Sunday, June 26, 2011

A very popular blog(in Malay) regarding politics - I am not in BN's side but I find he is hilarious and good in his writing. The above advertisement is a classic. Haha. If you dont understand Malay, get a good open-minded friend to translate that for you. Haha.

Good fundamental stocks

Novices will always be wondering what do they meant by "good" stocks. How do one categorise a stock(a company) to be a good one or otherwise?

Begin with reading some good books(I started with Adam Khoo's "Secret of Millionaire Investors") and some websites.

Before we identify those good ones(In KLSE there are more than 1000 stocks traded in main and ACE markets), we filter and screen off those extremely BAD stocks!! Here, we are excluding the warrants and other instruments traded.

I will briefly give some simple guidelines here.

1. All those with "PN" labels. PN = Practice Note, a status given by Bursa. If you need to know more, please visit BURSA's website. Just never touch these counters at all cost.

2. Very speculative stocks with temporary spike in volumes. Most of them are 'bad' apples being used by syndicates(playing on news) for short term trading.

3. Get "DYNAQUEST", a green book for stock markets. Check their earnings. Do not touch those with 5 stars and below(general rule for those total novices).


to be continued.



Stock Market Talk said...

are you going for Liverpool match in KL?

Anonymous said...

Hi Teh,

guess ky-jelly wouldn't help you much since i heard from a forum your problem was erectile & that's why you are sexually frustrated. perhaps you should take a break from stock picking & try solving your problem first before investing in any stocks .... cheerio