Monday, June 27, 2011

KLCI down 3 points, KL raining this morning.

This is still my e-space, my own blog and I am not oblige to write whatever someone may want me to write about. I will only write, for MY own viewing, whatever I want and whenever I wanted to. This is not a stock-pick blog. It is free, it is open ... and feel free to move away if you do not like what you are reading here. So, no offence ... this is my space.

I enjoyed it more about 3 years ago when I do not have 'audience'. I was an un-known and with only 30 views per day. I am 'happier' then as I could write whatever "s*it" I wanted and as I was learning, I am allowed to be wrong!! In fact, I even got some terminologies very wrong!! I have the freedom of writing ... I could write about anything I read about, related or not to KLSE. I could write about my opinions on green-energ, on commodities and what I read about ... say, China. Anything!!

Recently, I have 'paused' from blogging and 'paused' from reading news related to biz/markets. Yes, I have effectively reduced number of readers!! Unlike many, I prefer to have fewer readers ... those who indirectly motivated me to write ... to share about knowledge, opinions, comments and such ... and so that we could learn from each other.

Yes, I am just a blogger ... I want to write about the rain in KL today, I want to write about "Bersih",I want to write about Bagan Lalang I went on Sat, I want to write about Lee Chong Wei's victory yesterday ... I want to write about KL Marathon, I want to write about 'parenting' workshop I attended yesterday at Hilton(by MeadJohnson), I want to write about the first time my aunties baby-sitting my two kids, I want to write about the coming Liverpool's game in KL, I want to write about .... how sissy I am(LOL), I want to write about my frequenting to hospitals, I want to write about my new tuition class with a boy, I want to write about my 'PMS"(LOL), I want to write about ... ANYTHING happening but I do not have the time, I do not have the inspirations, I do not have the freedom, I do not have the ... space!!

It is frustrating to know that I am no longer writing what I want to write about. I want to create another blog, to write whatever 's*it" in my head but ... I cant. The struggle continues ... letting it be...

As I no longer reading biz-news much and also do not analyse much of charts, I will be 'lost' to write about stocks. I have cleared most of it and buying in stages some stocks I want to collect. The market is correcting ... I am sidelined.

Works continue and I shall focus more with jobs in hands.

KLCI target at 1,660.

Maybank Investment Bank Bhd cut its year-end target for the benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Index to 1,660 from 1,710.

Global equities are expected to “remain volatile” in the second half of the year, analyst Wong Chew Hann wrote in a report today.

This is due to concerns over the US economic recovery, sovereign debt crisis in the euro-zone, monetary tightening measures in China, and unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, Wong said. -- Bloomberg



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