Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DOW up 100 points.

Anon : should have known better, followed this expert to buy uoadev & masteel last week, today these 2 stocks tanked down, this really sucks ....

Note : I will want to 'reply' this comment as I hv been placing him under 'spam'. This 'person' has tried very hard using all those sexual-related name-calling which I ignored him. At least this 'comment' sound more decent for me to post. Haha.

First of all, I have mentioned MANY of times not to follow what is written here and NOT to follow my blog. Haha. You cant be stupid, right? Next, since when I said I am 'expert'? Hmm ... of coz I know what you are at but I dont know why and would not bother to know why. Next, UOA back to my cost price and as investors, we should be glad if it tanks 10%!! We could buy more of her at cheaper price!! What is the time frame? Forever ... only one week, up and down also you mention.

Unless a reader is totally new to market or some short-term punters(short-term punters playing with those penny stocks la, UOA? Haha). Masteel is above my 1.19 average, ok? yeah ... suck it, boy. Of coz I do know you do not buy any of the two stocks. I could only shake my heads(both) why you are do such. May I ask ... why you didnt mention MAS that I bought last week too? Or Equine which I grabbed at 0.50, sold recently at 0.57? And you really think I am so smart to buy Masteel meh? Haha. Should I be jumping for joy for being lucky and frown if the trade goes against us? Hmm ... nothing of such la. Life goes on ...

MSM : Up almost 30% now. It is sweet, babe.

MAS : Going for 1.60 now. Sell at 1.62.

YTLLand : Above 1.60 now. Reversing due to an article yesterday. Queueing at 1.60.

9.50 am : MAS cleared at 1.62.

UEM : At 2.88 today. Good. Clearing at 2.93-2.95 level.

I can say that I am looking at BStead and YTLLand at the moment. That is NOT a stock-pick, ok? If you buy BStead at RM6 now and it tanks to RM5, the risk is yours. Hehe.

BJToto : AT 4.35 now, thinking of grabbing her back but waiting to clear MPHB at 2.98 level or so. So, still wait.

6.10 pm : KLCI bullish, up 7.5 points.

MSM : Big welcome to KLSE ... up 40% from its IPO price. Anyone get lucky?

Masteel : Closed at 1.27, first resistance at 1.28, waiting to clear some at 1.30+ level. For the anon, you sure you bought Masteel last week?

UEMLand : Touched 2.91 again ... see if it could break the level for the 3rd time.

MPHB : At 2.96 now ... time to clear too.

p/s : All the trades are fictional and for reading purposes!!


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