Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Two weddings and two death.

Wedding 1 : Royal wedding - I hv written about it, how human wasted millions(or is it billions) of money on it, making it a fairy-tale and many do profit from the event. It is the event of the year with millions viewers. I read that millions ACTUALLY queue-up along the road to have a short glimpse of the ... err ... parade? Talking about stupidty of human-unkind, these could go into the record. I will be a happier person if those money could be channelled to help those quake victims in Japan or storm victims in US or anywhere. Heck, it is human-KIND or is it?

Wedding 2 : My youngest brother - Marriage cost money too, those went thru the demands of our parents or our in-laws will know. Money could put a person into debts, buying new house, new furniture, honey-moon(s), etc etc ... yes, reality will seep in soon after honey-moon is over. I hope my bro manage that well. Congrats.

Death 1 : Sai Baba - I am saddened by the news. I was too busy to read any but certainly will search for the news this weekend for some reading. I do go to some gatherings (of Sai Baba, Bangsar) years ago. The singing(Bhajan) and such ... I like the teachings. It says ... DO GOOD. Be human.

Death 2 : Osama - I did not read about it, my wife was briefing me about the news when I was home having my dinner. He was shot dead? Really ... hmm ... wont read about it as he is not worth my time. Also, it might lead me to see how stupid we could be spending millions(or billions?) to hunt for a person. It is a revenge, to be more exact. It is endless too ... now, the terrorists will bomb some area? When could these insanity ends? I doubt it will end ... as they are ONLY human. They are human-unkind. KILLLLL ...

Too busy to write today as today is Wednesday, my peak day of the week. I have 11 hours of classes today itself!!

EAH : In deep red now, huge paper-loss as I refused to cut-loss but bought more yesterday. Ouch. Touched 0.405 today, checking at 0.395 now.

11.05 am : KLCI down 6 points. Lunch time.

1.15 pm : Supposed to have a class but cancelled. So, I m 'free' to continue to read OSK's May Outlook report.

OSK : We see focus shifting back to the Big Caps for May. Counters to look : MayBank, CIMB, Axiata, UEMLand and AirAsia.

I received an e-mail from the author/owner of this site and perhaps he/they want me to share it with others. I will reply the e-mail over the weekend, ok?

RHBInvest : Trader Club gathering

We, at RHB Investment Bank are pleased to continuously support the development of well-informed investment communities with various initiatives and activities. To assist you further in tapping into the trader's network to elevate your trading, we are pleased announce the next "warm & cozy"

RHBInvest Trade Club get-together at Pacific Coffee Fahrenheit 88, Kuala Lumpur.

Following well-received RHBInvest Trade Club get-togethers at Pavilion KL, Puchong, Mont Kiara, and at The Zone JB, let's come together and sip gourmet coffee with familiar "market experts" in a warm and cozy environment.


* Join the conversation with trading buddies.
* Learn what "hot" stocks are being traded
* Get unique insights from fellow traders and share your own
* Get together with like-minded traders
* Find out the reasoning behind specific trades


The First 20 Get: Gourmet coffee vouchers (worth RM20) for Pacific Coffee's famed "Hong Kong's Best specialty coffee beverages"--compliments of RHBInvest Team

As seats at Pacific Coffee Farenheit 88, KL are limited, please pre-register TODAY.

Registration is on first-come-first-serve basis.

I registered for the above gathering. If I am attending this one(next week the exams start, I will be free), I will be there early.

And since I will be 'free' for coming weeks, I will re-join the ChartNexus's trader club's meeting soon.

3.00 pm : KLCI down 10 points. Sell in May, and go away?!!

Genting : The culprit today, dropping 30 cents now. Touched 11.10, wait.


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hi teh,

don't worry i'm in the same position like you, keep faith

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