Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's day ... commercialised and many of us 'trapped' into such a hype. Restaurants are packed as many trying to be good sons/daughters ... the more expsensive restaurants one could bring their mom to, the deeper their undiving love to their mom? Hmm ... I am being sarcastic again. I should not. Sorry. Be happy and healthy, mom.

Badminton : Lee Chong Wei beat Bao ChunLai straight set, Koo-Tan is playing now. The young MD pair making some waves. Good.

11.20 pm : Tan-Koo won straight game. Good.

MU leading 1 - 0 in 10 minutes play. Arsenal lost.

11.35 pm : MU scored second goal. Congrats MU, the champ.

Malacca : Buying a property in Malacca now could be a good investment in future, say 10 years time? I shall be 55 by then. It is a good option as we could still find property below RM200k in Malacca. Buy one there, rent out. In 10 years time, if retiring there ... good. Otherwise, sell when the price appreciated sharply. Hmm ...


Gamuda : RSI 35, looking for 3.45.

GenM : RSI 47. Buy when RSI 30.

Genting : RSI 48, still retracing. At 11.10 now. Looking at 10.80.

IOICorp : RSI 34. Looking at 5.10 level now.

PChem : RSI 38, dropping. Wait for 6.75 level.

Sime : RSI 25. Broken support 8.90, looking at 8.60 now.

YTL : To stalk closely, after the 5 : 1 spilt, more small-investors moving in.

Buy : Buy any of these during correction, if RSI going below 20-30.

Note : I m not looking at MAS, MISC or PPB.


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