Sunday, September 25, 2011

Globally : Bearish Outlook

HSI : Below 18k now. Many stocks in new 52-week low. Many are trading at single digit PER. Worth looking into and much cheaper than KLSE.

I am forming  a group to do research into HKSE's stocks and to invest into these 'cheap' stocks. More downward to come ... so, we still have the time to check on them. Those interested to join too, may contact me. Thanks.

KLCI :  At 1365 level now. Oversold ... the dust is not clear and I think we should clear more of our positions rather than thinking of buying?

Remnant : Hi there ... yes, telco is not being spared, either. Maybank and HLFG are just in first leg down. AMMB broken its spine on Friday. Avoid banking stocks totally. Then, more constructions and property stocks will follow. Avoid them too. That is what I advised my 'turtles' last Friday. Building-naterial will not be building. Steel and Iron companies in HKSE are badly hurt. It will hit our shore too. Yes, GOLD is diving too(of coz silver will be bad shape) and Marc Faber said checking at 1600 levels last week. We shall buy during weakness but I will rather wait.

Thanks and Night.

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Remnant 888 said...

Yep, HK looks relatively cheap. My Taiwanese fren tells me that their stock market are trading at PER 7 - 8.

Selling has intensify this few days.. Even defensive like TM, Maxis and DIGI are being whacked hard.. Look at Maybank plunging (fortunately I sold off early except for odd lots). I have a bad bad feeling abt this so sell sell sell and analyse later...
If selldown is confirmed on telco sector, then KLSE is kaput..! Unless supported by magic hand.. Cautious, bro.

Gold resting at USD 1640/oz, median of BB on weekly time frame. USD 1500 and 1330 are next buying levels..
Stay offf silver for time being, they'll be hit harder than gold (cos' of their semi-industrious properties/usage/nature)