Friday, June 24, 2011

RHB : Strong support at 8.52. Touched 8.48 during the morning sell-down. At 7.90 should be the next support level. I like the spike of volumes seen as many are selling. Wait for the selling pressure to be over, it is still a good stock to watch.

DOW is down about 180 points. Crude oil down to USD91 now. We might see some excuses for KLSE's selldown. Brace yourself.

8.35 am : Today will be my 'last' day of my holiday break. Next week I will be very busy again with new classes commencing and I will want to focus in my classes.

UOA : Grabbed at 2.27-2.30 level yesterday as I am clearing all my Equine soon.

9.05 am : KLCI in green and RHB diving as more are reading about the aborted plans by CIMB and MBB.

BIMB : Wow ... reaching RM2 soon.

LionInd : Reversing from RM2, at 1.85 level now.

9.15 am : Be greedy when others in fear? Grabbing RHB at 8.50? It is at 8.70 now.

9.50 am : MAS is going above 1.50 now. Done at 1.50-1.51 so far.

Equine : In red today, at 0.555. Watch to clear all.

1.05 pm : MAS and Masteel are doing well. Good.

The reversals of "M"s

MAS : At 1.54 now, reversing now. 1.49 and below level not done.

Masteel : An imposter of neno(using anon as nick) used the term "lausai" days ago when it went down to 1.20 level. I hv placed his un-welcome comments under 'spam'. We just need to ignore such 'human' in our lives. Luckily we only have few such 'bad apples' in Malaysia. Now, if I said I bought Masteel at 1.18-1.20, he will come out and ask for proofs but if I said I bought it at, say, 1.35-1.40, he will still come out to laugh(with bad vibes) till his shit's out. Haha.

My mind was thinking of Alex's write-up which I have not replied!! Hmm ...

MISC : This shipping giant reverses from a low of RM6.60 to current RM7.30

MPHB : At 2.96 now ... reversal seen. BJToto up, she came down. So, switch BJToto to MPHB. BJToto now down, MPHB up. Buying back BJToto at 4.20 and below. Wait.

Muhibah : Showing some signs of reversal too. At 1.40 now.

Note : Waiting for MHB, MAA, MudaJaya and Malton to reverse too.

UOA : At 2.32 now, soon ... technically, it will be a buy. I saw the buying yesterday (as I was free to monitor while reading a comic!) and grabbed her. We shall see if it could move back to at least IPO value.

4 pm : KLCI flat today.

LionInd : Down to 1.80 vs 1.81 level again.

Let us assume this trade :-

Buy every 10 cents down

1. Buy 1500 units at 1.80
2. Buy 2000 units at 1.70
3. Buy 2500 units at 1.60
4. Buy 3000 units at 1.50

Sell every 20 cents up

1. Sell 1.80 at 2.00
2. Sell 1.70 at 1.90
3. Sell 1.60 at 1.80
4. Sell 1.50 at 1.70

and so on. Now, the time frame is ... forever!!

The above strategy could be applied for a high-beta and high-trading-volume stocks. Another example could be E&O.

Stock Watch

Jaks : At low. Oversold

JCY :At low. Stalk.

WCT-wc : Reaching buying level at 0.70 soon. Watch.

YTLLand : At 1.53, still drifting lower since I cleared at 1.80+. RSI at 28 level now, with no reversal signals seen yet. Support at 1.43-1.48 levels. Obvious downtrending, reaching MA200d. Watch.


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Edwin said...

Great catch on Masteel. Your TA skill is still very good and accurate. Keep up the good work my friend

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