Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Valen Hsu

許茹芸 - 獨角戲


是誰導演這場戲 在這孤單角色裡
對白總是自言自語 對手都是回憶

自始至終全是你 讓我投入太徹底
故事如果注定悲劇 何苦給我美麗

沒有星星的夜裡 我用淚光吸引你
既然愛你不能言語 只能微笑哭泣

沒有星星的夜裡 我把往事留給你
如果一切只是演戲 要你好好看戲

Du Jiao Xi (Xu Ru Yun)

Shi shei dao yan zhe chang xi Zai zhe gu dan jiao se li
Dui bai zong shi zi yan zi yu Dui shou dou shi hui yi
Kan bu chu she me jie ju

Zi shi zhi zhong quan shi ni Rang wo tou ru tai che di
Gu shi ru guo zhu ding bei ju He ku gei wo mei li
Yan chu xiang ju de bie li

Mei you xing xing de ye li Wo yong lei guang xi yin ni
Ji ran ai ni bu neng yan yu Zhi neng wei xiao ku qi
Rang wo cong ci wang le ni

Mei you xing xing de ye li Wo ba wang shi liu gei ni
Ru guo yi qie dou shi yan xi Yao ni hao hao kan xi
Xin sui zhi shi wo zi ji

Single Person Play (Valen Hsu)
Who is directing this play?
For this lonely character
The dialogue is always talking to oneself
The opponent is recollection
Unable to see the final result

From beginning to end, it’s all you
Letting what I put in be too thorough
If this story is doomed to be a tragedy
There is no earthly reason to give me beauty
Performing the coming together and parting

In a night without stars
I use my tears to attract you
Now that I can no longer say I love you
I can only laugh and cry
Let myself forget you from now on

In a night without stars
I’ll leave the past behind with you
If all of this has been a play
I want you to watch this play well
The only brokenhearted one is me

Note : Taken from my OWN blog, written in 2008. haha.

Nice song ... thanks for the song to suit my emotions.

Note : I dont know where I heard of it before, but a random search for a song 'landed' into this number. So, I will spend hours to listen to the song again and again till I know how to sing the whole song. It aint easy as I cant read Chinese.


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