Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tuesday ... busy to check anything today.

I only have an hour 'free' for lunch, classes till 5.30pm when market already closed by then.

10.10 am : MPHB-cd in red, the news of not listing Magnum is out. This is news, speculators reading these between the lines. I am out with small losses. We cant care if the news are true or otherwise, right? As a stock, MPHB is still a good stock.

EAH : While I am out of its wa, I am still holding in EAH. This is a gamble - lets watch if it pans out as expected. At 0.455 now, could go back to 0.40 level support.

EAH-wa : Grabbed back at 0.150 done. Wait and see ...

Masteel-wa : In deep red now, luckily sold her off all last week.

WCT-wc : Tho WCT at RM3, this baby drifting lower and dives to a lower level today. At what level should I start to collect her again?

E&O and AirAsia are still strong. Missed them.

5.40 pm : KLCI down 3.5 points.

Sumatec : DIVED ... as it is going into PN17 category? I read that 'Connect' will be connected again.

Kencana : Wow ... some bargain hunters are back.

EAH : Done at 0.435 ... I am surprised it dived. Need to be loooong term investor now.

My answers

Sorry that I hv 'ignored' some e-mails and comments. Simply too busy.

Naim : Sarawak-theme is over, so, it is drifting lower. But, still a good stock, just that it was chased up BEFORE Sarawak election. Technically it is bearish. If one could hold, ok. Otherwise, cut loss for short-term traders should be when it breaks RM3.

AirAsia : It is moving higher, at RM3 now. News of surcharge and dividends giving her a positive outlook. Sorry for late reply. To me, with oil-price going higher, it is a risk on aviation counters.

Taann : Timber-stock and rally is over, hence ... with many running up higher due to short-term 'maniac' buyings, it is drifting lower. It might take some time before many digesting the profits from the 'Japan's quake'.

SPSetia : I dont know how to answer this one ... I do still think that SPSetia will rebound. At the moment, due to the private placement and such ... I do look into its wb, which being abandoned now.

Alam : At the moment, it is retracing. I did not read enough to know why it shot up(gapped up), so profit-taking ... perhaps. I might be interested if it could be at RM1 again? The so-called target price still very high, more upside seen. I think it shot up due to the news of some contracts.

BJToto : Yes, I do still have her, but it is not in my a/c. No, I do not know if it will be taken private. I do know that if it goes above RM4.50, I will sell her for profits. Otherwise, I will hold(afterall, I have a buy-n-hold for dividends for her). My average is RM4.20.

Sorry that I could not remember few others and also no comment on those stocks such as HWGB. I do not share or encourage call-warrants punting. One could get burnt easily. You could look at my burnt face now. OUCH. Hehe.

Time to be home. No post at nights.


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