Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stock Watch : YTL Group (since 1955)

YTL Corporation(KLSE code : 4677)

YTL : At 1.55. Will only look again if it goes below 1.50, about 1.47. Noted.

YTLLand : At support 1.55 level, low volume. Waiting for 1.48 level. I do like her the most amongst the brothers-sisters.

YTL-e : At support 0.975, touched 0.965 ... new low. It peaked at 1.70+ when the crazy "YES" intro was there. Is it still a "YES"? It is a sector not many want to be in ... but GPacket reversed from 0.62 level to current 0.84 level. RSI at 32, looking at support 0.86. Divergence- volume increases, prices dropping. No, I will not touch the YES. Interesting to note that Redtone is at the base of 0.180-0.190. Grabbing Redtone at 0.180(and hold - cut if below 0.175)

YTLPower : At 2.22, rebounded. A good stock to buy and hold.


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