Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bull Day : A mere technical rebound?

DOW up 270 points and the bull is charging back ... or just a one day flip again?

Crude oil slightly above USD80 ... I will write about good dividend stocks which I read from MB last night.

Lingui : Low at 1.06 currently. Looking at RM1. I checked the chart yesterday as someone just sold her off(finally) for a huge loss. The earthquake stories were long time over, the so-called timber-rally was over and due to ignorance and NEW to markets, someone holding to it is .... ouch.

Not to lose is more important that profitting at the moment. Losing 50% is too much as we need 100% increment to breakeven.

MayBank : So, RSI at 9 yesterday, two huge volumes of selling and some panic-selling seen at 7.40 level yesterday. Now at 7.75, I grabbed at 7.65-7.69 done just now ... and it is not random, either. I cleared my SIME for her ... yes, I told some of my turtles I m grabbing her!! Hmm .... the bank-harimau ... mesti mau, roaring again?

1.55 pm : KLCI up 20 points.

MayBank : At 7.83 now. Good.

Sime : Not moving much, that is why I opted for Maybank.

Gold and Silver is recovering well!!! Hmm ...

4.10 pm : Just finished my classes.

KLCI up 33 points and HSI up 660 points. Yippee ... bull is running now.UY BUY BUY .... or ... err ... bye?

When bull is running, many things you buy also go up. Wow ... suddenly WE BELIEVE it is BULL run now. Or is it time to take profit, hide as it might be just one-day flip again?

As traders, we try to follow the trend, follow our plans and work hard on preserving our capitals for next trades.

SPSetia : At 3.50 level now. Buying should be beow 3.20 ... I asked my two turtles to buy at RM3.20.

SPSetia-wb : This is what I really missed. OUCH.

MayBank : Sold half at 7.96. Nice.

This is what I am going to do when I retired ... wait for opportunities in markets - from equities, forex, futures and more ... with knowledge, I just need a few trades once in a while!! Nice way to retire?

10.15 pm : Very tired as I hv been busy preparing for some painting works to be done next week. Painting, lightings and wiring will be done next week. Then, air-cond, water heater and filter should move in too.

DOW up like ... wow ... another 200+ points. More buying will be seen tmr in KLSE and HKSE too. Those panic-selling yesterday could be hitting their heads tmr? MayBank and AMMB might rebound further ... who sold them yesterday? IJM also shooting ... SPSetia, MahSing ... arrr ggghhh ... got bullets to shoot or not?

GLD up 2.5% now as Gold prices recovering, at 1660 now.

SLV up 7% today after being hammered down.


Moses Sinnappen said...

roarrrrr...good one dato'teh! try to queue but did not get any but its a learning point, market is going to be there n more opportunities along the way-agree that not to LOSE money is already WINNING!

Anonymous said...

Yes, glad to know that u managed to grab some 4 quick trade, u were good, manage to get HARIMAU, I got PCHEM yesterday, made some, ok.


CP said...

hi Chua

i missed GenM at 3.02 yesterday. I missed Sunway and IJM. I also missed SP-wb. ouch.

good for you.