ... and that should be cultivated in many. Thanks

Liverpool 1 Man City 1.

It is 2.40 am now. Need to rest.


A reply to an e-mail(in Malay?!)
e-mail : Hi, ku terasa kecewa bila baca blog mu yg sering kutuk forum org lain baru-baru ni terutamanya dr stockmaster dan lowyat, krn mu dan admin forum lain juga merupakan sifu ku yg telah menguntungkn ku selama-lama ni, ku rasa kecewa juga bila mu sebutkan mu sebagai guru yg cuma mendidik murid-murid dlm pasaran dan bkn utk berniaga, sebaliknya mu juga kutip fees jg..

TEH : I am sorry if I disappoint you as I am not here to please everyone. I am here to share with those INTERESTED. This is just a BLOG-la. I do not think so I 'kutuk' others ... but I am pointing out my suspicion from what my other tratles and readers telling me about them. And yes, I will want to repeat that those in the forums will NOT LEARN anything much as they spent their time yak-king about how much they gained from Harvest and looking into Tricubes to get rich ... er... next month? That is NOT REAL. Wake up ...

As the are your sifus, I am not la. I am just a novice to ENTERTAIN in my own blog. If I like to write about anything, I will ... with the main objective is to SHARE knowledge with others. It is not meant to kutuk anyone as I am just a novice, ok? Do you know how many of them losing lots of money(and sleep) listening to tips from forums?

Yes, I am more of the educator. What is there to be disappointed about as I am only charging a minimal RM200 per hour and share by 10 of them. Excuse me, each paying RM20 per hour to learn trading? You may ask most of my tratles in my cohort-1 to cohort-4 ... most of them do know mine is the cheapest around(and feel thankful) and wont mind travelling all the way, pay some money to LEARN. Let me tell you what the fees is for ... my TIME. Do you think my time is free tho my knowledge I shared freely here and with them? Excuse me ... how many hours do I spend to gain my current level of kknowledge? Do you know that I have spent thousands in buying books and paid RM4k for chart-nexus course? Not to mention thousands of hours of reading and re-searching? DO YOU THINK THAT IS CHEAP and should be FREE? THINK my friend, if you have my knowledge and experiences ... and you are DEDICATED TO HELP OTHERS, what will you do? If you could answer me, let me know. Thanks. Terima kasih, in Malay.

If I am to teach Math-tuition, I am paid RM120 per hour at the moment. I have 8 tuition-classes. Do you think I should spend my Friday nights teaching others in KLSE for free? Or should I rather spend my time at home with my family? No need to be disappointed as you do know know how much MANY paying(in thousands ... do some simple survey la) to learn trading and profit from markets?

e-mail : apatah bezanya didik sama niaga..? ku ingin jg ikut kelas mu tp ku serba salah krn mu sbg sifu ku tapi tindak seperti iri hati..dan cuba fitnah org lain utk kepentingan diri mu..

TEH : It is ok for you to mis-trust and do not understand my motives. I am here to educate. I do not have intention to fitnah others for my benefits. I am not going to convince you, I m not good in marketing and I DO NOT CARE much about that. Learn from you, feel thankful, good. Dislike my attitudes, mis-trust me ... you have others to learn from. No worry. They are sifus .. they are good. I am not. SINCE WHEN I SAID I AM A SIFU? I have even told my tratles not to call me that as I feel I am NOT QUALIFIED. I repeat, I am a novice ... budak baru belajar ... why should I be iri-hati? Haha ... you are very wrong about me in many way. And stop jumping into conclusion la, ok?

Didik = educate ... ask my tratles who have been with me for 3 months plus in person. Ask those who read my blog for past two years and learn from me. That is called DIDIK. If NIAGA, then it wont be RM200 per hour, it wont be RM300 for 6 months in my e-learning. Believe me, one day ... I will use NIAGA, then many will start to view me differently. At the moment is DIDIK ...and I am pendidik. Yes, I am an educator for 25 years now.

e-mail : Harap-harap sifu jgn tindak sbgt supy org lain tidak cakap yg bkn-bkn..harapkan sifu ku imejnya terjaga..

TEH : Hmm ... I am not your sifu, or even my tratles' sifu. I am just a blogger la. Kalau lain orang main mengumpat atau cakap-cakap, biarkan lah saja ... mana la kita boleh hentikan tu ... betul tak? Betulll ... Frankly, I do not have image to protect. Err ... thanks for the idea, may be I should start protecting my image and SELL my blog, SELL my knowledge, SELL my trading classes, SELL ... apa-apa saja, janji NIAGA untung duit si-orang ramai. Thanks for the idea. SELL my integrity and soul too.

e-mail : Akhir sekali, blhkah sifu tlg jelaskan kandungan yg akn diajar pd ms yg akn dtg..?

TEH : Itu sure boleh ... tapi you BUKAN customer I ... you learner(student). The small amount of fees is to justify my TIME spent?? I will send you the kandungan ... just dont call me sifu, boleh tak?

Terima kasih.

Now, I will want to clarify a few things ... I am not critical about the some courses offered. In fact, I will like to encourage many to join some of the courses offered!! Yes, it is certainly better than BLINDLY going into markets without any much knowledge and experiences. I am critical of the LEARNERS as I suspected many are not there to learn ... we Malaysians are NOT learners. We want to be given the fishes mentality. The get-rich quick is always in mind.

My next trading courses to attend

ChartNexus : I attended the course last year as I do think the software and the course is good. I am confident of the organisation in educating more traders to learn. The biggest obstacle is those attending the 4-day course. Majority of them could not grasp the concepts, most of them know nothing much after the 4-day intensive training as ... yes, it is NOT easy. It could not be easy as my Mathematical brain struggled to comprehend those terms/concepts taught in hours!! And I have prior knowledge before I attended, ok? To encourage a retiree(and an ex-english teacher) to learn teachnical-analysis is TOO MUCH ... I rather tell them the truth ... seriously, do not waste your money. DO not be too optimistic and thinking that you could learn to trade after the course. Market did not work that way. It is simply NOT easy. Ask around, please. But, the software and meetings are good ... they do have a forum for many newbies to learn from the trainer(s) and I like that follow-up. It benefitted those who want to learn .. and guess what, I appreciate may pointers I learnt from there.

Now, I am going to point out again ... it is the LEARNERS. Majority of them will fail to learn to trade as they do not have the right mindset. They are not persistent and motivated enough to take the challenge. They are not patient enough to learn ... yes, give yourself about 3-5 years to learn to trade. That is what I told my tratles too ... because I believe an average good-brain needs 3-5 years of consistent learning. Normal lazy brain might take 10-years(or never la) to learn to trade.

Martin : Another good one should be Martin's VSA course. I will find time to attend his course(and paying another few thousands, it is OK with me ... I will gain it back). Yes, to me ... these are real sifu ... no talking about Harvest and understand how syndicates using forums to trap ikan-bilis.

Fred Tham's technical analysis course is also in my mind. I might want to take the certificate in technical analysis to gain some 'respect' in this cert-craze society. At least I will show them ... see, I got cert one leh. haha

NextView : They do have trading courses too ... and I will subscribe to their portal in Jan.

Once I learn more of these courses ... I will like to see myself going from novice to intermediate level. Then, I will share more here ... and conduct my own trading courses. Yes, it will take another 5 years when I slowly get away from teaching Math(currently) to teaching trading.

I have high respect to these 'gurus' tho I do not have sifu-idolising mentality. I believe that education is a process and continuous. My sifus are from books ... such as I like Livermore's trading mentality and concepts. Of coz I like Graham's investing philosophies.

There you are ... I never kutuk(criticise) those good ones ... those REAL sifus who have been around, guiding many(including me ... through their books --- excellent books for novices).

I will encourage many to buy books written by Martin(and Bill too), by Fred Tham ... and by NextView.

I do have high respect for Tan Teng Boo's too which I subscribed too.

10.10 pm : HSI closed 350 points UP. Yes ... we might see some light when KLSE re-opens tmr ... time to sell or buy?

HSBC (code : : Up HKD1 today from oversold region. It is a good stock to grab some but it is expensive. Ouch. Marc Faber bought Hang Seng bank, instead.

SHK (code : : Marc Faber said he bought this one too ... and I checked that the PER is below 5 now. That is cheap ... certainly cheaper than most(or is it all?) of property stocks traded in KLSE. It closed at HKD94.65. Price wise, it is not cheap to buy(not for those aunties-uncles who like Talam la) but valuation wise, it is cheap. Good stock to have in our portfolio.

Appointments : I do still have four or five outstanding appointments by year-end. I do hope I could make it next month as I should be free for 2 weeks in Dec during my break.

Penang-talk : Yup, as I am not flying back to Sabah(sigh ... I should make it a point next time instead of keep giving excuses that I am too tied down!!) ... I am thinking of travelling to Penang again. Yes, I might have a talk and this time I want to speak about buying into HKSE's stocks!! Yup yup ... as I am reading (and buying) more of HKSE's news and stocks these days(due to cheaper valuation and attractive technical levels) ... I will like to share with those in Penang about my HKSE's stock-list and how we could go about to trade HKSE. We should invest in cheaper markets and cheaper stocks. For traders, we want transparency ... and we want independent analysis!! HKSE providing me that.

Well, I will give discount to 8 of those attended my my first Penang-talk ... see if this time I could get more than 10 of them interested this time.

I have not planned on the date/time(should be after X'mas and before New Year) ... as I was just asking my mom if she wants to go to Penang again next month. She said she will be pleased.
Time to read newspaper and The Edge.

Tmr KLCI should rebound ... good trading day ahead.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stock Watch : KLSE

BJCorp : The one day surge in volume giving false signal ... and many aunties-uncles like me jumped in. I have to cut loss as it broken RM1 that day. Yes, each time when we take a trade or punt, we do need to accept that we are taking a risk and must set a stop-loss level. And be discipline to execute our trading-plan.

KNM : RSI at 17 level, new low each day ... closed at 0.97. Technical rebound is around the corner. This is for trading as fundamentally .. err ... it just reported losses-la. What do you think? Cheap enough to be privatised? I do know EPF have about 10% of the share the last time I checked ... but I am not sure if they have disposed their bad-investments. Mr Lee, it is cheap now ... come out with a statement, will ya? Many more bought at VERY high level and caught. Ever wonder why those novices and gamblers STUCKED inside? Because it used to be the MOST popular stock traded in KLSE. Those were the days ... KNM. I will look into her for technical rebound.

YTLLand : Still not a penny-stock YET. Stalk. RSI at 35.

12.10 am :


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Learning is a process

Last night's meeting was good ... answering some questions asked. It is good to know some are learning well and has improved. Yes, making the real learning curve shorten. It takes time ... to learn and to be experienced. Not giving up is a very important ingredient to be successful in anything we are doing.

Just do it.

I was having a drink at chatime with my two tratles, CT and LK after class last night. We talked will 1am+. What I was trying to gather is have they learnt and their progresses? It is good to hear from themselves that they have learnt very well ...and CT said he has been looking at charts in daily basis!! Haha.

It is time to go and I will be meeting my cohort-4 later.

Have a nice day ahead.

11.50 pm : Just came back ... very busy and long day. I was greeted by an arrogant 'drop-by' who commented. He wanted attention so much that he is trying to use the reverse-psycho on me to get his comment published. Well, you dont need to reply as I am going to ignore you are I believe you are the similar person I have ignored(and I blocked my comment-box). Yes, I do remember you, CS. Or is that you, JL?

Whoever you are, time to get a life. You are lack of love. Let me give you a hug. You need one.

Sleep well.



Friday, November 25, 2011

Gambling Mindset

Book title : A guide to investing during bull and bear markets by Dr Othman Yong

This is one good book I trasured and still placed it on my office-table ... as a good reading material. Yes, I have more investing-trading books than Math books now. I will recommend any novices and newbies to buy this simple book for reading. If you benefit from the books recommended here, let me know. Share that with others. Buy a few of them ... and give that as a gift to someone you knew that he/she in markets. Chances are he/she is still losing money. Let him/her knows WHY losing money is a part of the mental-game.

Chapter 22 : Rumour and Speculation(page 130)

Many small investors are always prone to rumours. They seem to place much emphasis on rumours. They tend to forget to give some thought to the idea of 'intrinsic value' of stocks since they are of the opinion that the stock market is similar to a gambling place. As the result, they succumb to the lure of sudden riches from speculating in the stock market.

"An average person on the street might get lured to the stock market after seeing his neighbour suddenly driving a brand new two-door luxury sports car one day. He begins to ask his neighbour about some stocks that would make a kill. His other neighbours are also interested in doing the same. They all scramble to contact their stockbrokers. Often, by the time the slow-acting neighbours enter stock market, it might be too late. The market could have peaked, and short-term wanting-to-get-rich-quick neighbour speculators are forced into becoming very long-term investors. That is because the stock market game is a game that often, like many other games, involves proper TIMING, the winner buys at a low price and sells when it is high. On the contrary, the loser buys when it is high and refuses to sell when the prices are coming down.


Livermore's advice can be re-written as the following simple rules :

1. You should always limit your losses to only small ones.

2. You should limit your trading activities to only four or five times a year.

3. Do not be in stock market when the market see-saws under the influence of unknown forces, especially if you are an amateur.

4. You should understand that the stock market mirrors the economic situation, and thus cause and effect run from economy to the stock market and not vice versa.

5. Do not try to enrich yourself quickly from stock market investment; exercise patience and be willing to wait for two or three years rather than two or three months.

With the above excerpt, and wise words ... I do hope that those going into forums to yak-yak realise that they are wasting precious TIME where they could actually learn. For those paying to get tips ... hope you will survive another day of senseless speculating and punting.

While it is FUN to be in a group that speaks your 'language', they are harmful to your future progress(if you ever think of being in markets for long). It is about time to say 'no'. It is about time that you get REAL and have a check on your gambling-emotions.

If only stock-market investing/trading is so simple ... subscribe to a tips-giving forum, they will tell you buy XXX at one level and sell after huge profits. If only they is such system ... you and me ... and everybody do not need to work and just punt into get-rich counters. Yeah right ... are you sure you are educated enough to use your common sense?

Buy a 'jade', place on your forehead ... stick a "SERAI" or "PANDAN" leaves on your ears ... then with a magical charm, the stock you bought will shoot high. Believe me, I done that ... it works well. Good luck

11.01 am : KLCI down 13 points. You need to consider how KLCI was artificially pump-up yesterday la. Taking that 10 points away, KLCI is still resilient!!

Muhibah : Reversal seen ... are you in peace and harmony?

TDM : Flying to new high ... TSH testing RM4 level again.

Glove-Rubber : Supermax and Latexx ... showing signs of reversal again ... TopGlove at 4.25.

3.30 pm : Just came back ...

Glove-stocks occupying my top-winner spots as KLCI down by 15 points while HSI down another 200 points. I will like to post HSI chart for days now. May be tonight will be good to bring it up for my cohort-1-2 to analyse the chart ... while using HSBC to discuss(as I am eyeing to buy soon).

Malton-wb : Short-trip ... bought 0.335 and cleared 0.350 today.

Mudajaya : Doing ok at 2.24 level.

TSH : Done at 3.84 moments ago. It tested RM4 level again today.

DiGi : AT 3.54 .... will retrace further from here? When to collect?

MHB and MISC : The 'bad news' about MISC exiting shipping container is out ... I see that as good for the company. Why would MHB down 5% then?

5.05 pm : KLCI down 16.44 points. Cool ...
AMMB : At 5.64, back to 5.51 ... my cost price this morning!!

BJToto : Went down to 4.11, closed at 4.16.

As of today, AMMB is ahead of BJToto. Yeah ... it is like a race. I was thinking of AMMB at 5.50 or BJToto at 4.10 ... and opted for a faster AMMB.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

AMMB : How I teach e-learning

Note : The above chart is for educational purposes.

AMMB was brought up by my tratle, EK of cohort-1 as his 'homework'. He done a good thorough basic analysis being taught 3 weeks ago. Starting from KLCI, then Finance Index and looking into AMMB chart. Yes, that was done 2 weeks ago and he posted in our Facebook for all to comment. Of coz, I commented the most. Haha.

It was at 5.85-5.90 levels then.

By explaining to him the HKSE's banking stocks and showing him the financial-banking charts, it is a matter of time KLCI's banking stocks will be affected. So, I asked him to watch but I did state that it is kinda IGNORANCE to buy AMMB at RM5.90(pay me RM300, I teach you thru e-learning ... RM50 per month to save you from being such a pure ignorant and to lose money ... buying AMMB at RM5.90).

I asked him to check KLCI. Yes, bearish crossover registered then. So, AMMB will be going lower ... and of coz the level to check will be RM5.38. If you just bought at RM5.85, you wont believe it will go down to RM5.38, right? It did not, you are half right. It went to touch RM5.45( I was queueing too low) and yesterday refused to move lower ... so, me and EK bought at RM5.51 level.

You see, before market closing ... I was teaching him to check the first MACD histogram WILL be formed last night. Today is the second green histogram and by tmr, bullish crossover will be seen in oversold region.

EK, of my cohort-0(learnt the most from me as he is my colleague and he teaches Maths too), joined my cohort-1 to learn TA. Today, slowly I think he will get the idea of trading after ONE YEAR with me. Serious ... it took him one year to be motivated to learn-and learn again(he lost in his UEMLand trade last year!!). As a teacher, I 'let' him trade and lose money ... it is needed for a person who never trade in markets. You NEED TO ACCEPT losing first ... learn more before you could improve.

The trade is still on and I will want to guide him more of when to take profits or average up, if he wanted to. I told him too during lunch with him that AMMB most probably WONT see RM5.90 this time.

e-learning : This will be given in my closed blog ... few charts in a week to discuss and FOCUS in the indicators being discussed. Believe me, YOU CANNOT LEARN in DAYS. NO ONE CAN. Dont be stubborn, dont be naive ... you attend a class for 3-4 days and think you could trade?? Wanna bet? I am not doubting your high mental capabilities ... but it is simply DO NOT WORK that way. It takes time and more time to experience and to know how to ... have a safe trade?

In one month, one will learn only ONE module and focus on that. Seriously, you will need MORE than one month to even understand how to use one indicator. It is NOT difficult ... everything is at your finger-tip. You just need someone(like me) to guide you on what to use, when to use and follow some important rules. Yes, traders are DISCIPLINE lot. Without patience, motivation to learn ... and discipline, we cant be successful much in anything we do, right?

Note : The above chart could only be comprehend AFTER 6 months learning those technical terms and such ... even that, you could NOT trade well yet ... time to get experiences. That is what I told my tratles.

Hence, those hardworking ones .... WILL LEARN great lots from me thru my e-learning programme I am setting up. You dont pay thousands ... you dont travel(I know you are ... err ... busy?) to learn ... and you can get feed back from me while you are learning. What else could a learner ask for? HOW I WISH SOMEONE came out with this e-learning for me to learn when I was a novice merely 3-4 years ago?

Many unscrupulous people out there. Beware.

There is one recruiting 'students' to pay them online to teach them technical analysis.

Another closed-blog attracted many subscribers for stock-picks.

One facebook-forum charging members for stock-tips.

Another offering service to analyse charts of your choice.

Some selling their systems and softwares.

Others claiming theirs is the only proven system around.

Yet ... no one could tell you WHY YOU ARE STILL LOSING MONEY after buying those systems, attending those courses, getting those stock-tips or rumours, learning and reading more books ... no one telling you that stocks are manipulated, and the loser is not the system(s) ... but the biggest loser is YOU. I will splash cold-water ... and dare myself to tell you that first. I want to see if you could even survive the first round of harsh reality in 10-rounds-bout. Otherwise, you will be one of the THOUSANDS who have quitted markets ... and claiming markets is a SCAM. It is a gambling den. Those people are con-men ... and you just dont have the LUCK for gambling!!


You decide on these services, which is suitable for you. If others fail ... you can still look for mime, as I teach you how NOT to lose money. Be the top 10% first in the market ... profits will come later. How long do you take your degree again to able you to work to earn some money? 3-4 days? C'mon people ... you make me laugh. That cant be real ... believe you, you will fail and lose money as markets cant be learnt in days or weeks or ... even months!! Who claim

You are really want to learn and learn it well, I am doing a 'service' here. Consider me as a 'tuition' after you attended lectures and most probably failed(you will blame the bad lecturers, obviously).

Contact me at for details.


p/s : I will update on AMMB once the trade is done --- profit or loss. Chances of losing is low(lower risk) entry at RM5.50 level. Entry at RM5.90 2 weeks ago is a high risk entry point. Learn about risk and reward too.

Bear Day : Time to buy II?

DOW down 236 points ... will KLCI dive today?

Wall Street falls for sixth day

(Reuters) - Stocks suffered a sixth straight day of losses on Wednesday as frustration over the euro zone's debt crisis, coupled with weak Chinese factory data, further dented investor sentiment.

A weak German bond sale sparked fears the debt crisis was even beginning to threaten Berlin, with the leaders of France and Germany still at odds over a longer-term structural solution.

The poor demand for German government bonds showed that investors viewed investing in the euro zone as being too risky.

Debt problems plaguing Europe and the United States have pressured markets, knocking the S&P 500 down more than 7 percent over the last six sessions. World stocks hit their lowest in six weeks on Wednesday.

"A poor auction of German bonds added to recent worries that the risks from the debt mess are spreading to the core of the euro zone," said options strategist Frederick Ruffy.

All 10 S&P 500 sectors were negative, with financials among the biggest decliners over concerns about exposure to European debt. JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) dropped 3.5 percent to $28.38 and Citigroup Inc (C.N) lost 3.9 percent to $23.51.

Economically sensitive stocks such as energy and commodity-related issues also slid. The PHLX oil service sector index .OSX dropped 3.7 percent and the S&P materials sector .GSPM fell 2.8 percent. Schlumberger Ltd (SLB.N) lost 3.6 percent to $66.50 and DuPont and Co (DD.N) shed 2.9 percent to $44.08.

The Dow Jones industrial average finance/markets/index?symbol=us%21dji">.DJI sank 236.17 points, or 2.05 percent, to 11,257.55 at the close. The Standard & Poor's 500 Index .SPX dropped 26.25 points, or 2.21 percent, to 1,161.79. The Nasdaq Composite Index .IXIC lost 61.20 points, or 2.43 percent, to 2,460.08.

The S&P 500's six-day decline is the longest such streak since a seven-day slide that ended August 2.

Reflecting heightened fears in the market, the CBOE Volatility Index, or VIX .VIX, Wall Street's so-called fear gauge, jumped 6.3 percent.

Volume was light ahead of the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, when markets are closed. About 6.9 billion shares changed hands on the New York Stock Exchange, NYSE Amex and Nasdaq, below the current daily average of 8 billion shares.

"There is no buying demand, but this does not mean that there is a really strong offer, either. It just means that we might be working off the 'oversold-ness' with this choppy action, 1160-1180 on the S&P," said Joseph Cusick, senior market analyst at OptionsXpress Holdings Inc in Chicago.

One of the few bright spots was Deere & Co (DE.N), which climbed 3.9 percent to $74.72 after quarterly earnings beat expectations and sales shot up 20 percent.

Adding to market worries, data showed Chinese manufacturing shrank the most in 32 months in November, intensifying concerns about a global economic slowdown. U.S. crude oil fell 1.8 percent on fears of reduced demand from China, the world's No. 2 economy

U.S. data painted a mixed picture and showed little reason for optimism. New jobless claims rose last week and consumer spending barely increased in October, while another report showed new orders for durable goods, which include long-lasting manufactured items such as refrigerators, rose.

(Reporting by Angela Moon; Editing by Jan Paschal)
It is still not time to shop yet ... but we shall be waiting for that 'deep' red sea diving. Getting ready to grab some of good stocks as they will be in discounted prices.

7.45 am : Yes, I am getting more excited as markets aorund are diving. Many of times, I have bought too early(and sold too early). I will want to stretch my patience a little longer ...

RSI for KLCI still at 41, quite resilient ... hence, I will prefer it to go below 25 level, which means KLCI need to go below 1390 levels? We shall check ...

Happy fishing ....

To release stress of markets, go to laughable sites!! LOL

TEH : I do need to learn the diffferences between facebook and others. I need to start to create others too. LOL

9.10 am : KLCI ONLY down 4 points??

KNM : At 1.00 vs 1.01, checking her to be penny stock(need to divide the price by 4 la). Who are the sellers?? Whoever selling will be incurring huge losses as it is a NEW LOW,right?

2.35 am : KLCI up 4 points plus ... wow ... I am wearing RED leh. Haha

AirAsia : What a turn ... 3.47 in the morning and  to 3.67 now?

MudaJaya : Registered good profits but not moving much due to bad market sentiments? Well, worth collecting at Rm3.20 level ... the last time I looked at her was when I sold at RM3.40. See if she could rebound back to RM3.40 level again.

2nd Meeting : Tmr's night meeting will be more interesting as some taken positions in some stocks mention in our facebook. I do not keep track on anyone's trade. Please do your own calculations and plans, ya. Good luck.

Cohort-4 : Will be learning module-3 MACD and Stochastic this SAT.

e-learning : So far 12 paid-up. Good. Will promote again this Sunday and hope to reach 20 by next week.

Anyone else willing to learn technical-analysis of charts(BASIC ONLY) thru e-learning? I will guide. e-mail me, ya.

9.35 pm : KLCI closed 14 points higher, opposed to my 'hope' that it closes 14 points lower!! It is a magic ... smell of election is nearing ... Malaysia BOLEH, KLSE boleh!!

BJToto : Few of my tratles grabbed her yesterday at 4.08-4.10 levels. Today, it is doing better than my AMMB(I opted for AMMB ... haha).

AMMB : Early sign of reversal seen ... will check if there is a follow-through tmr.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bear Day : Time to buy?


10.10 am : KLCI down 12 points.

Is that what we want? I want more of negative side, please ... HSI going below 18k level now.

AMMB : Staying up well, above RM5.50, signs of reversal? Need to wait for another day ... will DOW down another 100-200 points tonight?

10.35 am : Just checking HSI ... down 365 points now. Why is KLCI so resilient one? Is it KLCI the best market around arrr? Waiting for it to dive down 50 points also so difficult?

PChem : At RM5.80 ... yes!

StockMaster Forum : I have been deleted from the group!! Someone told me because they are also offering a technical analysis class ... and afraid that I will 'steal' their customers? Hmm ... They have been offering stock-tips with a fee for months now, I think. I do not subcribe to tips. But I wont mind learning technical-analysis from them, if they are good. I do not envy on what others doing-la ...

I am in education line, not business. I am much more dedicate to teach well. I dont go for auntie-uncle-yuppie -get-rich-quick stocks. I have discipline, rules, criteria and concepts behind my analysis. That is me. I dont make comment on others. There are MANY types of traders, investors, punters in markets ... many gamblers and get-rich-quick mentality too.

I am not competing with anyone for 'customers'. Nope ... I dont treat my tratles as customers .. they are my 'students', where my wish is to see them LEARN. Look ... use brain, not emotion. If you think you could learn from punting here and there, please go ahead. Money is yours, anyway.

Just remember why 80-90% of them losing money ... wait till I come out with my book "How not to lose money" and this will be in one of my topics!! Do not listen to rumours and tips!!

Digi and TSH : Both in red ... profit-taking time ... if didnt close higher, bad candle-sticks will be formed and technically bearish soon. It is a sell when things flying ... too high, too fast.

KNM : In deep red again, new low ... this is one speculative stock, might be playing on taken-private news again? hmm ... it is so much cheaper now, you see. Cheap could go cheaper for not good stocks.

TopGlove : At 4.17 level today ... I have written to ask my tratles who bought her at RM4-RM4.10 level to sell last week at RM4.50 level. Did they? I dont know ... once the so-called glove-maker rally is over, you have to give up but dont be stubborn. Let her go at RM4.50, can buy back if you insist of having her, ok?

5.45 pm : I was away ... having 'free lunch' literally.

Harvest : What another incredible recovery in ONE day. Haha.

KLCI recovered too ... lost only 4points plus while HSI down 387 points.

AMMB : Grabbed at RM5.51. Will check if its goes to RM5.35 to grab more?

CIMB : At 6.68 level now. Wait.

BJCorp : At 0.995 now ... check.

TSH : Closed at 3.82 ... you may ask who are those rushing in to buy her at RM4? If you are reading this line and you happened to be one of them, then you do need to LEARN not to chase or be greedy.

AirAsia : At 3.55, touched 3.45. I dont know who just bought at RM4 during that surge too, ok? If you are one of them, e-mail me ... and I teach you how NOT to chase and be greedy. Otherwise, whatever good stocks you are buying, you will still lose money as your entry points are bad. Of coz, exiting points are more important.

10.40 pm : Malaysia is losing 1 - 0 at Bukit Jalil.

DOW down another 100 points now ... good. More sell-down will be seen in HSI. Many stocks in KLSE is becoming cheaper, technically.

Malton : This is to be watched for rebound.

BJToto : Well, at below RM4.10 level now ... watch for RM4?

Need to prepare more bullets for some Thanks-giving shopping.



Learning through klse-blogs

I was reflecting on how I learnt things ... at initial stages. Blogs!!

You see, there are many good klse-bloggers around where we could benefit from ... reading their blogs!! I always feel thankful to these 'old time' bloggers, been around even when I was still a naive novice. I admit I am still very much a novice and will need much more time --- to read and experience --- to get to their levels. To me, these are 'sifu' in their own manner.

I have shared it before those blogs I do read ... but recently, I have to be selected in my readings due to time constraints.

Blogs that we should be thankful for their existances :

1. Alex Lu's

2. Dali's

3. CW Yeoh's

4. Alpha Chart's

5. MooMoo's

6. Remnant's

7. BullBear's

8. Bone's

9. Ben's

10. Rei's

There are few more good ones which once in a while, I will drop over ... checking on updates. Some notable bloggers have stopped or some taken a break. I like SnowBall's blog but he has stopped.

Alex and Dali are certainly in forefront in klse-blogger's circle. Recently I 'discovered' Bones, which is very interesting and nice to read too. We have more new bloggers in town, actually but they are still relatively new and un-known. I do remember when I started this blog in 2008 ... I have merely 30 readers(or was it clicks?) per day. Haha ... and I promoted to those in my yahoo-mails, my friends and colleagues!! Guess what ... only Julian Lim(JL) finally looked for me after this blog was 6 months old. Yup, no one interested with new blogs ... especially if I am talking about KLSE?

Remnant and Alpha Chart have been very supportive towards me. Jackie too but he has not updating his blog for some time. CW Yeoh always gives us the fundamentals of the companies while MooMoo will entertain us with XXX companies losing money? Haha ... simply like the way he 'bang' those CEOs.

If any readers have new blogs which I do not have in my link, let me know. I will like to encounrage him/her to continue blogging ... as we do learn from reading blogs ... and if possible, being a blogger ourselves.

I have always pointed out that mine is a ah-pek market-chat blog. I dont have style, qualities, depth ... ermm .. it is purely for entertainment purposes. So, please read all the above blogs FIRST, and more ...before you read mine, whenever you are having your coffee-break.

So, please do not compare my blogs to others. They are too good for me. Financial is not my line ... I am in teaching line and I teach Maths in college level. I am just being honest. Please never call me 'sifu' as I do not think so I deserve the 'title' or 'status'. Please count me out in any arguements ... whether FA vs TA or .... whatever. I just want to blog about my opinions ... I want to have freedom to write what in my mind and nothing written here should be taken seriously(except my trading classes and e-learning la).

I have my fair share of losing lots of trades ... believe me, FA or TA, you will still lose money. These days, with TA and more systematic trading plans, my losses are smaller(still got lose la). So, as I have lost so many trades, I think I do know why many losing money too.

Anyway, I would like to THANK all the bloggers above(and more) who have taught me much about markets. Their un-selfishness making me so humble. Their vast knowledge is appreciated.

Thanks for all the sharings.

It is almost 3.30am ...



p/s : I will try to improve my English la. haha

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stock Watch

AMMB : Closed at RM5.49, was queueing at RM5.30 to RM5.35 not done. A serious candidate for rebound play.

UOADev : Touched 1.39, closed a cent lower today. RSI at 40. Queueing at 1.35 level not done today. Checking if reversal will be soon. Stalk closely and wait.

e-learning : These are the charts I have been showing here. I will post these charts for my e-learning group as they are learning simple technical analysis ... through internet. Two platforms will be used : blog and facebook. Once I gathered more 'e-tratles', I will have my own site.

With learning be my main motive(not stock picking), I hope ALL could learn some simple basic trading in markets ... and in 2012, those learning will NOT lose money anymore, realising WHY they have been losing money ... and making an effort to improve themselves. NOTHING comes easy ... many taken years to learn ... and seriously, we want consistent good trades, not a mere one-huge killing!! I am a non-believer in stock-picking, so ... please never ask me what to buy or what not to buy.

But, I will post some charts for my tratles and e-tratles. In fact, this Friday meeting for my cohort-1-2 will be more important comparing to 3 weeks ago. This week we will have more charts which showing good corrections for traders to check on rebounds.

Very Busy

This blog will still be here ... but, I will be EXTREMELY busy once in Jan 2012. I will have 8 tuition classes, 2 trading classes and with my e-learning commences!! Bravo ... I will be teaching 18hours(or 24 hours) with two subjects to cover. That concludes ... this blog might be not so active?

Privatising this blog is never in mind due to ... sharing purposes. Yes, I am very willing to share my opinions as opinions are 'cheap'. It is merely opinions, anyway. But, it still take me TIME to place the charts ... and write something about it?

You could tell that I enjoy writing this blog!! No one could drag himself to do something he 'dislikes' in the morning and at night? Haha.

Same as trading ... you need to find PASSION for investing or trading. You need to dedicate some TIME and EFFORTS before you could see some results?

Yes ... whatever comes easy, will go easy too. Ask those punted in Harvest? Those are gamblers ... some novices LURED into such bad habits ... and if they do not admit wrongs, they will continue to gamble ... say, Tricubes or perhaps something else. Profits could be huge ... but losses is painfully huge too.

Buying AMMB or UOADev will not give you 100% as Sumatec might gain you, but you could sleep well ... buying AMMB at RM5.90 is not advisable as RM6 is its strong resistance, but buying her at RM5.40 is a good bargain, technically speaking.

Do you get what I am trying so hard to tell others, especially novices, newbies and gamblers-to-be?

Learn well ... learn to fish. Once the knowledge is yours, it is always yours.

Share that knowledge with your trusted ones, loved ones. Spread the knowledge around so that more of people you know DO NOT lose money in stock markets or becoming victims of 'syndicates'(buaya darat).

Happy fishing


p/s : Check out YTL and YTLLand charts. Nice.

How not to lose money

Malaysia won the penalty ... how come no one declare today as a public holiday? I do need another day of break as I am still not feeling so well. My head is banging ... and seeing DOW dropped 250 points is the only thing making me excited today!!

Will KLCI drop 50 points today? I doubt it again ... how about go HKSE for shopping today if HSI drops another 1000 points? It is a very volatile market ...

Now, last week I have shown bearish crossover in KLCI, which means SELL. That explains why I was busy clearing off many items!! You see, if only you know these SIMPLE concepts in technical-analysis, you wont be buying anything much last week, right? Today, KLCI sits at 50MA support, which very likely to break. I will show the KLCI chart after today.

I was telling my tratles last Sat about buying AMMB at RM5.90+ is purely ... errr ... un-knowledgable about technical-analysis and also markets!! Yup, perhaps ... pay me RM300, I could 'save' you RM3k. Serious ... who is the arrogant person rubbishing technical-analysis again? Look ... when we buy or sell a stock, we do think in probability ... we know we are taking risk, and we want to reduce the risk, right?

That also explain why SIMPLE technical analysis works ... I repeat, SIMPLE. You dont give me 10 indicators and your charts with so many lines or colours. That is not to show you know TA. That is NOT technical-analysis, to me. That is 'show-off' and not practical. We want to be practical ... we want to learn how to apply what ... when.

Hence, I have shown the bearish crossover(RSI was high then too) ... then, I added that many stocks trading nearing their resistance. It is time to SELL. Do you understand WHY 80% lose money in markets?

Yes, IGNORANT ... being totally ignorant of fundamentals of stocks(and markets) and ignorant of technical- charts of the stocks. Apply simple COMMON sense, you will know that you SHOULD protect yourself from losing(to me, not losing money is more important than profitting!! By not losing money, I am errr ... top 20% in the markets?)

e-learning : This is to those who wish to learn simple basic of TA which could prevent you from losing money. This is to explain to you why I always clear my holding before things going lower ... and buy back when things reverses. It is NOT a magic or crystal ball ... it is NOT a secret. It is just a skill we all SHOULD learn. If you are in markets without knowledge, there is NO WAY you could profit ... you wuill be running like a headless chicken, asking around ... DVM or SYF can buy or not? Even if you ask AMMB can buy or not at RM5.90, you are really ... IGNORANT. Get yourself educated first, profit will come later ... after you learn NOT TO LOSE money.

Interested to learn simple basic technical analysis, contact me ... e-mail at

I am still counting the numbers ... to reach my first 20. Hehe

Have a nice trading day. I will be busy to check if KLCI or HSI diving ... otherwise, nothing to buy!!

Genting SP : Checking at 1.30 level, it broken 1.50 level yesterday.

AMMB : Checking at 5.30 level now.

10.15 am : KLCI only down 4+ points. Sigh

UOADev : At 1.40, checking at 1.20 ...

YTLLand : At 1.05 ...

Malton : At 0.670 level ...

Propety-stocks will be badly hit when China's property bubble burst ... it is bursting soon. Then, perhaps ... I might want to buy a landed-house?

10.50 am : Ok ok ... KLCI in green. DiGi is still doing well ... so?

I do not mean to make any enemies ... I want peace. Whatever I wrote here is some 'truth' I tried to share with many ignorants ... especially those paying money for 'tips'. I rather teach them to fish ... tho that is VERY challenging. As many prefer not to learn to fish but given the fishes, I think it is still OK ... as the bottom line is 'profit' from markets?

Using common sense, can ANYONE tell you what to buy at what level ... and sell for profits? Can ANYONE at all do such? If they can, why NOT they buy it themselves hugely? Why must they charge you fees for it? How greedy can KLSE-kaki be ... and being ignorants?

They said ... it is THEIR choices if they want to buy Harvest, for example. Heck ... who dont know the goreng-goreng Harvest? Now what? Serve them right for being greedy? I find it sad if we think it that way. Why dont we(or BURSA) educate those ignorants? Is it possible in the first place?

How not to lose money? Do not listen to rumours, tips and even your dealers/remisiers!! That is not a secret ... that is COMMON SENSE. Why put yourself in THEIR traps? They goreng-goreng some stocks, ask you in ... lure you with huge profits, making you believe that the 'tips' are good ... and you get stucked and lose money? Who are you to blame ... but yourself, right?

If your remisier has been doing a lousy job, asking you to buy XXX and YYY ... then you are losing-losing money, will you still listen to him/her? C'mon ... get real. Dont lose money, can you?

E&O : Wow ... at 1.30 now, checking at 1.25 and 1.20 for next level. Long time I did not check on her. Stalk. Forget about SIME.

4.05 pm : HSI recovers and it green now, up 50 points. KLCI should close slightly green later, after 20points mulling yesterday.

How not to lose money in markets? Pointer no 2 ... buy only UNDERVALUED stocks ... fundamentally and/or technically. With KLCI's PER around 13, it is not cheap or undervalued. With most of the blue-chips trading at premium ... it is NOT cheap at all. Hence, as investor ... we SHOULD NOT be buying any stocks!! Technically, we buy only when it is oversold(undervalued ... technically speaking). So, when RSI of KLCI shooting from below 20 to above 60, it is time to run.

There you are ... two pointers for all to THINK about. How not to lose money ...

1. DO NOT listen to rumours, tips and such
2. DO NOT buy over-valued stocks.

Think about the logic, then ... you might be the top 10% of those who do not lose money to markets. Be patient ... be discipline. Continue to learn ... and dont listen to those in forums. Most of the time, they have 'hidden agenda' with THEIR INTERESTS in focus. Do not fall prey to those un-scrupulous people in internet or your so-called punters friends.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Taking a day off

Liverpool won ... I am not feeling too well, and taking a leave from office. I dont think so I could write much today. Need to rest.

Checking KLCI to rebound this week?

Have a nice trading day.

10.55 am : Went to see a doctor, waited 1 hour. I have food poisoning. Vommited 3 times and frequenting the toilet ... since 10pm last night. I am grounded. Took an mc, which I very seldom will do. Also, I did not vomit for ... 4-5 years now!! Must be the nasi kunyit we had yesterday.

KLCI down 12 points, HSI down 333 points. wow ... why so bearish?

e-learning : I was e-mailing about 28 of those in my e-mail list last night before I started to frequent the toilet. Sorry ... I will send more tonight for those who did not get my e-mail, ok? I have not checked on those in facebook or i3investor who shown interests too.

e-tratle : So far 2 have bank-in. I will count till 20 to start, 50 for discounted rate .. and 100 to stop. Yes, putting the levels(just like my support and resistance level) haha.

AMMB : I am watching her at RSI going below 30 now. Watch.

12.30 pm : I slept off ... too weak.

TDM : I explained on Sat to my tratles why I bought TDM at 3.10, sell 3.40 the next day. At new high, with very high RSI is a SELL. Today at 3.20, checking 3.18 level. Buying back soon?

Kulim-wc : Another very short trade last week ... grabbed 1.11 level, two tratles of mine told me ... one grabbed at 1.07 and another 1.12. So, I sold half at 1.19 resistance, the next day ... jumped to 1.25 but retraced ... so I cleared all at 1.20. Today, it is 1.08 now ... it is NOT what stock you bought, but HOW you sell is more important. Do you get it?

Now, who is telling that technical analysis doesnt work at all? Hey, 1.20 is the resistance ... we SELL at that moment. TDM selling at 3.40 due to resistance la. HECK ... if you dont know technical analysis, if you dont even know resistance ... it is OK to say 'dont know'. Why criticise others using it and ... I used it well, ok?

If one DO NOT KNOW anything much, keep quiet ... learn from others. It is VERY ok to say 'I dont know".

2.40 pm : KLCI down 15points only. HSI might go below 18k level soon.

e-learning : 3 more e-mail in inbox to add tonight. Thanks.

DiGi : Split into 10, now RM3.65 level is cheaper to buy? That is what novices will tell you, RM3.6 is cheap but RM36 is so expensive. You see, we value stocks thru their fundamentals ... not the stock prices la. Scomi is at 30cents or DVM at 0.07 ... cheaper, right? Do learn to value a stock, that will prevent you from losing lots of money ---- gambling with DPS or Harvest? DiGi is much better than RedTone, ok?

10.00 pm : It is raining ... and I am not watching M'sia vs Indon ... the score line now is 1 - 1.

KLCI down 20 points, HSI 265 points ... Euro all in reds now. DOW will be down tonight ... and more reds in market tmr?

SYF : I am still waiting for it to go back to 20cents level to write about 'fatt tatt' stock. Yes, everyone get-rich-quick stocks that many gamblers playing on.

Tmr will be another dropping day ... stay on tight.

I need to rest early ... night.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stock Watch : Genting SP

Sunday ... an off-day that most of us need. It is time to be with family, as I am struggling to juggle with so many things/events.

Cohort-4 : Two absent but added 3, so there were 10 of them yesterday. We were learning the basic of drawing support-resistance. Yes, I do place importance of the 'strong' horizontal lines as support or resistance. Being a short-term trader, I need to draw more lines as immediate S&R lines. What I am sharing with my tratles are very basic. I have not gone into time-frame for trading and how we could determine the S&R to cater for our trading time-frame. By using MA as S&R, one needs to decide if you are using 20MA or 50MA. Normally, we use both. Many of times, we will prefer if the stock prices trading above 20MA.

Cohort-3 : As they are taking a 'break' for me to conduct classes for my cohort-4. They will be joining my cohort-4 for my module-5. But it will be too big a group for the room?

GentingSP (G13.SGX) : This is being discussed yesterday to show S&R. Checking at 1.50 level, breaking that, we shall watch 1.30. This is one very actively traded stock in SGX. All indicators pointing downwards, so ... it is NOT a buy at SGD1.50. Just watch for reversal, but if you are investor ... it is NOT a good idea to average down at this point of time.

Disclaimer : Whatever written here is merely novice opinions. Please do not take any of the opinions seriously. It is for learning purposes, an not a call. Do ask those know-how. I dont know.
e-learning : I will take my time to create a close-blog and my close-facebook. Then, I will e-mail those shown some interests some details about it. Once those interested bank-in the fees, I will add them in my group. The course will officially start in JAN 1st 2012.

Fight for 4G

1. Maxis
2. DiGi
3. Axiata(TM)
4. YTL-e(YTL Group)
5. Packet-One
6. Redtone
7. U-Mobile(Vincent Tan)
8. AsiaSpace
9. Puncak Semangat(Syed Mokhtar)

I will want to spend an hour or two to read this interesting 'fight' written by The Edge today. I have NOT been reading much this whole month due to my very busy-schedules. I have just shifted etc etc ... I have not really rested for more than a month. When is the next holiday-break, I wonder ...

4G business is still a LOSING money investment!! Syed Mokhtar is in the game too? Recently YTL registered losses in its broadband ventures. In fact, many of YTL's shareholders expressed displeasurement about the 'plans' ... to them, it is NO NO .. rather than the YES advertised. It will be interesting to watch ... as GOV somehow like Syed Mokhtar ... so, his new vehicle in Puncak Semangat might get a bigger pie. Well ... you know how Malaysia gov works, right? Malaysia is the most transparent country around ... and our anti-corruption agency uphold the highest integrity. Hmm ... do I sound convincing?

"Why not auction the spectrum?" That is a good article with such a title. I have not read anything much. May be tonight?

e-learning : Enquiries about 38 now. Good. So, I shall check next weekend how many really paid and willing to learn 'technical analysis' ... from very BASIC levels. You do not need to be good in Maths, just in case some thought it is only for high-iq bracket traders.

Tenaga : A reader asked me about Tenaga. Again, I do not answer most of such e-mail(opinions about certain stocks). With resistance at RM6, dont you think so, buying at RM5, selling at RM6 is a good choise? Watch for 5.30 level, and of coz RM5 level. Stochastic and RSI going lower now. So, watch.

have a nice Sunday.