Thursday, September 08, 2011

Good qualities needed for success!

DOW up 275 points and we are in the bull run again!! Yippee ... let's check why it is bullish, of the sudden again?

So, can we buy anything yet? I really cant answer that but if one is to buy, buy good blue-chip. The dust is not cleared la, ok? It is very volatile ... one day up, one day down.

This is what I shared with my 'turtles'. If you cant take the volatilities, do not move into markets. Many are still trading below 20MA, moving in means we are actually going against the trend or we called it counter-trend. The risk is much higher than trending with the uptrend.

The rebound might be short-term and the recent experiences should be taken. Nope, you could only advise and it is fully up to others. If you dont believe, someone will still punt into ... DVM or Ramunia later, right?

Jerome Tan's Bankruptcy to Multi-millions book

I am still reading his book and find it a good reading material. It is not talking about stock-markets but more general about 'success' is about. Today I will share a little of the chapter " You can never do it alone". He recommended many to attend seminars, talk and such. Yup, I m trying to attend many talks/seminar/courses to improve myself. In fact, tonight I am attending a seminar about Gold.

Why must we attend seminars, talks, workshop and courses? Simply because we could get to know the similar personalities ...people with the similar goals as ours. For example, when I attend a seminar given freely our friendly broker houses, I could get to know some people there who share some views regarding our markets and stocks. And believe me, each time I went for a talk, I do gather some pointers which will help me in my learning!! Information digested and we learn through listening to those sharing with us. We understand that we could only progress with some 'qualities' in ourselves!!

The characteristics of people who attend seminars are :

1. Self-motivated
2. Initiative
3. Open-minded
4. Strong inner drive
5. Do self-introspection
6. Making a difference

These people will go far.

I am going to promote his book here. haha ... well, again I do not know him but he wrote a good book to share with us. So, I feel it will be good to share with many here. Buy his book!!

Well, so when I read such books, I will reflect and examine myself. What I m doing right and in what area I need to improve? What skills I need to continue to do well, financially and in life? How could I enrich myself with more knowledge and how do I share the knowledge acquire with many(through this blog-la)?

Talking about buying a book or investing in ourselves, there are still many which get me 'upset'. One of the instance was when I went to MPH the other day to buy a copy of The Edge and Malaysian Business(MB) magz. You see, there are two uncles(around 50 yr-old) READING The Edge paper 'freely' here. Hmm ... I dont understand. Why cant they just buy the RM5 paper for pleasure reading back home? The best part is one is reading about DVM-shareholding issue and another reading the warrant page!! Hmm ... many simply wont part RM5 but they part hundreds/thousands in stock markets!! Amazing fact, right?

Market is preparing to open higher today ...

9.10 am : As KLCI was planted to be 10 points higher, I saw that it was planted to open higher too but slightly in red now. CIMB and Axiata in red.

10.10 am : KLCI is flat today ...

Esso : Down to 3.73 at the moment with news going on. Accumulation at 3,50 is logical as that is the value attached to her at the moment.

BRDB : Failed to breakout ... and low volume today. Doji formed yesterday and reduce in volumes.

Sunway : Reversing from 2.20 level, at 2.26 now.

HSI down 150 points now ... DOW up, HSI down?

E&O : Diving for second day due to profit-taking? She is in-play with SIME. Overbought due to that.

2.10 pm : Another 3 hours of lunch market-chat with BL, a learner from my cohort-1. It is a sharing on what homework he needs to do now, preparing for future analysis!! Yes, if you are totally new to markets, there are a lot of things to learn. LEARN first ... dont worry about markets.

Tenaga : It is moving and pulling KLCI with her. RSI was at 21 last night. Buy? Well, I was stalking her since it dropped below 5.50 level. I sms-ed BL this morning but he couldnt grab her at 5.16 level. It is at 5.30 now. Still can buy? Hmm ... buy?

Malton : In play today, up almost 20% now. Missed her.

Puncak : Showing some buying coming more today.



Ivan said...

I am the 1 like aunty and uncle too. What for to have something after read, will become "old paper" ? And yet, every RM spend= every RM lost.

Ivan said...

Moreover my company also got subscripes. What for I going to have 1 ?

I love to read warrant part as well :)

CP said...

Hi Ivan

are u the one who e-mail me and asking for free classes? I did not answer that e-mail.


CP said...

If your company subcribe to one, fine. Good for you. But to read freely from a newstand is err ... stealing?

Some photostat some good books for reading ... I see that as stealing too?

If u get things freely from others work, that is stealing, to me.

Just my opinion.


Ivan said...

Yup. Bingo! That is me . Free seminar doesn't mean no good. In fact, it might be a process of learning too.