Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DOW up 100 points. KLCI will be in green this morning.

Scable : Finally, it si up. I bought at 1.30 level and sold her at 1.30 level too before Sarawak election. It is above 1.40 now.

KBB : Actively traded for the past one week and shooting further higher!!

LBS : Still very strong uptrend.

UOA : At 2.32 level now.

Timecom : It is about time to monitor timecom(and time). At support 0.71 level now.

12.20 pm : Going for lunch soon ... KLCI up 1.8points.

MPHB : Going above 2.90. Rebounding?

Masteel : Back to go below 1.20. At 1.19.

KEuro : Going below RM1. At 0.97 level, touched 0.95 today. Oversold ... before buying, do check WHY it is diving.

Learning Corner : How to check?

1. Begin with

For example of extracts : For the current quarter, the Group’s revenue reduced by 16.50% to RM6.25 million compared to RM7.49 million achieved in the preceding quarter. The lower revenue achieved in the current quarter was mainly attributable to lower billings by the construction division. For the same period, the Group achieved a pre-tax profit of RM1.51 million, compared to a pre-tax loss of RM24.10 million in the preceding quarter. The preceding quarter was affected by provisions for doubtful debts of RM12.15 million and share of losses of RM14.59 million incurred mainly by Talam.

Note : The recent announcement was at 17th June. Do learn to read the quarter reports(fundamental analysis).

2. Then, go to the company's website, if any. A good company should maintain an updated site.

For example : Not much details seen in the site. It just tell us about the company!!

3. Check other sites for more info of the company such as : from google finance or reuters

It shown beta = 1.50(someone asked me how I get some beta values). EPS, ROI and ROE all in negative region. So, this is NOT a fundamentally strong counter. 52 week price : 0.78 - 1.71.

Check some good sites such as :

4. Also, check the brokers' reports relating to the company. Create a folder to download and save those reports for references. One may want to open a few trading a/c with some local brokers or IBs.

The above are just few guidelines to those novices/newbies to stock market. These are what I am doing or WAS doing, I mean.

Muhibah : At 1.40 now. I read that some big-shot inside Muhibah sold some of his stakes at 1.82 before it dived!! Hey, why such a sale is NOT reported? If seen selling at 1.82, surely many will be cautious and will not be trap at 1.82 and above, right? Can SC check on these 'news'?

UOA : Going below 2.30 now. Another over-priced IPO or what?

KBB : An UMA issued. Why? I mean, there are so many UMA in many counters. Why only KBB today? Do not chase ... when it starts to tank, it will be pressed very much lower and create some panic selling. Also, contra-punters need to sell their stakes at whatever price!!

LionInd : Flying up 10% after lunch!! At 1.80 now.

Note : According to my theory of buying LionInd, one could have bought at 1.60 and 1.50. So, sell 1.50 level at 1.70 and 1.60 portion at 1.80 done today!! LionInd is a high beta stock(about 3), so it is good for trading.

HuaYang : Up 8 cents now. If it is due to buying of the auction land news(RM13m), then it is not really new. I read about that 2/3 days ago. Normally, it will take a day or two before general public to read such news. Just check the updates at Bursa site. This is only for short rebound punt. For valuation and such, we need to do much more FA(fundamental analysis).

UOA : Hmm ... at 2.26 now. What should be my entry point? It is at new low each day.

Muhibbah Engineering

Muhibbah’s share price had a rollercoaster ride last week after news of receivership for the Asia Petroleum Hub (APH) project, for which it is a major contractor and is owed RM371m. We think it may not be all that bad for Muhibbah as it all hinges on the lifting of the receivership status, which depends on whether APH can line up RM2.4bn new funds. According to Muhibbah, APH maintains that its talks with the new investor are at an advanced stage and there are grounds for lifting of its receivership status.

We maintain our TRADING BUY call, EPS forecasts and RM2.75 target price, which we continue to peg to a 10% discount to RNAV. The stock has been bashed down and could be re-rated in the event of positive news on APH or project flows for both the construction and oil & gas segments.

Muhibah : At 1.37 now, and with TP at 2.75 ... isnt that double the current value? Cheap?

Lion's group : Lions are roaring today ... LionInd at 1.84. Incredible that I missed her!

湯寶如 - 我和秋天有個約會



這個秋天的約會 永遠都美麗纏綿

不可停留的秋天 不能忘的秋季


這個秋天的約會 永遠都美麗纏綿

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