Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DOW up 145 points but ABAT closed at 0.93.

As KLCI reaching for new heights, going into overbought region, it is time to think of reducing our risk-exposure again. I will be glad if I could clear off Masteel and UEM for profits, and be at the sideline. Many will be shooting higher, reaching resistance .... time to trim.

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Jaks : Moving ... grab at 0.60.

11.20 am : KLCI up 4 points.

Reversals of "M"s : MPHB ,MAA ,Muhibah ,MAS ,Masteel

Malton and MBSB : Lagging the other "M"s.

2.45 pm : JCY is moving above 0.60 too. Grab at 0.60.

Eminem : I forgotten that I do have a 'song blog' and agreed to place all the songs I am listening there! Hmm ... very forgetful!

KEuro : RSI 19, staying above RM1. 1-green histrogram seen yesterday. Looking at its reversal.

E&O : Going higher each day ... at 1.66 now.

Equine : At 0.54 now ... still in red after it touched a high at 0.59 recently.



Anonymous said...


a frustrated old man pretending to be young again, lol dream on 'lou yeh' .....

Anonymous said...

Your uemland is still down & so is your uemland-ce. Even though you "claimed" that you are only indulging in fantasy trading in your OWN fantasy world (which i think nobody believed, who would waste time to monitor market if they are only fantasising, you think people are as stupid as you meh), no doubt is still hurts & should put a dent to your extremely high ego & self-esteem. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.09am, you must be one of the stupidest fool to read this blog and comment here. Stock price sure go up and down one.