Saturday, May 07, 2011

Saturday ... Mother's day weekend.

DOW up 50 points but crude oil below USD99 now.

Blogs : Ideally, I should have two different blogs - one for my thoughts about financial-related(markets, stocks, property, credit cards, savings, expenses, income-tax and such) and another for personal thoughts or doings(opinions on politics, issues, happiness etc, songs, movies, games and such). I have wanted to update my blog but been procrastinating. Coming August, this blog will be 3 years old - I need to be more organised and focused. Also, I want to have a separate blog writing about another passion of mine - Mathematics!!

So, thinking of it wont help - I need to take action and the moment is NOW. See if I could get it started on paper tonight.

English : My English is not good at all. I really need to improve on it - increase my vocab and grammar.

Busy whole day with classes.

Have a nice day. And to moms, happy Mom day. Without all the mommies, we all wont be here!


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