Friday, September 16, 2011

Malaysia Day

Good Morning, Malaysia.

DOW up 180+ points ... bull is back? Too bad that KLSE is close. It is 9-16 ... a day Anwar declared that PKR will take over the government as he claimed that BN-kaki will jump ship. Hmm ... guess he did not pay much enough or could persuade them. Since then, he has been quiet ...

It is like someone telling everyone that it is a bear-market now and we are in for a bad situation. Market might experience a double-dip, blah blah ... but suddenly next week onwards, market starts to rally higher and higher to a new high and our broker houses HAVE TO revise their KLCI targets again to 1700 or above!! Then, those with that gloomy outlook ... err ... better be quiet, right? "I told you so" could not be used. Unless the markets really collapse, then ... yes, I TOLD YOU SO could be heard loudly. Haha.

Today is a public-holiday and I wont have the time. I am up earlier than usual as I will have a run!! It is Giant's kids-run in Kepong. Then, I will rush home for a Math tuition class in the noon ... before taking a rest to prepare for tonight's Trading Class. Yes, I will talk about what is S&R, which is very important in technical analysis. By the time I am home, it will be midnight again ... with another long Saturday with classes from 8am to 5.30 pm waiting for me!!

If it is Math-tuition, I have no worry ... I teach without preparation and with just a pen. That is how I am teach my trading too ... just a market pen! But due to my lack of expereince in teaching trading, I have yet to organise my thoughts in order ... and making students to understand what I want to say!! Hence, I will try to get honest feedbacks from my cohort-1 today .... for improvement purposes. I have been teaching Math for 20 years now and I do still learn new ways to teach better!! Hmm ... talking about learning is life-long ...

Bull vs Bear

So, for today ... do listen to this interesting clip where two heads talking about BULL and BEAR(Peter Schiff). Since Peter Schiff is one of my 'sifu', I am siding him. Haha.

Wish me luck ... as I do need that, especially for my run. Haha

10.45 am : Just back from Selayang, the kids-run. My son got #14 out of 500+ registered(dont know how many really participated). They only give those small hampers to the top 10. How did he lose? DISTRACTIONS.


As the start-flaggin off, we were at the back. Slowly, I asked him to jog ... not sprint. Slowly too we are over-taking many who shot infront with a sprint but stopped. Slow and steady will win the race, I told him. Just need to keep track with daddy? Ooppsss ... in the middle of the race, he saw a HUGE BALL ... with a child inside!! He stopped his run, amazed. He forgotten he has a race to win!! That is a big distraction as we are chasing the leading pack!! When I realised I was in front without him, I have to turn back to remind him to RUN. We started to sprint to the end ... but ... . It is a lesson for him as this is his first 'competitive' event!!

So, my wife remind him of the story of 'rabbit vs turtle'. To me, winning is NOT important but how he loses is important for him to develop the competitive edge in further. So, I could only console him and let him know that we are going there again next year and try until you could win the top-10 next time!!

Distraction oculd be everywhere. So, being focused always in things we do is a must, to excel.

10.50 am : HSI up 400 points!! Too bad, KLCI closed, otherwise we might see some rallying and to clear more of our holdings!!

I have another class to teach now. OFF.



Anonymous said...

Perhaps you need to prepare powerpoint or find a partner.

CP said...


Yes, I agreed with you that I do need a partner and the best will be from those 'good' and 'trustworthy' ones from my own students!! They speak my language as I am teaching them that!! Powerpoints and such wont help much ... as I could give them some links to listen to some youtube or download some data for processing. They have NOT reach that level. They are still wondering what S&R is after weeks I finished the chapter tonight.

We need time to grasp the idea ... and yes, next year ... IF I wanted to continue to teach trading, I will prepare powerpoints with a partner to help. Hey, I will like to meet u and your gang ... just that Friday nights is out for me for another 2 months?

Will you be my partner for TA? Hehe


Anonymous said...

I am not so keen in teaching for the time being, but we can meet up to collaborate about technical analysis. not necessary on Friday night.

Anonymous said...

hi, i am newbie here. can I ask what's investment bank / online trader you use to buy foreign shares (hk or us)? thx