Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stock Watch : HuaYang

HuaYang : Sideway trading, buy at support and to clear at resistance. OR wait for breakout of the resistance level once uptrend continues.

Learning corner : To check on the health of a company(listed).

Assuming that we know nothing much about a stock traded in KLSE and wanted if it is worth a look(to acquire as investor).

Begin with check its Website :

Know about its businesses, its partners and peers. Also, check on it fundamentals(click investors relation, if any) ... information on its financial situation is important for us to know how the company is doing(I do assume no frauds in its balance sheets and the management is trustworthy).

Learn about the accounting and financial terms used. Normally, we will look into its cash-flow, dividents policy, earnings(EPS), debts and such. Dont ask me, ask

Search more about news related to the company, may it be good and/or bad ones. With internet, we could make informed decisions.

Say, we like property as a sector in play, and once we are satisfied with the fundamentals of the company, then we place it in our stock-list(or favourites) to track her. I will suggest that we put of favourites in categories. For example, "property" stocks ... include some others of its peers.

Then we shall check on its charts!! Yes, FA first ... then TA. Technical analysis could not be applied to many charts.


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